cursed 48: The Bookseller II: Finalizing the Work Order

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Chapter 48: The Bookseller II: Finalizing the Work Order

I heave a huge sigh as I scribble onto a piece of paper.

“Honzuki-san, please don’t try this kind of thing again, for both your and my sakes.”

Seriously, even though I’ve gotten… well, I haven’t exactly gotten used to seeing cursed items, but I can at least endure it if I’m given some warning.

As for Honzuki-san, well… (more…)

cursed 45: Cat of Fortune V: The Truth Behind the Meow

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Chapter 45: Cat of Fortune V: The Truth Behind the Meow

As you might expect, Minami-san wasn’t exactly thrilled to hear the facts about her boyfriend, but to my surprise, she was pretty understanding.

“Well, this kind of thing happens from time to time…”

Minami-san’s dry laughter and forced smile made me feel super bad about our role in getting her boyfriend … arrested? … and all, but as Minami-san herself said, if it wasn’t us, it would have been someone else.

If Umeko the cat didn’t return, Boyfriend-san probably wo (more…)

cursed 44: Cat of Fortune IV: Pulling Down the Facade

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Chapter 44: Cat of Fortune IV: Pulling Down the Facade

“… So I get why we’re not just going to go and accuse Boyfriend-san of things before we find out what the situation is, but why are WE left behind as the two most conspicuous people go to question him?”

Honoka and I are hiding in a nearby alleyway as Sexy China Dress and Shrine Maiden over there are going to talk to Minami-san’s boyfriend.

Compared to those two, High School Uniform and Pla (more…)

cursed 42: Cat of Fortune II: Sachiko Minami, the Pet-Owner

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Chapter 42: Cat of Fortune II: Sachiko Minami, the Pet-Owner

In the heart of the downtown of Tsunatou, surrounded by shiny, modern buildings is the Old Town, where the buildings and layout of the city remain practically the same as when Tsunatou was founded.

Sachiko Minami-san, our current client, runs a curiosity shop on the outskirts of Old Town, selling mostly handicrafts by local artisans.

Within the cramped store that smells of cedar and (more…)

cursed 40: Acceptance

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Chapter 40: Acceptance

“I see. So although you’re weak to sunlight, it’s because it interferes with how your body has been converted to run.”

“Yes. My body was transformed to run on ether and mana, but in direct sunlight it disrupts the flow to the brain. It’s a little like anemia, but it can turn into a pretty serious issue if I don’t take care.”

“But then, where does sucking blood come in?” (more…)

Cursed 39: The Clans

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Chapter 39: The Clans

“Nah, Akira, I’ve got something going on, so I’m going to leave these two here, okay?”

All of a sudden, Boss Nagi says that kind of thing.


Dr Akira and I are both startled, but before we can say anything, she turned on her heels, waved her hand, and said,

“Right, I’ll be back to do an audit later, so hide your unmentionables and take care of my new workers!”

She looked like she was only walking, but she disappears so fast… (more…)