Wizard with the flower blades

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Wizard with the flower blades

An original web novel by k.linH, pics and contents alike:

       Something goes wrong when Jun tries to create a character in the latest VRMMO, and he finds himself alone in a strange fantasy world as a girl – but wait, he hadn’t finished his character yet!

       Although he had no items and few skills to start with, Jun is blessed with a body(female) that manipulates magic effortlessly, as well as an obsession with sword-smithing inherited from his grandfather. In this chaotic world between feuding countries, where power and magic can give you everything and the powerless and magicless have nothing, Jun begins her life as an adventurer.

This is the beginning of the greatest Blade Wizard of Orelia.

  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Slice-of-Life
  • Subgenres: OP,  Transported to Another World,  Female Lead (?),   Previous Life Talent, Skill Assimilation, Artifact Creation, Good Samaritan (or maybe just meddlesome) Protagonist

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Nyl City: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] Ploids City: [Part 4]

— Part 1:  Isekai, Nyl City, and Smithery

  1. Jun Imamiya, 16-Year-Old High School Boy 
  2. Some People Take Forever in Character Creation
  3. “command” is not Recognized as an Internal or External Command, Operable Program, or Batch File.
  4. Even a Benchwarmer Participates by Watching from the Sidelines
  5. Take Out the Snipers First. They Ruin Everything.
  6. Think Before You Act … Unless You’re Out of Time. Then Just Don’t Think.
  7. Always Keep an Eye on Your Stats. You’ll Regret it Otherwise.
  8. It Pays to Know the Local Culture to Get the Most Out of Your Vacation
  9. There’s Always a Lot of Things to Get Used to When You Move to a City
  10. Some People Just Can’t Look at Something without Wanting to Take it Apart.
  11. Sometimes Bullet Points Give Clear and Concise Information. Other times they’re for Lazy Writers. .
    The Queen Mary’s Girls and Becoming and Adventurer
  12. The Odds for Getting Caught Up in Something Increases the Longer you Wander.
  13. Always Take Care to be Aware of How Much You’ve Drunk in Order to Avoid Causing Trouble for the People Around You
  14. There will be People You Get Along with and People You Don’t, but That Just Makes Life Interesting.
  15. There’s Always a Distinction Between a Mob and a Boss.
  16. It’s Easy to Forget that Difficult Things are Difficult When You Can Do Them. Also When You Don’t Know About Them.
  17. Medieval Guilds were Started as Organizations to Protect the Common Interests of Their Guild Members, and then were Promptly Accused of Witchcraft.
  18. Money Flies Away Quicker than You Think.
  19. People with “Second Name” Titles Always Sound Like Mary Sues. .
    Helward’s Forge and the First Blades
  20. There’s Always Some Friction When a New Manager Transfers to Your Branch of the Company.
  21. Sometimes You have to Wonder whether Your Boss can’t Read the Mood or if He’s Just Ignoring It.
  22. Sometimes you Just have to Hit things to De-stress
  23. In Shounen Manga They Say “Our Adventure has just Begun” Right at the End; Well this isn’t a Shounen Manga.
  24. Sometimes Shopping Clerks are Helpful, and Sometimes They’re Downright Nosy
  25. Even if it’s Bad for You, Fried Food is Delicious
  26. Every Country has its Own Bathing Customs
  27. A Quiet Night is a Blessing Young People Sometimes Don’t Understand
  28.  Good Timing is the Key to Good Opportunities
  29. This is the Most Use I’ve made of My Materials Classes Lately; Sorry, Professors.
  30. I Wonder how Many Logos were Last Minute Scribbles on the Back of a Napkin
  31. Small Fry Antagonists are a Pain to Write for, and it’s not Like He’ll Show Up Again … That Better not have been a Flag
  32. What One Man gets Tricked Out of is Another Man’s Treasure
  33. There are a lot of MCs that get their Best Weapons Right Away. Well, there are a lot of MCs who Start out with “a” Weapon. And Skills. And an Explanation for what’s Going on.. .
    The Worst Night and the Guild
  34. Whether it’s “Stealing the Dragon’s Treasure” or “Touching the Dragon’s Scale”, You shouldn’t Provoke Dragons
  35. Before a Boss there’s usually a Safe Room to Recover in; Wish that was True in Life
  36. Sometimes, even if the Situation doesn’t Change, just Changing your Outlook is Enough
  37. Knowing Geography is a Sign of Understanding how the World Works
  38. Sometimes You Get More Excited Building Someone Else’s Characters than they do
  39. For Operations to run Smoothly, People with All Sorts of Different Expertise are Needed
  40. In almost every OtherWorld LN, there’s magic and crafting
  41. The teachers who just can’t stand wasted potential are the most energetic
  42. It always feels like you don’t have enough time to level both your combat skills and your crafting skills in a game. .
    Labyrinth Time and the Subway Train
  43. I wonder why Twintails suit Little Girls more than Women.
  44. Game Designers always Nerf Mages with Monsters Immune to Magic.
  45. Every time I Read a Harem Story with a Bunch of Jealous Girls, in the Back of My Mind I’m Thinking Most RL Girls would never Date the MC even if you Paid Them.
  46.  While it’s Fun to Play Games with Realism, being OverEncumbered is too much of a Trial for Packrats
  47. Holding Back is a Skill on its Own
  48. Different Worlds have Different Technologies that Take Off and Grow
  49. It’s not like Anyone can Tell them What to do, so Why do Final Bosses Always Wait Their Turns to Attack?
  50. After a Boss Fight, it’s Like There’s Always a Filler Episode

