OriginStory: Prologue

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OriginStory the VRMMO: The advent of AxeBear


Customize your character exactly how you want it!

Make your character completely your own!

Our game lets you create a character that’s only YOURS!

Greetings, a VRMMO-lover (who loves VRMMOs more than solo-play games but prefers to solo-play VRMMOs for some reason and would rather just run around and explore than do pointless slaying quests) here.

Currently the trend in VRMMO gaming is class-less characters, where leveling whatever skills you want builds your character.

Wow! Amazing! Wonderful!


You know, not all skill combinations are good, and not all good combinations are unique, right?

In the end, every class-less VRMMO ended up with the same complaints:

If I really want to play the skills I want, it takes me forever to level them.

I always end up with so many trash skills I can’t get rid of.

I have to choose the exact same combination of skills as all the other PvPers if I want to stay in the rankings.

I always see someone with the same build as me every time I log in.

It doesn’t matter what skills I take; a lot of the supplementary skills handle exactly like other skills. They’re just padding skill categories.

Even if I take every possible skill that I might use, in the end there’s usually only 1 combination of skills that’s useful.

Well, to be fair, gamers love complaining about everything, so VRMMO developers, don’t take it to heart.

But in the end, that’s how it is.

For a while, the developers kept trying to put more and more skills out, but … y’know, just having more pages to scroll through won’t make it anymore fun, right? And even if you change the names of the skills, if they aren’t all that different from existing skills…

Anyway, you get the idea.

Hm? What’s my opinion? Let’s see … I like being able to mash different skills together, but I always end up building a mediocre character, and since it takes longer to level, I have to do the same repeatable quests over and over, or just go hunting for 2 hours straight …

Basically, I don’t think it’s the problem with the number of skills. Isn’t the problem because the developers ONLY focused on skills, leaving the storyline and environment totally linear?

That’s it, right? I mean, if everyone knows that at character level 10 you’ll be fighting the toughest boss yet, but the boss is weak to ice and immune to physical attacks … you get what everyone will do, right? Even in the new, ‘questless’ VRMMOs, all the areas everyone has to pass through are the same, the mobs are all the same … And even if they diversify the types depending on area, won’t everyone want to be able to go everywhere?

Of course everyone will end up with similar characters!

Well, actually, I don’t care about that *throws topic into a box (lol)*.

See, I’m a VRMMO hopper. I love exploring. Like, super love. Figuring out what’s going on with NPCs or uncovering secret places; those are all the things I like. It can’t be helped that I lose interest really quick once I see everything a VRMMO has to offer.

And let me tell you, it’s never very much.

But you know naa … see, I don’t like having to switch all the time either. Even if I play solo, I’ll still make some friends here or there, and I always go into a depression when I quit yet another VRMMO that I hoped would last a long time.

But somehow, this one, this one might be different.

I’m having good feelings about this one~!

Customize your own unique avatar and dive into the world of Azuria! A vast world with plenty of dynamic maps and ever-changing events; don’t just play our game your way, play YOUR game your way! Not just your skills, your backstory as well will shape the world you step out into! Love it, live by it, fight it, or deny it; whatever you choose to do, you can’t erase it, you and your world’s:

OriginStory (the VRMMO)

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<A/N: The synopsis isn’t very long, because I feel like the Title is kind of … descriptive in and of itself in regards to setting the tone.
Just a late night idea I jotted down right before going to sleep, but I … kind of really want to continue this, though I couldn’t say what kind of update schedule it would be.
Thought I’d post it to hear your guys’ opinions and gauge the interest.>



