Fluvia 37: Fluvia and the Man with too much Pride

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Chapter 37: Fluvia and the Man with too much Pride

Mother took Father’s arm timidly.

Her back trembled a little; since she’s half a head taller than Father she still has the desire to shrink down and hunch over, but the walking lessons Head Maid Roselia had been asked to give her held true and Mother remained standing tall, although a little stiffly.

I’m pleased with the effect.

There might be people who make fun of their height differences, but if Father doesn’t care then everyone else’s opinions are completely worthless.

Of course Father looks prouder than a peacock at esc (more…)


OriSto 43: Splitting the Group

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Chapter 43: Splitting the Group

The Chibi’s face has frozen up and grumblings begin to start up among the surrounding players.

Stein, looking a bit pissed, says,

“Oi, Toru. You’re not going to tell us you didn’t know about this, right?”

Umu. Baldro, Stein, and other players who like to have some semblance of order, are beginning to round on Toru.

Jeeez, don’t bully my cute little brother in front of me, okay~?

Although I do understand your feelings.

It’s not like I’m trying to cover for him or anything, but I guess I can’t let this get out of hand.

If everyone’s upset at the raid leader, our chances for success might go down.

And I want to get this over with. We’ve already been going for over an hour, y’know?

Even if tomorrow’s a day off…

“Oi, before that, shouldn’t we figure out who’s going down?  It’s three full parties, so…”

“Don’t butt in, Naru! You can’t excuse him from not getting all the facts down before getting started!”

Stein yells at me as I try to mitigate the circumstances. (more…)

VendM 79: Adversity

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma


I was wary that our members would be too strong and stand out in a bad way, but that turned out to be a needless worry. The other hunters also have considerable skill, and they’re better if you’re comparing how flashy and impactful it looks.
Another new team has entered into battle, so the Ruler of the Netherworld has fallen into the situation where he’s being attacked by three at once.
Whether he became a little flustered or whatnot, the Ruler of the Netherworld raised the staff that’s a cluster of skeletal arms, and countless skeletons rose up from the ground as reinforcements.

“Hm, a bone-people demon superior species, the bone-warrior demon? Take care, everyone. It’s said that it’s the corpses of those who specialize in war. They’re quite a few levels above the previous ones.”

Hearing President Bear’s warning, I cautiously observed the new monsters. There are a lot of bodies with bones darker than the other bone-people demons, and they possess some sort of weapon and armor.
The other bone-people demons are standing defensively, but the bone (more…)

Baiyuyi 10: Shopping in the Mortal World

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Chapter 10: Shopping in the Mortal World

Yuan Chenglei stood in the basement in Baiyu Yi Bookstore.

He was hiding his face behind his hands.

Zhao Jinjing was standing next to him, looking at him with some pity, but also some amusement.

Dancing in front of this little sister – too painful!

What made it even worse was, after a moment or t (more…)

Fluvia 36: Fluvia and the Red Carpet

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Chapter 36: Fluvia and the Red Carpet

The place the citizens of Valed call the Royal Palace isn’t just a building.

It’s true that the Royal Palace is an enclosed space where the Royal Family lives and where Royal Dignitaries are entertained, but to call it a building is inaccurate.

The Royal Palace is a fortress of buildings carved out of the fantastic Azure Mountains that run along the north-eastern parts of the Capital and extends into both the Lillian and Dellarose Earldoms.

It was designed to be the last fortress in case of invasion, with vast ramparts running across the only face that wasn’t guarded by mountain, but that sort of need hasn’t been called for in many, many years. Even so, part of the Palace is still devoted to the Royal Guard and its armory, although the Royal Militia has long since been moved elsewhere.

The Royal Castle, home to the Royal Family and host to all of Valed’s bureaucratic business (except for the Ministries’ general functions), is almost entirely carved out of the deep blue mountain rocks.

It’s a sturdy fortress that towers above the Palace Ramparts, and a vast balcony, called the Sapphire Stage, overlooks the square below directly outside the Palace Ramparts.

That square, the King’s Square, was the closest that most commoner (more…)

wfb: Chapter 114

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Chapter 114:  When Everyone Around you is Excellent, it’s Easy to Forget the Average

“There aren’t any things like ruins in Ploids because every once in a while, the Labyrinth complete disassembles and reassembles itself.”

Ragnall explained.

“Umu. Although there are a few safe rooms, outside that… no one knows what happens to people or monsters in the purge. The people who didn’t make it to a safe room never return to the city, anyway.”

That was what the bartender, Leoward, the bald gentleman macho with the moustache, said.

A purge, huh?

“So exploration quests are probably never ending,”

I remarked.

“Is that all you can think of? I’m more worried about how often that happens.”

Hibiki-chan had a more serious thought than I did. (more…)

VendM 078: Premonition

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma


Several more days have passed, but we didn’t encounter the Ruler of the Netherworld. It seems like there’s no contact from the other hunter teams, so I’m starting to question whether he’s really still on this level.
But President Bear explained that since they had specially stationed people who have blessings capable of seeing through camouflage and stealth abilities, even with the power of magic and blessing, he won’t be able to fool them if he visits the transfer circle.
President Bear thought that the possibility of the Ruler of the Netherworld taking on human form and using the transfer circles to move around was high. There are no pr (more…)

Fluvia 35: Fluvia prepares to debut at the Palace

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Chapter 35: Fluvia prepares to debut at the Palace

“Giving sanctuary to such a character…”

Sir Edgar has a face like he doesn’t exactly approve of my decision to bring the unconscious man back to the villa.

I actually agree with him, but,

“Given the circumstances and the timing…”

“Ah, yes. I understand.” (more…)

Cursed 35: Cafe Cinnamon is an Odd Place

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Chapter 35: Cafe Cinnamon is an Odd Place

… Right. I’m just going to ignore everything that just happened right now.

Leave tomorrow’s worries for tomorrow~.

Right when I turn to go for breakfast, the phone rings again.


Although I don’t want to, I mean, I really, really don’t want to, I slowly turn to look at it.

According to the caller id, it doesn’t seem like it’s the (more…)

Kujonin 59

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Author: Hanabokuro

Story 59

“If a locust swarm breaks out, at the worst, we’ll receive a 100,000nott, that is 1,000 gold coin, economic blow. Of course we’re investigating it on our side, but currently we’ve made no breakthroughs.”
I went to the governmental office and tried asking about locust hopper investigations.
I told them that we’re a pest control company, and our company’s monster researcher is looking to make an investigation into the desert for research as well.
“Really!!? Please, definitely do so as well! The alliance will give out a reward if we’re able to secure an extermination method. It’s just, we’d like to see what your company is capable (more…)