Fluvia 22: Fluvia Returns Home

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Chapter 22: Fluvia Returns Home

“… That’s it. You’re good to go.”

Healer Martin smiled as he removed his hand from my wrist.

Although it would look like he was just checking my pulse if I were in my former world, in this one, the good doctor was circulating his Healing Magic through me to check the condition of my body.

I don’t really understand the details, but that’s how it works in this world.

It seems like there’s a limitation on magic and magical tools within the House of Healing, for fear of magic interference – whether it’s with the Healing Magic or the patients’ own magic.

Perhaps that’s why I didn’t feel like this world was all that different from my former one, albeit not as developed.

But now, as I’m being released from the House of Healing, I (more…)


Cursed 31: The Innate Fount

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Chapter 31:  The Innate Fount

“Mm. But even if they were able to take possession of Kousei-kun’s fount, would it work the way they want it to? A human’s soul isn’t the same shape as a god’s, so what you can do with access to the fount is limited.”

As I’m having a mini panic-attack about a squadron of Oda’s attacking, Inari-sama speaks up suddenly.


I’m also curious ab (more…)

Kujonin 46

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Author: Hanabokuro

Story 46

Early in the morning, we headed towards the center of the island.
The members of our party are Ayl, Black Dragon, and me.
All of us are wearing resistance badges I made on the chest, back, etc of our clothes.

All the way until we arrived at the cave the dragon zombie was at, there weren’t any monsters who attacked us.
I can hear the voice of frog monsters from a swamp nearby.
After that, I went around the swamp and exterminated as many zombified monsters as I could.
Using Search Skill, I confirmed the location of the dragon zombie.
The further you go into the cave the deeper it gets, but it’s not divided into levels.
There aren’t any monsters in the cave other than the dragon zom (more…)

Kujonin 45

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Author: Hanabokuro

Story 45

When I returned to the building, the lawn in the garden was gouged out, and the top was bare.
The path around it also looked like a downpour had occurred.
“I’m glad I slept at the church.”

“Welcome back.”
Red Dragon, sweeping the path with a broom, called out.
“Looks like something major happened. Where’s Water Dragon-chan?”
“Right now, she’s with Black Dragon-san, getting your boat. She was harshly scolded by Black Dragon-san.”
“That so?”
“Fumu … well, there’s also an excuse for Water Dragon…”
Seems like, a long time ago, Black Dragon had run a brothel in a human town.
And Water Dragon-chan thought that a cram school was the same kind (more…)

Kujonin 44

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Author: Hanabokuro

Story 44

I had Ayl pull over just one zombie. I had Velsa identify any specifics of the zombie.
It’s a plan to find what kind of medicine is effective on the zombie after capturing it and then spraying that.

“O-i! I brought one-!”
Ayl’s work is done surprisingly quickly.
She had pulled a single, one-eyed zombie with a beer bottle in its hand.
Is it weak to mornings, or is it just like that; I don’t know which, but the zombie’s proceeding speed is exceptionally slow.
“Un, that’s a normal ‘moving corpse’ type zombie. Although there’s no airborne infection, it’s the type that turns you into a zombie when bitten, na. Recovery magic, recovery potions, holy water, any of those will work.”
“For now let’s capture it.” (more…)

Fluvia 21: Fluvia’s Steward Lays a Foundation

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Chapter 21: Fluvia’s Steward Lays a Foundation

A majority of the Dellarose Household has traveled to the Capital at this time.

Due to the severity of the issue of Her Majesty’s assassination attempt, all the major nobles have been called into the Capital.

Officially, it’s to celebrate Her Majesty’s recovery, but unofficially – how can things be that simple?

For that reason, Edgar Henry felt the tension of all the major nobles, as their best and their brightest trailed along behind him. (more…)

OriginStory 38: Escort, Begins!

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Chapter 38: Escort, Begins!

I slid down the treacherous rockface as I activate the Raid’s Voice Chat.

RAID CHAT: [Naru]: ♪ [Yo, Chibi, looks like a 15 minute+ walk at NPC escort pace. Only one obvious ambush point. What d’ya think about that?”]

RAID CHAT: [Toru]: ♪ [“Nee-chan? …Terrain?”]

RAID CHAT: [Naru]: ♪ [“Hard surface. I’d say not worm friendly, but if the devs want worms, not like rock would stop them.”] (more…)

Fluvia 20: Fluvia Speaks to Father

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Chapter 20: Fluvia Speaks to Father

I’ve managed to compose myself after my escapade.

After I had opened up the secret passage, my thoughts became a complete mess.

There was a narrow passageway behind the door with a few stacks of books covered in dust and cobwebs.

The passageway was fairly short, about the length of a bed and a half, and it opened up into fairly narrow storage room that had a bookshelf full of old, dusty books, and piles of books on the floor. (more…)

wfb: Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Is Hell Hot or is it Cold?


After the appearance of the Demon Lord, a lot of announcements and notifications had to be made, and Warden’s Post was a beehive of activity – but that has nothing to do with us, so we’re already on the road – er, the path through the forest.

Hibiki-chan is sitting on Orvowel’s wagon, which has about 40% of its previous luggage gone.

Due to the state of emergency at Warden’s Post, it seems like the Wardens wanted to stock up while they could. (more…)

VendM 069: The Power of One Person and One Box

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

The Power of One Person and One Box

“Oh ice shards, pierce.”

The Ghost King murmured order-like words, and from the tip of his staff, sharp ice filled our vision. I counted up to ten, but gave up on the rest.

“They’re coming!”


Don’t worry, because for this kind of thing, I’ll show you that I can block all of them.

<Points reduced by 1; points reduced by 1; points reduced by 1 –> (more…)