Wfb: Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Some people just have ideas that are too advanced for mere mortals to understand; but I wonder how many of those ideas actually succeed

Ragnall has a tense smile on his face.

“So while we were doing work, you were playing truant here.”

“Hm? That’s rude. I was definitely working while helping in the forge …”

“Which is basically playing, for you.”

That last bit was Hibiki. Grinning cheekily.

She’s starting to have a personality like a cheeky younger sister. If she didn’t have that kind of modified body, I wonder if she would have appealed to those that like them younger. Not the lolicon crowd, but the ones into just-barely-still-juveniles … she said she was actually just about to take her high school exams, so I guess technically she’d still be a middle schooler.

But when she said she was a high-schooler, I didn’t question it because her body was well-developed in this world.

“Anyway, I managed to negotiate with them so we can work independently.” (more…)

OVRMMO 094.5: Extra Edition; Forums

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Speaking on the situations of others.

Extra Edition; Forums

Forums Misc Thread No. 94

144:This is sudden, but aren’t there a lot events recently?

145:That really was out of nowhere, lol. By event, you mean from the devs?

146:It’s probably not those events, right? Isn’t he talking about the random occurrence ones?

147:>>146, yeah, those. It’s like, whenever I go off solo, a whole bunch of those hit me.

148:A-, for me, a big tiger came up to me and said, “My child’s been kidnapped; please help me” and I cooperated.

149:What!? No way, was it fluffy? (more…)

Cursed 07: Tsunatou Inari Shrine

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Chapter 7: Tsunatou Inari Shrine


Tsurumi Minemoto glanced over at Suyin Zhou, who seemed to be thinking.

Although she was curious, Tsurumi didn’t feel the need to say anything. Suyin is the type to say exactly what she was thinking, after all.

“New Guy-kun, what is it that you think of him?”

Suyin’s sharp eyes flickered over and she stared steadily at Tsurumi.

“He is … I …” (more…)

Wfb: Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Some People get Really Irritable when Under Pressure. It’s Best to Avoid those People


I left Woodrest awhile ago, but since it took so little time to talk to Eloise the catgirl receptionist, I can’t imagine Ragnall and Hibiki-chan are done with talking to the wardens at their headquarters.

It’s not like I didn’t go along with them because it sounded tedious, or because I actually wanted to explore Warden’s Post, un.

Fuu… it’s definitely a different world than Nyl City, here in Warden’s Post. Aside from the fact that there are trees and greenery everywhere you look, the air just feels … richer. If I use Magic Sensory, I can see the magic power flitting off plants and flying up into the air.

What is this like… the ocean when plankton and stuff fill the air and it’s all murky, but all that murk is nutrients so other things thrive off it. That’s what it is; it feels like the air is more full of life here.

The air is also buzzing with the cycling of Light Magic. Ah. That’s why it feels so comfortable to me here… (more…)

OVRMMO 094: The Ideal Existence, the Ideal Place

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A dragon as a pet? That’s oppression, you know!?

The Ideal Existence, the Ideal Place

Before I knew it, the chibi dragon had *snore snore* fallen asleep.
In the first place, it had just been born, but on top of eating all that meat, it even ate the soup; a dragon’s appetite is pretty amazing as well, na.
I’m kind of at the point where I’d like to continue like this and go on a journey together with it, but … this is a matter where my hopes should not be fulfilled, na…

“Queen, my bad, but can you come over for a bit? If you do come, I’d like you to come quietly.”

I really don’t like making debts, but this time it’s the best solution.
A dragon that should not originally be here whose existence here is an exception to the norm; it’s not a situation that I can let drag on.

“Yes yes, responding to your call, it’s your partner in love, Queen-chan♪.”

She’s pissing me off quite a bit, but I have to be patient here.

“Sorry, but it’s an emergency … first off, take a look at this child.” (more…)

Cursed 06: School Goddess and School Idol

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Chapter 6: School Goddess and School Idol

“Eh, so Manabe-san studied psychology.”

“Although I wasn’t particularly good at it, that is to say I barely passed.”

