Fluvia 31: Fluvia and the Dress (5)

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Chapter 31: Fluvia and the Dress(5)

As Mother fidgets in embarrassment – a positive embarrassment this time – Father seems to come back to reality.

“A-ah! I mean, Estella, you look absolutely divine, above and beyond any other woman –“

As Father attempts to make his compliment more eloquent, I catch a glimpse as to why my parents’ relationship is the way it is.

If you compliment her like that, going way over the top, well, yeah, of course the woman with no self-confidence isn’t going to believe you.

Rather than those excessive words, what stuck in Mother’s mind was…

“… You think I look beautiful?”

Mother asked, in a timid way that made it seem like her usua (more…)


Fluvia 30: Fluvia and the Dress (4)

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Chapter 30: Fluvia and the Dress (4)

“Fluvia dear, Mother is… what on earth is going on?”

I’ve been keeping Mother outside of my sitting room for a while, and keeping myself shut up in it, so she’s delighted to be summoned to my room, but Mother stops in her tracks as soon as she sees the chaos going on.

It’s basically turned into a lace factory in here, after all.

Mother looks critically around the room, but pretty soon her eyes (more…)

Fluvia 29: Fluvia and the Dress (Pt3)

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Chapter 29: Fluvia and the Dress (Pt3)

It seems like Lord Minister Wynchestor doesn’t know how to interact with his family.

I feel like sighing a little, but instead I say,

“Even if it’s just talking about magic or whatever, you should at least show your face to your wife and child.”

“Is there any point if they don’t understand it?”

Lord Minister Wynchestor is laughing it off, but his eyes aren’t laughing.

As I expected, it was like that.

Lord Minister Wynchestor is most likely a stranger in his own (more…)

Fluvia 28: Fluvia and the Troublesome Minister

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Chapter 28: Fluvia and the Troublesome Minister

Looks like the literal ‘royal purple’ is limited to the Royal Family’s use only, so I had to settle for a different shade of dark purple.

Can’t be helped.

As it is, after hurriedly scribbling out an elaborate pattern, my knitting needles click-clack together quickly.

I had hurriedly summoned Sir Edgar to my sitting room and explained the situation.

“So, sorry, when you’re so busy, but…” (more…)

Fluvia 27: Fluvia and the Dress (Pt2)

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Chapter 27: Fluvia and the Dress (Pt 2)

After Edgar’s guard sent Beth to my room, I looked at her sharply and said,

“So what is the story behind that dress, Beth?”

“Y-young Lady Fluvia…”

Beth seems like she’s about to burst into tears.

“Lady Estella approached Designer Portere, but he was unwilling to make her a dress, but then Lady Estella insisted, so then Designer Portere pulls out an already made dress, but of course Lady Estella was displeased…”

Although Beth’s story is all over the place, I pick up the general idea.

Mother’s willfullness is one thing, but to think there’d be a designer – or any artisan – who would bluntly refuse an Earl’s wife. (more…)

Fluvia 25: Fluvia and the Dress (Pt1)

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Chapter 25: Fluvia and the Dress (pt 1)

Life in the Dellarose Hildeich (the capital’s) mansion is quite a bit different from life in the House of Healing.

For one thing, I’m allowed to get up out of bed as long as I want.

Even so, my health isn’t completely back to normal, so I end up sitting for most of the day.

Apparently, the more recent your illness or injury, the easier it will heal under healing magic.

For me, who had been unconscious for a year, the effects of healing magic f (more…)

Fluvia 24: Fluvia and After the Homecoming

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Chapter 24: Fluvia and After the Homecoming

“Laurence, you aren’t seriously considering marrying your son off to my disciple.”

Lord Minister Wynchestor stared down his nose at the King of Valed.

He had only caught wind of Fluvia’s welcome-home party when King Laurence suddenly announced that he had to leave from the meeting with the Ministers to pick up Queen Henrietta from the House of Healing.

Although the four Ministers, the Minister of Magic, Minister of Defense, Mini (more…)

Fluvia 23: Fluvia Greets the Royal Guests

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Chapter 23: Fluvia Greets the Royal Guests

Among the small white and silver lilies is a large silver-white rose with a pearl-like stamen.

The lunar palace rose is my signature flower.

That said, all nobles will have a ‘signature flower’, so the likelihood of mine overlapping with others’ flowers is … well, actually, it’s not that big.

Roses are reserved for the Dellarose Territory, after all, and the large, full, grand-looking flowers are reserved for the Earl’s direct line.

If someone in my family chose a rose that another noble was using, (more…)

Fluvia 22: Fluvia Returns Home

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Chapter 22: Fluvia Returns Home

“… That’s it. You’re good to go.”

Healer Martin smiled as he removed his hand from my wrist.

Although it would look like he was just checking my pulse if I were in my former world, in this one, the good doctor was circulating his Healing Magic through me to check the condition of my body.

I don’t really understand the details, but that’s how it works in this world.

It seems like there’s a limitation on magic and magical tools within the House of Healing, for fear of magic interference – whether it’s with the Healing Magic or the patients’ own magic.

Perhaps that’s why I didn’t feel like this world was all that different from my former one, albeit not as developed.

But now, as I’m being released from the House of Healing, I (more…)

Fluvia 21: Fluvia’s Steward Lays a Foundation

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Chapter 21: Fluvia’s Steward Lays a Foundation

A majority of the Dellarose Household has traveled to the Capital at this time.

Due to the severity of the issue of Her Majesty’s assassination attempt, all the major nobles have been called into the Capital.

Officially, it’s to celebrate Her Majesty’s recovery, but unofficially – how can things be that simple?

For that reason, Edgar Henry felt the tension of all the major nobles, as their best and their brightest trailed along behind him. (more…)