OVRMMO41: Dance of the Fairies Second Half, The Last Dance is Coming

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/N: At long last we can see the end of the Fairy scenario.
However, it’s not like I’m dragging it out, but the actual ending is still further ahead.
I am terribly sorry.

So, for those who say it’s been too long, it’ll be soon that I push the button to go back to the usual.

Dance of the Fairies Second Half, The Last Dance is Coming

With the new arrows, whip, and now the Enhanced Oil, in order to raise the skill levels in real combat, I’ve been repeatedly fighting Bears for the past 2 days.
And then it was Thursday PM, around 10 o’clock.


Currently, to the players who are enjoying “One More * Free Life * Online,” we have an announcement to make.

This point in time marks the end of Fairy PvP, and the period to increase your count of victories has ended.1
Once again, the period to increase your count of victories has ended.

We will now begin tallying the results and tomorrow, Friday, at 7 PM, the 16 players who will take the stage in the final Tournament will be announced.

The details have been added as a new entry to the Official Homepage.
Please check there for more information.

I repeat …


I see, so this event is finally close to ending.
So we’re at endgame huh … I wonder if Zwei and company made it or not … I had heard reports that they’d tried their best.
Well, thanks to that we weren’t able to meet up.

And then, above that, there’s Grandpa Silver and Grad’s discord.
There’s probably no mistake that those two have entered into the 16 people ranks.
If Grandpa Silver had a chance to talk it out, then it would be for the better …
Even if I think that, I know there’s no helping things.

… Since the Hunting Bow and Wind Magic skills just need a little more to get to Lv50, right now I don’t have concentration to spare. That red warning point isn’t there anymore either.


And now I’ve hunted about 3 Bears; pelt and meat have been secured.
It looks like I’ll have the amount of pelts needed to make a cloak pretty soon.
Of course I could have just used money alone to pay for the production request, but it can be quite expensive; a material cost + production cost + labor cost combo is a situation I just can’t manage na, it’s an amount I can’t obtain by my own power.

And now I’m fighting 4 of them; they’re all being pulled in to be defeated.
I’m shooting them with arrows, snagging them with the whip’s blades, kicking them towards the sky, and whole-roasting them with the oil.
Damage done with whip’s Restrain damage has been added to; one hit of the oil with the high-unit cost is highly destructive, and it reduces the hunting time overall.
It would be bad if I became reliant on the oil naa…
A decisive Wind Cutter will put an end to it.

At the moment when that decisive Wind Cutter pierced through and dealt the final blow, an Information Notification came.

『Your Hunting Bow and Wind Magic have both achieved Lv50.
Thereby, you now have the option to evolve Bow and Wind Magic by combining them to become the skill Wind-Blown Bow2; in the case in which you exchange your skills for Wind-Blown Bow, your ability to learn higher level Arts for Hunting Bow and Wind Magic will be disabled, and the Skill Trees of Bow and Wind Magic will be completely erased. It will be impossible to revoke this action once you’ve made it.
Also, the Arts and Magic you have learned up until now will not be erased.』

… fumu, so this is the weapons and magic element technique thing that’s on the Wiki.
It’s not like I don’t have any interest in the higher orders of Wind Magic … however.
To the end, I mainly use magic as support; just because I know some higher levels of magic
Doesn’t mean I’ll get the firepower to go with it, nee.
Let’s go on ahead and do the Elemental Martial Arts; I believe in the good compatibility between the bow and the wind.

It’s just, the necessary EXP is a hefty 10 points. With Hunting Bow and Wind Magic getting to 50, the EXP did increase by 6 points, but then I’ll still have an expenditure of 4 points, huh … well it’s a necessary expense.

In conclusion, with those thoughts I selected YES. The Info gave the warning,
[It is absolutely impossible to reverse this action! Is that alright?]
… how considerate naa; since I didn’t make a mistake, I press YES once more.
[Hunting Bow and Wind Magic have been erased and changed to the Wind-Blown Hunting Bow Skill.]
Is the Information that appeared; a new Bow Skill has been registered there.

Also, the time when Hunting Bow reached 50, a new Arts was registered.
The Arts name is <Gatling Arrow>. It’s a technique for throwing arrows into the air and then rapid firing them as they fall; isn’t this an acrobatic skill? It’s an Art I have that kind of misgivings about.
It seems that the aim could go kind of wild naa; it will probably be something that’s hard to use.

At the time when Wind Magic reached the last 50, I learned a new magic art as well.
Along with that, there’s a magic art I learned at Wind Magic 40 that I have absolutely never had a chance to use that I also need to confirm.

First is <Tornado> from Lv40; it’s a magic that produces a tornado with me in the center, but I don’t have much of a good compatibility with it naa; the aria is also long, so it can’t even serve as a spur of a moment defense magic against long-range weapons; it really has limited uses.

