Japan Trip 3&4: When to Go + Useful Items + Clothes

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I’m probably going to complain about the humidity a lot, but it’s not like you walk out and immediately feel drenched or sticky.
There’s enough humidity to feel it in the air and make your shirt somewhat stick to you after some light exercise, but it’s not the tropics here. (Well, Okinawa… I dunno. Maybe.)
I’m mostly salty about how awful my socks got in this kind of weather.
I’m not used to my feet smelling and it irritates me, okay? :p

Anyway, that’s the kind of humidity you should expect. Not awful, but somewhat noticeable.

I didn’t research anything for the winter, but I arrived after the cherry (more…)

fluvia 62: Fluvia and Blooming Roses 1

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Chapter 62: Fluvia and Blooming Roses 1

“Greetings, Lady Priscilla. It’s such a lovely day outside, would you care to take a walk in the garden?”

For Mother’s own sake, we’ve informed her of the delays for the tea, and currently, she’s reciting the excuse we suggested to buy time.

Mother sounds a tad monotonous, though, like she’s reading from a script.

Well, yeah. (more…)

wfb 124

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Chapter 124: Expectations for different cultures can often be off target

Right, so I’ve left all those materials with the Kartinez Sisters, as well as some jeweled beetle carapaces and crystal python scales.

Looks like the jeweled beetles don’t show up in Ploids, so the sisters were happy to get them.

Even though they’re common in Nyl Labyrinth.

Oh right, some of my magic ores were also left with them.

Karin-san’s armor will be more of a metal armor than leather, after all. (more…)

Vendm 90: Return

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma


The number of enemies had been greatly reduced, and the enemies withdrew temporarily once it was evening, so in that opening a rope ladder was let down and we returned to the second floor terrace.
Injured people had appeared among the defense group, but they had Grandmother’s heals so they recovered without any problems.
They were extremely welcoming, and that reason was soon identified.
Don’t push, don’t push! I’ll hand out ice cream and water, so line up, line up! (more…)

Japan Trip 1&2: Being a Foreigner & Choosing a Tour Group


Alright, so I’m writing some chapters, but with the jetlag it’s slow-going (putting myself into a character’s mindset is surprisingly tough when you feel like you should be asleep right now), so I’m getting back into typing by writing this lil’ report on my trip. 😀

Ah, I’m also giving up on obscuring my gender since there are some gender-specific parts of the trip (onsen). Anyway, I only did that at the beginning because both female-written gendbend and male-written gendbend stories  have strong stigmas attached to them; I really felt that blurring which one I am would help people approach wfb’s story without too many preconceptions. (more…)


I just realized I never said where I was going. By the way, I just returned from 10-ish days in Japan!

And when I say ‘just returned’ I mean, like, an hour ago. So, uh… I’m really tired, and will just leave you with some pictures I took.

I’m planning on writing a quick post later about the trip, mostly about what to expect while traveling in Japan/things about Japan for writers/artists who, like me, love to write about Japan in fiction despite not having been there (until now), but not tonight!

dragon 6: The General Store

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Chapter 6: The General Store

“Nanami-chan, was everything alright?”

Rudriech-oji-san was waiting worriedly with Bertie near the gate when Nanami finally walked into the city.

“Un. Nanami is okay, nothing to worry about!”

It doesn’t seem like Rudriech-oji-san knows what the V-sign is.

“That… they didn’t give you any trouble with the bandits, did they?” (more…)

fluvia 61: Fluvia and the Winds of Change

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Chapter 61: Fluvia and the Winds of Change


I’d heard about everything that happened when King Laurence came, but for some reason, I didn’t think that so much would happen so quickly.

In the first place, to accuse an official of treason, whether against the country itself or just the Earldom, we have to take it to the Royal Court, and the Crown is still pretty busy with the whole attempted-assassination business.

Sir Edgar, although he’s just as busy as ever, has a lively, confident look on his face now, since he can now take overt action.

Quite a few officials and even a Baron have been taken in, and Sir Edgar has sent out people to detain and temporarily manage their properties.

It all happened really quickly, since all of the main perpetrators of the tax evasion were, conveniently, here at the Capital.

Not only did it make it easy to round them all up, but they weren’t able to scramble around to hide property or evidence, since they’re separated from their properties.

… It makes me wonder how Lysander managed to find all that stuff out about where the evidence is in every one of those officials’ manors. (more…)