OriginStory 012: Fun Looting Time

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Chapter 12: Fun Looting Time

Even though the “Defeated!” notification came up properly, Aurey’s body is still there.

She didn’t shatter and disintegrate into nothing like people and monsters usually do when you defeat them.

Will there be a quest or something, I wonder…

Although right now I don’t have the leisure to be thinking about such things… uotto-!

A spearhead narrowly misses me as I dodge out of the way, and the wielder spits out a,

“Damn you-!”

A furious Minas to deal with, huh?! Good, good, let’s keep this going-!

Hahaha- ah, oops. If I don’t check myself, the chibi’s gonna call me a mass-murdering yokai again.

Minas draws back, his face black with anger, and readies himself for another attack.

Very well. Let me take your spear-!

As he stabs out, I parry with my left axe and swing downwards with my right.

Clang! (more…)

VendM 037: Falling

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma


The ground split and crumbled.

Together with the earth, I’m in the middle of a nosedive. Looking upwards I see a ceiling of earth; up there, holes are opening up everywhere. Those holes aren’t that big, so even though I fell, the eight-legged alligator’s bones cover up the holes from above, and so it seems they were spared from free-falling.

And then, turning my eyes below, there are clouds. Because I have Barrier affixed to me, there’s no feeling of air pressure, but … I can understand that I’m falling at a tremendous speed!
Eeeeee-, once you fall out of the ground there’s a sky, it’s fantasy alright!
Uooooo-, we’re so high you can’t see the ground, eeee-, aaa-, c,c,calm down!
First I should figure out the present circumstance. You need to understand your own situation!

The place is, in the middle of the clouds!
The situation is, in the middle of falling!
The result is, destruction by crashing!

Wfb: Chapter 73

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Chapter 73:  People Going in Different Directions Under Unclear Goals in Different Places is a Scene of Chaos

Although Nyl City can be considered to be a big city, it’s because the city is built upwards along the mountainside; it’s a tiered city. In an aerial view of the city, it can be considered on the small side.

Why is this relevant?

It’s because anything reasonably loud can be heard from anywhere in the city.

Meaning, those explosions and those screams in the city … we can totally hear them. You don’t even need to have Augment Body to hear them.

All eyes, including ours, were drawn to the small, slit-like windows.

That’s a … those are … eels? (more…)

OVRMMO 077.5: Extra Edition; What is Everyone Else Doing? Pt2

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n:One more extra edition.

Extra Edition; What is Everyone Else Doing? Pt2

Zwei and the other Guild Members

“Awright, with this the High Rabbit subjugation is finished!”

Zwei raised his voice as they achieved defeating 30 High Rabbits for the quest.

“Finally done … I never thought there would be a day that I’d hold such a murderous intent towards birds.”

Reiji, with a somewhat tired expression, took a deep breath.

Zwei and the other early guild members have also come to Fairy Country.
The number of new people from the 3rd big update they invited was about 10, but as you would expect, they couldn’t just bring them along to the Fairy Country.

“A-, if we only had Earth-kun here, it would be easier, na –“ (more…)

Wfb: Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: In a Slice-of-Life, Plot Holes aren’t Mistakes; They’re Opportunities

In his room, alone, stood a man.

He wore a high-collared white coat, heavily embroidered with red and gold, as well as a cravat that seemed to be too tight for his neck no matter how many times he re-tied it. His waistcoat underneath was a dark red velvet as well.

A light cloak in the red and gold of the Carnus livery was pinned to his left breast around to his right shoulder, and cords of gold wound around at the fastenings.

The Knight Captain of Carnus, Sir Ilyos, stared glumly at his reflection in the mirror.

No matter how many times he had to put on an affair like this, he wouldn’t enjoy it. (more…)

OVRMMO 77.2.5: Extra Edition: What is Everyone Else doing?

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n: From riding a pikarsha to even riding a bear fairy.

Extra Edition: What is Everyone Else doing?

Information on the Fairy Country, Thread 57

44: And so, how’s it going lately? Bit by bit the people getting B Rank passes are coming out, though

45: But you still can’t go to the inner cities, so the meaning of getting them is pretty weak …

46: It’s because, other than the Husband who rode that huge bird, the fortress towns are your main places to conduct your activities, naa

47: Have there been anyone who’s seen him since THAT? I want to hear more on information about that bird.

48: I sent him a mail, but there’s no response. Maa, it’s probably impossible anyway, ne

49: I bet he gets tons of the same question, nee

50: He’s probably in the castle in the Royal Capital in the center of the country, na~

51: And then it’s the sweet, newly-wed couple’s life? (more…)

OriginStory 011: The Challenge of Challenges

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Chapter 11: The Challenge of Challenges

“Naru, can I try some things?”

I am in Reno town, the last town before the canyon that leads to Nortius, staring at Juri as she wiggles her body and blushes suggestively.

I think the template is to expect something ecchi as the request, but since I’m not a boy in puberty I will assume this is Juri being Juri, and that there’s a more reasonable request coming.

“While I probably won’t mind a request from someone like Juri, exactly what will you be trying?”


She fidgeted some more, looked away, and blushed.

Haa… Aren’t you over 30? What’s with the timid school girl act?

“I … I’m not good at healing or getting the timing of buffs down … so will you let me try it on you?” (more…)

VendM 036: The Fighting Vending Machine

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

The Fighting Vending Machine

For buying time, with <Barrier> repelling its attacks like this, if it’s just enduring, I might be able to hold out some how, but if this goes on and it heads towards the community, I don’t know whether the Hunter Association’s fortress walls can hold up to this.
At the very least, whether each and every person would be saved like the previous time is doubtful.

The always helpful inn’s Okami-san and Munami. My most regular customers, the gatekeepers Karios and Gols. The three morning regulars, no, with the granddaughter who’s joined them recently, it’s four. The contraceptive buying Shirley. The blonde ojou-sama and her black-clothed shadow, the two money-changers, and so many other customers are all in that community.

Wfb: Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: For the Record, the Filler Chapter was Last Chapter, not This Chapter

“Nifta-chan …. what is this?”

“It properly has pants, doesn’t it?”

… Well, it does.

Dammit, the expectant grins on all the girls’ faces are making it really hard to just say no.

No, the statement I said where it had to have pants, they properly fulfilled that requirement, so that’s what’s making this really difficult…

Before my eyes, laid out on my bed is … an outfit.

Dark colored pants are certainly there, but what is with the rest of it? (more…)

OVRMMO 077: Farewell, Southern Fortress Town

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Farewell, Southern Fortress Town

And so, for the next few days, I took requests to hunt High Rabbits and Thief Birds → I fashioned dishes from the spoils from hunting → I sold them to the sake-drinking Fairies → I enjoyed myself and drank with them; that’s the kind of play-cycle that came about.
Fortunately there is also sake with low alcohol content, and so while drinking that sake, I was able to have fun chatting with a large amount of Fairies everyday, but … I was unable to enjoy myself more than those 5 days; that is to say, it was too short.

It was a matter that occurred on the 6th day that came to the southern fortress town.