OriginStory 38: Escort, Begins!

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Chapter 38: Escort, Begins!

I slid down the treacherous rockface as I activate the Raid’s Voice Chat.

RAID CHAT: [Naru]: ♪ [Yo, Chibi, looks like a 15 minute+ walk at NPC escort pace. Only one obvious ambush point. What d’ya think about that?”]

RAID CHAT: [Toru]: ♪ [“Nee-chan? …Terrain?”]

RAID CHAT: [Naru]: ♪ [“Hard surface. I’d say not worm friendly, but if the devs want worms, not like rock would stop them.”] (more…)


OriginStory 37: Teleporting into the Raid

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Chapter 37: Teleporting into the Raid

One slightly disorienting teleportation later –

“… wtf?! Why are BouRin here?!”

Stein, with his gigantic scythe on his shoulder, threw a string of cusses after his exclamation for good measure.

“Shit, do we NOT want to actually beat this raid or something?!”

Finding himself the center of attention, Rinrin waves cheerfully, while Bou doesn’t really react.

“Hey, hey, it’s Stein-! What, you’re still on about that? Jeez! I already said it wasn’t our fault. You guys were the ones to say you’d rather die than get healed by me. Right, Bou?”

“Un. And we even helped you guys along so you could die faster.” (more…)

OriginStory 36: Let’s Get this Party Started

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Chapter 36: Let’s Get this Party Started.

When Ahava led me back to our party one of the girls saw me and squealed, saying,

“So you’re the Naru Onee-chan I’ve been hearing a lot about! It’s so cool that we’re meeting so many famous gamers! Omigosh, I’m so excited! See, I told you that playing OriSto was a great idea, A-chan! Because OriSto didn’t have an application requirement, we have a chance to be among the top players, even if it’s just for a little while!”

A-chan is Ahava, huh? The squirrel -beastkin girl is bouncing up and down, grabbing onto Ahava and chattering excitedly.

The hyperactive squirrel vs the doll construct.

It’s an amazing contrast in energy. (more…)

OriginStory 035: Stuck with Naru

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Chapter 35: Stuck with Naru

“Heh… so these are all German beers? They’re not cold, though.”

“Ah, un. They don’t drink beer cold in Europe! … (I think.)”

“Wow! I’m not into beer, but this one’s okay?”

“Ah, that’s a stout.”

“Really? You’re not into beer, but stout’s okay?”

I wanted a beer after all, but since I didn’t know any of the beers on the list, Glasses-kun and Blondie ordered a few samplers of beer. (more…)

OriginStory 032: Raid-Prep, Go!

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Chapter 31: Raid-Prep, Go!


“It looks just like places you can only see in travel books.”

When we reached the Red Rocks, everyone paused momentarily to admire the scenery.

And prepare for combat.

“Okay, so ideally we’ll have Dark pull one from a distance, then Baldro and Nee-san would intercept, and then we’ll move in the standard format. Tanks block, DPS block and go after off-tank as needed, mages fire, and healers and support move as necessary.” (more…)

OriginStory 031: Top Player Matsuri

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Chapter 31: Top Player Matsuri

“I was wondering who would be able to use the teleporter, but as expected it’s Naru, isn’t it? It’s been awhile.”

“Ah, un. Baldro. Hi. I’m a bit busy.”

“Kuku… Otouto-kun (little brother) is over there.”

“Oh, Nee-san, I see you got my message… gyaaa!”

The scalp can be quite sensitive, did you know that? In fact, without giving too much damage, it will be rather painful.

There’s no point in iron-clawing the face and dealing with the NPC guards, wouldn’t you say?

||Player Naru has issued a Duel Challenge.|| (more…)

OriginStory 030: Bonus Crystals

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Chapter 30: Bonus Crystals

Right, we’re on a stage that you could only get to across a bridge that spans a (seemingly) bottomless chasm behind a hidden door or the gimicky pitfall with lots of golems guarding the path.

There’s a podium, carved out as a simple square column with a slanted slab at the top.

On top of that slab is a large, LARGE book.

Leather bound, with an iron lock.

No, well, lock is an exaggeration. It’s just a simple mechanism where the latch is inserted into a slot, then turned 90 degrees to secure it closed.

So If I just turn it… just… turn… hng-!

“… It’s stuck.” (more…)

OriginStory 029: Trap Door

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Chapter 29: Trap Door

“Right. Now what do we do?”

After Fen, Ellis, and I pick up the drop items from the centaur-ish golem, there’s a silence in the room.

For a moment.

Because right after I said that…



The entire room trembled all of a sudden!

The center is sinking into the ground-!

I was standing the closest to the center, and the ground buckled underneath me.

Sudden shift is sudden! (more…)