Wfb: Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: After Using Something Improperly for Decades, it’s Magical to See it in its Proper Use for the First Time

Currently, Desmond and I are a little bit outside of Warden’s Post, in a clearing.

Hibiki-chan is tagging along, but she’s sitting a bit away from us.

Because she’s the test subject.

Desmond is currently trying to teach me a Light-based detection spell, the one that originally got us talking about Light magic and avatars and stuff. (more…)


OVRMMO 110: Extra Edition; Regarding Each Faction

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Extra Edition; Regarding Each Faction

— The Red, White, and Black Dragons’ viewpoints, 1500 meters up in the air

“We came in a hurry to put a stop to Emel’s behavior before he could persecute that man, but…”

“Impossible… a single member of the human race defeated him!? … Certainly, the fact that the current state of that guy doesn’t have more than 30% of his power compared to when he was in his prime is the truth, but..,” (more…)

OVRMMO 109: VS Dragon, Second Half

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

VS Dragon, Second Half

“You’ve done it now!”

Even though he took the <7 Falling Stars>, he stood up with great vigor. As expected of a dragon, being able to take THAT and still be fine. But blood is flowing out from cracks in his scales, so there’s no doubt that he’s taken damage.

“To be completely blown away by a human, wouldn’t this be a source of agony? If you turn your fangs against others, you should prepare the resolve to be bitten yourself.” (more…)

OVRMMO 108: VS Dragon, First Half

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

VS Dragon, First Half

“Immediately battling at full power would adversely effect the dragons’ honor, so I’ll concede the first move to you.”

The Green Dragon, who returned to his true form, just his height alone is several meters, with an overwhelming stature. The shiny green scales also seem to have a fitting hardness, but so what… even if I can’t win, I can’t show it.

“Then should I give it a go…. <Arrow Twister>!” (more…)

OVRMMO 107: Backlash

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/N: While I was writing my PC suddenly restarted…
Thanks to that, quite a few sentences were blown away and it got shorter.


The next day’s login, I made preparations for leaving the Fairy Kingdom, then left my room. When I had left my room and returned the key, the innkeeper stopped me.

“You, what on earth have you done!? There’s a wanted poster, you know!?”

“Haa!?” (more…)

OVRMMO 106: The Last of the thirty six Stratagems

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

The Last of the 36 Strategems1

The next day, I logged in, and did the first matter of business. As I thought, I have to pull the Queen, who’s stuck to me, off.

“German Suplex! One, two, three-!”

And, I threw her. Of course, I didn’t have something like a Throw Skill so, although there was a large sound, there was absolutely no damage.”

“You’re so horrible, first thing in the morning!” (more…)

Cursed 023: Teach Us, Kei-san!

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Chapter 23: Teach Us, Kei-san!

Dan dadadaaan! It’s Q&A time with Ghost-chan!

Although the content is quite strange and I can’t really keep up with it!

Just so you know, it’s not because my brain is bad.

I was born in a different world, after all, and I feel like my knowledge from that time is conflicting with the reality in this one.

Anyway, Honoka doesn’t seem to have anymore questions she wants me to ask, so should I get my own questions out of the way?

“So… apparently Boss Nagi wants to hire us, but what does that mean?”

Right, let’s stop the difficult talk and start talking about why the heck we were brought here.

“…Eh?” (more…)

Kujonin 22

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Author: Hanakuroko

Story 22

“For crying out loud, I didn’t understand anything.”
Ayl said while unfurling the tent outside the cave.
She’s probably talking about how she followed along to observe, but she couldn’t determine the secret of my strength.
That’s as it should be.
All I did was ring a bell and wake a red dragon, after all.
Even so, when you look at the bottom of my adventurer’s card, my level has risen to 77.
Seems like the experience from wyverns is a lot.
“Truly strong people will hide their strength. I suppose Naoki-sama is a truly strong person.
Teyl said while stirring the pot. (more…)

Kujonin 21

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Author: Hanakuroko

Story 21

I see that the cave looks to be a dungeon divided into levels, so when you go to the lower level there are more monsters.
“I wonder how they dug out this cave?”
“Those kinds of monsters exist.”
Ayl responded to my question.
For example, there’s a giant ant monster called shimant that burrows through the ground with a sturdy jaw that can make dungeons.
For countermeasures against the ants (shimants), I sprinkle calcium at the entrance.
It would be troublesome if they went out. (more…)

Kujonin 20

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Author: Hanakuroko

Story 20

The sun was setting; around the time when it was dusk above the western mountains, the wagons, stuffed with loads of wyvern meat in the back, began to move down the road.
It seems like we’ll reach a village in another hour.

When we reached the village, it was immediately decided that the wyvern meat would be used to treat everyone, and it became a festival.
The villagers, wearing clothes like that of people from the orient, welcomed us, and it ended up with us staying overnight at the village head’s house. (more…)