Fluvia 51: Fluvia and Her Good Subordinates

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Chapter 51: Fluvia and Her Good Subordinates

When I returned to my personal parlour, Instructor Fionna was waiting for me within.

“Good morning, Lady Fluvia.”

“Good morning, Instructor Fionna. Welcome back.”

“Fufu. I’ve brought some souvenirs.”

Instructor Fionna handed a wrapped parcel to the maids who were tending to me today.

When it was opened, there was a sweet scent.

It looks like Instructor Fionna brought me some pastries.

The maids quickly set out tea and arranged the sweet breads on a plate.

… Our maids are really too good, oi. (more…)


fluvia 50: Fluvia and Chemistry

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Chapter 50: Fluvia and Chemistry

When I returned, or rather, when I came to the Dellarose Capital Estate, I had also moved Mayse into it, as well.

Within the Estate is its own apothecary – although it shares facilities with the larder and healers – and so I temporarily entrusted Mayse-chan to our apothecarists.

After visiting the jewelers, the next place I’m headed for is that very facility.

It’s just, when we arrived, there was the sounds of a man (more…)

Fluvia 49: Fluvia and the Jewelers

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Chapter 49: Fluvia and the Jewelers

“You’re saying … You want me to make chainmail? Outta silver?”

“…Is that not possible?”

Hm… my ambitions will be waylaid if it’s not possible.

“It isn’t ‘not possible,’ since we do make silver rings, but Milady … Makin’ chainmail out of silver won’t protect anybody.”

“Ah… Ah! Forgive me. We are not talking about functional armor. This is jewelry I’m speaking of.”

“Jewelry… chainmail?” (more…)

fluvia 48: Fluvia Seals the Danger 2

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Chapter 48: Fluvia Seals the Danger 2

When my bloodied finger touched the large pearl on the hairpin, a brilliant light flared up for an instant.


I rubbed my eyes with my other hand.

Too bright!

Minister Wynchestor lifted up the hairpin and used his analysis magic again.

It took less time this time, about 10 minutes.

Erm… so my finger is bleeding…

Well, it’s on the level of a pinprick, so it should be fine if I wrap it up and (more…)

Fluvia 46: Fluvia in the Storeroom

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Chapter 46: Fluvia in the Storeroom


Although I felt perfectly okay without learning magic, at least compared to Yabukoi’s Fluvia, now that I think about it, everything I’m thinking about implementing in the Dellarose tends to go along with my former Japanese common sense.

Although it’s doubtful whether I’d be able to fire off a spell capable of actually able to do anything, perhaps it’s not such a bad idea to learn the scholastics of magic.

After all, even though I had initially thought of this world as a world stuck in an era like the middle ages era of Earth, that’s not entirely the case. (more…)

Fluvia 45: Fluvia Hears about the Minister’s Wife

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Chapter 45: Fluvia hears about the Minister’s Wife

“The cloak you gave the Queen… I know that it’s still something in development in the Dellarose Earldom, but could my wife receive something with that, what was it, lace?”

Hm… I suppose there’s no harm in listening to his request, but does Minister Wynchestor’s wife actually want a lace shawl or just a lace ‘something’?

If we’re going to make specially make something for her, it would be better to make something that Minister Wynchestor’s wife would actually want, you know?

Or like, after being here for so long, I have yet to hear her name, or the name of your son, you know?

Although I do know them. (more…)

Fluvia 44: Fluvia in the Training Grounds 2

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Chapter 44:  Fluvia in the Training Grounds 2

Compared to the training grounds at our Main Estate in the Dellarose Earldom, the training grounds at the Dellarose Residence in the Capital is pretty tiny.

That said, you could probably still have a five-on-five battle, or small squad maneuver training.

The reason training grounds are so important is because the military might of Valed rests mostly on the shoulders of the Earls. (more…)

Fluvia 42: Fluvia’s Subordinates’ Mens-Talk

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Chapter 42: Fluvia’s Subordinates’ Mens-Talk

Silence filled the small room.

Instructor Fionna and Young Lady Fluvia had left in order to observe Young Lord Fedor’s training.

It seems that the Young Lord became much more diligent when his younger sister was watching.

Instructor Fionna had also wanted the Young Lady to beginning building up her stamina, although it was just slowly walking through the garden.

Within the small room, there was only Commander Margrave, Sir Edgar, and Guard Jordan left, staring at the door the ladies had just exited. (more…)