fluvia 87: Fluvia Goes to See the Princes 2

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Chapter 86: Fluvia Goes to See the Princes 2

While waiting for Father and Brother to return from the Royal Training Field, a carriage pulled up in front of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs that contained a man in slightly gaudy businesswear and a girl dressed far too maturely for her age.

Although Edgar, our coachman Alwin, and I would have preferred to act as if we hadn’t seen them, that just wasn’t the custom of Valed. (more…)

baiyuyi 35: Possessed

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Chapter 35: Possessed

Yuan Chenglei wasn’t out for too long.

No matter what, he’s at least a cultivator, even if he’s at the lowest stages, so fainting purely from fright wasn’t something that would knock him out for that long.

Not to mention, there was a noisy little ghost wailing about inside his head; it would be difficult for him to ignore it for long.

After coming back to his sense, Yuan Chenglei felt like he was at a huge loss for what to do. (more…)

pharmacist 36: Medicine to be Cool

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Cheat kusushi no slow life ~ isekai ni tsukurou drug store~
Author: Kennoji

Medicine to be Cool

“It looks like Ferris has been worried about something lately.”

It was a calm afternoon.
Jiral came to the store again and began to complain about his girlfriend for the 78th time in three day.

“And so, Reiji-kun -”
“… Hm?”

I set my sights on a certain part of Jiral.
Huh. How old is Jiral again? (more…)

pharmacist 35: Kirio Drug’s Day Off

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Cheat kusushi no slow life ~ isekai ni tsukurou drug store~
Author: Kennoji

Kirio Drug’s Day Off

Our store takes a regular day off once a week, and most of these days off often end by just lazing around all day.
However, it’s different today.

“Master, over here, Master, over here!”

We’re in the usual forest.
Noela is pulling me by the hand. (more…)

fluvia 86: Fluvia Goes to See the Princes 1

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Chapter 86: Fluvia Goes to See the Princes 1

It doesn’t take too long for us to reach the Royal Palace from our Estate in the Capital, and pretty soon our carriage passes through the Palace gates.

Father and Edgar were coming here today to give an official report to the King before the Court and attend a summit meeting at the Ministry of Domestic Affairs to discuss the topic of economic growth, together with the people from the other Earldoms. (more…)

kujonin 107

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Author: Hanabokuro

Chapter 107

When Fluden left, he said, “Don’t leave the cell, okay? Don’t leave the cell until the investigator comes, okay? It will be a pain in the ass, so absolutely don’t leave the cell, okay!?”

It seems bad. To the point he repeated it 3 times and attached an ‘absolutely.’

“Should we go outside?”

“Nah, it’s not like you really want to go outside, right?”

“That’s true. Fua~ I got sleepy after eating. (more…)

fluvia 85: Fluvia and Casual Clothes

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Chapter 85: Fluvia and Casual Clothes

“Why are we wearing such shabby clothes when we’re going to the Palace?”

Brother looks down at his clothes as we’re in the carriage, tagging along to the Royal Palace with Father and Sir Edgar.

Oh dear, this Brother of mine…

Certainly, these clothes aren’t the normally extravagant outfits we wear to the Royal Palace, but to call them shabby is a little…

Besides, what Brother and I are wearing are still considered plenty luxurious compared to the average citizen of Valed. (more…)

wfb 133

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Chapter 133: All the villains are all in the same house is a silly trope, but when they’re all in the same country, you have to wonder about the country’s state

[“… So it’s Extus again…”]

Seimei-san’s voice echoes through the room.

I have the Friend Chat settings to speaker call, so Troy-san can also hear him.

As for him being able to hear Troy-san, as long as Troy-san speaks somewhat loudly, it seems to go through alright.

After I got Seimei-san on the line, Troy-san explained various things about the situation he was in.

The main parts are that there appears to be quite a few people from Earth who have gotten transported here as well, and that Extus, a very tyrannical nation, are buying up all the Asian-looking slaves they could find. (more…)