OVRMMO29: Dance of the Fairies, Middle Stage PT2

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Dance of the Fairies, Middle Stage PT2

Finally the contents of the Second Half have been announced.

To everyone who is enjoying [One More * Free Life * Online],

At long last we are announcing the Second Half in the Dance of the Fairies.
Taking the popular opinions of the forums into account, we are here to inform you that we have determined the Second Half to be:

[Fight of the Fairies]1


When the Second Half begins, Fairies will have their egos released 100%.
Please be forewarned that this might greatly change how Fairies react to their players.

Within the event there will be a special PvP System released.
In this special PvP, the player’s attack power will be lowered 50%, while the Fairy’s attack power will be raised 150%; with this the measures you take to cooperate with your Fairy are of great importance.

Also, on this PvP Field, the 219 players who have failed to contract with a Fairy will be fighting in the state of attack power raised by 125% and defensive power raised by 110%.
(This is the positive correction we’ve recorded for those who have yet to own a Fairy. At a time when a Fairy is acquired, this special correction will be taken away.)

Note that achieving a certain amount of victories in this PvP will give your Fairy a chance for evolving its status.
Some benefits for evolving its status are, appearance change, abilities upgrade, and the Arts the Fairy can use can increase.
As far as this PvP is concerned, repeatedly fighting the same person will not help your Fairy evolve its status; in order to evolve its status you must fight with lots of different people.
Therefore please take this opportunity to try and PvP with all sorts of players.

Also, regarding those who do not want their Fairies to change its appearance from how it is now,
It is possible to ask your Fairy in advance to keep its current appearance, so please rest assured.

Furthermore, for those players who were unable to welcome a Fairy due to failing the Fairy Contract, by fighting in the special PvP several times the Broken Fairy Contract Crystal will change into a Regenerated Fairy Contract Crystal.
When that happens, you will regain the ability to make a contract with a Fairy.

Additionally, the Regenerated Fairy Contract Crystal has a contract success rate of 100%, the Fairy that shows up will definitely have a status of Uncommon or above, and it will be easier to encounter a Fairy with a status of Rare or above.
It will also have an improved growth rate, and there is a possibility to reduce the required amount of PvP combats you need in order to strengthen the Fairy enough to evolve its status.

To sum it all up, we encourage the players who have failed the Fairy Contract in the first half to issue many PvP battle challenges in order to accumulate a large count of PvPs and raise the Fairy status that is limited to this special PvP.

For the top 16 players who have the greatest amount of victories in “a certain number” of battles in this PvP, they will earn the right to participate in a tournament on the last day.
We will refrain from specifying the amount of battles and leave it as “a certain number” since there is a possibility that some players may stop fighting after reaching that number in order to maintain their winning percentage.
Of course we have prepared rewards for those who rank highly in the tournament.

The Combat System has been added.

[Negation] System will be introduced.

Simultaneous attacks hitting each other will now be negated.
However if the attacks are not roughly the same power they will not be completely negated.

For example, in order to completely negate <Fire Lance> one will have to hit it with a magic Art that roughly corresponds to its magnitude.
If you hit Fire Lance with Fire Needle you will be able to partially negate Fire Lance and reduce its attack, but you will be unable to completely annihilate it.
Flipping it around, you can reduce the effects of your opponents’ attacks in an instant by hitting it with your own attack, or counter your opponents’ attacks by throwing out a greater attack immediately after.
However, since powerful Arts and magic take some time to prepare, you will need enough foresight in able to perform a counter.

Titles have been added.

Event Title:   Indomitable
This is automatically given to the 219 players who have failed with the Fairy Contract Crystal and did not give up. The Fairies of both the players who bear this title, as well as the players who PvP against them, will find it easier to evolve their statuses.

Event Title:   Fairy Neighbor
This is automatically given to players who have gotten along well with their Fairy in the first half.

Event Title:   Fairy Seducer

These will all be implemented at the next scheduled maintenance.

The [One More * Free Life * Online] Management


Finally the Second Half’s announcement is here.
The forums had a lot of requests for a battle tournament, huh.
But a PvP … it might have been the people’s choice, but since it’s the type you don’t have to aim to win as long as you hit the reward amount, I guess I’ll manage somehow?
But there are a lot of players around that love picking on the weak so it’ll be disastrous in lots of ways after the end of the event; I guess I’ll have to be careful?
Maa, it’s pretty different when someone requests a PvP so if I get a nasty one, refusing with a NO is fine; I’m thinking too much.

It would be good if there aren’t a bunch of players who go on a harassing-spree against the crafters using the PvP.
… since there’s a previous offender who was forced to retire there probably won’t be.
No one would repeat the same mistake … that said humans are often too much, but the worries I still have about this are … none I guess.
Rather, I wish there was a clear explanation of the gain of each battle towards status evolution.

If the crafters come together to accumulate PvP battles with each other, just evolving the status once may be a problem; the gain from each battle may be too small.

Later we’ll get all the crafters to come together for a meeting and proceed to try it out.

If I PvP like I would fight a monster, I definitely won’t win, naa.
I’d better research the ways to fight to increase Skill Level.
I wonder how to go about it.

I will finally have a way to get a Fairy ~ … it took so long.

[Hunting Bow]Lv38   [Kicking Assault]Lv5   [Farsight]Lv43
[Wind Magic]Lv43   [Craftsmanship]Lv39
[Cooking]Lv40   [Stealth]Lv31   [Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv12
[Thief]Lv27   [Whip]Lv32

Reserved Skill(s)
[Blacksmithing]Lv22   [Woodworking]Lv21   [Alchemy]Lv34

EXP 14

I did consider the impression of the Title: Fairy Seducer
Since there wasn’t any talks about combat this time there wasn’t any growth.

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  1. Youseitachi no Butoukai – There is 100% no good way to translate this pun in. “Butoukai” can mean a “dance party/ball” or “armed struggle assembly” … so I’m just going to translate it to sound like it’s a title or something and throw the pun explanation down here.

<T/N: Bleh. I don’t find polite language to be that difficult to interpret, so to speak, but they sometimes use more difficult words. Lots of kanji dictionary time lol.
“Aa~ Muzukashii nippongo wakarenai!” ~ Patricia Martin from Lucky Star.
(So many difficult Japanese words I don’t get!)
For those who read the manga: I know, I know, I’m not using “Fairy Whisperer”. I will explain later. >



  1. I’m curious about what are the requirements to get the “Fairy Seducer”.

    Event Title: Fairy Seducer

    mmm… So, you have to do “???” with fairies to get it. I hope this is a up to 18 game o\\o

    … and I hope the isn’t a “Fairy NTR’er” title -o-

    Thanks for the trasnlation.


  2. Mearbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter 😄

    Kicking assauly? Poor assauly.. being kicked around.. they even made a skill just to kick him/her.. this secret event is cruel!! Lol

    Also, hehehe.. our MC is such a player.. seducing all those fairies..


  3. >Fairy Seducer

    oh lawl best title ever.

    Imagine if he’s somehow able to get a humanoid loli girl fairy, and everyone can see the Fairy Seducer title.
    I bet they’ll call the police. 🙂


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