Daiki Manabe-san laughed a bit.

Currently, he was supporting his team member as she, Eriko Nabeshima, was writing up a report.

“Eeeeh? But you were praised as a brilliant investigator even when you were in training, from what I heard!”

“Most of my success is because of my abilities in a physical … altercation, not my investigative skills. Unfortunately, I’m not that smart of a person as you may have been led to believe, haha.” (more…)

OriginStory 24: Mysterious Letter-Black

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Chapter 24: Mysterious Letter-Black

“A’ight, Goya, first give me the news.”

I squat down next to the player swathed in black cloth, with two hamster ears poking out of the top of his headwrap.

Ah, I see. That’s why he’s wearing those baggy pants, to give him a more hamster-like look.

Goya, the hamster (for some reason), ‘black market’ player is my contact for buying, selling, and information about the current player trends.

I’ve been going to him for about 3 different games now. (more…)

VendM 48: The Maze Level’s Community

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

The Maze Level’s Community

For the me that was lost, the sensation of being carried on Ramis’ back is, honestly, if you ask me, this spot really does calm me down.
We’re within the transfer circle placed in the Maze Level to return to the direction of the community, but there is quite the large family here, na.

Ramis with Hyurumi. President Bear. The gatekeepers. The Fools of Whimsy Brigade with Leader Keryoil, Vice-Leader Filmina, the archer Shui, the red-white twins Red and White. Formerly the Demons of Gluttony Brigade, the Big Eaters Brigade’s Mikene, Pel, Suko, Shote.
All members said, it’s 14 persons and 1 box.

From now on, we’re going to stay in the Maze Level’s community for a little while, and then return to Seiryu Lake Level, it seems. They’re going to trace the map of the Maze Level that I displayed with detail, and work on recording the places like where traps are deployed, so I’m going to help out some.

You will be able to avoid the Maze Level’s convoluted paths and the vicious traps, so for the Hunters Association, even if it’s just a little bit, in order to raise the survivability, they won’t spare any effort, it seems.
Until that settles down, the Maze Level’s community will become my temporary residence. (more…)

Cursed 05: New Students on the First Day

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Chapter 5: New Students on the First Day

“And? Why exactly are you in my office?”

“Fufufun… is there a rea~son I shouldn’t be here, Miryoku-chan?”

“Reason? No, no reason. I’m just annoyed that you’re here. HOW are you in my office? What is our security doing?”

“You’re expecting thaaat old man to be of use against ME?”

In the office there was a seductive, strict-looking glasses beauty in a suit with mid-length, layered black hair, a busty woman with long, colorless hair that reached to her waist, and an extremely handsome, black-haired man in a suit standing in a posture as if he were an attendant.

Frankly, with a cast like this, in an upscale office setting like this, one wouldn’t be entirely surprised if there was something being filmed. As to what rating the shot would be … well.

To be honest, other than the busty, colorless woman, the other two are standing almost perfectly motionless. So … drama with a lot of exposition?

This is the Tsunato High School Principal’s office, and the principal of Tsunato High is Miryoku Saitou. Her sharp eyes glared over the frames of her glasses at the woman who was lounging on her desk without a care in the world.

The man bowed his head. (more…)

wfb: Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Demons often Leave the Confines of Religion in Fantasy

“So, well, that’s all going on, but what do you want us to do, Orvowel?”

We’re currently at the inn, Woodrest. Well, it’s the only inn at Warden’s Post, but it’s pretty big.

The hall and cafeteria area is within a huge, hollow tree. There’s a spiral staircase dead center, going up all the way to the second and third floors. To the back extends another part of the building, assumedly where the bath house is.

Although we’re split into Orvowel/Leimon and Ragnall/Hibiki-chan/me, we’re currently in Orvowel and Leimon’s room.


For consultation and discussion.

“Even if you ask me, this type of situation is more your line of work than mine, and we’ve already agreed that you’d only provide the bare minimal assurance of my security in towns. Warden’s Post is basically a town.”

Orvowel stroked his beard nervously as he spoke. (more…)