Baiyu 16: The Eight Fists Technique

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Chapter 16: The Eight Fists Technique

Although Laoban made congee with some strange herbs added that Yuan Chenglei wasn’t too sure about, he still sent Yuan Chenglei to buy breakfast.

Just congee wouldn’t be enough for the two growing children under his care!

After Yuan Chenglei came back with some soymilk and fried dough sticks, he paused for a second as he stared at the fried dough sticks.

They smelled as greasy as normal, but it sparked a thought in Yuan Chenglei’s head.

“… Is it really okay to eat secular food? Secular food should have a lot of impurities, right?” (more…)


Baiyu 15: One Unique Constitution… or Two?

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Chapter 15: One Unique Constitution… or Two?

After Yuan Chenglei devoured his pizza, he barely made it to his room before he fell onto the bed and was snoring.

He didn’t even have the presence of mind to ask about Zhao Jinjing.

Down below, the three powerful cultivators were drinking tea and discussing Yuan Chenglei’s ‘Body Tempering’ session.

“Using pop videos to polish Body Tempering… Old Song, isn’t this too much?”

Fusheng had heard a lot of unbelievable things from Yuan Cheng (more…)

Baiyu 14: The Verdant Crane Flies East

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Chapter 14: The Verdant Crane Flies East

“…How was the daughter?”

When Laoban returned to the store, Fusheng was sitting at a folding table placed right in the middle of the store’s back aisle.

Even though he didn’t receive that many customers at this time of day, as the sun was setting below the horizon, Laoban still sighed and shook his head.

This particular old friend was certainly a shameless fellow.

As for what he felt about Zhao Jinjing, (more…)

Baiyu 12: An Old Friend

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Chapter 12: An Old Friend

Watching Tsu Huiling wave as she walked off, Yuan Chenglei felt like he could finally heave a sigh.

Although he was prepared to step onto the path of cultivation, he had only now realized how dangerous it would be for the people around him.

The cultivators’ voices he had heard earlier weren’t planning on refraining themselves from turning everyone on this entire street into meatpaste in order to snatch Zhao Jinjing… although Yuan Chenglei hadn’t confirmed this with 100% certainty, his stomach still clenched in terr (more…)

Baiyu 11: Danger Detecting

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Chapter 11: Danger Detecting

When Yuan Chenglei had disappeared into the crowd, Tsu Huiling brought Zhao Jinjing over to some benches to rest.

That Chenglei… he didn’t even notice that this little sister was worn out and dizzy from the crowd!

Newly adopted, just moved in, switching schools, and now feeling dizzy and disoriented from the crowd – it was no wonder this little sister would be feeling very depressed.

Tsu Huiling bought Zhao Jinjing a bottle of water and sat down next to her.

For a little while, there was silence. (more…)

wfb 119

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Chapter 119: Some Peoples’ Descriptions Make it Super Easy to Identify Them

“… And are you expecting them to provide you with materials too?”

“Ah! I forgot, I’m almost out of raw materials.”

That’s bad.

If Ragnall hadn’t reminded me, I would have forgotten.

Cheh, how annoying.

That’s true. It’s already somewhat rude to beg to use someone else’s business facilities, but it would totally be inexcusable to expect them to provide materials too.

Helward is a different case. (more…)

Fluvia 51: Fluvia and Her Good Subordinates

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Chapter 51: Fluvia and Her Good Subordinates

When I returned to my personal parlour, Instructor Fionna was waiting for me within.

“Good morning, Lady Fluvia.”

“Good morning, Instructor Fionna. Welcome back.”

“Fufu. I’ve brought some souvenirs.”

Instructor Fionna handed a wrapped parcel to the maids who were tending to me today.

When it was opened, there was a sweet scent.

It looks like Instructor Fionna brought me some pastries.

The maids quickly set out tea and arranged the sweet breads on a plate.

… Our maids are really too good, oi. (more…)

VendM 85: The Vending Machine’s Independent Actions

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

The Vending Machine’s Independent Actions

A few hours before the date changed, I was set up on the terrace once again.
Half of the surviving hunters and all of the members who had returned from the Lamentations of the Dead Level, except for the old couple, lined up smartly.
The old couple aren’t participating because it seems that old age is making their recoveries difficult, so everyone agreed that they shouldn’t overdo it.
Also, President Bear wanted to participate despite not getting any sleep, so we made him swallow Hyurumi’s homemade sleeping medicine and forced him to rest his body in the President’s room.

fluvia 50: Fluvia and Chemistry

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Chapter 50: Fluvia and Chemistry

When I returned, or rather, when I came to the Dellarose Capital Estate, I had also moved Mayse into it, as well.

Within the Estate is its own apothecary – although it shares facilities with the larder and healers – and so I temporarily entrusted Mayse-chan to our apothecarists.

After visiting the jewelers, the next place I’m headed for is that very facility.

It’s just, when we arrived, there was the sounds of a man (more…)