saikyo kantei 3: Prologue

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Saikyō no kantei-shi tte dare no koto?~ Manpuku gohan de i sekai seikatsu ~
Author: Minatose Tsukasa


A slow-life-ish, relaxed isekai transfer story.
I plan to update as I like in a relaxed manner.
I’m in your care.

Yuri Kugimiya is the so-called otomen.

He likes beautiful things and cute things. He also loves home economics. He also likes cooking, sewing, cleaning, and laundry, he does. However, don’t misunderstand here, he’s an otomen from beginning to end, he’s not trans with a gender dissociation, nor homosexual, nor does he want to be a woman. He’s a normal boy who likes housework and beautiful and cute things. (more…)

saikyokantei 2: Glossary (includes light spoilers?)

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Saikyō no kantei-shi tte dare no koto?~ Manpuku gohan de i sekai seikatsu ~
Author: Minatose Tsukasa

Glossary (includes light spoilers?)

I was wondering if this was needed, so I tried writing only the parts where my original settings feel like they stand out.
This contains some light spoilers, so read with caution?
Will update from time to time. (more…)

saikyokantei 1: Character Introductions (includes light spoilers)

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Saikyō no kantei-shi tte dare no koto?~ Manpuku gohan de i sekai seikatsu ~
Author: Minatose Tsukasa

Character Introductions (includes light spoilers)

Rough character introductions.
And they really are rough. It’s just the fundamental information. There are also light spoilers.
It will be added to as the story progresses. Like if there are new characters.


Yuri Kugimiya
Job: Seeker
Skill: [God’s Eye], Cooking, Sewing, Compounding, Blacksmithing

  • Human. Male. 17-years-old. Otomen. Housekeeper of the Scarlet Lynx.
  • Transferred to another world on the way home from school. Picked up by Ali and taking refuge with the Scarlet Lynx.
  • His airheadedness is transcendental as he goes at his own pace. He also has a perceptive side, but he’s fundamentally thickheaded in all sorts of ways. While having the strongest cheat, he doesn’t use it and just takes it easy.
  • Black hair and black eyes. Glasses and school uniform. Petite and slender. Short Hair. His bangs are long enough to cover half his glasses, but Leone arranges them for him.


2ndchances 11: Deviations from the ‘Future’

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Chapter 11: Deviations from the ‘Future’

After all that fuss, Wei Mingxin directed Chen Yijun to take Lanlan and go into his private office in order to give them a private space for Lanlan to recover.

Once the models had been sent home and he had given his employees a furious rant stern talking to, Wei Mingxin walked into his office to see Chen Yijun gently rocking Lanlan and soothing her. (more…)

2ndchances 10: Something Eerie

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Chapter 10: Something Eerie

Chen Yijun almost died in embarrassment when Rong Yan walked back on set wearing only the suit jacket and a black strapless bra on her upper body, but thankfully, that was the last set of the shots Wei Mingxin took of her.

Chen Yijun only had to awkwardly bow with the rest of the staff, seeing her, her agent, and her two bodyguards off after she had changed back into her street clothes. (more…)

oristo 66: Guild Master?

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Chapter 66: Guild Master?

There are a looot of players at Larcost’s Adventurer’s Guild~.

“So everyone gets this Forerunner quest, huh?”

“Yah, basically. But not everyone gets the Adventurer’s Guild as the destination. Some go to the Commerce Guild, or a crafting guild, or something like that.”

Mega Obentou and I are sitting at the tavern in the Adventurer’s Guild, watching the long line of players signing up to be adventurers. (more…)

kujonin 116

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Author: Hanabokuro

Chapter 116

When the sun set, the bonfire lit up the beach brightly.

There was fish monsters and the dismantled beasel meat roasting next to the bonfire, and on top of the IH magic circle drawn in the sand, there was a boiled fish dish being made.

Seth put the food on plates and then left on large smooth leaves so that everyone could eat whatever they wished.

Placing the smooth leaves on the water’s edge, we brought the plates over.

Would the sirens, who hadn’t shown themselves, come up to the water’s edge? (more…)

kujonin 115

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Author: Hanabokuro

Chapter 115

The next morning, there was fog covering the island.

I hadn’t realized it last night, but in the center of the doughnut-shaped island was a pond that was a deeper blue than the surrounding sea.

I disembarked from the ship and went near the pond.

The pond was deep, to the point where I wondered if it had a bottom or not, and I didn’t see any monsters either. I couldn’t see the pond’s deepest part even when using the Search Skill. It wound about like a cave system, and there were smatterings of small monsters about, but it seems like a completely different ecosystem from the ocean.

“It’s a mysterious place.” (Velsa)

Velsa came to my side instead of saying, “Good morning.”

“Good morning. Yeah, want to try diving in to investigate?” (more…)

2ndchances 9: Blue Bird Photoshoot Theme 2

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Chapter 9: Blue Bird Photoshoot Theme 2

In Chen Yijun’s opinion, the greatest difference between Rong Yan and the two young artists was sex appeal.

It wasn’t because Ann·Xia and Du Lingyu weren’t, or couldn’t be, sexy, it’s because they were being marketed as ‘fresh, young, and innocent’ by their agents.

And so, take two of the group shots started out with Rong Yan’s costume being mussed with and the makeup artist redoing her makeup from a minimal, natural look to a sultrier look. (more…)