OVRMMO 46.5: Extra Edition The Conclusion, or like the Reactions from Various People

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/N: Normally the things that aren’t in Earth’s field of vision or knowledge are sealed, but today only we’ll release a little bit of it.

Extra Edition The Conclusion, or like the Reactions from Various People

Number 1: The Forum1

Dance of the Fairies Event Content Only Thread No. 27

612: Well the Event closing statement came out, but man.

613: What was with the movements of that archer(?) in the final battle…

614: In the first place is it even possible to do those moves with consumer actions!?

615: But the Game Master was also applauding, so does that mean there wasn’t a cheat?

616: From tomorrow the Bow users are going increase, ne, I totally get it.

617: Or like, that bomb? What was that!? Something like that exists!?

618: I’m also interested in the Queen and Bow user’s huge jumps.

619: Especially when that Bow user scattered the bombs(?), that was an amazing jump.

620: The opinion that the Bow is trash has been shattered to smithereens degozaru.

621: That last combo, is there anyone here who can do that?

622: Impossible, impossible!

623: No way I can.

624: I can do it.

625: Noo-one can.

626: >>624, take a video and post it.

627: Maybe I’ll take Whip, I’ve come to want it, though it seems tough …

628: >>626, I’m sorry, I was just being pretentious, please forgive me.

629: But you know, he dared, without hesitation, to beat the crap out of her.

630: Aa, I can give my evaluation on that.

631: When he was shooting those 7 arrows in her face, I don’t know how many “Hee-!” shrieks she made.

632: But that Queen, just with doing that she didn’t fall, so looks like what that Bow user did was correct…

633: But you know, the Items that guy was using, no matter where I looked, looks like they don’t exist.

634: The bow shape was also really weird. Did that kind of bow exist? Unique?

635: I’m a Woodworking crafter, but that bow isn’t unique, it’s self-made. I saw him when he was making it.

636: Self-made!? The Skills that guy’s taken are too much of a mystery …

637: The freedom this game gives with crafting is really amazing na

638: Don’t pry into other people’s Skills too much, it’s a breach of manners daze-? Let’s keep it to around this degree yo-

639: Either way, the fact is that the bow has clearly been shown not to be a trash weapon.

640: Looks like tomorrow there will be a ton of people using bows gathered in Faust, seriously.

641: You’re probably right, ne, and all frustrated (aside from people with experience)

642: It’s pretty difficult, from what I heard.

643: But watching that kind of makes you want to take it; an official video was also uploaded, ze, the publishers are the Game devs.

644: They work fast, those devs! I’m going to watch it one more time right now!

645: Same as above.

646: Same.

647: Enough of people actually bothering to write that lol

648: Maa, for a while it was a festival, no way he was that prepared up until the end.

649: Hey, you know, do you think that player might be that cook from the beginning jya?

650: … where have I seen him before, I was just thinking that, but that’s it, it’s the cook isn’t it!

651: You mean it’s not some bow-promotion event player from the devs?

652: If it’s that guy I remember him, even though he was made fun of he was a player who didn’t throw away the bow, and now isn’t he reaping the rewards, that guy?

653: Then, a bow user who man-upped and put in a ton of effort is your Final Answer?

654: That’s my Final Answer. That action probably isn’t possible without tampering with a lot of things.

655: That whip shape is also pretty nasty looking … he must be a man without mercy.

656: But usually he’s a really quiet guy you know? Well, when he’s cooking he gets really frantic though.

657: As a body that knows the scramble before in a cooking competition … lol.

658: I’m also interested in that last ring.

659: It’s probably unique, that ring; I want to know what its stats are~

660: I hope he sells it; I’m prepared to turn everything I own into money.

661: No way, it’s too impossible …

662: I don’t need the ring, I want Queen-tan

663: >>662, it might be your heart’s desire, but you can’t carry her away lol

664: If Grad won then he could’ve carried her away probably, naa.

665: It completely ended without him being able to do anything, even though he’s that strong.

666: I got the devil’s number

667: >>666 and exactly what did you get for it lol

668: You guys, lol. Maa, Grad didn’t know any of the Queen’s movements.

669: And right after that Bow user saw it once so he could do it right~; that’s impossible to do yo!

670: But that Bow user’s abilities are probably the real deal; to be able to win just by seeing it?

671: It’s impossible for me, even if I see it I can’t imagine winning against that opponent solo …

672: Or like, that’s an opponent you bring a party to fight

673: And that Bow user won solo … it hurts, owowowow

674: Those bombs were way too strong, they demolished the Queen’s HP in an instant.