Next is <Fly> from Lv50, it’s truly using magic with blessings from the wind.
Using the wind as your backing you can jump even higher, or you can glide a little in the air.
This one looks like it as a lot of beneficial uses of all sorts; it’s the key to being able to use Bow Arts while airborne.

And now the crucial Wind-Blown Hunting Arrow Skill’s new Arts, <Wide Arrow>.
It’s a bow technique that produces several wind arrows beside the main arrow that spread out in a fan shape…
With this, together with the oil, I’ve gained many different means of attack.

When test shooting, I get that the wind arrows that manifest next to the arrow I shot spread out in a fan-shape, but right now there are only 2 arrows that manifest and it can only become a 3-Way shot.
This is probably the type that will increase the numbers as the Skill level rises.

And so hunting draws to a close.
I head back to the town, hand the Bear pelts over to a leather armor craftsman, and make the cloak commission.
After that I only cook and log out.


And on Friday, within the 16 names that were announced, Zwei and the others’ names weren’t on it, but I found Silver and Grad’s names.
At the lowest requirement, the announcement said, the top 16 people were those with the top winning percentages with a total combat amount of at least 50 PvP, but compared to the other 14 people had a winning percentage of about 55-60%, these two (t/n: Silver and Grad) are overkill monsters who both had a total of over 200 total combat sessions with over 80% winning percentages.

The blocks are divided as A B C D, those 4 blocks; it’s the type of tournament where you win and advance along the chart as posted.
Grad is in A Block and Silver is in D Block; on the forums they’re predicting that these two will probably end up fighting against each other in the finals … it’s very likely that it’ll end up like that.

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv1 NEW!
[Kicking Assault]Lv12 ↑3UP
[Farsight]Lv47 ↑1UP
[Cooking]Lv49 ↑1UP
[Stealth]Lv37 ↑2UP
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv16 ↑2UP
[Thief]Lv33 ↑1UP
[Whip]Lv34 ↑2UP

Reserved Skills

A/N: Earth has obtained a new skill.
And the entire Event has reached its final phase.

We’ve finally made it this far.
Even so, we still can’t see the end.

Added Wind-Blown Hunting Bow’s explanation.

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  1. yousei pvp ni okeru senseki no count o shuuryoushimasu.- The count for Fairy PvP is ended. I mussed with this more than I feel comfortable, but I was translating for formal speech AND to get the meaning of “you can’t add anymore PvP victories anymore ‘cause we’re done” without letting people mistake it for the meaning “we have finished counting up the Fairy PvPs”, all the while trying to keep most of the same word choices. I agree that I have kind of departed a bit from the literal, but I like the result so I’ll just drop a line here to tell people what I did.
  2. Fuujin yumi – Bow of Worldly Desires. Argh, there is NO good way to translate this skill and keep the pun *tear*. With the kanji for “wind” “dust” and “bow”, with “wind” and “dust” meaning either “windblown dust” or “worldly desires,” … there’s only so much I can do. Since it’s a skill, regretfully I translated it more literally.

<T/N: Waaah, last stretch! 5 more chapters and then a sequel and the Fairy arc is more or less over. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! *dies*
btw, I made a mistake last chap, blacksmith was at Lv30.
And thank you GB for your donation! :)>




    1. I have long since given up hopes about catching up with the manga. At least the WN version is more detailed… that’s the only consolation I can give myself.


    1. Not the same kanji. I checked the manga to see how the translators did it there and they translated it Wind God, so I triple-checked all possibilities of the meanings of the combination of kanji, but I can’t justify using Wind God myself. The kanji used is not the “jin” for “kami” (god), but the “jin” for “gomi”(trash/dust).
      The author is just super fond of bad puns so there is slim a chance he means for people to think “Wind God” when hearing it, but there is not enough proof so far for me to make such a gigantic leap in conclusions.


      1. theres also the added pun of it sounding like wind djinn, as in a genie and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F%C5%ABjin is an actual japanese thing. chuunibyous out there don’t just use kanji for puns but the sound also since although this is a written story, only by writing it down has definitive kanji entered into the equation. you are expected to read aloud in your head thereby hearing the sound of the kanji. ofc theres many forms of japanese humour based on the concept of starting off saying one thing but then saying another at the end of the sentence which then forms the start of another misleading sentence. no i cant remember the name for that kind of joke only that many anime have had characters that had a cabaret side job where they employed that kind of humor which mainly works due to the limited possible syllables in japanese


  1. would “dust-devil bow” work for the new skill name? but that is just the feeling i get from your explanation of why you translated it as wind blown bow.


    1. it’s just kind of weird not to have “wind” in the name when it’s a combination of Wind Magic and Bow … it’s just one of those things where you have to compromise to make it readable in english


  2. Since he loses all bow skills and replaces with a magical bow skill, each time he shoots, it should use some mana. If he has no mana, then he cannot shoot an arrow at all.


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