OriginStory 09: The First Party(lol) Quest

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Chapter 9: The First Party(lol) Quest

After talking with the two hardcore crafters, it’s now early evening – in the game.

Although time flows the same in hours and minutes as real-life, the days and nights cycle in the game go in 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Maa, it’s something that you have to make allowances for in a VR game, I guess.

Because it’s early evening, the best place to hang out and hear gossip from the NPCs is the village tavern!

Complete with alcohol!

It’s pretty piss-poor beer though.

By the way, for the brats like the chibi, I have to tell you, although the younger players are completely prohibited from asking for, buying, or tasting alcoholic beverages, there’s no effect from the alcohol.

It’s not like they don’t know how to make alcohol affect you like it does in real-life, but then it’s practically a virtual drug, and that’s some illegal shit.

Instead, after a certain amount of alcohol, they mess with your vision and your avatar’s personal x-y-z axis so it becomes difficult to walk around and do things that need intense concentration to simulate drunkenness.

Quite a few people get motion-sickness from the Drunk Bad Status, but that doesn’t stop a lot of people from drinking the virtual alcohol.

The players can get really into it, have drunken races or drunken fights, or drunken crafting … iyaaaa, if the Drunk status is like other games, it could get really fun – I mean, it could get troublesome.


ANYWAY, I bought a round of drinks for some fun-looking ossans in the corner, and pretty soon they were talking about anything and everything I wanted to hear.

“Hm… I hear that sometimes there are merchants who leave from Honeysuckle Village periodically to go further east.”

“The Valley of the Fire Worms? Ah, there are several towns in that direction, but there is only a small frontier town once you get to the valley.”

“It’s best to bring lots of rations and water. The blacksmith’s kid went with some traders, but got sick drinking the water from the river, once they went through the valley.”

“How to get to the Valley of the Fire Worms? Ah… go talk to the Cartographer in our village. He can sell you a map out east. It’s not that detailed, but what can you expect from someone who doesn’t leave the village much?”

It’s really amazing how much conversing you can do with the NPCs, especially at the taverns. If you turned off your Overhead Name Display (OND), you wouldn’t be able to tell the NPCs from the players from interacting with them.

I have my OND toggled to appear after 5 seconds without changing my line of vision.

Although there are at least 3 other starter villages (west, south, and southwest), after butchering – er, subjugating the monster train, I get the feeling that my Talents won’t level much anymore in starter zones.

Sure I’d like to explore them at some point, but …

The Valley of the Fire Worms sure sounds like it would be a lot of fun, ne?

From talking with the NPC ossans, what I gather is that the easiest way to get to the Valley of the Fire Worms is from the eastern starting village, it takes quite a few days to reach, caravans needing escorts depart regularly from the eastern starting village, and you’ll need to bring your own water.

Survival play!

After going through the canyon, the water in the river becomes undrinkable, unless you filter it.

The filters cost 2 gold … so unless you go with a caravan, where the Wayfarer NPC should have survival kits, you will need to bring a lot of water and fill all of your containers before proceeding through the canyon.

Also, after going through the canyon, the way to the valley is a hard-earthed desert, so if you’re not careful you could easily lose your way.

Hrm hrm hrm…

I enjoy wandering and exploring, but only when I’m intending to wander.

Wandering around lost and confused is the worst, and who knows how the stars are aligned in this virtual sky. Navigation would be difficult, towns are scarce, and then there’s the worry of supplies.

Once your Average Level reaches 10, you’ll need to be careful to avoid Thirst and Hunger Bad Statuses.

Kuu… I should have departed immediately at Avg Lv 5! Then I could just wander indefinitely in the desert!

Ah, but there’s no doubt I’ll reach Avg Lv 10 in no time even if I started at Avg Lv5.

I’m a vanguard with a love for hunting, and although I don’t mind running away to survive, if it’s a monster I can fight, who wouldn’t eat the meal provided for them?

But, maa, to avoid the things I don’t like, I will rein in my recklessness a little.

And travel with a caravan so I can freely play hunt monsters and raise my levels!

“Oooh, that’s right, Jemino the Trader was lamenting that he didn’t have enough guards for his caravan. He was heading to Nortius, the frontier town in the Valley of the Fire Worms. If you head to the eastern village right now, tell him Herman the Cooper sent ya and you’re a fine fellow!”

Well, yeah, I bought you 2 rounds of drinks.

You’re too easy to flatter, if that’s all it took to stake your name on my temperament.

