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wfb: Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Nature will totally overtake human infrastructure in almost no time at all if you let it. Just take a look at the mini trees growing through my asphalt driveway.

…It really is eerie.

When we reached the former tree elf “city”, it feels like a ghost town.

Not that it feels like it’s absolutely abandoned. It almost feels like there’s a presence here.

But it’s not a presence strong enough to be from anything living.

So yeah, like a town full of ghosts.

Needless to say, this tree city didn’t look like what Hibiki-chan was expecting.

There was nothing nailed or built onto or into the trees.

Thick, woody vines ran, almost naturally unnatural, around the base of the trees, winding up as a ramp.

Boughs were lowered, as if steps that ran between tree to tree, and branches seemed to be knit together to make platforms.

Not like the trees were forced into their situations, but like they just happened to grow there…  and yet, even though it looks so organic, it also looks orderly.

At least, you can tell it had at one point. (more…)

Wfb: Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Chapters with a lot of random stuff happening is hard to come up with titles for

My nodachi won’t be much use, but I examine it anyway.

Un. Good.

Katana v3, and several tantos…

Clean, sharp, and ready to go.

As for other supplies, I still have bandages, ointments, and water ready to … actually, because I have Inventory, is there really a worry that I wasn’t able to bring something?

Although that doesn’t help if I’m short-sighted and didn’t put something we needed IN to Inventory, but since we’ve been traveling dangerous roads, I already have a lot of stuff that we will need for investigating the area around Warden’s Post.

Ah, I guess it’s still good to investigate the condition of the stuff we might need. Even if my Inventory has time stop, the moment when you need something is a horrible time to realize it got partially destroyed the last time you took it out.

I quietly stow the rest of the things I was inspecting. Quietly because I’m in the small room Hibiki-chan and I are staying in, and Hibiki-chan is sleeping.

Un, even though I’m not really tired, maybe I’ll take the time to get an hour or two of rest –

Just when I thought that, I hear some sniffling coming from the other side of the room.

Was I imagining it?

I listen carefully.

Un. Hibiki-chan’s breathing has changed from sleeping to awake.

Did she have a nightmare? (more…)

Wfb: Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Some people just have ideas that are too advanced for mere mortals to understand; but I wonder how many of those ideas actually succeed

Ragnall has a tense smile on his face.

“So while we were doing work, you were playing truant here.”

“Hm? That’s rude. I was definitely working while helping in the forge …”

“Which is basically playing, for you.”

That last bit was Hibiki. Grinning cheekily.

She’s starting to have a personality like a cheeky younger sister. If she didn’t have that kind of modified body, I wonder if she would have appealed to those that like them younger. Not the lolicon crowd, but the ones into just-barely-still-juveniles … she said she was actually just about to take her high school exams, so I guess technically she’d still be a middle schooler.

But when she said she was a high-schooler, I didn’t question it because her body was well-developed in this world.

“Anyway, I managed to negotiate with them so we can work independently.” (more…)

Wfb: Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Some People get Really Irritable when Under Pressure. It’s Best to Avoid those People


I left Woodrest awhile ago, but since it took so little time to talk to Eloise the catgirl receptionist, I can’t imagine Ragnall and Hibiki-chan are done with talking to the wardens at their headquarters.

It’s not like I didn’t go along with them because it sounded tedious, or because I actually wanted to explore Warden’s Post, un.

Fuu… it’s definitely a different world than Nyl City, here in Warden’s Post. Aside from the fact that there are trees and greenery everywhere you look, the air just feels … richer. If I use Magic Sensory, I can see the magic power flitting off plants and flying up into the air.

What is this like… the ocean when plankton and stuff fill the air and it’s all murky, but all that murk is nutrients so other things thrive off it. That’s what it is; it feels like the air is more full of life here.

The air is also buzzing with the cycling of Light Magic. Ah. That’s why it feels so comfortable to me here… (more…)

wfb: Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Demons often Leave the Confines of Religion in Fantasy

“So, well, that’s all going on, but what do you want us to do, Orvowel?”

We’re currently at the inn, Woodrest. Well, it’s the only inn at Warden’s Post, but it’s pretty big.

The hall and cafeteria area is within a huge, hollow tree. There’s a spiral staircase dead center, going up all the way to the second and third floors. To the back extends another part of the building, assumedly where the bath house is.

Although we’re split into Orvowel/Leimon and Ragnall/Hibiki-chan/me, we’re currently in Orvowel and Leimon’s room.


For consultation and discussion.

“Even if you ask me, this type of situation is more your line of work than mine, and we’ve already agreed that you’d only provide the bare minimal assurance of my security in towns. Warden’s Post is basically a town.”

Orvowel stroked his beard nervously as he spoke. (more…)

wfb: Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: That Feeling When People Think You’re an Authority on Chinese Stuff, and You’re Like, I’m from St. Louis.

