Kousei Ishikawa is Cursed(?)

When I was reincarnated, I found myself in a similar world, but with RPG game-like skills. I even had a cheat! Or so I’d like to say, but …

Kousei was considered a cursed child ever since he was born, but when he had his Blessings Confirmation at the age of 3, there on the list was:

[¥ë¶Ã¥©à?¥ª ÃÜß‘ï]Lv5

… Hah?! What’s with that scrambled, incomprehensible Blessing?! And more over, it’s at a high Level 5?!

The people around him agreed. Instead of a Blessing, this has to be a curse!

Due to his abnormalities, Kousei lived a lonely life until a distant relative took him and moved to Tsunato, a town known for its wholesome atmosphere, and its strange happenings.

There, with his scrambled, incomprehensible Blessing, Kousei Ishikawa starts hearing a disembodied voice … singing anime songs? … and he is soon thrown into the hidden side of the world of youkai, gods, and the people who know that they exist.

Chapter List:

  1. Prologue
  2. The Voice and I
  3. THIS kind of place has THAT kind of effect.
  4. Daiki-san Returns
  5. They are Already Family
  6. New Students on the First Day
  7. School Goddess and School Idol
  8. Tsunatou Inari Shrine
  9. Each Others’ Hurts
  10. A Time to be by Her Side
  11. Honoka
  12. Aftermath of the Broken Seal Incident
  13. Good Fortune? Bad Fortune?
  14. Mundane Worries
  15. Food and Shopping
  16. The Kazekama and Kousei
  17. The Kazekama and Unit 2
  18. Meeting Unit 3 and the Witch
  19. The House Call
  20. Undefined Terms
  21. A Troublesome Woman
  22. What Kind of Movie is This?
  23. Teach Us, Suzu-chan!
  24. Teach Us, Kei-san!
  25. The End of Peaceful Days
  26. A Day in the Life of a NEET
  27. Visiting the Injured
  28. Feelings From the Past
  29. A Food Critic Comes
  30. What is Common Sense?
  31. The Soul, Defined
  32. The Innate Fount
  33. The Fickleness of the Gods
  34. Conviction by the Mountain Stream
  35. Changes in Blessings
  36. Cafe Cinnamon is an Odd Place
  37. Back to Reality, but which side?
  38. The Modern Occult
  39. The Blood Doctor
  40. The Clans
  41. Acceptance

— End of prologue —
— Beginning of Part 1–

  1. Cat of Fortune I: Runaway Cat
  2. Cat of Fortune II: Sachiko Minami, the Pet-Owner 
  3. Cat of Fortune III: Intuition
  4. Cat of Fortune IV: Pulling Down the Facade
  5. Cat of Fortune V: The Truth Behind the Meow
  6. A Lazy Evening at the End of Summer
  7. The Bookseller I: A Missing Person Investigation
  8. The Bookseller II: Finalizing the Work Order