Isekai Izakaya [Nobu]

[Another World’s Izakaya [Nobu]]
by SemiGawaNatsuKana/OsakaJuuNanaNenSemi
There is an unusual shop in the back alleys of the Old Capital .
Izakaya ” Nobu ”
This is the small legend revolving around a certain tavern.

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Chapter List:

  1. The Potato in Oden Pt1
  2. The Potato in Oden Pt2




the below are


Kousei Ishikawa is Cursed!

When I was reincarnated, I found myself in a similar world, but with RPG game-like skills. I even had a cheat! Or so I’d like to say, but …

Kousei was considered a cursed child ever since he was born, but when he had his Blessings Confirmation at the age of 3, there on the list was:

[¥ë¶Ã¥©à?¥ª ÃÜß‘ï]Lv5

… Hah?! What’s with that scrambled, incomprehensible Blessing?! And more over, it’s at a high Level 5?!

The people around him agreed. Instead of a Blessing, this has to be a curse!

Due to his abnormalities, Kousei lived a lonely life until a distant relative took him and moved to Tsunato, a town known for its wholesome atmosphere, and its strange happenings.

There, with his scrambled, incomprehensible Blessing, Kousei Ishikawa starts hearing a disembodied voice … singing anime songs? … and he is soon thrown into the hidden side of the world of youkai, gods, and the people who know that they exist.

Chapter List:

  1. Prologue
  2. The Voice and I