Fluvia 04: Fluvia …(title at end)

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Chapter 4: Fluvia …(title at end)

In another location of within the Capital of Valed, nearer to the Royal Castle, is the Academy, and within was the second most important person in the country.


“Forgive me, but I am requesting it of Lord Minister.”

My subordinates are normally confident workers, as those who work in the upper echelons of the government should be, but today there is one who is near groveling in my office.

To think a grown government official, who has the pride of working amongst the top of society would be reduced to this.

I can’t help but sigh as I lean my head on my hands.

“And? Today’s task is a Magic Potential Measurement, is it not?” (more…)


OriginStory 033: Gamer ≠ Neet

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Chapter 33: Gamer ≠ Neet

The raid is set for in about Saturday, November XX, at 9:30PM. – Toru

On my phone, a text popped up.

The Chibi had sent a mass mail through the game, which sent it along to my phone.

So they finally got it all ironed out.

Or like, what are you doing, Chibi?

Aren’t you in school right now? (more…)

VendM 057: On the Day of the Eating Contest

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

On the Day of the Eating Contest

Shui’s way of speaking has been changed.

It’s a complete success, huh? Underneath the clear skies, many people are forming a line in order to receive the proof of participation for the eating contest. The participants are men and women of all ages, and the races are also all over the place; from this we can see the effects of the advertisement done up until now. (more…)

Fluvia 03: Fluvia Encounters the First Event

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Chapter 3: Fluvia Encounters the First Event

After coming out of depression, my health rapidly improved and, although I took some time to try to remember my past life more every day, and although I also properly studied this world’s letters more every day, in the end, I had always been somebody who thought best when I interspersed thinking with moving my body.

In other words, I started to get bored from just lying in bed.

But it’s unreasonable to think I could just get up and walk around. (more…)

wfb: Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: This is a chapter about two peoples’ contemplations, so it’s difficult to name.

“So you mean there’s a way to track down the demons?”

Idra asked with an expression of incredulity.

We’re currently in Warden’s Post’s HQ.

Although Idra isn’t the Commander, he’s the one leading the discussion. (more…)

OVRMMO 112: Resuming Activities

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Resuming Activities

After seeing off the dragons heading to the Fairy Castle, I head out walking.

“M,my body is really weak…”

With the influence of the triple bad statuses I acquired I can’t run, and walking is kind of tough. The cause is the after effects that come from firing off <Sacrifice Bow>, but it’s quite tough. The sensation of when I had to rehabilitate because of a bone fracture has been revived.

“You can technicslly say that this is better than that previously, but…” (more…)

OVRMMO 111: The Reward After the End of the Battle

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

The Reward After the End of the Battle

(Can’t move…)

I, in a situation of being a ghost due to death, gaze at the green dragon while being unable to move. This ghost state continues for two minutes and then, if you don’t take resurrection measures, you are forced to transfer to the front of the inn you last stayed in.

(Whatever the case, that last kamikaze attack was the correct decision.) (more…)

5th Son 06: The Witch’s Apprentice

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Chapter 6: The Witch’s Apprentice

There were three categories of those who dealt with magic.

The [mages] are the most common, people who used magic for combat, production, or any kind of practical use.

The [wizards] are the most exalted. Learned, well-educated people who studied magic diligently, they made breakthroughs with new spells, new ways for people to develop their magic, and new ways to use magic. They also meticulously documented the past and present with regards to magic for the dreams of new breakthroughs. (more…)