Although I thought being constantly traveling would be difficult, it’s actually not so bad.

The only times that made me rethink the decision were when we got caught in sudden downpours, but Ragnall assured me it wouldn’t be like that the further we moved from the base of the mountains.

It’s been 3 weeks of traveling, and we’re a little less than half way to Ploids City.

Although it looks like much less on the map. The treacherous mountain paths take longer to travel, after all.

I must have come from the south, when I first entered this world, because I don’t remember seeing this much foliage when I was headed towards Nyl City.

Or like, we’re beginning to come to heavily wooded areas. (more…)

wfb: Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Seriously, How Many Medical Breakthroughs were made with Not-So-Ethical Methods?

“By the way, Hibiki-cha – Hibiki, I’m amazed that you can recognize the plants.”

“Well, at least, there are some plants that look like the herbs I recognize. See, mugwort(yomogi) is here, and lemon-balm (seiyou yamahakka) … of course I don’t know if they’re exactly the same as the plants from back home, but… I recognize them. And actually, their names come out the same.”


“Names come out the same?”

I quickly scan the plants Hibiki-chan is holding with Analyze(iv), but nothing comes out other than (more…)

wfb: Chapter 88

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Chapter 88:  Getting to Know People is Always Harder When there’s Extra Pressure to Do it.

“Then, Safr, I’ll buy this sword off of you, and you can have my backup.”

“Really?! Okay!”

Eeeh… so easily?

What just happened?

Let’s see… I was forging a sword for an inexperienced adventurer (that I wasn’t too thrilled about doing), but it turned out to be more work (and expenses) than that kid thought it would be, and then an older adventurer walked up to the inexperienced adventurer and conned him.

Seriously, that’s what just happened.

With a “You know, the blade’s not too bad, but…” and “You still need to pay for a grip and hilt” and the like, Gurtis just managed to get a steel sword, almost master-work quality, traded for his backup weapon.

Maa, I guess, in the end the sword is going to be used by someone who appreciates it better, so I can’t complain.

“Gyahaha!” (more…)

Wfb: Chapter 87

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Chapter 87:  Even if there’s Magic, it’s not like You can do Anything without Proper Preparation.

Dinner was delicious.

I’m not sure what a non-monster bear tastes like, but the meat of the Red Grizzly was soft and tender, but still had a nice consistency when chewed.

The meat of the roast was definitely firmer than the stewed meat, but no matter which you tasted, when you sunk your teeth into it, hearty juices flowed out and filled your mouth with the umami of the fat and the aroma of spices.

The stewed meat seemed to soak up the broth of the stew, and a mellower taste came out …

Haa, I seem to have become more sensitive to good food here in this world than in Japan. I guess that’s what happens when you eat convenient store food for every meal – that’s what Grandfather and I ended up doing when Grandma died.

Food also seems to be more abundant in this world than in Japan – or at least, in Nyl City it is.

Ragnall said that it’s because any city with a Labyrinth in it basically has food and supplies pouring out of the Labyrinth – anyway, my point is, everyone who cooks takes an effort to make the food good without skimping too much on anything, because the price of ingredients is pretty cheap.

Even if you sold it at minimal prices, if you cut too many corners on food no one will come to eat it because there’s always going to be better food around. That’s why everything I’ve eaten in this world, even food stall food, has been good.

Maa, I suppose this is only because I’ve been staying in Nyl City for the two plus months I have been in this world. Because people are greedy, I’m sure there are places where people don’t get enough to eat and the fact that the food is capable of being eaten is a restaurant’s main selling point.

Anyway, dinner was really good. (more…)

Wfb: Chapter 86

A/n: The beginning of pt 2

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Chapter 86:  No Sir, Our Warranty Doesn’t Cover Nuclear Bombardment from Space, Which Appears to be a Valid Reason for Why Your Pile of Bits and Pieces has Stopped Working.

On the well-traveled road through the mountains, a lone Dark Wolf corpse lay in the middle of the mountainous path next to a large covered wagon and a small cart.

It’s a scene where a monster attacked some travelers and the escorts put it down.

A crime scene, with a dead body lying in the middle of the road.

Un… what should we do about this?

“A Dark Wolf won’t sell well in the mountains. The nearest village worth selling it at is still over 2 weeks away. Even with a magic bag, the meat and organs will all go bad.”

Saying so, Orvowel rubbed his moustache.

That’s not a problem if you have Inventory, but …

I’m not a tanner nor a leatherworker or furworker, and we have more prepared meat than needed for the journey tucked away in my Inventory, so un, the wolf isn’t needed.

“Then I guess we let nature take its course. But, it’s not a good idea to leave it, right? Since monsters and wild animals will be drawn to it.”

I said to Orvowel, wiping the blade of my nodachi clean of blood and gristle.

“In times like this, you do … this!” (more…)