Well, I won’t do you wrong if all I have to do is beat back monsters!

“Heeh, that sounds good, I will go do that.”

“He leaves tomorrow, so you might have to take the teleporter, or some people have said there’s a secret passage that cuts through the mountains…”

Oh, yeah, that. I found it already…

“Then I should head out. Thanks for the fun and the talk, Ossans!”

“Aaah, ah, hang on miss! Here! I bought this from the Cartographer, but after I injured my hip, I can’t make such a long journey anymore.”

|You have obtained Map: Journey to Nortius|

Ouuu! My first map! So you can buy maps from a Cartographer, huh?

Then what is the point of taking [Scribe] for maps … is not the thought I had at all.

Instead … does that mean you can make and sell maps?! That’s the kind of thought I was having.

Heeeh…. [Scribe] is getting more and more interesting!

“Thank you very much! I will put it to good use!”

After leaving the tavern, it’s the middle of the night and most of the NPCs are either in the tavern or sleeping.

Even so, there are a lot of players wandering about.

No time for sleep for gamers!

The website didn’t mention anything about a Sleep Deprivation status or something, so hopefully we can all be insomniac characters together.

Hm, hm… If I go through the shortcut, I’ll get back to the eastern village before morning, purchase some necessary supplies once the market opens, and then find the trader to head out!

Now how do I use this map?


|You are about to use Map: Journey to Nortius.
Using this Item will consume it. Continue:

After reaching the eastern villa, as I tried to open the map this notification popped up.

Maps are consumable items?

“Yes, use it.”

The map floated up and opened, and then disappeared in a flash of light.

|You have used Map: Journey to Nortius.
It has been permanently integrated in your Map Interface.|

I open up the Map Interface and take a look.

Aside from the (non-hidden) beginner villages and the main city, as well as the beginner areas around them, the rest of the map was blank – at least, initially it was.

Now, a slim band of land east of the eastern starting village was filled in.

It wasn’t as detailed or complete as the beginner area maps, but there it is.

A route heading east to the frontier village, with a few other villages in between, was shown.

Waah! This is an interesting and fun system.

But now I’m curious about the word “permanently”.

That would mean there are some maps that aren’t permanent?

I closed the Map Interface. I wonder if I should go check out the cartographer?

The eastern village is just starting to come alive as roosters crow and the sun adds a hint of warmth into the air as it rises.

Super awesome virtual reality.

It totally feels like the time Jo and I reached the peak of a mountain right when the sun rose.

I can see why the older generation is worried that we gamers could lose our sense of reality in a world like this.

Although it’s just an urban legend about people becoming unable to tell reality from VR and dying from getting lost in VR, it sometimes feels like we’re getting closer and closer to an era where this could happen.

“Obaa-chan, how many waterskins should I carry if I head out east?”

“Hm… well, waterskins only stack by 5, so depending on your journey, I would stock up by 5s or 10s.”

Well, full immersion seems impossible in this game.

Some people prefer it when it feels like a game, though, so they most likely worked the gameplay elements into everyday elements for the NPCs.

It has a feel kind of like those “other world with game elements” novels and manga.

“Alrighty Obaa-chan, then can I get 5 waterskins and 10 rations?”

“Of course. Is Ms Adventurer going on a long journey?”

The grocer Obaa-chan asked.

“I’m hoping to.”

“Fufufu, I see. Then allow me to give Ms Adventurer some advice.”

She pulled out all sorts of herbs and tonics.

Haa… it kind of feels like getting scammed by a salesman, but I buy some Stamina Herbs and Antidotes anyway.

Once “Daybreak” has fully changed into “Morning”, I decide to find the Trader Caravan that’s heading out east.

I approach a man standing nervously in the eastern village’s square.

He has average-height and broad shoulders, as well as muscular looking arms and a solid waist, but he has a bit of a belly. A funny, fit-looking man who somehow has a round belly. His face is long and solidly shaped, but his cheeks are round and red.

A comical looking man through and through.

“Excuse me, are you Jemino-san?”

“Ah, yes I am.”

Well, I knew from the OND, but even when you go to the welcome party with your colleagues who are wearing name tags, it’s still polite to ask what their names are and introduce yourself.

“Hi, I’m Naruesin, and I just came from the northern village, where a man named Herman told me about your situation, needing another guard.”

