bamboosage 10: To Strike with a Muck-Rake

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Chapter 10: To Strike with a Muck-Rake

Young Master Zhang Juwang, drunk and a little unsteady on his feet, stood arms crossed, challenging Weiying to play a game of up-pricing. It was a game that many young masters and misses enjoyed playing in order to prove their superiority in wealth and status – as well as annoy the victim.

Hmph. So what if LiNa likes you; you can’t co (more…)

bamboosage 9: As if Drunk Dumb

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Chapter 9: As if Drunk Dumb

A wail arose from a private room in a wine parlor in Zuichu.

“Injie, Injieee…!”

A red-haired man, Zhang Juwang, blubbered on the table, clearly inebriated.

Next to him, a stoic-looking man, Ye Beize, patted him on the shoulder, although he didn’t look too concerned, so he was only half-heartedly comforting the wailing young man. (more…)

bamboosage 5: The Flower in the Mirror and the Moon in the Water

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Chapter 5: The Flower in the Mirror and the Moon in the Water

Jiang Yueying wasn’t sure how long she had slept.

The moon was still in high in the sky when she turned her head to look out the window.

For a second she thought it had all been a dream – the bestowal, Sage Nian Zhen, all of it – but she shivered as the still-foreign feel of qi rippled through her meridians. (more…)

bamboosage 4: Destroying the House to Save the State

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Chapter 4: Destroying the House to Save the State

Actually, a life of running and hiding did not appeal to Jiang Yueying’s personality.

Let them come so I can smack them – that was more her style, but she wasn’t stupid.

It would take time for her to become strong enough to beat back pursuers, and she would be taking along two people who were completely useless at fighting. (more…)

bamboosage 2: A Teacher for a Day becomes a Father(Mother) for Life

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Chapter 2: A Teacher for a Day becomes a Father(Mother) for Life

Jiang Yueying clapped a hand to her ear and recoiled, looking warily around the room.

“Who’s there?”

She didn’t dare speak loudly, in fear of disturbing her mother’s rest.

If this was an intruder, Jiang Yueying could deal with it herself. If it was a ghost … well, it’s not like getting more people involved was going to help matters. (more…)

bamboosage 1: Beauty that Sinks Fish and Fells Geese

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The Sage of Bamboo Manor: [Synopsis]

Chapter 1: Beauty that Sinks Fish and Fells Geese

“… His Highness the Crown Prince has heard of Jiang Yueying’s beauty and was pleased to see her. The Imperial Edict will be sent tomorrow afternoon to show the Crown Prince’s favor towards Jiang Yueying to take her as his seventh concubine. Be prepared to receive it!”

Jiang Fuzhen’s Household bowed the eunuch and guards out of their manor, and then all chaos broke out within. (more…)