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wfb 128

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Chapter 128: Precious items can be more of a curse than a blessing at times

When I had filled the dagger to a degree that would have killed many a normal mage, it gave a little shudder in my hand, like it wanted to break free.

I loosened my grip a little, expecting … well, I’m not really sure what I was expecting.

The dagger seemed to hover for a second, as if trying to float, but then it fell towards the ground.

“Uoops. Almost dropped it.” (more…)


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Chapter 127: We’re getting towards half-ish through, so I guess I should start pulling the plot points together or something

After some time, we finally got on topic and Desmond brought up the real reason we came.

“The Demon Lord…”

The deep elf Diplomat hid her mouth with her fan as she closed her eyes, her brows furrowing.

Finally she let out a sniff and fluttered her fan. (more…)

wfb 126

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Chapter 126: Just because you make the character a woman doesn’t mean everything she does will be permitted.

Right, so all I did was run a spell on the level of a prank through a diplomat’s guards.

…Yeah, not even I can pretend this isn’t a problem…

Now the confusing thing is that, instead of trying to arrest me, all the guards, and even the arrogant deep-elf guy, are all kneeling down in front of me, terrified. (more…)

wfb 124

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Chapter 124: Expectations for different cultures can often be off target

Right, so I’ve left all those materials with the Kartinez Sisters, as well as some jeweled beetle carapaces and crystal python scales.

Looks like the jeweled beetles don’t show up in Ploids, so the sisters were happy to get them.

Even though they’re common in Nyl Labyrinth.

Oh right, some of my magic ores were also left with them.

Karin-san’s armor will be more of a metal armor than leather, after all. (more…)

wfb 123

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Chapter 123: Modesty and sensuality are only a single side of things to worry about with clothing

I sigh heavily.

I’ve become Karin-san’s dress-up doll… not.

I thought it was going to be a replay of back when I was Seimei-san’s bodyguard and the Nee-sans at the brothel jumped in, but … she just wanted an audience to her fashion show.

I can’t deny that it made me feel a little happy when Karin-san said, ‘Wait, I’m going to change, turn around.”

No, I get that I’m a girl now, but part of me is still… you know, I (more…)

wfb 122

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Chapter 122: Sometimes it feels like you get one thing scheduled, and fifty other things pop up out of nowhere.

Entering the room, Desmond was all by himself.

The elf twins had gone out, it seems.

“Sir Ragnall, Ms Jun, sorry to call you in when you’re so busy, but there’s an issue regarding that … Demon Lord matter.”

Aah… there was something like that, wasn’t there?

I completely forgot with Karin-san and Emi-chan’s arrival. (more…)

wfb 121

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Chapter 121: It gets noisy when girls get together

“Kuhaaa-! Oh man, that was totally nerve-wracking!”

Completely ruining her graceful good looks, Karin-san sloppily sat onto one of the beds in the inn room, kicking her legs up.

After that mess at the Guild, I dragged Karin-san and Emi-chan back towards the inn Desmond said he had booked rooms at. (more…)

wfb 120

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Chapter 120: Did you know there are only 4 different passport colors? But there are so many shades of each color that I wonder if you can really say it’s only 4.

“… H-h-huh… so why’d you think to call all of a sudden?”

The armored girl’s eyes are swimming all over, but seeing the people in her surroundings staring like they’re demanding an explanation, she quickly finishes up with,

“Hey, I’m going to have to call you back, okay? Bye!”

She definitely hung up without giving the other side a chance to respond at all.

The other girl is timidly hanging behind her, looking uneasily around at the adventurers and guild staff.


wfb 119

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Chapter 119: Some Peoples’ Descriptions Make it Super Easy to Identify Them

“… And are you expecting them to provide you with materials too?”

“Ah! I forgot, I’m almost out of raw materials.”

That’s bad.

If Ragnall hadn’t reminded me, I would have forgotten.

Cheh, how annoying.

That’s true. It’s already somewhat rude to beg to use someone else’s business facilities, but it would totally be inexcusable to expect them to provide materials too.

Helward is a different case. (more…)