“Ooooh! That would be really helpful! I only have 3 bodyguards to my name. The Wayfarer has a guard with her too, but we have to leave in such short notice that it’s been tough to find trustworthy Adventurers. Ideally we would have a party of Adventurers…”

This is the second time I’ve heard of a Wayfarer. I wonder what that is. Probably a guide?

Ignoring that, I look at the 4 large wagons, each drawn by 2 strange goat/horse-like creatures.

I wouldn’t be able to say if they were more horse-ish or if they were more goat-ish.

But … hm.

Aside from the Wayfarer and her guard, if there’s only 3 bodyguards plus Jemino, rather than being bodyguards … won’t they just be wagon drivers?

It’s kind of like there aren’t any guards at all!

“Would it be better if I had a party?”

“Well … yes…”

As I thought, this is a party quest.

Jemino’s funny-looking cheeks puff upwards as he tightens his lips, looking around worriedly, before he continues, saying,

“But we leave in 20 minutes, so it may be impossible… To begin with, a guard trip like this isn’t something people can agree to lightly. It takes a full 3 days to reach Nortius.”

3 days in game is … 10.5 hours?! What… I didn’t know about this.

What to do… should I travel by myself? I can’t spend a constant 10 and 1/2 hours playing…

My worries must have shown through, because Jemino quickly says,

“We will be stopping in villages along the way, and spend 3 days in those villages. Naturally Naruesin-san would not be responsible for us in the villages, so it will be more like 3 separate 1-day journeys with 3 days in between each.”


It’s still a huge time commitment, but things are spaced out enough. So it’s 3 instances of a 3.5 hours of journey and 24 hours of down time.

Ah, I see, it’s the “healthy lifestyle in real-life” campaign, huh?

They’re including time to log off to sleep well and eat well … though I wonder how many gamers would just double up quests or go hunting for the 3 in-game days they’re waiting in the villages.

If it’s like that …

“Let me try to ask for some help. I’m just not sure they’ll be available…”

“Oh, just by trying would be a great help. I’m no judge when it comes to the strength of Adventurers.”

So if they wanted, you would hire Avg Lv1 players?

I open my Quest Journal.

It’s not marked as “Active” yet, but a tentative quest called, Caravan: Honeysuckle Village to Noxius, has popped up.

Suggested: 4 to 6-man party for Avg Lv 5 Players.

I call Toru with a private chat.

[“Oi, Toru, what level are you at?”]

[“Nn…? Nee-chan… I’m at Avg 5, though, but why do you want to know?”]

[“That low?!”]

[“What’re you talking about? This game has slow leveling!”]

I had overheard people complaining about how hard it was to level their Talents, but for the competitive Toru to only be at Avg Lv5…

[“Ah… well, anyway, are you busy right now?”]

[“Ah… un. Yeah, I am. I have a party with me and we’re going around looking for all the Hidden Talent NPCs at the beginners’ villages… Wait a minute. If you’re asking this… Nee-chan, you found a party quest already?!”]

[“Yeah, it’s a long escort quest, though.”]

[“… Oh …”]

Don’t go sounding too excited…

[“So no? It’s fine if you’re not interested, I can probably handle it by myself, but I was just asking.”]

[“Yeah… we’re going to start lvl grinding soon, so …”]

[“Ok, cya.”]

Hm… I could probably ask Jo or Ane-chan to join up, but since they’re focusing on crafting right from the beginning, even if they’re Avg Lv5, there’s no way their combat Talents are at the level of the common Avg Lv5 player.

Chie is even more nope.

I look over at the Trader, who is puffing his cheeks out hopefully.

“…Sorry, they’re all busy.”

“As expected … but that’s alright, I was preparing myself to leave with no extra guards, so I am relieved at least you are traveling with us.”

Although his shoulders drop in disappointment, Jemino doesn’t seem devastated.

He really had no hope from the beginning, huh?

“Wayfarers are guides belonging to the Wayfarers’ Society. They can be hired to lead you through more dangerous zones, and are skilled in helping you survive in hostile environments.”

Jemino said so as he led me back to the wagons.

Of course I had asked about that.

Something I’m learning is that the NPCs are here to answer all your questions!

Anyway, he’s leading me over to meet the Wayfarer and give an update on their security detail.

The Wayfarer is a slight girl with dark tan skin and her guard, a skinny but broad-shouldered Nii-san.

“You found an Adventurer? At such short notice… well, that’s good too I guess…”

The Wayfarer, Aurey, peered over her tiny glasses, perched on the end of the nose. She looks me over.

