Wfb: Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Even if they Lived on the Other Side of the Country, Meeting Someone Who Came from the Same Country in a Foreign Land Always Feels Like a Miracle

“I’ve sent away the guards at my house by guilt-tripping them into aiding Sir Ilyos. So is that the girl?”

Seimei-san came hurrying back down the mountain.

I had contacted both Masaki and Seimei-san in a group chat and told them that Ragnall and I were going to be at Seimei-san’s house, but instead we’re hidden in the shadows outside Lydia Nee-san’s – that is, the receptionist at the bathhouse – house.

I had told them that I needed help hiding a girl that “the enemy” was after, but other than that I hadn’t told them much about the situation.

Just that, “It’s kind of important, and definitely should be kept a secret.”

Masaki looks anxiously at me, but the communication crystal he’s been clutching has been glittering for a while, so the time we all have together is short. (more…)

OVRMMO 083: As Night Gives Way to Dawn

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

As Night Gives Way to Dawn

After logging in, as I descended from the inn’s second floor to the first floor, the inn’s proprietor was waiting for me.

“I have received a message from Zetan-sama for you. [I am currently at the Fenrir Estate in the Royal Capital’s West District; at the time when you come, definitely drop by] is how it seems.”

Somehow or other, it seems to have gone well; since he carries a famous nickname, then it’s probably enough to be able to match with a lady of the Fenrir family. While thinking like that, I took the light meal the inn’s proprietor prepared.
By the way, it seems that the food here has the effect of raising all attributes.
I thought there had been a lot of fairies that came in off the streets just for the meals; even if it’s somewhat more expensive, it’s a meal that has the effect to make you more powerful; the price reflects this, of course.

I leisurely finished my meal, and as I was going to look for a job, I saw a large notice of some sort.

[Official Notice: By the Fairy Queen’s directive, to all wandering fairies in the vicinities of the South and West Inward Cities; cooperative with the knight fairies.]

Wfb: Chapter 78

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Chapter 78:  Sometimes Unconventional Methods can Pull Through. Other Times…

“Whoa-! Hey now-!”

Urol narrowly dodged my out-stretched hand, pulling his hammer away, out of my reach.

Tch. He has annoying instincts.

“What’s wrong-!”

I ask.

At the same time, I stomp my foot against the ground and perform a sh○uken-like upper cut, although instead of a fist it was spear-hand.

Urol swings his hammer down on me, but his hesitation causes small openings that he didn’t have before.


A subtle clink sounds, and the front link that helps secures the armor guard on Urol’s left shoulder falls to the ground. (more…)

OVRMMO 082: Extermination

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n: I feel like I gave too many hints, but this isn’t a mystery story, so this way is probably better.


The thrown Enhanced Oil fell to the ground, and an explosion occurred. And, from inside those flames …


Like that, a man’s scream was raised.
Good grief, because he was hidden he thought he wouldn’t be found, so he probably wanted to believe that me talking was just a bluff, na…

“Y,you bastard; what are you doing!?”

on the ground to extinguish the flames and then glared at me; his entire body was completely burnt black. If I ate a grilled-chicken skewer to show that I could afford to do so while dealing with him, then I would look pretty cool, but I, who easily tenses up, couldn’t possibly manage that.

“So the culprit really was a human, huh. A fighting method that’s used primarily for Raid Bosses, poison to weaken her, party-like cooperation, hypnotism … They’re all ways that humans use.”

I’m not sure whether he was manipulating the goblins, or otherwise give them instructions, but the answer may never be found. And anyway, this guy, he’s not a player it seems like.

OriginStory 016: Can’t Move for Bad Statuses

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Chapter 16: Can’t Move for Bad Statuses

While still in Nortius, even before the chibi and his friends went back west to the beginner villages and Karolstrem, I was attacked by researchers.

Maa, I say ‘attacked’, but …

“Oh? You’re headed to the ruins? Hey, if you see…”

“I heard you’re looking for things in the ruins, could I ask you too…”

“The ruins!? Professor, Professor! Come here, quick!”

All I did was ask the obaa-san at the Warehouse if she knew of any rumors about ruins, and suddenly I was completely flooded by researchers struggling to talk to me.


In the end, I couldn’t stand it and asked,

“Why is everyone so worked up about this?”

