Wfb: Chapter 87

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Chapter 87:  Even if there’s Magic, it’s not like You can do Anything without Proper Preparation.

Dinner was delicious.

I’m not sure what a non-monster bear tastes like, but the meat of the Red Grizzly was soft and tender, but still had a nice consistency when chewed.

The meat of the roast was definitely firmer than the stewed meat, but no matter which you tasted, when you sunk your teeth into it, hearty juices flowed out and filled your mouth with the umami of the fat and the aroma of spices.

The stewed meat seemed to soak up the broth of the stew, and a mellower taste came out …

Haa, I seem to have become more sensitive to good food here in this world than in Japan. I guess that’s what happens when you eat convenient store food for every meal – that’s what Grandfather and I ended up doing when Grandma died.

Food also seems to be more abundant in this world than in Japan – or at least, in Nyl City it is.

Ragnall said that it’s because any city with a Labyrinth in it basically has food and supplies pouring out of the Labyrinth – anyway, my point is, everyone who cooks takes an effort to make the food good without skimping too much on anything, because the price of ingredients is pretty cheap.

Even if you sold it at minimal prices, if you cut too many corners on food no one will come to eat it because there’s always going to be better food around. That’s why everything I’ve eaten in this world, even food stall food, has been good.

Maa, I suppose this is only because I staying in Nyl City for the two plus months I have been in this world. Because people are greedy, I’m sure there are places where people don’t get enough to eat and the fact that the food is capable of being eaten is a restaurant’s main selling point.

Anyway, dinner was really good. (more…)

OVRMMO 091: And on the Day of the Transaction

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

And on the Day of the Transaction

“— Good grief, you’re certainly energetic.”

Since I had finished the bow for Ayame-san, when I conveyed that I’d like her to come to the designated spot, she really jumped on board. It seems like they’re really at their wits’ end with capturing this Under Dungeon; it’s a situation where’s it’s really a close game.
That said, on the Under Dungeon exclusive thread on the forums they’re saying, it’s all too hard, or you can’t see any way to clear it; no matter what weapon, it seems like they’re all having difficulties.
As you might expect, I have no intentions on sticking my hands in that kind for dungeon … for now.

“I, I’ve kept you waiting!”

She ran it seems; at our meeting spot in a not very popular house, Ayame-san arrived.

“You said it was ready, so … definitely please let me see the finished bow!”

Noah-san is also somewhat excited; in that case, I hurry and let them see it through Rental.

Compound Longbow, Light Metal Line
Quality 7

The instant they saw it, the 2 froze. Well, yeah, since its abilities have gone up by about 2 times.

“— F,forty-seven…!?”

When Ayame-san restarted from her frozen state, she let out an absentminded voice.
Right after, “Wh,what is this~!?” the two girls’ shriek echoed through the room … thanks to that my ears hurt.

“Noisy! You 2, calm down!”

I couldn’t help yelling.

Wfb: Chapter 86

A/n: The beginning of pt 2

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Chapter 86:  No Sir, Our Warranty Doesn’t Cover Nuclear Bombardment from Space, Which Appears to be a Valid Reason for Why Your Pile of Bits and Pieces has Stopped Working.

On the well-traveled road through the mountains, a lone Dark Wolf corpse lay in the middle of the mountainous path next to a large covered wagon, and a small cart.

It’s a scene where a monster attacked some travelers and the escorts put it down.

A crime scene, with a dead body lying in the middle of the road.

Un… what should we do about this?

“A Dark Wolf won’t sell well in the mountains. The nearest village worth selling it at is still over 2 weeks away. Even with a magic bag, the meat and organs will all go bad.”

Saying so, Orvowel rubbed his moustache.

That’s not a problem if you have Inventory, but …

I’m not a tanner nor a leatherworker or furworker, and we have more prepared meat than needed for the journey tucked away in my Inventory, so un, the wolf isn’t need.

“Then I guess we let nature take its course. But, it’s not a good idea to leave it, right? Since monsters and wild animals will be drawn to it.”

I said to Orvowel, wiping the blade of my nodachi clean of blood and gristle.

“In times like this, you do … this!” (more…)

OVRMMO 090: If I’m going through the trouble to make it, it might as well be a good item

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

If I’m going through the trouble to make it, it might as well be a good item

Now that I’m going to be making a long bow, first I must practice making long bows.
That said, bows aren’t all that different, and yesterday I got to personally take and study the form of Ayame-san’s bow, which is huge. I should be able to progress faster than if I were making a staff.

Anyway, I took several of the worst quality wood from the forest area closest to Faust to use for practice. The wood from the trees that grow around the Nexia area that I’ll be using for the real deal is way too scarce for me to take, so since I have one shot with whatever amount I have on hand, it’s necessary to practice to draw up the blueprint. s

First I’ll do it roughly.
Of course the quality is 1 or 2, but right now my main priority is just to memorize how to make the size and shape of the longbow regardless.
I intended to spend all of today’s login time hammering out this learning part, but.
After around 30 minutes of continuous crafting, quality 4, once in a while 5, began making an appearance.
With the quality becoming good, I compared it to the screenshots of Ayame-san’s bow from yesterday and adjusted the shape and balance. (more…)

OriginStory 021: GI-ANT CO-BRA

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Chapter 21: GI-ANT CO-BRA

After giving the room a quick glance over, I contact Fen through Party Chat.

“Hey, you finished?”

