dragon 6: The General Store

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Chapter 6: The General Store

“Nanami-chan, was everything alright?”

Rudriech-oji-san was waiting worriedly with Bertie near the gate when Nanami finally walked into the city.

“Un. Nanami is okay, nothing to worry about!”

It doesn’t seem like Rudriech-oji-san knows what the V-sign is.

“That… they didn’t give you any trouble with the bandits, did they?” (more…)

Dragon 5: Gate Inspection

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Chapter 5: Gate Inspection

Hm… Nanami was expecting something more fantasy, but the walls around this city is kind of…

It does look like an old European city, but it’s not really big or grand looking.

It’s a town, with the buildings all crammed together, and they just built a stone-laid wall around it.

I-it’s not shabby, but, you know… (more…)

Dragon 03: Camping in the Mountains

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Chapter 3: Camping in the mountains






“N-nanami-chan, are you alright?”

Ah, no good. Rudriech-san is worried about Nanami.

See, Bertie, even Rudriech-san says it’s fine, so why won’t you let me pet you?

Even though this is my first time seeing a donkey!

“Nanami is … fine!”

Hoi! (more…)

Dragon 01: Dragon-chan’s Stats

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Chapter 1: Dragon-chan’s Stats

Preparations took a day longer than Nanami wanted them to, but today is the day!


After stretching again from nose to tail to wings, Nanami shrank again into human girl form!

Nanami can actually change to human boy form, or even woman or boy form, but Nanami doesn’t think it’s a good idea. (more…)

Dragon 00: Prologue (3/3)

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Chapter 00: Prologue 3/3


Stretching as a dragon feels really good!

As a human, Nanami could only feel a full body stretch in her arms, back, and legs, but as a dragon, the feeling when Nanami is stretching from her neck all the way to her tail is amazing!

Also, Nanami can even stretch her wings! It feels like Nanami’s stretching out that tense spot in between Nanami’s shoulder blades, so it feels sooo good!

But no matter how much Nanami likes this dragon body, Nanami has to seal it away for a little bit.


Nanami is supposed to go around looking for Deviant (more…)

Dragon -01: Prologue (2/3)

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Chapter -01: Prologue (2/3)

Nanami is currently in a cave.

It’s not a dark, damp, uncomfortable cave. It’s a pretty, glistening blue, large cavern.

This is the residence of the Elder Mithral Dragon, the pinnacle of all people and creatures in this world, Merias.

The Elder Mithral Dragon is a servant of the gods, a protector of the world against Deviants who will corrupt the world order. (more…)

Dragon -02: Prologue (1/3)

Eh? Somehow, my body feels heavy… What’s this, I have a tail, and wings? … Eh?! I’m a dragon?!

When an elder mithral dragon attempts to rebel against the goddess and become a dracolich, it gets divine retribution and Nanami’s soul somehow ended up transmigrating into the soulless dragon’s body.
The dragon? It’s a lizard now.

Eeeh?! The humans are coming to get revenge on the Elder Mithral Dragon?!

Don’t come near Nanami, go away! It’s got nothing to do with Nanami! If that’s how it is, Nanami’s going to run away!

Former Elder Mithral Dragon Lizard-san: WTF, at least PRETEND to have the pride of a dragon!!

Nanami: No! Way!

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Chapter -02: Prologue (1/3)


Rebellious one, I will have you return the things that I have given you!

No, not yet! Not yet! I will…

… Nn…

Did Nanami leave the video running? (more…)