Fluvia 42: Fluvia’s Subordinates’ Mens-Talk

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Chapter 42: Fluvia’s Subordinates’ Mens-Talk

Silence filled the small room.

Instructor Fionna and Young Lady Fluvia had left in order to observe Young Lord Fedor’s training.

It seems that the Young Lord became much more diligent when his younger sister was watching.

Instructor Fionna had also wanted the Young Lady to beginning building up her stamina, although it was just slowly walking through the garden.

Within the small room, there was only Commander Margrave, Sir Edgar, and Guard Jordan left, staring at the door the ladies had just exited. (more…)


Fluvia 41: Fluvia and the Importance of Information Control

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Chapter 41: Fluvia and the Importance of Information Control

After he finally relaxed and started talking, the man painted a somewhat foreboding picture.

The Shadowmarks had been approached and asked to do a job that involved targeting a member of the Royal Family.

The person who contacted them was himself hired as a go between; Lysander, the man we found unconscious, is suspicious concerning exactly how many people deep there were between the original employer and the Shadowmarks.

As one might expect, the Shadowmarks’ Head was extremely unwilling to be involved in anything that sounded like it could get them in trouble with the highest echelons of (more…)

Fluvia 40: Fluvia and the Mysterious Man

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Chapter 40: Fluvia and the Mysterious Man

Guard Jordan leads Instructor Fionna and I back toward the storeroom we turned into a bedroom.

In front of the room is a small corridor decked out as a larder.

There, a not-quite-yet-an-ossan with broad shoulders was quietly sitting behind the door, listening to what was going on inside.

This man … he’s the Commander of the Dellarose Guard.

I see. (more…)

Fluvia 39: Fluvia and Lace

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Chapter 39: Fluvia and Lace

… Well I’ll be.

I had learned how to make bobbin lace and needle lace, but if you asked if I know how to make those types of lace I would have to say… No! I don’t know what I’m doing with that stuff!

Even so, after Head Maid Roselie gathered the maids talented with sewing, I showed them some of the things I remembered with the bobbins and pins, described the rest vaguely as best as I could, and hoped they could find something out …

… I really didn’t expect them to be making p (more…)

Fluvia 38: Fluvia Reflects on Her Actions

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Chapter 38: Fluvia Reflects on Her Actions

After entering the Royal Palace, the staircase continues upwards into the Grand Hall that connects to the Sapphire Stage outside.

Here is where the nobles are all mingling before the Royal Family enters.

“Milady, are you alright?”

Sir Edgar suddenly appears beside me as I’m sitting near the wall on the bench by myself, a bit removed from the activity going on.

“… I’m reflecting on it.” (more…)

Fluvia 37: Fluvia and the Man with too much Pride

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Chapter 37: Fluvia and the Man with too much Pride

Mother took Father’s arm timidly.

Her back trembled a little; since she’s half a head taller than Father she still has the desire to shrink down and hunch over, but the walking lessons Head Maid Roselia had been asked to give her held true and Mother remained standing tall, although a little stiffly.

I’m pleased with the effect.

There might be people who make fun of their height differences, but if Father doesn’t care then everyone else’s opinions are completely worthless.

Of course Father looks prouder than a peacock at esc (more…)

Fluvia 36: Fluvia and the Red Carpet

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Chapter 36: Fluvia and the Red Carpet

The place the citizens of Valed call the Royal Palace isn’t just a building.

It’s true that the Royal Palace is an enclosed space where the Royal Family lives and where Royal Dignitaries are entertained, but to call it a building is inaccurate.

The Royal Palace is a fortress of buildings carved out of the fantastic Azure Mountains that run along the north-eastern parts of the Capital and extends into both the Lillian and Dellarose Earldoms.

It was designed to be the last fortress in case of invasion, with vast ramparts running across the only face that wasn’t guarded by mountain, but that sort of need hasn’t been called for in many, many years. Even so, part of the Palace is still devoted to the Royal Guard and its armory, although the Royal Militia has long since been moved elsewhere.

The Royal Castle, home to the Royal Family and host to all of Valed’s bureaucratic business (except for the Ministries’ general functions), is almost entirely carved out of the deep blue mountain rocks.

It’s a sturdy fortress that towers above the Palace Ramparts, and a vast balcony, called the Sapphire Stage, overlooks the square below directly outside the Palace Ramparts.

That square, the King’s Square, was the closest that most commoner (more…)

Fluvia 35: Fluvia prepares to debut at the Palace

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Chapter 35: Fluvia prepares to debut at the Palace

“Giving sanctuary to such a character…”

Sir Edgar has a face like he doesn’t exactly approve of my decision to bring the unconscious man back to the villa.

I actually agree with him, but,

“Given the circumstances and the timing…”

“Ah, yes. I understand.” (more…)

fluvia 34: Fluvia and Another Troublesome Person

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Chapter 34: Fluvia and Another Troublesome Person

“Is there any need for you to accompany your Mother to the shoemaker’s, and yet not enter with her?”

Instructor Fionna asks.

“Hm… it’s fine. If there’s anything going wrong, I’ve told Beth to come get me. But I’d really like for them to handle everything on their own.”

We’re staying nearby Studio Crispin, looking in at all shops along the street. (more…)

Fluvia 033: Fluvia Influences Another Old Man

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Chapter 33: Fluvia Influences Another Old Man

My name is Salvatore Crispin, a shoemaker who belongs to Atelier Taylour in the Capital.

Recently, my wife has been sighing a lot, lamenting over wanting to move out of the high-paced Capital, but I don’t really know where we’d go.

As a shoemaker who caters to nobles, I think we’ll end up in a city no matter what… ah, that’s not what I’m most worried about.

What I’m most worried about is the fate of Atelier Taylour. (more…)