OriginStory 031: Top Player Matsuri

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Chapter 31: Top Player Matsuri

“I was wondering who would be able to use the teleporter, but as expected it’s Naru, isn’t it? It’s been awhile.”

“Ah, un. Baldro. Hi. I’m a bit busy.”

“Kuku… Otouto-kun (little brother) is over there.”

“Oh, Nee-san, I see you got my message… gyaaa!”

The scalp can be quite sensitive, did you know that? In fact, without giving too much damage, it will be rather painful.

There’s no point in iron-clawing the face and dealing with the NPC guards, wouldn’t you say?

||Player Naru has issued a Duel Challenge.|| (more…)


VendM 055: Fake

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma


The Big Eaters Brigade will remain at the Bear President’s side, and Ramis and Hyurumi are going to head towards investigating the enemy’s movements, but for me, I want to follow along.

I’m immensely interested in the fake, after all. I want to see it for myself, not hear about it. That said, we’d be found out immediately if I’m carried in the usual vending machine state. It would probably be best if I go while hiding my features.

And so, my situation has become being put in a large sack as the <Cardboard Vending Machine>. It’s my disguise, but actually, those two are also disguised. (more…)

wfb: Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Just because you have a theory, it doesn’t mean you’ve completely and accurately understood a process.

“It seems that my control over magic isn’t going to reach Jun-kun’s at any point.”

Although shaky, Seimei had properly grasped the method of sensing magic, thanks to Lor’s instructions.

Although chantless and whatever-the-hell Jun’s random manipulation of magic power was is (and probably will forever) remain impossible. Especially the last one.

Unlike Jun, who was someone who was better at acting on senses, Semei was more intellectually minded so his compatibility with Lor in a teacher-student relationship worked out rather nicely. (more…)

OVRMMO 105: Extra Edition; Do Your Best, Green Dragon-san

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n: Somehow, I felt like doing a request.

Extra Edition; Do Your Best, Green Dragon-san

I am a green dragon. I am one of those of the proud dragon race. Our Green Dragon race is, compared to the giant Red Dragon race and Black Dragon race, all around two times smaller in body, but there is absolutely no disdain from the other dragon races.

That reason is because the other dragon races cannot emulate the “Mobility” that we possess. Flight speed and turning speed and the like are the green dragons’ specialty movements; before the dragon races had gathered up together as one, we fought with that mobility we had.   (more…)

Cursed 22: Teach Us, Suzu-chan!

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Chapter 22: Teach Us, Suzu-chan!

A woman with a foreign air about her stood in front of the car park of Narita.

She had a healthy, olive complexion, wavy dark hair, and a prominent nose, as well as a slender but robust stature.

Her skirt went almost to her knees, but that didn’t stop a few leer-ers from gazing at her shapely legs.

“Ms. Ergane.” (more…)

Kujonin 18

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Author: Hanakuroko

Story 18

The next morning was terrible.
When Teyl realized what a mess she’d made of her self, she came apologizing while crying.
“I’ll do anything, so please don’t throw me away. Please punish this foolish me.”
So saying, Teyl began removing her clothes.
First of all, stop undressing, and I’ll think of the punishment later.
“Rather than that, I need to make the preparations for the journey today. Let’s go out into the city. I don’t know where the stores are, so show me. Teyl.” (more…)

Kujonin 17

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Author: Hanakuroko

Story 17

I paid for two days’ stay for the inn, and when I went into the cafeteria, Ayl had returned.
Her entire body was covered in mud, and she looked exhausted.
This kind of thing might be normal for an adventurer.
I used Cleanup on her, and when I handed her a restorative she immediately drained it.
“Thanks, you saved me.” (Ayl)
“Did your subjugation go well?” (Naoki)
“Aa, I defeated it, but it’s a job that isn’t worth the price.”(Ayl)
“This restorative is amazing. It can heal a bone fracture too? Isn’t it expensive?” (Ayl)
“No, I made it myself, so it’s just the cost  of the ingredients. And those were things I received, so in actuality the cost is zero.”
“Naoki can do anything, huh?” (more…)

OriginStory 030: Bonus Crystals

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Chapter 30: Bonus Crystals

Right, we’re on a stage that you could only get to across a bridge that spans a (seemingly) bottomless chasm behind a hidden door or the gimicky pitfall with lots of golems guarding the path.

There’s a podium, carved out as a simple square column with a slanted slab at the top.

On top of that slab is a large, LARGE book.

Leather bound, with an iron lock.

No, well, lock is an exaggeration. It’s just a simple mechanism where the latch is inserted into a slot, then turned 90 degrees to secure it closed.

So If I just turn it… just… turn… hng-!

“… It’s stuck.” (more…)

VendM 054: It’s Been Awhile Since the Seiryu Lake Level

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

It’s Been Awhile Since the Seiryu Lake Level

“Would you call everyone we left behind over? Because there’s something I get out of these people.”

He wants to finish interrogating them while we’re not around, I suppose. In a round about way he was stating that the topic was such that he would be troubled if we were around.

“Got it. Then, we’ll go to bring Hyurumi and the others here, okay?”

Ramis is a considerate, good girl, after all. Without pursuing it any further, together with Mikene and me, we turned around and left that place. As I was swaying on her back, getting further and further away, I watched Mishael, but although I saw his profile when he glanced once towards us, that face was expressionless so I was unable read into it at all.

“Looks like Mishael also has a lot going on, ne?”


“If it’s like this, it’s hard to tell how far we can get involved, ne?” (more…)