Cursed 06: School Goddess and School Idol

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Chapter 6: School Goddess and School Idol

“Eh, so Manabe-san studied psychology.”

“Although I wasn’t particularly good at it, that is to say I barely passed.”

Daiki Manabe-san laughed a bit.

Currently, he was supporting his team member as she, Eriko Nabeshima, was writing up a report.

“Eeeeh? But you were praised as a brilliant investigator even when you were in training, from what I heard!”

“Most of my success is because of my abilities in a physical … altercation, not my investigative skills. Unfortunately, I’m not that smart of a person as you may have been led to believe, haha.” (more…)

Cursed 05: New Students on the First Day

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Chapter 5: New Students on the First Day

“And? Why exactly are you in my office?”

“Fufufun… is there a rea~son I shouldn’t be here, Miryoku-chan?”

“Reason? No, no reason. I’m just annoyed that you’re here. HOW are you in my office? What is our security doing?”

“You’re expecting thaaat old man to be of use against ME?”

In the office there was a seductive, strict-looking glasses beauty in a suit with mid-length, layered black hair, a busty woman with long, colorless hair that reached to her waist, and an extremely handsome, black-haired man in a suit standing in a posture as if he were an attendant.

Frankly, with a cast like this, in an upscale office setting like this, one wouldn’t be entirely surprised if there was something being filmed. As to what rating the shot would be … well.

To be honest, other than the busty, colorless woman, the other two are standing almost perfectly motionless. So … drama with a lot of exposition?

This is the Tsunato High School Principal’s office, and the principal of Tsunato High is Miryoku Saitou. Her sharp eyes glared over the frames of her glasses at the woman who was lounging on her desk without a care in the world.

The man bowed his head. (more…)

Cursed 04: They are Already Family

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Chapter 4: They are Already Family

The next morning glistened in the sun.

If it weren’t for the leaves and branches everywhere, it would seem like that violent storm last night was a lie.

“I’m Kousei Ishikawa from next door. My uncle, Daiki Manabe, is working today, so please let me be the one to greet you. We will be in your care. It isn’t much, but I’ve baked some cookies…”

Kousei cringed a little inside.

Although he thought it would be better for them to buy baked goods from a moderately trendy store back in Tokyo, Daiki-san insisted that Kousei’s were better, and in the chaos of the move, Kousei hadn’t had time to protest, and now they were already here. (more…)

Cursed 03: Daiki-san Returns

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Chapter 3: Daiki-san Returns

To think, I had proceeded one step closer to understanding my incomprehensible Blessing, and yet, I’ve learned nothing at all…

Even though I feel like I’ve had half of my brain removed, listlessly floating here and there as I tried to continue the chores after my shock, there is always someone more miserable.


I can’t help stuttering.

I mean, Daiki-san returned, looking like he had just swam across an ocean.

Or rather, our foyer has turned into a swamp.

“Hahaha… I’m home…”

Even his voice sounds so miserable.

“Welcome … home … no, wait, get in here! Bath, I forgot to draw the bath, dammit! Ah, shoot, where is the laundry hamper and towels? If it’s this horrible out, you should have stayed at the police station overnight!”

“Because – letting you spend the second night in a new house all alone seems too pitiful…”

“Am I your newly-wed wife or something!? Nevermind, you’ll catch a cold, hurry up!”

This stupidly over-doting uncle!

The trees are still dancing in the heavy winds and rain, so what are you doing?! I was even waiting with my phone in my pocket; waiting for him to text or call me to tell me he was staying at his workplace overnight.

Instead of hurrying in, Daiki-san held out his COMPLETELY drenched through, supposedly waterproof nylon jacket, and gave me a curious look.


“… W-what is it?” (more…)

Cursed Chapter 2: THIS kind of place has THAT kind of effect.

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Chapter 2: THIS kind of place has THAT kind of effect.

Minemoto Tsurumi clutched the large, paper department store bag to her ample chest and looked up towards the stormy sky worriedly.

Although she had wrapped the bag in plastic, she wasn’t certain the dry cleaning she had just retrieved would stay safe if the rain suddenly fell.

It couldn’t be helped; Tsurumi made up her mind and decided to cut through Tsunato Park to shorten the distance.

Even though, on days like today, it would be better to avoid it.

Despite the heavy, still atmosphere that seemed to guarantee a storm, there was a contented silence amidst the perfume air underneath the wisteria. (more…)

Cursed Chapter 1: The Voice and I

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Chapter 1: The Voice and I

“Ok, I’m heading off, Kousei-ku-, I mean, Kousei!”

“Daiki-san, you don’t need to force yourself to call me without an honorific.”

“… Kousei-ku-, Kousei, calling me Daiki-san is too cold … We’re family, you know. You can at least call me Oji-chan (Uncle).”

“… Then Ojii-san (Grandpa), please hurry up and don’t be late for your first day at work.”

“…Daiki-san is fine …” (more…)

Cursed: Prologue

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〓〓(Kousei Ishikawa’s POV)〓〓

At the age of 6-12 months, babies are said to start remembering things. They start crying when their mothers leave because they remember “mother” exists even if she’s not in front of them, and when being brought back into a doctor’s office where they’ve been getting vaccinations they can remember enough to begin to fuss uncomfortably.

But it’s not until the age of 3 years that babies are capable of using their long term memory, experts say. The brain has finally developed enough to be able to retain information. (more…)

Izakaya 01: The Potato in Oden (Pt1)

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Isekai Izakaya [Nobu]
by: SemiGawaNatsuKana/OsakaJuuNanaNenSemi

The Potato in Oden (Part 1)

“Recently, there’s this place that everyone’s been talking about in the Old Capital.”

Just hearing that made Hans’ stomach rumble.
This was after their harsh training.

Hans is employed cheaply as a soldier in the Old Capital, and within his wages is the obligation to undertake training. Thanks to that, it’s not like his figure doesn’t have a firm feel to it, but with his unruly brown hair and large eyes, even though his years have already surpassed twenty-○, he still looks kind of young. (more…)