Cursed 025: A Day in the Life of a NEET

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Chapter 25: A Day in the Life of a NEET

Honoka gave a large stretch and a yawn as she arched her back like a cat.

It had been a few hours since both Kousei and Daiki-san had left, and she had spent them lying sleepily in the sunny hallway with the sliding door slightly cracked open, fully enjoying a lazy, warm spring morning.

“Hm… as expected, I’m still hungry.”

She rubbed her belly.

Even though she polished off the bento Kousei had made her well before lunch, and even though the calories in this age were greater – no, rather, even though Kousei’s food had astronomically more spiritual energy within it then even the offerings left by the highest ranking priestesses from an era where magic and ki was plentiful, it still wasn’t enough. (more…)


Kujonin 27

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Author: Hanakuroko

Chapter 27

We’re at Velsa’s home.
“My father was the Lord of this region…”
While Velsa was gathering her luggage, she began to tell Ayl and me her story.
Ayl and I also packed luggage under Velsa’s instructions.
What Velsa told us was that it was said 5 years ago, magma flowed from the mountain of a nearby village.
At first it had pretty much no vigor so it was treated as a famous tourist’s spot, but all of a sudden it gushed out and the village began to be overflowed with it. (more…)

Kujonin 26

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Author: Hanakuroko

Chapter 26

The next day, I awake with the blade of a sword glistening in the morning sun against my throat.
In front of me I a see a bearded warrior I have never seen before.
“Yo, good morning. So what is this about?”
“You are charged with the crime of rebellion against the state. Obediently come to the Lord’s manor.”
Ayl’s mouth is sneering, but Teyl’s face is becoming blue.
“You! What is so funny?”
A man clothed in black thrust a blade at Ayl. (more…)

Kujonin 025

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Author: Hanakuroko

Chapter 25

“Is that alright? Handing over that much money.”
Teyl asked as we returned to the Guild.
“It will be fine. She doesn’t seem like a bad person.”
“So that’s Naoki-sama’s type.”
Teyl looks up at the sky as if in frustration.
Teyl was sold for 20 gold coins, so she probably doesn’t like that I just handed over 50 gold coins to Velsa today.
“For me, I won’t hand over money to anyone that isn’t worth it, you know? Currently, I wouldn’t regret handing over 100 gold coins for Teyl.” (more…)

Fluvia 005: Fluvia has Caught the Eye of a Troublesome Person

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Chapter 5: Fluvia has Caught the Eye of a Troublesome Person

What’s with this crazy ikemen – I mean, this refined gentleman Lord Minister-sama.

There’s a limit to thoughtless actions.

Exactly what kind of man would take a kid’s random words this seriously?

I have concerns over our Lord Minister’s brain, and it seems that I’m not the only one. (more…)

Fluvia 04: Fluvia …(title at end)

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Chapter 4: Fluvia …(title at end)

In another location of within the Capital of Valed, nearer to the Royal Castle, is the Academy, and within was the second most important person in the country.


“Forgive me, but I am requesting it of Lord Minister.”

My subordinates are normally confident workers, as those who work in the upper echelons of the government should be, but today there is one who is near groveling in my office.

To think a grown government official, who has the pride of working amongst the top of society would be reduced to this.

I can’t help but sigh as I lean my head on my hands.

“And? Today’s task is a Magic Potential Measurement, is it not?” (more…)

VendM 057: On the Day of the Eating Contest

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

On the Day of the Eating Contest

Shui’s way of speaking has been changed.

It’s a complete success, huh? Underneath the clear skies, many people are forming a line in order to receive the proof of participation for the eating contest. The participants are men and women of all ages, and the races are also all over the place; from this we can see the effects of the advertisement done up until now. (more…)

Fluvia 03: Fluvia Encounters the First Event

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Chapter 3: Fluvia Encounters the First Event

After coming out of depression, my health rapidly improved and, although I took some time to try to remember my past life more every day, and although I also properly studied this world’s letters more every day, in the end, I had always been somebody who thought best when I interspersed thinking with moving my body.

In other words, I started to get bored from just lying in bed.

But it’s unreasonable to think I could just get up and walk around. (more…)