Whitelotus 5: College Students should study! 5

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Chapter 5: College Students Should Study! (5)

Questioning the Host: if the Host’s intentions are to gather allies for Zhou Minglu, why did the Host spend the entire day shopping and going to beauty salons?”

Striding down the street with her shapely legs, although they weren’t quite as long and beautiful as the legs of the female leads and rivals, Zhou Minglu, or rather Cai Lifang as Zhou Minglu, paused at the crosswalk and surveyed her reflection in the window of a nearby window. (more…)

whitelotus 4: College Students Should Study! (4)

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Chapter 4: College Students Should Study! (4)

“… Lulu, I wasn’t going to say too much, but it’s been three days already. Get. UP!”

Hardening her heart, Jie Mingmei seized Zhou Minglu’s comforter and pulled hard.

Don’t blame me for being heartless; what kind of friend would I be if I let you waste away in bed?

Swish! (more…)

whitelotus 1: College Students Should Study! 1

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Quick Transmigration as Cannon Fodder Dressed in a White Lotus Halo? Do. Not. Want!

Cai Lifang doesn’t hate white lotuses, but she is the least compatible woman to be dressed in a white lotus halo!
Traveling into different Story Worlds, Cai Lifang is tasked with helping unfortunate cannon fodders live acceptable lives, but this white lotus halo … Come on, System, giving a two-bit background character a white lotus halo? Are you TRYING to break the plot apart?

System: As the Host’s System, I am only assisting the Host in accomplishing Missions.

Cai Lifang: … Fine, you’re unreasonable, I’m unreasonable, everyone’s unreasonable!

  • MC, ML, FL – main character, male lead, female lead
  • quick transmigration – a genre where the main story consists of many different stories, where the MC world hops from story to story, usually taking the place of a character that was originally from that story’s plotline in order to change the plot in some way or other
  • system – personification of a story mechanic that directly forces the MC to do as the author pleases (this may be my personal interpretation)
  • halo – basically the Chinese term for plot armor
  • white lotus – an innocent, pure, kind, lovable woman whose traits may also include naivety and appearing weak, often inciting the desires and protective instincts of others, allowing her to often get through disasters completely unscathed. Basically, the innocent Marysue
  • a “white lotus” – aka green tea bitch; a woman who pretends to be a white lotus in order to manipulate others, often actively scheming to harm others by relying on her influence on more powerful people. Basically a ‘two-faced bitch’

Chapter 1: College Students Should Study!

Cai Lifang opened her eyes slowly, then bolted upright.


Her head throbbed painfully, to the point where her hot temper had come out despite her usual custom of squashing it.

… Usual custom?

Cai Lifang frowned, cradling her head. (more…)