675: And right after that wasn’t the combo with that Restrain also amazing? Even the after-images were all on top of each other.

676: That manufacturing method, I want to hear about the production materials. Don’t you guys want to know too?

677: I do.

678: Those are really good items

679: Looks like demand for THOSE is going to grow na

680: I’m thinking he probably used Exploding Ore -, it’s just, if that’s so, I have no idea about the burst of flames.

681: It’s packed in a bottle; I had to pause the video but it’s confirmed.

682: If you pack Exploding Ore to its fullest in there, you’ll just blow yourself up …

683: According the analysis group’s information, it wouldn’t catch fire like that, it just explodes in an instant and that’s it.

684: Explodes in self-destruction?

685: Naturally, that’s why it’s a hard to use, troublesome item that every Blacksmith is having problems with.

686: So that means there’s been requests~?

687: There’ve been, there’ve been, just we haven’t been able to crack open the manufacturing method …

688: It hasn’t come up yet, but haven’t we been forgetting those fiendish looking shoes?

689: On the bottom of his feet there are also a number of stakes zo

690: If it was Real than there’d be a squish and a blood bath huh …

691: Are those also crafted? … no way, ne.

692: Let me destroy that assumption, those he made himself (sincerely, a blacksmith)

693: what … the hell…

694: Then you mean he even took the Blacksmith Skill!? Doesn’t that mean he’s half a crafter!?

695: A fighting crafter … Uwaa, isn’t this a pain, he’s being completely self-sufficient.

696: This, isn’t just trying to figure him out really hard?

697: Even if you brought money into it he’d probably refuse to explain.

698: It’s not an issue with money na– … it’s standard not to reveal your cards.

699: Then let’s try to figure out that guy’s personal fighting style for just a little longer.

700: Don’t you think there’s no way? A guy who creates things himself is the number one most pain in the ass …


Number 2: Grad and Silver

“Mineself is sorry no, that it came to this jya.”

Silver lowered his head to Grad.

“What are you doing old man, lowering your head to me; you got Alzheimer’s or something?”2

The words were abusive, but there was probably some confusion mixed in with it.

“That is not so, Mineself had not realized that Mineself was looking down on thee, and that is why Mineself is offering thee Mine apologies jyayo.”

Is what Silver told him.

“That is why Mineself apologizes; Mineself is truly sorry.”

And once more Silver lowered his head.

“Th, that so, ma, it’s fine. I might have also gotten a little violent for a while.”

Faced with the normally fussy Silver bowing his head, Grad also lost his maliciousness.

“From here is purely a question from one who has fought thee, what will thee do from now on?”

Silver threw this question at him; after all, now that his pride had been broken, like this it wouldn’t be strange for Grad to want to retire in depression.

“Simple; I’m obviously going to get my revenge. Shaming me in front of that many people, that Fairy Queen, I’ll show her, I’ll win with my own way! I’ll show her, in a way different from that Bow user, I’ll win next time!”

This is truly the heart of a challenger who was defeated by a strong warrior.
Gruff but always firmly facing forward, he had returned to the Grad that Silver had first met.
When he saw that, Silver was relieved; it it’s like this then he probably won’t need the scoldings of an old man.

“Then mayhaps Mineself will get revenge on thee, kano. Show Mineself how much stronger thee can get.”


Number 3: ?

The era of the Bow’s obscurity is now over! Our era has arrived noda!

Umu, the time where we can finally carry our operations out in the open has come!

There is no longer any reasons for the bow to lose!

Umu, now those guys who are in a rush after realizing its usefulness can’t laugh freely.

That’s right, there is now a strong warrior in Our midsts noda.

About that, for the man who is Our comrade and yet defeated the Fairy Queen, should We not not extend an invitation to Our Guild? That man, as of now, has not entered any Guild, I heard.

I see, when he sees the depths of Our graciousness he will be moved to tears with gratefulness, is that what you’re saying?

That’s not bad, then is this proposal fine for everyone?

No objections.

No objections.

No objections.

No objections.

As there are no opposing opinions, then everyone, let us solicit that man to Our Guild.


Number 4: ???

Thee was defeated then nou? Queen.

Uu-, I admit I was careless but … are you trying to say if it was you, you would have won!?

Muu, that is a difficult question nou, honestly speaking it would be 50-50 jyana.

Right!? Even though Master3 is always saying not to make light of the power of human creativity, I hadn’t experienced it for myself before.

Comparatively, thou aren’t that frustrated, are thee?

Un, I lost but it turned out to be really fun. Through the ring I can get back at him.

Fumu, I4 have also begun to develop in interest, perhaps I will go meet him kanou.

