OriginStory 24: Mysterious Letter-Black

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Chapter 24: Mysterious Letter-Black

“A’ight, Goya, first give me the news.”

I squat down next to the player swathed in black cloth, with two hamster ears poking out of the top of his headwrap.

Ah, I see. That’s why he’s wearing those baggy pants, to give him a more hamster-like look.

Goya, the hamster (for some reason), ‘black market’ player is my contact for buying, selling, and information about the current player trends.

I’ve been going to him for about 3 different games now. (more…)

OriginStory 23: Business in Karolstrem

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Chapter 23: Business in Karolstrem

“Aaah! Thank you so much! If everyone took the time to clear the path to the ruins in the red rocks of ten Duststorm Coyotes, our research would be much further along.”

“Thank you so much for five of those herbs! Ah, if only we could set up camp in the ruins themselves.”

“Ah, so you have six rock samples from various parts of the ruins! Thank you very much!”

As soon as I stepped out of the Lodgings, I got swarmed with NPCs again.

But this time I was prepared, since I had been going over my Quest Log on the way home!

Although, for some reason, I’m thinking that some of these quests weren’t ones I had initially taken…

Or should I say, I’m insta-completing quests, huh?

That’s the benefits to having a large carry capacity, hahaha!

I should investigate about increasing it even further. Fen said there was a way beyond equipping bag upgrades… maa, when I head back to the main city, I’ll probably find out more information. (more…)

OriginStory 022: Dodging Responsibility

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Chapter 22: Dodging Responsibility

“Haa. If I had these, the return trip would have been so much easier.”

I glower at the Teleportation Orbs that I detached from the mail sent by the admins. The ones that are apparently rewards from the Event.

Fen and I had to travel a considerable amount of time from the fire-dragon-valley place back to Nortius.

Even though it’s already hitting 3 AM, I can’t just leave someone so squishy by himself without getting him back to town.

And so, finally, at about half past 4, we finally reach Nortius, and Fen headed straight to the Teleporter, while I went over to the mailbox right next to the Teleporter.

Since I had an indicator that said I had mail. (more…)

OriginStory 021: GI-ANT CO-BRA

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Chapter 21: GI-ANT CO-BRA

After giving the room a quick glance over, I contact Fen through Party Chat.

“Hey, you finished?”

[“… No, it might take awhile…”]

Fen has a distinctly frustrated tone, probably because he’s going to finish after me.

“Maa, it can’t be helped. Trap Master sounds like a troublesome Talant, na?”


Fen cut the Party Chat quickly.

… Oh well.

I head over, back to the passageway I had taken to enter this room.

The stone walls rolled aside again, and I stepped through them.

As I re-enter the room connected to all the Talent quest passageways, the door opposite me, the one that we opened by using those Mysterious Crystals, the one that connected the rest of the ruins to this hidden room … slammed shut.



That’s a good sign.

I approach the door and push on it, just in case, but of course it doesn’t open. (more…)

OriginStory 020: Decoding the Ancients

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Chapter 20: Decoding the Ancients


Because of the uneven footing in this… grotto? dodging is not so easy.

Instead, I’m tumbling as the large scorpion’s tail shoots out and stabs at me.

What is with being attacked by the tail all the time…?

Maa, the tail does have better reach than the rest of it, though.

But it’s also softer than the rest of it, too!

Because there are so many joints in that area, I don’t even have to aim properly for a soft spot.

Soon enough,

Clang, Clonk, Zubbbaaaaa-! (more…)

OriginStory 019: The Bug-Infested Room

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Chapter 19: The Bug-Infested Room

The evening ended with Jo sing-song drunk and humming merrily and Chie red-faced drunk but not really feeling that tipsy.


I rode my bike, so I had one beer at the beginning and spent the rest of the evening sobering up.

I really hate dealing with paying parking tickets, see.

And if I’m REALLY unlucky and get it impounded, the troubles that comes with that are … ah, I mean, what are you talking about?

Of course I never got my motorbike impounded (that my parents know of).

“Oh, Nee-san, back from the offline meeting?”

“Un. It was just Jo and Chie, so we weren’t going to stay too long.”

It’s questionable if you can actually call it an offline meeting, na.


I stare at Toru thoughtfully. (more…)

OriginStory 18: The Sensation of Drowning

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Chapter 18: The Sensation of Drowning

A certain user posted the following on the OriginStory wiki:

Halloween Event Rewards

Title: Halloween Trickster
Adds ‘Halloween Trickster’ to the list of Titles you are allowed to set in the ‘Title’ field.
No additional bonus stats.

Teleport Orb
Opens the Teleporter interface, allowing you to teleport to any city you have already registered no matter where you are. (more…)

OriginStory 017: The Red Rock Valley

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Chapter 17: The Red Rock Valley

If I strain my ears, I can hear it.

Tn. Tn. Tn.

Just barely, I can hear his footfalls as he leaps from rock to rock.


Although he’s not sneaking in the shadows, his movements are totally like a sneak thief.

As for his Talents …

[Enhanced Movement]!

No doubt about it, he has to have [Enhanced Movement].

If he has almost no STR, then there would be no other way for him to leap from rock to rock like that, all the up to the very top of this cluster of rocks.

Perched at the top, a shimmering green fairy-like sprite came flitting down, and it seemed to whisper in his ear.

So the catkin ninja’s name is Fenrys. (more…)

OriginStory 016: Can’t Move for Bad Statuses

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Chapter 16: Can’t Move for Bad Statuses

While still in Nortius, even before the chibi and his friends went back west to the beginner villages and Karolstrem, I was attacked by researchers.

Maa, I say ‘attacked’, but …

“Oh? You’re headed to the ruins? Hey, if you see…”

“I heard you’re looking for things in the ruins, could I ask you too…”

“The ruins!? Professor, Professor! Come here, quick!”

All I did was ask the obaa-san at the Warehouse if she knew of any rumors about ruins, and suddenly I was completely flooded by researchers struggling to talk to me.


In the end, I couldn’t stand it and asked,

“Why is everyone so worked up about this?”

And was told many things. (more…)

OriginStory 015: Taking New Skills

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Chapter 15: Taking New Skills

The blackness receded from our vision, and the chibi, Sylvestre, and I found ourselves standing absentmindedly in a space not unlike the character creation space.

A woman dressed in a sexy, short black dress with red and black striped tights, a high-collared cloak, a witch’s hat, and vampire fangs was standing in front of us.

“Congratulations! You’ve survived through Hobble’s Haunted House! I’m Nancy, and I’m here to help you through the Bonus!”


At that word, I could almost see dog ears prick up on Toru’s head.

Even though he isn’t in werewolf form.

“By the way~, I’m not an NPC, so if you ask me to show my boobs or anything worse than that, I’ll get you banned for 3 weeks~.”

I cackled at the thought and asked,

“How many unfortunate fellows?”

“4 so far. I’m sure you understand.” (more…)