Baiyuyi 09: This… is cultivation?

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Chapter 9: This… is cultivation?

Yuan Chenglei had woke up in a very excited state.

After all, last night Lao ban had promised to teach him to cultivate!

“Er… Lao ban, what is this?”

Lao ban had sent him a link with a playlist of exercise videos for him to do each morning before breakfast. (more…)


5th Son 06: The Witch’s Apprentice

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Chapter 6: The Witch’s Apprentice

There were three categories of those who dealt with magic.

The [mages] are the most common, people who used magic for combat, production, or any kind of practical use.

The [wizards] are the most exalted. Learned, well-educated people who studied magic diligently, they made breakthroughs with new spells, new ways for people to develop their magic, and new ways to use magic. They also meticulously documented the past and present with regards to magic for the dreams of new breakthroughs. (more…)

Cursed 024: The end of peaceful days

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Chapter 24: The End of Peaceful Days

Daiki Manabe was sitting on the overly large couch, bouncing his foot impatiently while he stared out the window.

Due to various reasons, he had the afternoon off and was now waiting for Kousei.

Extremely impatiently.

Every once in a while Daiki flicked his cell phone up to check it.

“…He’s late. No, I guess he’s not really that late…”

Muttering to himself, Daiki couldn’t help but fidget anxiously as he resisted the urge to call his nephew.

To think he’d be turned into a worry-wart parent so soon! They’d only started living together for a few days, right?

If it was two days ago … there’d be no way Daiki would have gotten off this early, but even if, by some miracle, he did, there’s no way he’d be this nervous just from his nephew being (more…)

Kujonin 24

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Author: Hanakuroko

Story 24

When we asked at the Guild, it seems there are several people called Monster Scholars.
When we gave a rough description, they immediately told us the place.
Normally Monster Scholars will become members of the crew on a ship to go to other wild land in order to research monsters, but the Monster Scholar Ayl told us about has recently been shut up in her house so that you won’t see her.
The Guild receptionist old man pulled out a map and showed us where her house is.
When I expand my Search Skill with all my might, it’s within range.
However, the person within is weakened, or she’s in an abnormal condition.
“Let’s hurry!”
“Yes.” (more…)

Kujonin 23

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Author: Hanakuroko

Story 23

We reached the port town two days later. We reported to the village that the red dragon had revived and then immediately continued down the road that circumvents the mountain.
Ayl becomes the monsters’ opponents, so I pretty much just walk.
We stayed over one night in the forest, and around noon the next day we could see the sea’s horizon in the direction of the cliff.

Going down the gently sloping path, we proceed down the road while looking at the sea on the left-hand side.
The coming and going of wagons and people is also becoming more intense.
As the sun just began to sink, we finally reached the port town. (more…)

OriginStory 032: Raid-Prep, Go!

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Chapter 31: Raid-Prep, Go!


“It looks just like places you can only see in travel books.”

When we reached the Red Rocks, everyone paused momentarily to admire the scenery.

And prepare for combat.

“Okay, so ideally we’ll have Dark pull one from a distance, then Baldro and Nee-san would intercept, and then we’ll move in the standard format. Tanks block, DPS block and go after off-tank as needed, mages fire, and healers and support move as necessary.” (more…)

VendM 056: Contest

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma


Several days passed since the Fake Incident, and the days were returning to normal in the community on the Seiryu Lake Level, so I am once again participating in the conference between the restaurant shopkeeperss.

“Thanks to employing a large amount of Hunters who can use Earth Magic, the community’s walls have been recovered by 90%.”

“O-, the Hunter Association was also working hard, na.”

“With the walls up, the defenses are perfect.” (more…)

Fluvia 000: Prologue

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“Milady? Milady! You’re awake? How are you feeling?”

When I opened my eyes, a woman in a long, steel-blue dress and her hair bundled back with a kerchief, was just adjusting the blankets on my bed.

Un. My limbs feel heavy and my throat feels clogged up, but I feel fine.

That is, better than I have in the past many, many, many days.

How long have I been lying here? (more…)