Her guard sneered.

“Jemino-san, while I understand we’re desperate for help, there’s no need to employ some random person you don’t know the origin of. Especially from a single little girl like this.”

“Minas-san, saying something like that –“

Although he doesn’t know me well, Jemino-san is indignant and tries to rebuke the Wayfarer’s guard…

Maa maa, it’s ok, Ossan. This kind of development is more fun!

“Fufufu, that’s true, Nii-chan.”

I cut off Jemino-san, lightly tapping my axe on my shoulder and grinning my battle-grin.

“Alright, since this Nii-chan’s so worried, want to try me out?”

Oya, his face is cramping as my grin widens.

How rude, it’s simply a grin of excitement. I don’t know what everyone’s talking about when they say my battle-grin can chill blood.

It’s kind of depressing that it’s apparently bad enough to intimidate an NPC.

“Well, confidence itself is worth a lot. However, there are only 10 minutes left until we depart … finding a full party seems impossible.”

Minas-san averts his eyes and lets the matter drop.


No no, peace between colleagues should be preserved. It’s not like I’m completely disappointed in not being able to test my strength against a named NPC, not at all.

Although he kept making disgruntled looks in my direction, Minas didn’t say anything more.

When we depart Honeysuckle Village, we’re definitely moving at a pace slower than normal walking speed.

But well, with people(NPCs) to talk to, it doesn’t feel too bad.

About half an hour in, we saw the signs of the first prey – I mean attackers.

“Jemino-san, incoming wolf pack, about half a kilometer off and moving in fast.”

Aurey spotted them first and gave out the warning.

Hi-yo, let’s get to work!

“Ok ok, I’ll go out to meet them-!”

And off I went, ignoring Minas’s

“Oi, don’t move by yourself-!”

You want me to fight right up against the wagons? Don’t joke with me.

There’s a reason I’m bad at escort quests, you know?

And that reason is “collateral damage”.


These wolves are definitely stronger than the ones from the beginner areas!

At first they come at me with wild abandon, seeking to tear right through me to get at the caravan, but after I dodged most of their attacks and whacked off the head of the lead wolf, they skidded to a halt and warily circled me.

Even the monsters act very realistically.

There are 5 left … fufufu…

Even though they’re cooperating – no, because they’re coordinating their attacks, this is going to get fun.

5 minutes later, I return to the wagons, dragging 3 wolf corpses behind.

This wolf carcass is “Pristine”. The Trader would pay well for such a carcass.

That Quest notification kept popping up at those 3 corpses, so I decided to drag them back for Jemino.

Although I could have cancelled it and gotten more drop items, I will gratefully accept the ExP and money to make up for any potential losses I’ve taken by accepting this long-term escort quest.

“Wha – you-“

Minas spluttered in disbelief.

“Naa, Nii-chan, don’t worry about the small stuff, just help Aurey-san keep an eye out for what’s ahead, yeah?”

I just grin as he glares at me, and then walks off.

Guys like that are so much fun to mess with.

Another 20 minutes later there’s another wolf pack.

And then it was another wolf pack.

And then another …

Jeez, there’s so many!

Jemino mopped his forehead, and then said,

“Tsu- was it a bad idea to be carrying so many smoked meats?”

After the first (in-game) day of travel, 17 Wolf pelts, get!



I remove my headgear with a sigh.

I’m an embarrassment of a gamer, but 7 hours of gameplay is just too much.

I was starting to get VR sickness, so as soon as the caravan reached the first town I logged off.

Even though I could play up to 12 hours before I got nauseous in high-school…

Shit. I’m getting old.

Even though I could vent this frustration on monsters in game, there’s nothing I can beat up in the real world.

At least, not without making my mother cry.

Can’t be helped; let’s have a smoke and then tinker around in the garage.

Wiggling an unlit cigarette in my mouth up and down, I scratch my head and stretch as I come down the stairs.

The chibi’s still busy playing, huh?

Even though he should start feeling hungry in real-life soon, I don’t know if he’ll actually stop playing.

You can go afk for a few minutes to eat something, right?

Well, I’m thinking something like that, but even I didn’t stop playing until I got VR sick and logged off.

I push open our front gate to smoke as far from the windows as possible, but as I was just about to light up,

“Narumi! Good timing!”

Mother was just heading out of the shop-front.

“Nn? What’s up Mom?”

“I need to head out to right now. Can you take over the store for a few moments?”

