Kujonin 26

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Author: Hanabokuro

Chapter 26

The next day, I awake with the blade of a sword glistening in the morning sun against my throat.
In front of me I a see a bearded warrior I have never seen before.
“Yo, good morning. So what is this about?”
“You are charged with the crime of rebellion against the state. Obediently come to the Lord’s manor.”
Ayl’s mouth is sneering, but Teyl’s face is becoming blue.
“You! What is so funny?”
A man clothed in black thrust a blade at Ayl. (more…)


Senses 002: Hatsuga-Hime’s Bad Day

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Chapter 2: Hatsuga-hime’s Bad Day

All I can see around me is darkness.

But that’s all I’ve been able to see around me for a long time.


How strange, I feel like I just “saw” someone just recently, but that shouldn’t be possible.

The impression was a woman and ice and blue… no. It may have just been a dream.

Because I can’t see anything or hear anything, or even feel anything, there’s nothing to do but to just stand here. Or sit here. I’m not sure which it is that I’m doing.

“I-I-I-I-I am so terribly sorry!”


I wonder if I’m hallucinating. I thought I just heard an energetic young woman’s voice.

I want to say something, but I’m scared I’ll bite my tongue so I don’t. (more…)

Nai’sSenses 001: The Death of Nai Asano

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Chapter 1: The Death of Nai Asano

Deep in the forest where nobody lived there was a girl.

She sat upon a simple wooden pole, tapered at both ends, and in her lap was a crow.

That in itself may not seem strange, but when taking a closer look one would realize that the pole was floating by itself in the air and the crow had three legs instead of two.

Quietly swinging her feet, the mysterious girl with the mysterious crow sat on the mysterious pole.

I wonder what I should do now, she thought idly, as if the thought wasn’t something that was particularly important.

Even though she was sitting in a place that looked like the remains of a forest ravaged by war. (more…)

Nai’sSenses 000: The Arbitrator

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Prologue: The Arbitrator

In the middle of a pitch black room was only one ray of light. It rested on a woman.

Icy blue hair, with two sets of horns growing from her head and goat-like legs covered in dragon scales, she was draped in a bed sheet and lounging on an ivory settee.

Usually this woman just looked bored, but today, or rather, at this strange point in timelessness, she had an indescribable look of frustration on her face.

“…This is a violation of … well, everything…”

“It’s a violation of the reincarnate’s right to choose, as stipulated by the Earth-series’ God.”

A youthful, male voice broke in.

The owner of that voice, a young man with honey-brown hair, was sitting behind the couch, on the floor, analyzing several floating images at once.

The woman yawned lazily as she said, (more…)

Wfb: Chapter 78

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Chapter 78:  Sometimes Unconventional Methods can Pull Through. Other Times…

“Whoa-! Hey now-!”

Urol narrowly dodged my out-stretched hand, pulling his hammer away, out of my reach.

Tch. He has annoying instincts.

“What’s wrong-!”

I ask.

At the same time, I stomp my foot against the ground and perform a sh○uken-like upper cut, although instead of a fist it was spear-hand.

Urol swings his hammer down on me, but his hesitation causes small openings that he didn’t have before.


A subtle clink sounds, and the front link that helps secures the armor guard on Urol’s left shoulder falls to the ground. (more…)

Announcement: April 6 2016

First of all, thank you all very much for coming to read the OVRMMO translation and Wfb, as well as for everyone’s comments and donations!

I try to limit myself to announcements in my notes on the chapters so I don’t bog down peoples’ read queues, but this time I wanted to make it separate.

I have officially started updates on my webcomic site, [klinH Comics].
Unlike Wfb, the stories are largely more Western in style, but if you don’t mind such things, please check it out.

The story updated the most often is Classism, a fantasy-adventure party rpg type story, but probably the most popular is Gijinkaa Pokemon parody that I started for fun.

Fun fact: Honyakusite was supposed to be a supplement to the webcomic site, but it’s kind of become the opposite lol.

With whatever you come back for, I hope to remain in your care, whether it’s translation, original writing, or comics. Thanks for everyone’s support!