wfb: Chapter 105

Announcement about OVRMMO

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Chapter 105:  The author is gratified to finally make it to this plot point

“What is the meaning of this?”

Oh good.

I’m glad someone asked.


What is the situation right now?

At dusk, with Hibiki, Ragnall, Desmond, and the elf twins in the vanguard- ah, of course me too, the wardens have set out to subjugate the demons.

Half of the wardens are with us, split into two groups of 10 for easier movement. (more…)


Fluvia 008: Fluvia is Consulted About Healthcare (1)

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Chapter 8: Fluvia is Consulted About Healthcare (1)

“What a wealth of books…”

“Indeed… it would be better if Head Kubil would organize them.”

Mary hmphed as she looked at the cellar room that was crammed from wall to wall with books.

I’ve been allowed to go around the Nobles Ward in the House of Healing for 30 minutes a day, and after getting bored of exploring the same halls, it was suggested that I go pick out books from the collection that the Capital’s Head Healer had amassed.

In theory, these books are for the noble patients who would like to read them while recovering.   (more…)

Fluvia 07: Fluvia Inspires Some Old Men

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Chapter 7: Fluvia Inspires Some Old Men

When she came in, the poor thing was pale and lifeless, to the degree that even I, Healer Martin Theodore, could only have dim expectations for her to live out the week.

However, although we only just managed to keep her alive for a year, miraculously, the Young Lady Dellarose made a complete recovery.

Although a complete recovery doesn’t actually mean she returned to her original state. (more…)

VendM 058: Victors and Prizes

Announcement about OVRMMO

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

Victors and Prizes

It seems like the preparations for the play have been made, so I should fix my posture – I have a body with a back that constantly stretches perfectly straight, so I’m fine, na.
What’s left is to be sure to stand quietly so you don’t hinder the play.

“O-, if it ain’t Hakkon. Watcha doing hereabouts?” (more…)

OVRMMO Announcement

OVRMMO has been officially removed from Wayback Machine.

There are raws on Alphapolis, but translating off Alphapolis makes me nervous, since they’re the publishers and have paywalls and stuff.

Or more like, the extent they go to keep the product source exclusive to their site makes me nervous, and I feel like removing all their content from wayback is a sign that the author really doesn’t like free-circulation of his writing.

I haven’t gotten a desist notice so I will leave all the current chapters up on the site, but… I know this is unpopular, but I’m going to have to drop this, especially since the chapters from now on until the mid-200s can only be found behind a pay-wall.

I have some strong feelings about the entire situation, but first and foremost, I am only a person who picked up someone else’s work and started translating it on my own initiative, and I have to respect the original author’s wishes. If sales are the priority at hand, so be it.

So, if someone else wants to pick it up you’re welcome to, but the project now comes with a bit more risk so beware.

Cursed 026: Visiting the Injured

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Chapter 26: Visiting the Injured

Honoka picked me up after school and told me long, convoluted story about what she did today.

After I got over the initial confusion I sigh and say,

“… Well I guess the main points are that you got hired at a cafe, the Owner is weird, and I didn’t make enough for you for lunch.”

“If you wanted to take away the greatness of my storytelling, then yes, it can be summarized like that.”

Honoka said so with a toss of her head and a smirk. (more…)

Kujonin 30

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Author: Hanakuroko

Chapter 30

From the forest, a large stampede of masmaskarl that covered the ground surged this way.
We instantly fled to the boat.
The moment we were about to depart, thudthudthudthud, the echizzen that were tossed upwards came raining down.
The echizzen also rained down onto the island, and the large monsters opened their mouths and ate them.
Some of the large monsters stomp on the ground, and when the masmaskarl’s movements are stopped, there are some who feed on them like they were scooping them up. (more…)

Kujonin 28

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Author: Hanakuroko

Chapter 28

“Leave Teyl to me!”

The shipyard’s boss, Bollock, said to me, who had boarded a boat. I had immediately magically remodeled the small, old boat that had been in the shipyard and was given to me.
The Lord had made me, Velsa, and Ayl wanted, so we were in a considerable hurry. Teyl already has no relation to me, so it seems she’s not wanted, but I’m a little worried about it. Even so, she has a new husband to protect her, so I’m relieved. (more…)