“Eh, uh, right now?!”

“Sorry, it’s urgent!”

Mother ran off in the blink of an eye.

… Well, that’s fine. For the Mother who lets us 2 brats indulge in games like this, I don’t mind. We probably ran out of stock or something so she’s just running out to the market, I bet.

The thing is …

You know I can’t cook anything other than fried rice, right?!

We’re a cafe, right?!


Well, we’re a coffee shop/cafe, so I can at least make the coffee without trouble and dish out the pre-made pastries, but don’t blame me if we lose customers who come in for a late lunch!

Tch, but what happened to my smoking break?!

Since I already left the house and was on the streets, I didn’t bother going back through the house to reach the store and just circled around the streets, entering the shop from the entrance.


“Oh, Narumi! Another cup please?”

“Nn, got it Tanaka-san. What was it?”

“House Blend.”

Ossu-, adding a House Blend refill to your tab.”

“Fufu, Narumi-chan, we’re not at a bar you know.”

“Oh, but it’s easier to understand if I say it that way?”

Our lively regulars, middle-aged business man Tanaka-san and the old Kobayashi couple were there as I walked in.

Our coffee is the pour-over type.

When I was really little, the image of Mother concentrating as she poured hot water over the coffee was really cool, and as an impressionable child I eagerly said something like, “I will master the way of coffee!” or some Shounen MC-like line.

Well, coffee was the only thing I learned how to make in the end.

“Narumi, aren’t you and Toru-kun busy playing that new game that came out? I’m surprised you’re not tethered to the computer still.”

Tanaka-san said with a teasing tone while I prepared him a new cup and wrote down the refill on his bill.

“Oooh, doesn’t that mean Tanaka-san is also interested in playing? Since you knew that a new game has come out?”

It’s not that uncommon for middle-aged businessmen to play VR games to unwind. Although it’s weird for middle-aged businessmen to play MMO games instead of the relaxing simulation games…

It’s weird? It’s not weird?

I’m already 22 myself, but I can’t see myself not playing MMO games in 10, 15, or 20 years, so maybe it’s not weird.

“Ahhh, I made my character already, I did, but to my dismay … I have to work on Saturday-!”

Tanaka-san pretended to bang his hand on the table, although he really only lightly tapped it.

Thank you for not damaging our shop’s furniture.

“Uwaa, thanks for your hard work.”

“Fufu, Tanaka-san, work hard, work hard.”

Kobayashi Obaa-san laughs lightly from the side. Kobayashi Ojii-chan is kind of hard of hearing, so he doesn’t talk as much, but he’s laughing quietly at the side too.

It feels like more and more older people have been getting into VR lately.

Even Kobayashi Obaa-san plays garden simulators, now that her knees can’t handle tending a real garden.

“Well, you can get started tomorrow, right? Unless you were hoping to rank, it won’t matter if you lose a day?”

Maa, that’s true. So how is it?”

“Pretty amazing so far. The NPCs are really realistic, the quests are pretty diverse, and the map system is interesting. Right now I’m doing a kind of timed escort quest, so in about 24 hours I have to go back and play.”

“Heeeh… no wonder it’s such a big download then…”

Still swinging my unlit cigarette around in my mouth, I chat with the lively regulars while planning what to do next when I return to the small village.




[Axe]Lv11 (+3)
[Bolstered Endurance]
Lv10 (+2)
[Sharp Senses]
Lv10 (+2)
Lv9 (+2)
[Spirit of the Wild Hunt]
Lv9 (+3)
[Inheritance of the Forest Guardian]
Lv6 (+1)

Avg Lv: 9
TP: 9



About the Game Pt5

VR Sickness

VR sickness isn’t some sort of debilitating disease, nor is it an obsessive love for VR. Instead, it’s a nausea similar to motion sickness.

Since VR links to the senses similar to how the brain is linked to the body in real-life, at this point in technology, VR is extremely realistic and feels like you really are in your avatar’s body.

Buuut, there is still a difference.

First of all, the avatar’s body is a lot more sensitive than your real body. If that wasn’t the case, you would end up accidentally moving your real-life body a lot more instead of sitting quietly in a chair.

Second, there is still a learning curve to controlling the avatar without controlling your real-life body.

Many new VR game players will move their bodies or jitter at the beginning as they try to smoothly integrate into the system, both their real bodies and their avatars.

Only after finally becoming accustomed to it do people start really feeling like their avatars are their real bodies.