Part 2: Reunions, Conspiracies, and New Meetings

  1. Aren’t Timeskips like Curses for Jump Series?
  2. Personally, I like to Avoid Escort Missions
  3. MCs that Know Everything can be Annoying, but MCs that don’t Know Everything can also be Annoying
  4. It’s Hard to Keep Track of the Topic when You’re all out Drinking .
    The Noble from Carnus and Cursed Items
  5. There are Times When People use their Parents’ Influences for Good, but because of Human Nature, That’s Always Kind of Rare
  6. Somehow it can be Nerve-Wracking when Your New Friends Meet Your Old Friends
  7. Is there a Name for that Feeling when You’re Dragged to Visit People You Don’t Really Know, but the Guy who Brought you there Does and OMG We’ve been here Forever, but I can’t really say Anything…
  8. I wonder if People who Make Cursed Things Think Like the People who Make Computer Viruses
  9. There’s Always Room for Improvements in Prototypes. Although Looking at it Another Way, it Means Prototypes are Usually Failures
  10. Some Peoples’ Personalities just Change when They Pick Up the Tools of Their Trade
  11. Even if there’s a Sense of Foreboding that Something Bad is Coming, Sometimes there’s Nothing You can do but Go on with Your Day
  12. You Know those Puzzles where You have to Balance both Sides to Get them to Equal Each Other? What are They Called … Oh Right, Algebra. .
    Light Magic and Old Friends
  13. Sometimes, People just Need to Walk Away from Things and Punch Something
  14. Everything in Moderation is a Good Thought to Live By, but Sometimes it’s Just not Possible
  15. When People Start Talking all at Once in a Meeting, My Habit is just to Zone Out and Start Making up Fantasy Stories in My Head; at Least it is until I Learn How to Sleep with My Eyes Open
  16. Everyone is Competitive in Some Way or Other; You just have to Find the Right Neuroses to Trigger
  17. Different People have Different Levels of Stress for Different Types of Things
  18. Sometimes your Friends will Act Different in Front of their Friends than with their Family
  19. There are a lot of Guys that Like to Show Off How They can Get Pretty Girlfriends, but Strangely, Usually No One Cares But Themselves.
  20. I’m Just Saying, Shopping is Like Staring into the Rotting Soul of Humanity
  21. For the Record, the Filler Chapter was Last Chapter, not This Chapter .
    A Night of Chaos and New Characters
  22. In a Slice-of-Life, Plot Holes aren’t Mistakes; They’re Opportunities
  23. People Going in Different Directions Under Unclear Goals in Different Places is a Scene of Chaos
  24. Some People Get Really Angry When There’s Some Sort of Annoying Background Noise; It’s Better Not to Irritate them Further.
  25. It’s not Like There’s Not Bad Things in Modern Society, but Much of Modern Society is Blind to Bad Things
  26. When the Victim is Sneaking Through a Forest in the Darkness and Steps on a Stick and Alerts the Murderer, I Always Wonder; What Would the Murderer do if He Runs After it and it Turns out to be a Bear?
  27. Sewers are Gross
  28. Sometimes Unconventional Methods can Pull Through. Other Times…
  29. Even if they Lived on the Other Side of the Country, Meeting Someone Who Came from the Same Country in a Foreign Land Always Feels Like a Miracle
  30. After Finishing a Big Project, the Answer to your Future Steps Should Always Be Ice Cream. But Don’t Actually Say That in your Presentation
  31. Sometimes Your Most Powerful Allies can be the Most Unlikely People
  32. Great Alibis are Meaningless if You’re Conspirator is a Useless Liar
  33. As We Move from 1 Arc to Another, Please Forgive the Transition Pains
  34. The Preparations Before a Journey should be Well-planned Out … So You Know at Least One Way Things WON’T Work Out.
  35. Goodbyes are only the Beginning of the Next Adventure

