Cursed 019: Undefined Terms

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Chapter 19:  Undefined Terms

It was 9 AM in a certain office in a certain building in Washington DC.


A short ring from a cellphone sounded, and the woman with gleaming silver eyes, seated at the gorgeous, mahogany desk covered in papers, gave a slight sigh of irritation.

When she checked her phone, however, her expression tightened and she stood up.

“…It seems I will need to go to Japan for a bit.”

“Wha-, but Secretary Ergane, there’s still the matter of the reception at the Hirshhorn –“ (more…)

Cursed 018: The House Call

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Chapter 18: The House Call

“Aruji, what are your intentions on that young man?”

In a certain office above a small stationary store, the Witch and her assistant, Kei, walked in without turning the light on.

The Witch flopped herself down on the couch.

“Fufufu, I’m a neutral party, you know? What kind of ‘intentions’ could I have?”

“… That’s true as well.”

Kei doesn’t deny the fact that his Aruji actually has no intentions to control the kid. He knows her mind better than … well, no one else could even entertain the idea that they knew her mind.

“But… you know, seeing a kid like that…if he’s going to get into trouble anyway, I might as well take him in… It’s that kind of thing.” (more…)

Cursed 017: Meeting Unit 2 and the Witch

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Chapter 17: Meeting Unit 2 and the Witch


In front of us are a woman with animal-like parts to her, a short and slim oni guy, a yakuza with a game console, and a guy with no particular notable qualities about him.


… If you stare that hard, I’m going to blush~.

No, seriously, why are they all looking over here?

Every single one of them is staring right at me.

Why?! There’s a six-tailed kitsune right over here, though?! Isn’t that something way more interesting?!

The fact that I called her “that” is something I won’t be telling her any time soon.

Haa. What is with everyone…? (more…)

Cursed 016: The Kazekama and Unit 2

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Chapter 16: The Kazekama and Unit 2

It was still early evening when Unit 2 reached their site.

Stoic Supervisor Isamu Ooishi.

Rough-mouthed, flashily dressed, game-carrying Arata Kamo.

Brash and flashily dressed in a different, the sword-carrying woman Katsumi Inukai.

Short and slim, wearing a traditional hakama and haori that seemed strange for everyday modern wear, Jurou Katou.

The thin, normal, but easily overlooked Gakuto Yamada.

It was a splendidly conspicuous group of mismatched people.

Although they were officially known as a crime investigation unit, their job was actually something quite different.

Although most people wouldn’t know. (more…)

Cursed 015: The Kazekama and Kousei

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Chapter 15: The Kazekama and Kousei

“What?! For real?”

I try to keep my voice hushed so Daiki-san doesn’t notice, but … un.

Even if I say pretty words like I try to avoid pulling people into the supernatural side of things, it seems a little late for the consideration.

“It often happens that people with stronger spiritual powers intrude on barriers.”

“…Is it my fault?”

I don’t know why I felt like I had to ask. Morbid curiosity.

“If I had to guess…”

Honoka pauses, tilting her head and thinking deeply.

“…It’s definitely not Daiki-san.”


I’ve never experienced a disappointment so strong that I actually almost fell over.

Hunched over, I semi-glare at Honoka.

“I could have told you that!” (more…)

Cursed 014: Food and Shopping

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Chapter 14: Food and Shopping

“What? Supervisor Endo was so mad he made all of Unit 1 go home already? That’s hilarious!”

Pounding her thigh with one hand and laughing “hyahyahya!” in a very ungraceful manner was the woman with a pink streak in her long ponytail.

“Cheh. We really need someone who can talk to people better. No wonder Unit 1 hates our guts. They do all that annoyin’ investigation work, and then we swoop in and nick it.”

The yakuza mob-looking man clenched his teeth in irritation as he said that, but made no sign to look up from his game.

Just like that, glued to the screen and with his thumbs tapping, he continued.

“But what do we got? Jurou’s a passive aggressive dwarf, Gakuto just fades into the background, and Katsumi’s a mouthy bitch.” (more…)

Cursed 013: Mundane Worries


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Chapter 13: Mundane Worries


From down the hall a ruckus sounded.

Doors were being slammed and voices were raised in fury.

“Huh. That sounds like it went about as well as planned.”

That came from a delinquent-looking, no, yakuza-looking man with his slightly longish hair slicked back and held in place with a plain headband. He barely looked up from his handheld console, continuing to gnaw on a wooden skewer.

“It’s just the usual, no?”

That came from a girl with a pink streak in her long ponytail, looking bored while slouched low in her chair, leather heeled boots up on her desk. At her side was a curved sword. A katana – it was not.

“As Unit 1’s Supervisor, Supervisor Endo should take care to avoid incurring extra costs, slamming the door like that.” (more…)

Cursed 012: Good Fortune? Bad Fortune?

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Chapter 12: Good Fortune? Bad Fortune?


Alright, it looks like the hamburgs are done stewing.

Plate, plate, plate… ah. There they are.

Being newly moved in, it’s hard to remember where you put everything, ne~.

There’s a strange atmosphere behind me.

I wonder what happened between Honoka and Daiki-san while I was in the bath.

Ignore it, ignore it!

“It’s already 1:30, but I guess it can’t be helped.”

I say, trying to break up the tense atmosphere while I set the plates in front of Daiki-san and Honoka.

Honoka… you’re totally drooling. (more…)

Cursed 011: Aftermath of the Broken Seal Incident

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Chapter 11: Aftermath of the Broken Seal Incident

There was a man sitting amidst the wisteria, perched on top of one of the wisteria’s supporting poles.

Although the poles didn’t look like they could hold anything more than a songbird.

Cloaked in dark, black clothes and wearing a white oni mask, everything about him screamed “suspicious”.

With a deep voice he sighed, then chuckled.

“Kakaka. What a marvelous sight. A sea of flames!”

He said imperiously, spreading his arms wide in sheer rapture.


Just as he’d fully spread them out there was a sound that cut through the air.

The suspicious man; his mask and body, were sliced through into many pieces.

Flutter flutter flutter. (more…)

Cursed 010: Honoka

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Chapter 10: Honoka

“Oi oi oi… what’s’is, what’s’is? Are you joshin’ me? This ain’t right- *gehogeho* Augh, i’b swallowing wadder-! Gah, glub glub glub!”

“Keep that barrier up, Gakuto, or my heel’s going up your behind. Ugh, this rain…”

“Yer not even standin’ in it!”

A thin man, not looking unlike a drowned weasel, stood outside the park.

He could barely stand because of the rain and winds, and flinched at the distant thunder.

Inside, a woman with a dyed streak of pink hair in a long ponytail tapped her foot impatiently. Strangely, she wasn’t being rained on at all.

Strangely, nothing within the park was being rained on.

Above and around the park a barely visible, thin blue film was stretched out.

Both the man and the woman were wearing jackets that belonged to Tsunato’s crime scene investigation units.

“Tch. This is because you live too close to the park. WHY do WE have to be the ones to respond to this damn spectacle?” (more…)