In other words, in a VR game, your real body gets left behind.

It really is having things being sent directly to your brain instead of being filtered through your body.

That difference is just enough to cause some incongruencies to build up, and thus, after some time, the player will feel queasy or nauseous.

Like motion sickness, everyone has their own level of VR sickness, and there are some who can’t stand VR at all.

This is the main reason there aren’t many people who try to throw away real-life for virtual reality.

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  2. It’s nice to see that your VRMMO-Players are not able to magically survive 24/7 inside the simulation. That’s one of my biggest issues whenever I read a VRMMO story on the internet.

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      3. The only way a timedilatation could be possible would be when you “upload” your memories into the game, leaving your body behind. When your “brain” is run by a processor instead of biochemistry, you can set the processing to 2x, 3x etc…

        As for the MLS, I dropped the story after they translated the chapter/arc where Weed solos that one Eby-something raid where he kills that dragon. I do not remember anything about Weed landing in the hospital, probably because that bit came later. Also, considering Weed and his pathological need to pinch every penny trice, I doubt he would voluntarily enter a hospital since that would mean having to pay bills for the treatment. As far as I can remember, Weed simply uses self-hypnosis or self-suggestion to be satisfied with a mere 4 hours of sleep. It was just a throw-away reason from the author to justify why 99% of the story happens ingame even though Weed still has a body with needs like sleep or nutrition.

        Everything that happen IRL is normally glossed over, unless the author thinks there should be another scene showing off Weeds talents/abilities or to have a “funny” misunderstanding.
        And Weed’s miraculous ability to practically live online just happens to be one of the things the author deems unworthy of any further mentioning…


      4. MLS mentions Weed entered the hospital before the story begins in an interview, after his debilitating too many hours on the other game, only to swear to never enter the hospital again because it’s expensive, so that’s why he trains his body now.
        It’s hard to tell, but based on how the author writes, it sounds like he just ignores most of the rl. Like, they cover several days’ worth of in-game stuff, but rarely go over the not in-game stuff that happens in the same day. He apparently strength trains, tends a garden, cleans house, and shops/cooks for dinner regularly, but it’s just rarely mentioned
        That being said, he is definitely on something, since he’s doing things like sleeping for 20 minutes and being fine for the rest of the day. AKA, no matter how you cut it, this man ain’t human. It can feel somewhat absurd.


      5. I think thats because the author used the RL for only one thing: the set-up.
        There needed to be a reason why Weed plays the way he does, and apart from that RL doesn’t matter.

        TBH, what bother me more is the complete lack of character-development. Granted, the gamecharacter “Weed” does “develop” in the sense that he gets a Level up… but that only means that the author splashes a stat-screen on the page and is done with it.
        I do not know if MLS was the first story to do this, but as far as I am concerned it was the first one to keep splashing the stat-screen on the page as an imitation of actual character development.
        Why bother thinking of a way to show that the character/protagonist grew more intelligent when you can just increase an imaginary number in a random spreadsheet?

        IMO, any story with a VRMMO-component needs the RL-side as well. Otherwise it should just call itself a “fantasy story”, because apart from the stat-screen to keep track of the bloating numbers and titles there is no difference to any other fantasy story. When I read a story I usually ask myself “Why is this there? Why not remove this part/section/aspect because it serves absolutely no purpose in connection to the story itself?”
        I’ve seen few stories who actually bother with the RL-side, treating it as a part of the whole thing and not the ugly, unwanted cousin everybody pretends does’t exist.

        There is a russian circle called LitRPG, whose members write stories about VR-Gaming (Literary RPG, you get it?), where the protagonist plays a virtual reality game for various reasons… but the ones that where translated into english mostly deal with the RL via the explanation “protagonist puts body into coma”. Sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not…

        The last two I read had a few interesting twists: One was a cross between SAO (players trapped ingame where death becomes real) and what was basically “Dead Souls”.
        The other had the protagonist “tortured to death” by a sociopathic rich asshole who then uploaded the protagonist’s mind into an online game to continue torturing him there (the asshole also kills himself in order to life like a god ingame, kidnapping other people/women and preventing them from dyingand/or logging out while raping/torturing them. Over the course of the story people find out what happened and either start killing themselves to get online immortality or trying to stop that from happening. The protagonist’s current goal is reunit with his sister (This story’s twist is that he was spawned as a level 1 character in the not-yet-accessible area for end-game-comtent, so while he has a chance to get the very best shit the game has to offer, he also dies very easily and very often, but death for him only means the usual MMO penalities.)