  1. So is this a sword and magic kind of vrmmorpg or is it an anything goes kind of vrmmo? Because if it’s an anything goes type deal it would be pretty damn cool to see a soul reaper(bleach), shinobi(naruto), or devil fruit user(one piece). Or it be possible to get that kind of bloodline. I once read a story on Royal Road that had a vrmmo that started at birth you could create your own parents and grandparents and if you mixed them correctly you can get a unique race, singular racial trait, or bloodline. Hehe imagine a saiyan bloodline. Sorry I always wished for stories like that but I am terrible at writing so I scour the internet for similar stories. I find a few, but only one was pretty darn close, naruto from the 4th great ninja war when it was him vs madara and obito but something happened(I’m guessing he died) and he found his 16 year old mind in his body back when he was still an orphan, and it ended at the zabuza rank c mission arc, and here I am rambling. Sorry about that, but I am really looking forward to this good luck!!👍👏👌


    1. There are things like bloodline, racial, etc skills that are unlocked by certain aspects of the game, but it’s not a complete sandbox-type customization


      1. Ho ho~ *draws closer reeealy close~* so there’s that kind of pla- I mean style of writing huh seems like some sort of Easter Egg style for yuri but plz no NTR cuaz those are most in the blacklist tsu~ but an axe wailder(typo) huh~ *imagines battleaxe loli* *shudders* M-ma just keep up the good work tsu~ *mumbles* maybe an dual ace thrower muscle grill … DAMN MY DELUSIONS AGAIN!!! Well klnih san just dont overwork yourself kay~


  2. Sorry, I feel like there’s not enough information to form an opinion one way or another yet.

    (Unless the MC is going to be a literal bear wielding axes, in which case I am STRONGLY in favor of.)


    1. KumaKuma.

      @Author: Please don’t overdo it by starting too many things you don’t have time for daze. No, I’m not saying the premise sounds unappealing. Not at all zo. But we’ve got some great things going that none of us want to see discontinued, so it’d be a waste to burn yourself out naa. If you can take it, I ain’t saying a thing, but make sure you know what you’re getting into 🙂


      1. don’t worry about me taking on too much; I’m having fun with my current pace.
        This one would just take the place of the other original in the teaser section I had planned to do back then. (the story stopped meshing while I was mulling it over, so that one’s paused)
        Sure, updates might slow down a bit sooner or later, but … somehow I feel like that would happen even without taking something new. At least it won’t stay every other day/same day updates forever lol.
        Fufu, the great thing about not sticking to an update schedule is getting to update whenever I want, and not feeling too bad if rl gets in the way.
        Now, if I was taking on another translation … I’d probably need an intervention. Cause that would be crazy


  3. Sounds like a fun story can be written from this if it is kept under control 🙂

    hopefully not an OP-MC since it just doesn’t sound like it would fit the concept right.

    looking forward to seeing how this goes 🙂 may try this concept in the future myself, after reading “the gamer”, “OSO” and “OVRMMO” among others, this concept has been tempting me for a while now.


  4. I’d be excited to read it. I really like your works. Glad to hear it’d be a female mc cuz I want to see some infatuated men lol although I also love wfb so no pressure in that category. Thanks for the hard work!


  5. Hi k.linH.

    Thanks for that new world you make for us.

    It seems interesting, even if too short at the moment to get an idea of the worth of the story.



    1. Oh good heavens no, that’s not the case.
      chap 55 is like the 33% mark of everything I have planned so far for wfb. This is just something else stuck in my head that I want to write.


      1. So, does this take place in the same universe as the Flowerbladewizard?
        The one before Jun entered the game? Because it kinda sounds like the game Jun originally wanted to play with his friends.


      2. No, not the same universe. Completely separate, kind of a time where Skill-leveling based VRMMOs are just starting to get old and gamers are ready for something new


  6. Feels like you’re marketing a shady flash game to me rather than a story. That’s just my cynicism regarding the gaming market though. Really hope this goes somewhere great!


  7. Bit late, but quick question:
    Is this one going to be paired with reincarnated into a vending machine same as wizard with the flower blades is paored with OVRMMO?


  8. The way this VR environment and rules are described so far, it would not be surprising if porn companies set up hedonism boudoirs, spas, and resort retreats for customers. Instead of grinding monsters for more stat points, the players can grind in bed.


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