fluvia 34: Fluvia and Another Troublesome Person

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Chapter 34: Fluvia and Another Troublesome Person

“Is there any need for you to accompany your Mother to the shoemaker’s, and yet not enter with her?”

Instructor Fionna asks.

“Hm… it’s fine. If there’s anything going wrong, I’ve told Beth to come get me. But I’d really like for them to handle everything on their own.”

We’re staying nearby Studio Crispin, looking in at all shops along the street. (more…)


oristo 42: Like Uncooperative NPCs Exist #sarcasm

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Chapter 42: Like Uncooperative NPCs Exist #sarcasm

“Aah… to think even the Scorpion Queen showed up…”

As everyone was cheering and celebrating, as well as checking the drops that had appeared in everyone’s inventory, a certain NPC came up, shaking his head.

Researcher Byron and the wagon, along with the trembling NPC guards, had finally made their way towards where we were.

Were they just moving slowly or were they waiting for the danger to pass… I don’t know (more…)

VendM 77: Hunters and Expectations

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

Hunters and Expectations

After witnessing the elderlies’ actions, the other members have become lively.

They attack the frequently appearing monsters without timidity, burying the monsters in a flurry of movements accompanied with battle cries. I’m personally observing the two gatekeepers’ movements, but these two, they’re stronger than I thought.

The main weapon for both of them is the spear, but although it’s not like they’re moving at invisible speeds, nor do they have Ramis’ super strength, but there are no useless movements. (more…)

Nai 3: “Mukuro-san”

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Chapter 3: “Mukuro-san”

In the garden there was a crow and a calico cat in a tree.

“Nyaa, Mukuro-san. It’s time you came back to the House. They’ve sent me to inform you that there’s no need to continue staying here, mya.”

“Hmph. And who do they think they are, deciding that on their own?”

The big black crow shifted his wings and grumbled.

“Nyaaa… Mukuro-san, Mukuro-san. Are you going to d (more…)

Trident 3: Intro One – The Trees of Loggia Clostrum

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Chapter 3: Intro One – The Trees of Loggia Clostrum

“<Icicle Shot>”


Hiroshi looked back behind him in surprise as a sharp shard of ice shot downwards, unnervingly close to his back.

At the same time, a faint screech wailed through the air.

“Hiroshi, please pay attention to your surroundings.”

The ever serious Yuuma pointed his wand at Hiroshi’s ankle.

Severed by the Icicle Shot, there was a vine curled limply around his ankle. The part it had been severed from, that was still connected to the plant, was flailing as if in great pain.

“Ooooh, hey, was it trying to eat me?”

Hiroshi laughed carelessly, lifting his leg so he could unwind the thick vine from it.

“… There are too many vicious plants in this forest. Please be aware of your surroundings.”

“Oka~y!” (more…)

Fluvia 033: Fluvia Influences Another Old Man

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Chapter 33: Fluvia Influences Another Old Man

My name is Salvatore Crispin, a shoemaker who belongs to Atelier Taylour in the Capital.

Recently, my wife has been sighing a lot, lamenting over wanting to move out of the high-paced Capital, but I don’t really know where we’d go.

As a shoemaker who caters to nobles, I think we’ll end up in a city no matter what… ah, that’s not what I’m most worried about.

What I’m most worried about is the fate of Atelier Taylour. (more…)

wfb Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: It’s always fun to see what’s different and what’s the same when returning to a place you’ve lived in for a while

Jun here.

It’s been about another month since we left Warden’s Post, but it’s been pretty uneventful.

Well, uneventful for Ragnall, Hibiki-chan, and me.

Anyway, there hasn’t been anything we were unable to fight, so it’s okay? In the first place, there aren’t many bandits that camp out in what people commonly call “The Elves’ Forest.”

Or like, it’s not that easy making a living as a bandit, you know (more…)

VendM 076: The Investigation’s Progress

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

The Investigation’s Progress

The day after the pep rally, each team headed to the area they were designated to investigate. All the teams were provided a magic tool for communication and are obligated to give a report every day. It goes without saying that they’re also for unexpected situations and in the case you’ve found the Ruler of the Netherworld.

It’s just us for the Clear Lake Hierarchy’s investigation team, but as we’re expected to have some abilities, we’re headed to the back regions of the Lamentations of the Dead Hierarchy.

“I’m sorry to be leaving the dangerous assignment to all of you.”

At the apologetic words of President Bear, who was walki (more…)

Fluvia 32: Fluvia and the Lady Instructor

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Chapter 32: Fluvia and the Lady Instructor

With everything pinned and set, there isn’t much left for me to do until the final fitting.

The rest is for the maids and Mr. Kay to do.

Although I managed to get Mr. Kay excited about what I had in mind for Mother’s jewelry – or more precisely what I have in mind for what might be the first bejewelling of a dress in this world – no matter how much of a crazy genius he is, he realized pretty quick that it was going to be a rough two days.

His apprentices are busy re-polishing small gems that they had only d (more…)

Trident 2: You’ve Got Mail

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Chapter 2: You’ve Got Mail

Sender: It’s the Goddess da yo~

Subject: Welcome to Loggia Clostrum~!

Hi hi~! This is the Goddess! Sorry for the sudden transfer, but I preferred to have you guys in one piece, so although you’ll be a missing persons mystery now, it’s better than dying in a horrible, mutilating accident, right?

Ah, as for the drunk driver, although I thought maybe the premature transfer would maybe save his life too, in the end it’s still a pretty spectacular crash, so his status is unknown atm. (more…)