OriginStory 031: Top Player Matsuri

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Chapter 31: Top Player Matsuri

“I was wondering who would be able to use the teleporter, but as expected it’s Naru, isn’t it? It’s been awhile.”

“Ah, un. Baldro. Hi. I’m a bit busy.”

“Kuku… Otouto-kun (little brother) is over there.”

“Oh, Nee-san, I see you got my message… gyaaa!”

The scalp can be quite sensitive, did you know that? In fact, without giving too much damage, it will be rather painful.

There’s no point in iron-clawing the face and dealing with the NPC guards, wouldn’t you say?

||Player Naru has issued a Duel Challenge.|| (more…)


OriginStory 030: Bonus Crystals

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Chapter 30: Bonus Crystals

Right, we’re on a stage that you could only get to across a bridge that spans a (seemingly) bottomless chasm behind a hidden door or the gimicky pitfall with lots of golems guarding the path.

There’s a podium, carved out as a simple square column with a slanted slab at the top.

On top of that slab is a large, LARGE book.

Leather bound, with an iron lock.

No, well, lock is an exaggeration. It’s just a simple mechanism where the latch is inserted into a slot, then turned 90 degrees to secure it closed.

So If I just turn it… just… turn… hng-!

“… It’s stuck.” (more…)

OriginStory 029: Trap Door

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Chapter 29: Trap Door

“Right. Now what do we do?”

After Fen, Ellis, and I pick up the drop items from the centaur-ish golem, there’s a silence in the room.

For a moment.

Because right after I said that…



The entire room trembled all of a sudden!

The center is sinking into the ground-!

I was standing the closest to the center, and the ground buckled underneath me.

Sudden shift is sudden! (more…)

OriginStory 027: New Equipment and Dungeon Diving

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Chapter 27: New Equipment and Dungeon Diving

“… Calling me over like this… we’re not forming a party, right?”

“Although we ARE in a party right now~.”


Fen’s glares are sharp as usual.

I know what he means, though. To be fair, I’m a solo-er too… no, well, more like I’m a ronin who hops around from party to party.

But basically, Fen doesn’t want this partying up to become a habit.

And so, to pacify him, I say,

“Nah, I was going down my friends list. Technically I wanted to take some crafters along before I took you along, but…”

“Haa… I see. There are too many unknowns to take people who aren’t combat-spec-ed.”

“Yup. It’s like that.”

“Which is why you asked me.” (more…)

OriginStory 26: Chie the Tailor

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Chapter 26: Chie the Tailor

“Alright, transaction made.”


Chie looked over her VERY full inventory.

Technically, the trade of materials and the 2 gold was made.

Since I actually know Chie well enough, I don’t have to worry about her ripping me off for the armor.

No way would this be okay with anyone else.

By the way, Chie was only able to buy all of my materials because she pulled out all the equipment she needed to make a crafting facility and entered Workshop Mode.

The bonuses of Workshop Mode, aside from being able to actually craft, is that you can horde material items in a Material Chest. Up to 200 item stacks, with 999 stack limit.

The downside is that Workshop Mode is stationary, and it takes a lot to actually be able to make a portable crafting facility. Also, the Material Chest disappears when you exit Workshop Mode, ejecting all the items into your inventory. If your inventory is full, you can’t leave Workshop Mode unless you eject the overflow as random drops that anyone can pick up. (more…)

OriginStory 025: Unknown Market Prices

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Chapter 25: Unknown Market Prices

“Right, right, so what’d ya want to know, Naru-han?”

After showing his overwhelming delight over his ticket into the Dark Guild, Goya finally calmed down enough to get back to business.

I cough.

“Ahem. Well, it’s not much, actually. Three things. One, I want to improve my Item Bag. I think I’ve already maxed it out at level for a normie, but I want to know how to optimize it, or if there is a way to optimize it. Two, I want to know what you know about [Scribe] and the other found Talents so far.”

“Mumumu… Understood. Then, when ya say that ya maxed out your Item Bag at a normie level, ya mean ya bought all the biggest additions ya can get right now from the NPC vendors? What’s that put ya at?” (more…)

OriginStory 24: Mysterious Letter-Black

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Chapter 24: Mysterious Letter-Black

“A’ight, Goya, first give me the news.”

I squat down next to the player swathed in black cloth, with two hamster ears poking out of the top of his headwrap.

Ah, I see. That’s why he’s wearing those baggy pants, to give him a more hamster-like look.

Goya, the hamster (for some reason), ‘black market’ player is my contact for buying, selling, and information about the current player trends.

I’ve been going to him for about 3 different games now. (more…)

OriginStory 23: Business in Karolstrem

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Chapter 23: Business in Karolstrem

“Aaah! Thank you so much! If everyone took the time to clear the path to the ruins in the red rocks of ten Duststorm Coyotes, our research would be much further along.”

“Thank you so much for five of those herbs! Ah, if only we could set up camp in the ruins themselves.”

“Ah, so you have six rock samples from various parts of the ruins! Thank you very much!”

As soon as I stepped out of the Lodgings, I got swarmed with NPCs again.

But this time I was prepared, since I had been going over my Quest Log on the way home!

Although, for some reason, I’m thinking that some of these quests weren’t ones I had initially taken…

Or should I say, I’m insta-completing quests, huh?

That’s the benefits to having a large carry capacity, hahaha!

I should investigate about increasing it even further. Fen said there was a way beyond equipping bag upgrades… maa, when I head back to the main city, I’ll probably find out more information. (more…)

OriginStory 022: Dodging Responsibility

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Chapter 22: Dodging Responsibility

“Haa. If I had these, the return trip would have been so much easier.”

I glower at the Teleportation Orbs that I detached from the mail sent by the admins. The ones that are apparently rewards from the Event.

Fen and I had to travel a considerable amount of time from the fire-dragon-valley place back to Nortius.

Even though it’s already hitting 3 AM, I can’t just leave someone so squishy by himself without getting him back to town.

And so, finally, at about half past 4, we finally reach Nortius, and Fen headed straight to the Teleporter, while I went over to the mailbox right next to the Teleporter.

Since I had an indicator that said I had mail. (more…)