Fluvia 37: Fluvia and the Man with too much Pride

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Chapter 37: Fluvia and the Man with too much Pride

Mother took Father’s arm timidly.

Her back trembled a little; since she’s half a head taller than Father she still has the desire to shrink down and hunch over, but the walking lessons Head Maid Roselia had been asked to give her held true and Mother remained standing tall, although a little stiffly.

I’m pleased with the effect.

There might be people who make fun of their height differences, but if Father doesn’t care then everyone else’s opinions are completely worthless.

Of course Father looks prouder than a peacock at esc (more…)


Fluvia 36: Fluvia and the Red Carpet

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Chapter 36: Fluvia and the Red Carpet

The place the citizens of Valed call the Royal Palace isn’t just a building.

It’s true that the Royal Palace is an enclosed space where the Royal Family lives and where Royal Dignitaries are entertained, but to call it a building is inaccurate.

The Royal Palace is a fortress of buildings carved out of the fantastic Azure Mountains that run along the north-eastern parts of the Capital and extends into both the Lillian and Dellarose Earldoms.

It was designed to be the last fortress in case of invasion, with vast ramparts running across the only face that wasn’t guarded by mountain, but that sort of need hasn’t been called for in many, many years. Even so, part of the Palace is still devoted to the Royal Guard and its armory, although the Royal Militia has long since been moved elsewhere.

The Royal Castle, home to the Royal Family and host to all of Valed’s bureaucratic business (except for the Ministries’ general functions), is almost entirely carved out of the deep blue mountain rocks.

It’s a sturdy fortress that towers above the Palace Ramparts, and a vast balcony, called the Sapphire Stage, overlooks the square below directly outside the Palace Ramparts.

That square, the King’s Square, was the closest that most commoner (more…)

Fluvia 35: Fluvia prepares to debut at the Palace

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Chapter 35: Fluvia prepares to debut at the Palace

“Giving sanctuary to such a character…”

Sir Edgar has a face like he doesn’t exactly approve of my decision to bring the unconscious man back to the villa.

I actually agree with him, but,

“Given the circumstances and the timing…”

“Ah, yes. I understand.” (more…)

fluvia 34: Fluvia and Another Troublesome Person

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Chapter 34: Fluvia and Another Troublesome Person

“Is there any need for you to accompany your Mother to the shoemaker’s, and yet not enter with her?”

Instructor Fionna asks.

“Hm… it’s fine. If there’s anything going wrong, I’ve told Beth to come get me. But I’d really like for them to handle everything on their own.”

We’re staying nearby Studio Crispin, looking in at all shops along the street. (more…)

Fluvia 033: Fluvia Influences Another Old Man

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Chapter 33: Fluvia Influences Another Old Man

My name is Salvatore Crispin, a shoemaker who belongs to Atelier Taylour in the Capital.

Recently, my wife has been sighing a lot, lamenting over wanting to move out of the high-paced Capital, but I don’t really know where we’d go.

As a shoemaker who caters to nobles, I think we’ll end up in a city no matter what… ah, that’s not what I’m most worried about.

What I’m most worried about is the fate of Atelier Taylour. (more…)

Fluvia 32: Fluvia and the Lady Instructor

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Chapter 32: Fluvia and the Lady Instructor

With everything pinned and set, there isn’t much left for me to do until the final fitting.

The rest is for the maids and Mr. Kay to do.

Although I managed to get Mr. Kay excited about what I had in mind for Mother’s jewelry – or more precisely what I have in mind for what might be the first bejewelling of a dress in this world – no matter how much of a crazy genius he is, he realized pretty quick that it was going to be a rough two days.

His apprentices are busy re-polishing small gems that they had only d (more…)

Fluvia 31: Fluvia and the Dress (5)

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Chapter 31: Fluvia and the Dress(5)

As Mother fidgets in embarrassment – a positive embarrassment this time – Father seems to come back to reality.

“A-ah! I mean, Estella, you look absolutely divine, above and beyond any other woman –“

As Father attempts to make his compliment more eloquent, I catch a glimpse as to why my parents’ relationship is the way it is.

If you compliment her like that, going way over the top, well, yeah, of course the woman with no self-confidence isn’t going to believe you.

Rather than those excessive words, what stuck in Mother’s mind was…

“… You think I look beautiful?”

Mother asked, in a timid way that made it seem like her usua (more…)

Fluvia 30: Fluvia and the Dress (4)

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Chapter 30: Fluvia and the Dress (4)

“Fluvia dear, Mother is… what on earth is going on?”

I’ve been keeping Mother outside of my sitting room for a while, and keeping myself shut up in it, so she’s delighted to be summoned to my room, but Mother stops in her tracks as soon as she sees the chaos going on.

It’s basically turned into a lace factory in here, after all.

Mother looks critically around the room, but pretty soon her eyes (more…)

Fluvia 29: Fluvia and the Dress (Pt3)

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Chapter 29: Fluvia and the Dress (Pt3)

It seems like Lord Minister Wynchestor doesn’t know how to interact with his family.

I feel like sighing a little, but instead I say,

“Even if it’s just talking about magic or whatever, you should at least show your face to your wife and child.”

“Is there any point if they don’t understand it?”

Lord Minister Wynchestor is laughing it off, but his eyes aren’t laughing.

As I expected, it was like that.

Lord Minister Wynchestor is most likely a stranger in his own (more…)

Fluvia 28: Fluvia and the Troublesome Minister

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Chapter 28: Fluvia and the Troublesome Minister

Looks like the literal ‘royal purple’ is limited to the Royal Family’s use only, so I had to settle for a different shade of dark purple.

Can’t be helped.

As it is, after hurriedly scribbling out an elaborate pattern, my knitting needles click-clack together quickly.

I had hurriedly summoned Sir Edgar to my sitting room and explained the situation.

“So, sorry, when you’re so busy, but…” (more…)