        The SAO-Dead Souls mix had a seperate storyline dealing with RL, where one of the Devs (who were all taken hostage at gunpoint by their apparently crazy boss and his mysterious “friends”) tries to help the protagonist as much as she can while still toeing the line given to her by her boss (“We wouldn’t want to compromise the results of the experiment, would we?”) and trying to find out what he wants to achieve with this stunt.
        The other visited the RL-side in “interludes”, showing the effects the events of the story have on reality, with the government trying to stop people from reincarnating themselves online, people debating whether or not they should forcibly shut down the servers to stop people from killing themselves and what this would mean for the people in there (since it becomes obvious later on that not everyone is there voluntarily). They also try to find the people in the shadows who prevent the game from being shutdown. It actually reads a bit like a thriller.


      6. I’m not a fan of the stories where people get trapped in the game. I think it’s just too big of a jump in suspension of belief for me. I’m not saying they’re not good stories, it’s just hard for me to really get into those for some reason.
        I think the reason for non death-game/rl merge VRMMO stories is because they like the fact that you can quantify the world to try to manipulate it into giving you what you want. I like MLS for that aspect, that the player should try to balance familiarity and intimacy along with all the other rewards he/she can receive.
        That being said, it’s definitely not a character driven story, it’s an action driven story. It’s not easy to relate to the character because of that, and it’s more like you’re supposed to watch and cheer him on than put yourself in his shoes. If you don’t like those kinds of protags, it’s really hard to get into the story
        maa, most korean stories are like that, imo.


  3. I never really put myself into a character’s shoes and I do not understand the appeal of doing so. I prefer being the invisible observer who hopes that a certain character either succeeds or fails. There are obviously different literary traditions in different countries (meaning a korean novel is different from an english novel), but even then I have problems understanding why so many people like MLS. In the beginning it is okay, but when Weed is still the same after 20 volumes, and the only thing that changed is the scale of the event he is currently involved in?
    The many stat-screens kinda symbolise the series perfectly: Okay in the beginning because it is new (and therefore interesting) but after a certain time you notice the bloat that starts to set in. And in keeps bloating and bloating and bloating…

    That being said, I don’t think Weed is supposed to be a character we are supposed to like… I mean, if we look at him objectively we have a character who is defined by a single motivation: to earn money for his family.
    Apart from that, the author wants us to think “Weed is awesome” or make us laugh via the various shenanigans of Weed’s sculptures and/or the dissonance between what people think Weed is thinking and what Weed actually thinks.
    Apart from that there is little that actually ‘drives’ the story. To me, it feels more like it is rolling down a mountain because the only thing keeping the story going is the need to slowly escalate the events because a)[Weed need to keep being “awesome”, which means he levels up as a reward], and b)[Due to Weed’s higher Level the next thing needs to be more “big” because otherwise his Level makes it too easy].
    The author tries to change things up, like having the university do that island survival trip in RL, but in the end it also serves only one single purpose: highlight how awesome Weed is.

    I’ve seen many other mention that the side-characters in MLS don’t really have a reason why they like/follow Weed, they just do. If anyone treated you like Weed treats his “friends”, you would keep him at least one armlength away from yourself, even if he gets all the awesome quests and adventures.


    1. Well, I’ll agree that the story isn’t one that you enjoy, and I’m ok with that fact even if I like MLS. A lot of stories are polarizing like that.
      MLS is simply a story for people who enjoy watching an OP dude go do even more OP stuff, even if he’s dealt a bad hand. It’s basically an underdog trope plus military mastermind trope, and even if there isn’t all that much character development, that kind of character forcing the world to change is interesting to some people.
      It’s more fun to me than some other OP cheat stories (which I admit, I read a lot of badly written ones just because they entertain me), because Weed actually fails once in a while (although not when it counts, but meh, plot armor).
      But, well, I think you like MLS about as much as I like Ark (aka, I really REALLY didn’t care for Ark at all), and those two are pretty similar … so I don’t really know why I like MLS, I just do. *shrugs*


      1. What do you think about Zhan Long?
        My primary issue with that one wasn’t so much about the protagonist’s OPness, it was more the ridiculous amount of luck the story throws his way.
        It is like the guy can’t cross the street without Lady Luck running up behind him to bash him over the head with yet another super-special whatever, for no reason at all…
        It also runs the RL-part of the story on a parallel rail that barely has any influence with the VR-Side. You could put bothe sides into seperate books and never miss anything. (they also don’t acknowledge anything like VR sickness, but then again, they also have a bit more “stuff” happening offline).


