pharmacist 19: Magic Sauce (First)

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Cheat kusushi no slow life ~ isekai ni tsukurou drug store~
Author: Kennoji

Magic Sauce (First)

Since we ran out of ingredients we’re eating out for today’s lunch, and Noela and I went over to the bar-and-diner that I gave the dish detergent to previously, Rabbit Hall.

When we went inside, the poster girl, Rena, came to greet us.

“Welcome, Pharmacist-san. And also Wolf-chan.”

Noela nodded in satisfaction.
Looks like she’s delighted to be called a wolf. (more…)

Site Name Change

I’ve changed the name of the site from Hon’yaku to Ohanashi due to… various reasons.

The main reason is that Hon’yaku refers more to translation, and well, my originals kind of took off so I thought I’d adjust the name to reflect that. (more…)


I just realized I never said where I was going. By the way, I just returned from 10-ish days in Japan!

And when I say ‘just returned’ I mean, like, an hour ago. So, uh… I’m really tired, and will just leave you with some pictures I took.

I’m planning on writing a quick post later about the trip, mostly about what to expect while traveling in Japan/things about Japan for writers/artists who, like me, love to write about Japan in fiction despite not having been there (until now), but not tonight!

Dragon 03: Camping in the Mountains

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Chapter 3: Camping in the mountains






“N-nanami-chan, are you alright?”

Ah, no good. Rudriech-san is worried about Nanami.

See, Bertie, even Rudriech-san says it’s fine, so why won’t you let me pet you?

Even though this is my first time seeing a donkey!

“Nanami is … fine!”

Hoi! (more…)

assassin 1: New Life

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Chapter 1: New Life

Eleven years ago, I escaped from a group of illegal slave traders and completed my Last Mission, leaving the serial number 560-A3 behind.

Today I am Tifazalia, the 17-year-old daughter of the owners of the only inn in the town of Nimha, the husband and wife couple Dorestalin and Millieandria.

I also have two brothers.

My older brother, Heinzendreft, is 19, and my youn (more…)

assassin0_4: Family

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Prologue 4/4: Family

I opened my eyes once again, and this time it was a clean wooden ceiling.

“You’re awake!”

“Onee-chan… awake!”

Underneath is a wooden framed bed, straw-stuffed mattress, coarse wool sheets.

Light is being produced by combustibles.

Next to me is the oldest boy and the youngest boy from the cell.

… This is perhaps a safe area. (more…)

Assassin 0_1: Going out in a blaze of glory

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The Former Assassin will Assassinate the Demon Generals because her Brother is the NPC Army’s Vice-Commander and the Heroes aren’t Leveling up Fast Enough

Prologue 1/4: Going out in a Blaze of Glory

“Fuwahaha! Finally, finally, the organization will be under my control. No need to worry, Combat Mage 560-A3. Your sacrifice will not be in vain. How long have I waited for this moment…”

Error. Unit A3 has violated Commandment 2. Termination initialized.

At my feet is the Organization Head.

Vitals have disappeared. (more…)