Part 3: Moving on Out, Warden’s Point, and Demons

  1. No Sir, Our Warranty Doesn’t Cover Nuclear Bombardment from Space, Which Appears to be a Valid Reason for Why Your Pile of Bits and Pieces has Stopped Working.
  2. Even if there’s Magic, it’s not like You can do Anything without Proper Preparation.
  3. Getting to Know People is Always Harder When there’s Extra Pressure to Do it.
  4. Seriously, How Many Medical Breakthroughs were made with Not-So-Ethical Methods?
  5. That Feeling When People Think You’re an Authority on Chinese Stuff, and You’re Like, I’m from St. Louis.
  6. Demons often Leave the Confines of Religion in Fantasy
  7. Some People get Really Irritable when Under Pressure. It’s Best to Avoid those People
  8. Some people just have a ideas that are too advanced for mere mortals to understand; but I wonder how many of those ideas actually succeed
  9. Chapters with a lot of random stuff happening is hard to come up with titles for
  10. Nature will totally overtake human infrastructure in almost no time at all if you let it. Just take a look at the mini trees growing through my asphalt driveway.
  11. The problem with contractors is that they don’t have any personal investment, so as long as they get stuff done, collateral damage is inconsequential
  12. People who grew up with siblings tend to be more used to dealing with intrusions to personal space than people didn’t. Although their methods of ‘dealing with’ differ from person to person.
  13. Sniping Great Minds Works in a Fantasy Setting Too
  14. The Way Something is Made is Sometimes More Important than What it Is
  15. It’s really easy for people to look in a mirror without actually seeing themselves fully
  16. Learning the Local Customs of a Foreign Land is an Ongoing Struggle No Matter How Long You’ve Lived There
  17. Just because you have a theory, it doesn’t mean you’ve completely and accurately understood a process.
  18. After Using Something Improperly for Decades, it’s Magical to See it in its Proper Use for the First Time
  19. This is a chapter about two peoples’ contemplations, so it’s difficult to name.
  20. The author is gratified to finally make it to this plot point .
    Seimei Side
  21. Good Kids, Don’t Text in Class
  22. Sometimes, it would be way easier to do things if you’re not smart
  23. Sometimes the better negotiator isn’t the one who can keep his cool, it’s the one who can make the other lose it faster.
  24. Is Hell Hot or Cold?
  25. True Opportunists Welcome Chaos
  26. Women have often been a source of discord in history
  27. Another Transition Chapter puts an Abrupt End to Everything – Even though it was planned, somehow I feel apologetic
    112.5.  Different Lifeforms have Different Gestation Periods

— Part 4

  1. It’s always fun to see what’s different and what’s the same when returning to a place you’ve lived in for a while
  2. When Everyone Around you is Excellent, it’s Easy to Forget the Average
  3. Messing up the timing really ruins punchlines
  4. Will the Peanut Gallery Please Keep Silent?
  5. Sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly when you met someone
  6. People tend to gravitate towards other people with the same interests
  7. Some Peoples’ Descriptions Make it Super Easy to Identify Them
  8. Did you know there are only 4 different passport colors? But there are so many shades of each color that I wonder if you can really say it’s only 4.
  9. It gets noisy when girls get together
  10. Sometimes it feels like you get one thing scheduled, and fifty other things pop up out of nowhere.
  11. Modesty and sensuality are only a single side of things to worry about with clothing
  12. Expectations for different cultures can often be off target
  13. Security is always a pain to deal with
  14. Just because you make the character a woman doesn’t mean everything she does will be permitted
  15. We’re getting towards half-ish through, so I guess I should start pulling the plot points together or something
  16. Precious items can be more of a curse than a blessing at times
  17. Proper tools and facilities are obviously necessary for work, but human relations are often just as important
  18. When both sides are eager to come to a deal, negotiations go pretty easily.
  19. Acquiring new gear and new companions go hand in hand with protagonists
  20. Our meeting can be called a miracle, or it could be called fate. Or maybe it’s just a common rarity event in the random event generator called life.
  21. All the villains are all in the same house is a silly trope, but when they’re all in the same country, you have to wonder about the country’s state
  22. It’s not like strong people always have strong personalities, but it sure is more entertaining that way
  23. Camping with a prepared person makes a huge difference
  24.  Majority bias can be rather dangerous in certain aspects, especially when it’s wrong and no one knows to oppose it.
  25. Rare events bring everyone to the same spot
  26. With great responsibility comes … something like responsibility
  27. People who stick to their beliefs despite going against majority bias always look like weirdos
  28. Overconfidence leads to slow reaction times when things go wrong