Japan Trip 3&4: When to Go + Useful Items + Clothes

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I’m probably going to complain about the humidity a lot, but it’s not like you walk out and immediately feel drenched or sticky.
There’s enough humidity to feel it in the air and make your shirt somewhat stick to you after some light exercise, but it’s not the tropics here. (Well, Okinawa… I dunno. Maybe.)
I’m mostly salty about how awful my socks got in this kind of weather.
I’m not used to my feet smelling and it irritates me, okay? :p

Anyway, that’s the kind of humidity you should expect. Not awful, but somewhat noticeable.

I didn’t research anything for the winter, but I arrived after the cherry (more…)

Japan Trip 1&2: Being a Foreigner & Choosing a Tour Group


Alright, so I’m writing some chapters, but with the jetlag it’s slow-going (putting myself into a character’s mindset is surprisingly tough when you feel like you should be asleep right now), so I’m getting back into typing by writing this lil’ report on my trip. 😀

Ah, I’m also giving up on obscuring my gender since there are some gender-specific parts of the trip (onsen). Anyway, I only did that at the beginning because both female-written gendbend and male-written gendbend stories  have strong stigmas attached to them; I really felt that blurring which one I am would help people approach wfb’s story without too many preconceptions. (more…)