baiyuyi 35: Possessed

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Chapter 35: Possessed

Yuan Chenglei wasn’t out for too long.

No matter what, he’s at least a cultivator, even if he’s at the lowest stages, so fainting purely from fright wasn’t something that would knock him out for that long.

Not to mention, there was a noisy little ghost wailing about inside his head; it would be difficult for him to ignore it for long.

After coming back to his sense, Yuan Chenglei felt like he was at a huge loss for what to do. (more…)

baiyuyi 34: Something’s Up

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Chapter 34: Something’s Up

“… Is something wrong, Laoban?”

Zhao Jinjing was helping Laoban take inventory, and she looked up curiously as his hand paused.

Laoban was looking outside at the dingy gray sky.

Finally he shook his head.

“… No, there’s nothing. For now.” (more…)

baiyuyi 31: One step forward…

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Chapter 31: One step forward…

Yuan Chenglei wasn’t out for a more than a few minutes before he came to.

The sight of something white, transparent, and clearly floating in thin air almost made him go right back out again.

Okay, he wasn’t a complete idiot and could tell that this ghost wasn’t the same as the ghost he had seen earlier at the apartment, so he’ll tolerate this somehow…

But he couldn’t help but be nervously tense as Sisi floated this way and that way, completely unsympathetic to his phobia. (more…)

baiyuyi 30: Unsolicited Exposition

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Chapter 30: Unsolicited Exposition

Nestled behind the storefronts on the main street, accessible only by a narrow alleyway you could only just get a moped through, Yuan Chenglei was experiencing the very odd experience of drinking tea from plastic camping cups with a bald, large-framed man in an eerie abandoned apartment building’s front lot.

It was strange that the man, who had the build of a body-building foreigner, somehow managed to give off a heart-warming impression as he struggled to drink the hot tea, blowing on it many times in an attempt to cool it down. (more…)

baiyuyi 29: Unfortunate Coincidences

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*Announcement: Cursed is being replaced with Baiyuyi on the regular rotation due to Cursed no longer being easy to write chapter by chapter (I have to plan out each arc in one go, which makes things take a lot longer and can bog everything down). This change will hopefully streamline the updates, and will also hopefully free up some mental space for me to jump back into some of the other non-regular stories.
Sorry for not announcing it beforehand, but these few weeks have me running ragged, so I’m cutting my losses in hopes of swifter future updates.

Chapter 29: Unfortunate Coincidences

Yuan Chenglei was standing outside the store at dusk, staring blankly into the setting sun while clutching an old polaroid camera.

First of all, how Laoban whisked a still-working polaroid camera with usable film out of nowhere was a mystery to Yuan Chenglei. They were already obsolete when he was a kid, after all.

Secondly … why did he have to tell Laoban that he was afraid of ghosts?! (more…)

Baiyuyi 28: #tooexpensivetoacceptplshelp

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Chapter 28: #tooexpensivetoacceptplshelp

Laoban Song smiled wryly under his face mask as Zhao Jinjing looked at the clock in worry once again.

It wasn’t like he didn’t understand her concerns, but given that Yuan Chenglei was familiar with J City and gave off the reasonable aura of any old Second Stage cultivator, there shouldn’t be anyone looking to cause trouble with him. (more…)

baiyuyi 26: Cultivators come in all kinds of flavors

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Chapter 26: Cultivators come in all kinds of flavors

Oh geez…

After that, Yuan Chenglei felt like jumping at every dark corner or sudden noise, but he had already displayed such an embarrassing side of himself to Expert Jiayi, so he was reluctant to continue displaying it.

Catching sight of a western-style bakery, Yuan Chenglei tried to divert his attentions from the ghost they had left behind. (more…)