Wizard with the Flower Blades
Slice-of-life, Gendbend, Crafting/Smithing, Good Samaritan Protagonist (mostly)
A boy wakes in another world as a girl, and goes on OP adventures while being obsessed with smithing.

OriginStory the VRMMO: The Advent of Axebear
VR, Slice-of-life, (game)World Building,
A former delinquent-turned-gamer woman plays the latest VRMMO

Kousei Ishikawa is Cursed!
Supernatural, tsukkomi protagonist
A boy is reborn in a world where people have skills called Blessings, but he has one that reads out in corrupted text and seems to attract youkai and spirits to him.

Fluvia Dellarose was Supposed to be an Otome Game’s Mini-Boss Villain, but Her Strong Maternal Instincts Prevailed! – As Expected of a Former Single-Mom.
Otome game, reijou, industrial cheat
A former single mother is reborn as the daughter of an Earl in a world she recognizes as her former daughter’s favorite otome game.

Bookstore with the White Jade Wings (Baiyuyi) 
Xianxia, modern day, comedy
A mortal discovers the cultivating world … a synopsis that covers approximately 75% of the rest of the genre, with -90% revenge and -45% seriousness.