Happy Holidays!

Fluvia & co in festive-ish colors.
The Yabukoi crowd is at the time of the game, so when Fluvia is 15/16.
Our Fluvia crowd is when Fluvia and Fedor are 8.
Lady Estella will probably not look that old in the future, because Korean skincare, and she already looked young for her age even in the ‘game’, so.

I wasn’t able to get another update ready before the holidays, so before things get too hectic for me to get on the internet again, Merry Xmas!

fluvia 75: Fluvia and the Poison Genius and the Future

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Chapter 75: Fluvia and the Poison Genius and the Future

Tom Hoffer has an odd standing right now.

On one hand, he’s a criminal involved in the treasonous conspiracy that involved poisoning Queen Henrietta.

On the other, he’s one of the Dellarose Earldom’s best chemist -er, alchemist right now.

But that’s hardly the biggest cause for worry. (more…)

wfb 129

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Chapter 129: Proper tools and facilities are obviously necessary for work, but human relations are often just as important

After that, the angry mob of armorsmiths (or at least, I assume they were all armorsmiths) slunk away quickly – as quickly as they could.

Their disagreement had attracted a lot of attention already, and once Ragnall stepped in …

Well, there are a lot of people crowded into the narrow streets trying to see what’s going on.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. Or like, I was made to get it. (more…)

vendm 95: Shaved Ice

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

Shaved Ice

The monsters inside the community were pretty much all defeated, so the temporary tents outside began to increase.
The monsters outside the wall didn’t come attacking since then, and seem to be living according to their nature in the wilds.
We passed our days peacefully, as if the violence from the previous few days was a lie.
With the coming of the peaceful days they yearned for, I began to see the expressions of the citizens and adventurers loosen.
However, among them, President Bear and Ramis must be worried about the other levels; from time to time, their expressions would be tinged with a shadow. (more…)

fluvia 74: Fluvia and Progress

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Chapter 74: Fluvia and Progress

“Public baths?”

“Yes, now that beauty baths have become popular among the nobility and wealthy, there has been gossip among less wealthy citizens implying that they’d like a public bathing facility. The Roseat City Committee has sent in a request to consider helping to fund this, as well as secure land for the project within the city limits. What do you think about that?” (more…)

baiyuyi 30: Unsolicited Exposition

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Chapter 30: Unsolicited Exposition

Nestled behind the storefronts on the main street, accessible only by a narrow alleyway you could only just get a moped through, Yuan Chenglei was experiencing the very odd experience of drinking tea from plastic camping cups with a bald, large-framed man in an eerie abandoned apartment building’s front lot.

It was strange that the man, who had the build of a body-building foreigner, somehow managed to give off a heart-warming impression as he struggled to drink the hot tea, blowing on it many times in an attempt to cool it down. (more…)

pharmacist 25: The Hunting Festival (first)

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Cheat kusushi no slow life ~ isekai ni tsukurou drug store~
Author: Kennoji

The Hunting Festival (first)

The delicious scent of dinner floated out from the inner rooms of the store.
When I looked outside, it was already dusk, or more like it was about nightfall.

I wonder what dinner is tonight.
While I was thinking like that I was closing up shop, and she came in.

“Reiji-?” (more…)