OriginStory the VRMMO: The advent of AxeBear

Narumi Ando is a total VRMMO addict who just can’t find the perfect VRMMO to get comfortable with. But Origin Story, a VRMMO that’s just about to go live, just might change all that.

… Not just your skills, your backstory as well will shape the world you step out into! Love it, live by it, fight it, or deny it; whatever you choose to do, you can’t erase it, you and your world’s:

OriginStory (the VRMMO)

  • Genre: VRMMO,  Slice-of-Life
  • Subgenres: Female Lead, Crafting, Extremely Good Luck, Leeeroy Jenkins!

Volume 1

New Game, Start!

  1. Prologue
  2. The Gamer Narumi
  3. The Results are In
  4. Kumatarou
  5. Talking to NPCs
  6. Quests and Wandering Around
  7. Information and Expectations
  8. The Secret Passage
  9. The White Bear
  10. The First Party(lol) Quest

On the Road to Nortius

  1. Traveling East
  2. The Challenge of Challenges
  3. Fun Looting Time

Halloween Interlude

  1. Here Comes Halloween
  2. Switching it Up
  3. Taking New Skills

The Red Rock Ruins

  1. Can’t Move for Bad Statuses
  2. The Red Rock Valley
  3. The Sensation of Drowning
  4. The Bug-Infested Room
  5. Decoding the Ancients
  7. Dodging Responsibility

Selling, Buying, and Info Gathering

  1. Business in Karolstrem
  2. Mysterious Letter-Black
  3. Unknown Market Prices
  4. Chie the Tailor

Karolstrem’s Library

  1. New Equipment and Dungeon Diving
  2. Stone Statues
  3. Trap Door
  4. Bonus Crystals

The First Raid

  1. Top Player Matsuri
  2. Raid Prep, Go!
  3. Gamer ≠ Neet
  4. Bear Goes on a Date
  5. Stuck with Naru
  6. Let’s Get this Party Started
  7. Teleporting into the Raid
  8. Escort, Begins!
  9. Berserker Squad, Assemble!
  10. Sky High~
  11. We’re DONE! … Halfway. Maybe.
  12. Like Uncooperative NPCs exist #sarcasm
  13. Splitting the Group
  14. The First Wave
  15. Electric Bear
  16. Endure until the Last (Boss)
  17. Dire Odds
  18. Sudden Announcement
  19. NPC Play
  20. A Simple Task
  21. Oh yeah, that one quest
  22. The Wayfarer’s Society
  23. The First Steed
  24. The Raid Rewards
  25. Into the Mountains
  26. Survival Training
  27. Wolf Boss Mk II
  28. Chuunis, Mines, and Familiar Faces
  29. Rounding out the Map
  30. The Snowy Mountain Pass
  31. Fur and Crafting
  32. The Crafters’ Trials