Wfb: Chapter 78

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Chapter 78:  Sometimes Unconventional Methods can Pull Through. Other Times…

“Whoa-! Hey now-!”

Urol narrowly dodged my out-stretched hand, pulling his hammer away, out of my reach.

Tch. He has annoying instincts.

“What’s wrong-!”

I ask.

At the same time, I stomp my foot against the ground and perform a sh○uken-like upper cut, although instead of a fist it was spear-hand.

Urol swings his hammer down on me, but his hesitation causes small openings that he didn’t have before.


A subtle clink sounds, and the front link that helps secures the armor guard on Urol’s left shoulder falls to the ground. (more…)

Announcement: April 6 2016

First of all, thank you all very much for coming to read the OVRMMO translation and Wfb, as well as for everyone’s comments and donations!

I try to limit myself to announcements in my notes on the chapters so I don’t bog down peoples’ read queues, but this time I wanted to make it separate.

I have officially started updates on my webcomic site, [klinH Comics].
Unlike Wfb, the stories are largely more Western in style, but if you don’t mind such things, please check it out.

The story updated the most often is Classism, a fantasy-adventure party rpg type story, but probably the most popular is Gijinkaa Pokemon parody that I started for fun.

Fun fact: Honyakusite was supposed to be a supplement to the webcomic site, but it’s kind of become the opposite lol.

With whatever you come back for, I hope to remain in your care, whether it’s translation, original writing, or comics. Thanks for everyone’s support!