[“… No, it might take awhile…”]

Fen has a distinctly frustrated tone, probably because he’s going to finish after me.

“Maa, it can’t be helped. Trap Master sounds like a troublesome Talant, na?”


Fen cut the Party Chat quickly.

… Oh well.

I head over, back to the passageway I had taken to enter this room.

The stone walls rolled aside again, and I stepped through them.

As I re-enter the room connected to all the Talent quest passageways, the door opposite me, the one that we opened by using those Mysterious Crystals, the one that connected the rest of the ruins to this hidden room … slammed shut.



That’s a good sign.

I approach the door and push on it, just in case, but of course it doesn’t open. (more…)

VendM 045: Secret Plans

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

Secret Plans

“Well then, it’s about how to defeat the Level Ruler Honoo-Kyou-Hone-Ma (flame-big-bone-demon), but there’s only one idea.”

While being jostled on the comfortable back of Ramis, I turned an ear towards the Bear President’s explanation.

“There’s a large-scale trap in this main road ahead; there are many Hunters who are unaware of the existence of this trap, though; it’s a trap that only activates under specific conditions.”

“I’m pretty sure it was, weight, na.”

Leader Keryoil, who was at the front, purposefully dropped his walking speed and cut into the discussion. He was probably bored.

Wfb: Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Goodbyes are only the Beginning of the Next Adventure

“Jun. I know nothing about smithing, other world or no, but I am more than well aware that you are ABNORMAL.”

How mean, and after I agreed to let you watch me forge, Seimei-san.

It’s been a full two days after the incident.

Seimei-san was kept busy, either in his house, Sir Knight Captain’s house, or the Guild so there wasn’t much for Ragnall and me to do.

At least at the Guild I could talk to other Adventurers and get advice on travelling to Ploids, but unfortunately we were mostly at Sir Knight Captain’s house.

Anyway, finally freed from bureaucratic stuff, Seimei-san plunged headlong into his ‘dream’.

With me as a guide, Seimei-san toured the city once more, this time keeping an eye out for properties he could buy to arrange for a laboratory.

Lor has been meticulously poring through the alchemy books he owned, drawing up charts and arranging for tools to be made.

He is surprisingly more enthusiastic than I thought he would be, to work under a Noble-sama.

Maa, he’s already suspected that Seimei-san is tied closely to me through our hometowns, and it seems like Lor’s interested in Seimei-san’s ideas as well. (more…)

OVRMMO 089: The Stage of Adventure is …

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

The Stage of Adventure is …

Switching places from the Forge, I was escorted to Ayame-san’s Guild Area, and there I heard what they had to say. Previously there was that issue with Nethar, but recently Nethar and the others don’t log in.

“Under dungeon?”

That was what Ayame-san and the Vice Guildmaster of “Crystal Rain” who came to meet me, Noah-san, brought up.

“Yes, on the other side of the Challenge from the Dead, before anyone realized it, 1 other entrance opened up.”

Ayame-san informed me.
Fumu, it probably opens up after a number of Secret Boss defeats, I bet; even if the Information announcement was scarce, it did pop up 3 times.
If you include the possibility of subjugation achievements that circulated during the times I hadn’t been logged in, it’s probably been enough, but at the lowest, it’s definite that the Information announcement popped up at least 3 times.

Fumu, I’ve understood it; then, what are this dungeon’s special characteristics?”

Ayame-san answered that inquiry.

“The main thing is using the same type of weapon … it seems to be the thing with the highest Skill Lv; if it’s one-handed sword then only one-handed swords; if it’s spear then you can only be a 6 man party of just spears; the time limit is 2 hours, and the goal is down 6 floors; these are the rules.” (more…)

Wfb: Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: The Preparations Before a Journey should be Well-planned Out … So You Know at Least One Way Things WON’T Work Out.

I understand why Ragnall would be at Seimei-san’s house.

I mean, we, both he and I, are still on the job for another 4 days.

“I wonder why Lor is going there…”

Hibiki-chan tilted her head.

“Ragnall is the white-haired man from yesterday, isn’t he? Ah, but who is Lor?”

“A half elf who’s … kind of like a researcher? I’ve helped him out with some stuff here and there… although I apparently have no talent for any of it.”

The things Lor is into are things like Magic Theory, Medicines, and Languages.

They are things that are impossible for me to be useful in, and Lor discovered that the hard way.

“He’s a good guy who’s helped me out a lot.”

I tried to explain that Lor wasn’t much of a threat, but I don’t want to come out and say, “He’s not a threat.”

I mean, Hibiki-chan comes from a different situation than me, and she might have different ideas of what ‘being a threat’ is, so I should leave the judgment of how much she should trust him to the person herself.

The guards are back around Seimei-san’s house.

Or like, aren’t there more than usual? (more…)

OVRMMO 088: Bow Maintenance and Consumable Replenishment

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Bow Maintenance and Consumable Replenishment

The next day after I’ve returned to a human city in a long time.
I immediately go to Nexia’s mine to mine ores; I’m wanting Light Metal and Exploding Ore, but …

I withdrew from the mine when I’ve excavated for 30 minutes.
Since the ore vein hasn’t recovered yet, if 1 person excavates a mountainous amount, the chance that you’ll trigger a fight from the people around is extremely high; I’m not the only one who wants ores, after all.
The result was that I got my hands on the bare minimum of Light Metal, quite a large amount of Exploding Ore, and some Steel and Silver, so let’s call that good. (more…)