BaiyuYi 007: The End of the Surging Waves Sect

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Chapter 7: The End of the Surging Waves Sect

“You are Zhao Jinjing, aren’t you? I knew your father Zhao Jinhai well. My name is Song Li.”

Yuan Chenglei felt Zhao Jinjing’s perceptions of cultivators collapse facing Lao ban.

Lao ban was wearing a worn, blue-green hoodie, white t-shirt, and ratty jeans with Adidias knock-off sandals. Of course, there was the usual cold mask, and his long white hair was pulled back in the ponytail.

Lao ban was also standing over the very normal kitchen stove, stirring a modern-day hotpot with a ladle on one burner and flipping a wok over the other.

“G-greetings, Master Song…” She managed to say. (more…)


BaiyuYi 006: The Girl in the Case

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Chapter 6: The Girl in the Case

Before Yuan Chenglei’s eyes was a shocking thing.

There was a girl packed neatly in the suitcase that Lao ban had carried back all the way from Honggou Street.

The girl was dressed in a simple white tunic, and the fabric was almost transparent, barely long enough to reach her thighs.

She lay there, knees folded against her chest and arms crossed over underneath her thighs. (more…)

BaiyuYi 005: The Mysterious World of Modern Cultivation

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Chapter 5: The Mysterious World of Modern Cultivation

At Yuan Chenglei’s outburst, complaining that they needed to decide whether or not to kill him, the Elder Brother looked at him for a few minutes, a look of amusement and concern on his face.

Then, the Elder Brother turned away, ignoring him. Towards the other boys, the Elder Brother said, “The Elders have already decided not to get involved with White Jade Wings today. Since the mortal already knows about us, it can’t be helped. We can’t kill him without permission from the Elders, but he could be useful as a hostage if Song Li is going to go against us for those items we want. Break the mortal’s legs so he can’t run.”

Ah. They decided. But Yuan Chenglei couldn’t help but say, “Eh… If it comes to that, I won’t run! You don’t need to break my legs! Anyway, there’s no way I can outrun you guys, right? Right?!”

Yuan Chenglei felt his sweat beginning to run again. (more…)

BaiyuYi 003: The Rash Store-Hand

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Chapter 3: The Rash Store-hand

In X University, there was a young man sitting in a lecture hall with a long face.

That man was Yuan Chenglei.

“So you’re worried about that pretty Lao ban of yours? Chenglei, is there something you haven’t told us?”

Another young man dug an elbow into Yuan Chenglei’s side and leered at him as he said that.

Yuan Chenglei sighed. (more…)

BaiyuYi 002: The Mysterious Owner’s Suspicious Visitors

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Chapter 2: The Mysterious Owner’s Suspicious Visitors

That day, Yuan Chenglei had woken early to open the shop. The night before, Lao ban had left saying he would return late, so Yuan Chenglei had offered to open up the shop in his place.

Turning on the lights, Yuan Chenglei yawned lazily as he grabbed the broom and dustpan.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in the doorway.

Make that two shadows.

Yuan Chenglei quickly unlocked the door, opening it a crack, and said, “Excuse me, sirs, but the store doesn’t open until –“ (more…)

BaiyuYi 001: The Mysterious Baiyu Yi Bookstore

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Notes: Lao ban – Store owner

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Baiyu Yi Bookstore

There is a narrow storefront on the main street of J City facing a busy street.

A clear glass door with full-length windows frame the storefront, allowing the sun to peek into the dim, old wooden bookcases that filled the shop. Although that’s only at the entrance.

As if to protect the books within from the aging effect of the sun, other than the doors and narrow windows that were two peoples’ width across, the rest of the store was fully blocked in, leaving only a few thin windows at the very tops of the walls to let the light in. (more…)

Izakaya 01: The Potato in Oden (Pt1)

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Isekai Izakaya [Nobu]
by: SemiGawaNatsuKana/OsakaJuuNanaNenSemi

The Potato in Oden (Part 1)

“Recently, there’s this place that everyone’s been talking about in the Old Capital.”

Just hearing that made Hans’ stomach rumble.
This was after their harsh training.

Hans is employed cheaply as a soldier in the Old Capital, and within his wages is the obligation to undertake training. Thanks to that, it’s not like his figure doesn’t have a firm feel to it, but with his unruly brown hair and large eyes, even though his years have already surpassed twenty-○, he still looks kind of young. (more…)