Cursed 026: Visiting the Injured

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Chapter 26: Visiting the Injured

Honoka picked me up after school and told me long, convoluted story about what she did today.

After I got over the initial confusion I sigh and say,

“… Well I guess the main points are that you got hired at a cafe, the Owner is weird, and I didn’t make enough for you for lunch.”

“If you wanted to take away the greatness of my storytelling, then yes, it can be summarized like that.”

Honoka said so with a toss of her head and a smirk. (more…)


Cursed 025: A Day in the Life of a NEET

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Chapter 25: A Day in the Life of a NEET

Honoka gave a large stretch and a yawn as she arched her back like a cat.

It had been a few hours since both Kousei and Daiki-san had left, and she had spent them lying sleepily in the sunny hallway with the sliding door slightly cracked open, fully enjoying a lazy, warm spring morning.

“Hm… as expected, I’m still hungry.”

She rubbed her belly.

Even though she polished off the bento Kousei had made her well before lunch, and even though the calories in this age were greater – no, rather, even though Kousei’s food had astronomically more spiritual energy within it then even the offerings left by the highest ranking priestesses from an era where magic and ki was plentiful, it still wasn’t enough. (more…)

Cursed 024: The end of peaceful days

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Chapter 24: The End of Peaceful Days

Daiki Manabe was sitting on the overly large couch, bouncing his foot impatiently while he stared out the window.

Due to various reasons, he had the afternoon off and was now waiting for Kousei.

Extremely impatiently.

Every once in a while Daiki flicked his cell phone up to check it.

“…He’s late. No, I guess he’s not really that late…”

Muttering to himself, Daiki couldn’t help but fidget anxiously as he resisted the urge to call his nephew.

To think he’d be turned into a worry-wart parent so soon! They’d only started living together for a few days, right?

If it was two days ago … there’d be no way Daiki would have gotten off this early, but even if, by some miracle, he did, there’s no way he’d be this nervous just from his nephew being (more…)

Cursed 023: Teach Us, Kei-san!

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Chapter 23: Teach Us, Kei-san!

Dan dadadaaan! It’s Q&A time with Ghost-chan!

Although the content is quite strange and I can’t really keep up with it!

Just so you know, it’s not because my brain is bad.

I was born in a different world, after all, and I feel like my knowledge from that time is conflicting with the reality in this one.

Anyway, Honoka doesn’t seem to have anymore questions she wants me to ask, so should I get my own questions out of the way?

“So… apparently Boss Nagi wants to hire us, but what does that mean?”

Right, let’s stop the difficult talk and start talking about why the heck we were brought here.

“…Eh?” (more…)

Cursed 22: Teach Us, Suzu-chan!

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Chapter 22: Teach Us, Suzu-chan!

A woman with a foreign air about her stood in front of the car park of Narita.

She had a healthy, olive complexion, wavy dark hair, and a prominent nose, as well as a slender but robust stature.

Her skirt went almost to her knees, but that didn’t stop a few leer-ers from gazing at her shapely legs.

“Ms. Ergane.” (more…)

Cursed 021: What Kind of Movie is This?

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Chapter 21: What Kind of Movie is This?

When Daiki-san rushed into the police department and managed to make it into Unit 1’s office, barely on time, a weird atmosphere was floating about.

“Good morning…”

As he gave the customary greeting, Daiki-san’s sharp eyes surveyed each and every one of his team members’ face, and yet he couldn’t understand why they all had a face like they had just swallowed a stink bug.

“… Manabe-san, can I have a moment?”

Before Daiki-san could sit down, Supervisor Endou called out to him. (more…)

Cursed 020: A Troublesome Woman

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Chapter 20: A Troublesome Woman

In the residential area near Tsunatou’s main park, two very special houseguests were beginning to take their leave of a certain house.

*Yawn* Right, so it will be a day or two, but an expert will come over to check your weird Blessings out. So since it’s getting late, we’ll leave it for next time. Right, Kousei-kun, give me your phone so I can put you as a contact. Is that alright?”

“Th-that’s fine, but is it okay for me to have a kami’s number – No, before that, weren’t you originally here because of Honoka?!”

“Ah~ that… Well, she’s in your care!” (more…)

Cursed 019: Undefined Terms

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Chapter 19:  Undefined Terms

It was 9 AM in a certain office in a certain building in Washington DC.


A short ring from a cellphone sounded, and the woman with gleaming silver eyes, seated at the gorgeous, mahogany desk covered in papers, gave a slight sigh of irritation.

When she checked her phone, however, her expression tightened and she stood up.

“…It seems I will need to go to Japan for a bit.”

“Wha-, but Secretary Ergane, there’s still the matter of the reception at the Hirshhorn –“ (more…)

Cursed 018: The House Call

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Chapter 18: The House Call

“Aruji, what are your intentions on that young man?”

In a certain office above a small stationary store, the Witch and her assistant, Kei, walked in without turning the light on.

The Witch flopped herself down on the couch.

“Fufufu, I’m a neutral party, you know? What kind of ‘intentions’ could I have?”

“… That’s true as well.”

Kei doesn’t deny the fact that his Aruji actually has no intentions to control the kid. He knows her mind better than … well, no one else could even entertain the idea that they knew her mind.

“But… you know, seeing a kid like that…if he’s going to get into trouble anyway, I might as well take him in… It’s that kind of thing.” (more…)

Cursed 017: Meeting Unit 2 and the Witch

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Chapter 17: Meeting Unit 2 and the Witch


In front of us are a woman with animal-like parts to her, a short and slim oni guy, a yakuza with a game console, and a guy with no particular notable qualities about him.


… If you stare that hard, I’m going to blush~.

No, seriously, why are they all looking over here?

Every single one of them is staring right at me.

Why?! There’s a six-tailed kitsune right over here, though?! Isn’t that something way more interesting?!

The fact that I called her “that” is something I won’t be telling her any time soon.

Haa. What is with everyone…? (more…)