Cursed 016: The Kazekama and Unit 2

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Chapter 16: The Kazekama and Unit 2

It was still early evening when Unit 2 reached their site.

Stoic Supervisor Isamu Ooishi.

Rough-mouthed, flashily dressed, game-carrying Arata Kamo.

Brash and flashily dressed in a different, the sword-carrying woman Katsumi Inukai.

Short and slim, wearing a traditional hakama and haori that seemed strange for everyday modern wear, Jurou Katou.

The thin, normal, but easily overlooked Gakuto Yamada.

It was a splendidly conspicuous group of mismatched people.

Although they were officially known as a crime investigation unit, their job was actually something quite different.

Although most people wouldn’t know. (more…)

Cursed 015: The Kazekama and Kousei

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Chapter 15: The Kazekama and Kousei

“What?! For real?”

I try to keep my voice hushed so Daiki-san doesn’t notice, but … un.

Even if I say pretty words like I try to avoid pulling people into the supernatural side of things, it seems a little late for the consideration.

“It often happens that people with stronger spiritual powers intrude on barriers.”

“…Is it my fault?”

I don’t know why I felt like I had to ask. Morbid curiosity.

“If I had to guess…”

Honoka pauses, tilting her head and thinking deeply.

“…It’s definitely not Daiki-san.”


I’ve never experienced a disappointment so strong that I actually almost fell over.

Hunched over, I semi-glare at Honoka.

“I could have told you that!” (more…)

Kujonin 004: Story 4

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Author: Hanakuroko

Story 4

When I looked at the forabbit furs at the store, it’s somewhat cheap but they were used. It’s been a while so let’s go look at the Guilds requests.
Even though I’ve taken Guild requests, I haven’t put any requests out.
Everything’s an experience, and there probably isn’t anything to lose, so I went to the Guild.

Looking at the inside of the Guild with the Search Skill, I understand that it’s swarming full of monsters and the like.
The adventurers who utilize monsters are many so it’s not like it’s a rare thing, but this is way too many.
Furthermore, when I enter, the monsters are sitting in chairs with self-important faces, drinking alcohol.
Their appearances are exactly like human, beastmen, and subspecies, but I guess they’re something like ghost-type monsters performing mimicry.
The Guild leaves it alone, so I guess it’s no problem. (more…)

Kujonin 003: Story 3

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Author: Hanakuroko

Story 3

I finished my lunch at the food stalls, and once again I headed to the sewers.
I repeated what I had done in the morning, gathering 100 masmascal corpses and cutting off the tails, dividing the bodies into 10 equal parts, putting them in bags, then going outside and throwing them into the forest.
The placed rat poison dumplings have been reduced, so within the sewers I made them.
It was easy to make since I had the materials; I didn’t want to stink up my new home.
When I finished setting them out, I returned to my new home.

Up until the last day, continuing on like this, my level rose to 38.
It seems like there aren’t any adventurers who raise their level from 2 to 30 in just 9 days; the Guild receptionist advised me to keep the method hidden.
Hide it or whatever, if they go to the town hall it will be found out, though.
In the end, the subjugated masmascal exceeded 1000; because the town hall wept that they hadn’t budgeted for this much, we settled on 3000 Notts.
For the time being, it seems like I won’t be troubled for money. (more…)

Kujonin 002: Story 2

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Author: Hanakuroko

Story 2

The next morning, while looking at the map, I entered the opening to the sewers, opened the grate with the key I got from the town hall, and went inside.
The sewers are dark; without a torch you wouldn’t be able to see anything.
As for my case, my helmet has a light attached, so there aren’t any problems.
If this light runs out of battery, it’ll be all over.
Are they startled by being lit up by the light; large rats scurry off.
I guess those are masmascal.
The sewers are brickwork, so I was reminded of a European film.
I steadily continue forward along the path on the side of the sewers, placed the poison rat dumplings in the corners and in the shadows of the bricks, and finally went outside.

I ate my meal at a food stall and, returning to the sewers, although it was rather soon, 3 masmascals were dead.
I cut off the rats’ tails, the part that’s called the proof of subjugation, collected the dead bodies together and tied them in an unneeded cloth.
Later, pests are unwanted around because they can spread diseases, so I will go to a vacant lot on the edge of town to burn them. (more…)

VendM 051: Reality and Fantasy

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

Reality and Fantasy

“What’s a period? Is that food?”(Pel)

“I wonder; I haven’t heard of it either, na.”(Shote)

“Looks like it’s something related to women, but Suko, do you know?”(Mikene)

“Um, let’s see; it happens a lot for females of humans, or like the primate races, but it’s a characteristic symptom of females when blood flows from their lower regions.”

The Big Eaters Brigade gathered together and secretively whispered through a conversation like boys in the upper years of elementary school would have.

Oh yeah, other than humans and a small portion of animals, no others menstruate, and even if they do, I heard that it’s pretty light. (more…)

OriginStory 027: New Equipment and Dungeon Diving

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Chapter 27: New Equipment and Dungeon Diving

“… Calling me over like this… we’re not forming a party, right?”

“Although we ARE in a party right now~.”


Fen’s glares are sharp as usual.

I know what he means, though. To be fair, I’m a solo-er too… no, well, more like I’m a ronin who hops around from party to party.

But basically, Fen doesn’t want this partying up to become a habit.

And so, to pacify him, I say,

“Nah, I was going down my friends list. Technically I wanted to take some crafters along before I took you along, but…”

“Haa… I see. There are too many unknowns to take people who aren’t combat-spec-ed.”

“Yup. It’s like that.”

“Which is why you asked me.” (more…)

Cursed 014: Food and Shopping

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Chapter 14: Food and Shopping

“What? Supervisor Endo was so mad he made all of Unit 1 go home already? That’s hilarious!”

Pounding her thigh with one hand and laughing “hyahyahya!” in a very ungraceful manner was the woman with a pink streak in her long ponytail.

“Cheh. We really need someone who can talk to people better. No wonder Unit 1 hates our guts. They do all that annoyin’ investigation work, and then we swoop in and nick it.”

The yakuza mob-looking man clenched his teeth in irritation as he said that, but made no sign to look up from his game.

Just like that, glued to the screen and with his thumbs tapping, he continued.

“But what do we got? Jurou’s a passive aggressive dwarf, Gakuto just fades into the background, and Katsumi’s a mouthy bitch.” (more…)

kujonin 001: Story 1

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Author: Hanabokuro

Story 1

It was already past dusk when the cleaning at the Elf’s Pharmacy was done; it was completely nightfall.
Camilla, as the pharmacy’s manager is called, is an old person with a sharp glint in her eyes and a hunched back, seeming to be a bit around 800 years of age. The elven golden hair and long ears are the standard distinctive traits.
I received the reward, and when I left the store, I let out a sigh when I saw the sky full of stars.

5thSon 05: The Warden of Devil’s Pointe

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Chapter 5: The Warden of Devil’s Pointe

Southeast of Devil’s Pointe, in the largest border city on the east of the Baxter Duchy, a rumor was flowing from mouth to ear.

It was about a certain job commission that had been sent from the little farming community called Devil’s Pointe.

It was a commission placed by the Branch Manager of Devil Pointe’s Guild Branch.

Investigate the increase of monster and demonic activity of the miasmatic swamp a mere half heath away from the community.

Normally such a commission was routine. It was a simple investigation that any Hunter with an Iron tag could take, and one that would come about once a month or so.

However, despite the dangers around the community that led to its name, “Devil’s Pointe”, strangely, there hadn’t been such a job order in years.

Furthermore, the job required the Hunters taking it to have Silver tags or higher. (more…)