And was told many things. (more…)

VendM 040: Demons of Gluttony

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

Demons of Gluttony

Their vigilance hasn’t waned, but it looks like they’re interested in the kara’age. If I offered everything for free, if they try to get at my contents for products they desire without purchasing, that would also be troublesome.

“Mou, let’s try and eat it. We don’t food anymore; my stomach’s all empty.”

Alright; the bear-cat called Pel has given into the temptation. Just as he appears, he’s the gluttonous character.

“You idiot, Pel. Even if we’re called Demonic Big Eaters, you can’t forget your pride as a fukuro-kuma-neko-ma.”

Said Mikene. It’s fine that he’s sticking his chest out like all leader-like, but what the heck is a Demonic Big Eater? And that fukuro-kuma-neko-ma is a long name.

5thSon 03: A Reincarnated Person

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Chapter 3: A Reincarnated Person

(Prelude 3/3)

If you asked Yoshio Itsuki if he had any regrets, his immediate reply would be,

“The way I died was certainly regrettable.”

That morning, he had left his home normally, just like he had every work day morning for the past forty years.

Although many people told him that it was already past the time that he should retire, he would openly laugh at them. Why should he? He was still fit, had most of his hair, was sound of mind, and single …

… He would get depressed on the last bit, but the sentiment was still there.

Wasn’t he basically the same as a young man fresh out of higher education?

Thinking like that, like he had every morning when he left his apartment, Yoshio Itsuki headed off to work.

And then suddenly he woke up.

… Uh… huh? That’s strange. He should have been on the way to the office.

Did he fall asleep on the subway?

If he did, where … exactly was he right now?

Everywhere he looked, darkness stared back at him.

There was nothing around that could tell him where “up” was. (more…)

Wfb: Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Sewers are Gross

It seems like it will actually take some effort to remove the elf girl’s shackles, so I shear through her chains with a neutral magic material cutter, Sever.

It works well against rigid materials like metals, but not so well against materials like leather.

By the way, I did think about using Sever on the shackles, but first of all the fragments made from Sever usually separate a bit violently, and second, it seems the shackles are reinforced against being broken or cut.

If I spent some time I might be able to force them off, but time is what we don’t really have.

But at least her arms and legs aren’t entangled with the chains anymore. I can carry her piggy-back now instead of a princess carry.

Although I think she could have run on her own, the shackles are kind of heavy, and in the first place, it’s questionable whether she would be able to keep up with me and Ragnall. And, well, she’s not wearing shoes.

And we’re running along the sides of a sewer. (more…)

OVRMMO 081: If He Carried an Axe He could probably be Kintarou

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

If He Carried an Axe He could probably be Kintarou1

Since we started searching the meadow that was spread out to the west for the lady Meena Fenrir while I was riding on Zetan’s back, about 15 minutes have already passed. However, as of now there hasn’t been a positive reaction.

“Earth, is there no reaction again?”

With a little bit of an impatient feeling tone, Zetan spoke towards me. I do understand how he feels.

“Aa, unfortunately, right now there’s no such reaction; just where could she have gone?”

Is the only response I can give.
We’ve already clearly surpassed the distance one would take a walk in; in other words, did she get caught up in something, or could it be that she was targeted by someone … Getting caught up in something aside, if she was targeted then… a crime was committed.

— at that moment, just barely registering within the search area, a strange group of monsters was detected.

“Zetan, stop please!”

I got off the flustered Zetan making an emergency stop, and turned my attention towards the direction of the weird group.
— The amount is 18, and dead center is a reaction that’s not a monster.

“Zetan, where I’m pointing right now, there’s a crowd of monsters, as well as 1 reaction that’s not a monster. … It seems worth checking out, don’t you think?”

5thSon 002: The Acquaintance of the Gods

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Chapter 2: The Acquaintance of the Gods

(Prelude 2/3)

Inoel the Righteous. Fierla the Beautiful. Dragon King the Strong. Dione the Wise. Jastin the Inspired. Ulmino the Ambitious.

– The great Holy Pantheon that watches over the actions of the people.

Endurance. Clarity. Fury. Tempest. Life. Decay.

– The unshakeable Divine Order that governs the state of the world.

With these two forces, the world is whole. From these two groups the world will thrive.

Follow the Divine Order, pray to the Holy Pantheon.

And maybe you will one day hear their voices. (more…)