      2. Um… for some reason, whenever the male MC starts off walking in on a girl changing, I veto it immediately in my mind. The story might be great, but I’m so prejudiced against that trope, that I just won’t read those…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It’s been awhile since these comments, but…I think I can identify why you like LMS (MLS? What?) but not Ark.

        In LMS, Weed (Lee Hyun) becomes greedy because he has absolutely no other choice but to be that way in order to survive and give his sister what she needs to grow up right (as well as take care of his family). However, Weed doesn’t really TAKE ADVANTAGE of people, either. Probably because he knows what that’s like. If he’s offered a great deal, of course he’s going to take it…and he’s skeptical of people, naturally…but he doesn’t set out to TAKE ADVANTAGE of them or brutally get revenge on people who ‘betray’ him.

        Also, another thing to take into account is that Weed works his TAIL off to get the OP-ness he has, and he has to do the same to maintain it. He maintains his HP to such a level that when he finishes fights, he has almost NONE left…that way he gains more stats that way and gets stronger. That’s a big reason why his defenses are quite a bit higher than normal, despite his profession.

        Lee Hyun (Weed) is actually a person people can relate to, as well…because he’s someone who’s legitimately fighting adversity, and it’s not like his OP’d-ness is in-born. He really has to WORK for it…and his profession really ISN’T much of a combat profession, either…so he struggles even more than usual. He’s got great combat senses, though…but…that’s basically been honed, as well. He doesn’t seem to have been BORN with them.

        In Ark, though…Ark (Hyun Woo) is working his tail off outside of the game at the start for his mother’s hospital bills (in a similar manner to Weed with his grandmother, etc.). However, once he starts playing the game he gets REALLY greedy. That greed is understandable…but…he’s extremely vengeful (makes Weed seem tame by comparison), and he won’t hesitate to EXPLOIT other players. Despite the way he’s grown up. You’d think he wouldn’t do that sort of thing because of the way he’s grown up.

        Ark’s character traits are kind of a ‘turn off’ for me to like the character, but I do like the story overall. Andel does pretty much deserve everything that gets done to him (as well as a couple of the others)…but Sid and some others? Yeah, they really don’t deserve it…and it’s kind of frustrating to watch him treat them like absolute dirt.

        I definitely like LMS more…I think the key is to not take it too seriously though, heh. I just can’t really relate to Hyun Woo (Ark) as a character.

        On the topic of THIS series, though…I love how Naru is basically a laid-back former delinquent…that likes to tease others. Her personality makes her quite likable as a character, and…well…WHO WOULDN’T LIKE WEREBEAR?! I mean…c’mon! AXEBEAR! XD

        It’s a bit early to tell how good the STORY ITSELF will be, but…it seems to be starting out pretty well, at least. ^^


  4. ” “We will be stopping in villages along the way, and spend 3 days in those villages. Naturally Naruesin-san would not be responsible for us in the villages, so it will be more like 3 separate 1-day journeys with 3 days in between each.”


    It’s still a huge time commitment, but things are spaced out enough. So it’s 3 instances of a 3.5 hours of journey and 24 hours of down time.”

    I’m confused, how do you calculate 24 hours of downtime if you rest a single day at each three villages (a single day is 3.5 hrs right?). Even if it is 3 days per village it’s still only 3×3.5 = 10.5 hrs…


    1. because clearly 10.5+10.5 = 24.
      … … *cough*
      I am not sure where the mental math went. We visual-lingual learners can get things jumbled up easily as we recognize patterns that aren’t actually related to the problem we’re trying to solve, and since I have an especially short attention span, I’m almost 100% certain it went something like, 3 looks like half of a B or an 8, oh a day is 24 hours, doesn’t that divide easily. So 2 of those should be a day, and there’s 2 of them. And then somehow it went to
      each was 24 hrs. Even though I fully intended each rest to be near half a day…
      And this is why I usually don’t do mental math and write things down instead. It’s like a goddamn word association game in my head.


  5. I wonder why she hasn’t taken any new talents. I assume that there must be some that are available to her by default that she would want and she’s got quite a few TP right now.

    Honestly, I’d think that older people would be some of the most numerous players. They’ve got the time and the money and it gives them a chance to feel young again.


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