You caaaan’t! Or like, you aren’t even going to be implemented in the game for a while, right? If you go out like that anyway it’ll be really bad wayo!

You’re going to say such strict things nou? I’d just be going to get a little taste jyaa.

You can’t! If it’s you, then your ‘taste’ will soon turn into something you won’t be able to apologize for! Since before, your ‘tastes’ have all been unforgivable, right?!

How boring nou … it is regrettable but I have no choice but to put up with it wa.

Maa, it can’t be helped, since your setting is an imperial princess of the dragons there’s no way they can send you out right away wayo.


Even if you throw a tantrum it can’t be helped wayo. Then, I will be going wa.

Meeting up with him again e? Is that allowed? If thee thoughtlessly show up to meet with him elsewhere, is it good for thine position? Thee are already decided to be in the Fairy Country.

Uu~ … It was fine that I became Queen, but there’s a lot of annoying things …. But if I didn’t become Queen then I wouldn’t have met him … uu ~~~~!

Ho ho ho, this is thine punishment for teasing I; go on, go do thine job.


A/N: There is no Skill Writeup.
And so it’s like, the bulletin board with Grad and Silver after.
After that it’s a Bow user exclusive Guild and the Queen(?)’s conversations.
I put in 4 short stories.

For the ones who had requested it, did this serve?

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  1. keijiban – though I translate it as forums, the western forums have some differences in culture from the Japanese web bulletin boards. Please keep that in mind.
  2. boke – while it means playing the fool, it can also be an impolite slang for having Alzheimer’s. It seemed to fit the situation well, and though I could have also used “being an idiot”  … sorry, translator’s tastes coming through :p
  3. producer – one of those terms where it’s written as “producer” but read as “master” (in katakana, it is literally Master). I don’t know if it’s important, but better to mark it down than not.
  4. This unnamed person speaks like Silver, but uses a different personal pronoun, so … since I’m lazy Imma just bold and italicize it. There are only so many variations of “I” in English.

<T/n: I was going to try to make the bulletin posts more web-talky, but there are, like, 90 of them, and the way this author writes already taxes my mental thesaurus in trying to get what he says the way he says it across, so … this is a weird side of the internet that has both decent vocabulary and grammar.
And yes, I was DYING laughing while translating the posts. I’m beginning to wonder if the Queen is actually ai…
And now I’m officially out of stuff that I’ve already had parts of translated, so it will take some time for the next … whatever I post lol. You never know, I might get insomnia again …>



  1. Interesting last one. So the more advanced NPC characters know it’s a game. Also we’re going to get a dragon event later on once the game progresses more.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Not neccessarily. It is also possible that some employees at the company who makes this VRMMO are allowed to enter the game with special NPC characters they made.

      If these characters are A.I., then “not yet implemented” would be the same as “not yet existing”. How can you argue with someone who isn’t existing?


      1. well, the author tried to make it ambiguous, and I did too (or like, I haven’t read THAT far ahead so I had to leave it ambiguous), so … *shrugsies*


      2. or they are a very ADVANCED AI that knows that they are just data. besides she regretted becoming a queen, and her avatar was a wolf first. if she was a dev that could take over the queen fairy she wont be complaining becoming a queen. if you say that the wolf was predetermined to become a queen, then the game is just rig wtf. besides there is one glaring flaw in that your argument, if grad have won, then in essences her fairy is now a dev avatar?

        It might be similar to ark, or moonlight sculpture. The special AI exist already, but were just restricted by rules(events) that needs to be cleared. thus you can argue with someone in the game that is just locked away due to event restrictions. i think that these are special ai that have special cognitive awareness, mind you that the setting is a future where you can dive your consciousness into a game, so the tech is already way ahead of us. but hey these is just a theory. a light/web novel theory.

        Liked by 5 people

      3. In a game, you don’t just release what was just programmed, y’know. An update is when new data is implemented, made public. Just think of the Dragon Princess as existing in a closed Beta for developers only.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. “It might be similar to ark, or moonlight sculpture.”

        It could also be similar to 1/2 Prince, or SAO, or Yureka. AI gets real creepy in fiction.


    2. But when an author starts introducing sentinent AIs, the story usually starts trying to make people wonder if the AIs are “real people” and stuff.
      Something like that wouldn’t really fit into a story about a guy who just wants to have fun. That’s like turning One Punch-Man into a philosophical drama…
      Why introduce sentinent AIs if it has nothing to do with the premise of the story, or fit the setting of it?

      It’s not like she has to be a fulltime pet… if she’s a Dev/employee/GM, she can either put the Queen on autopilot or give Grad a copy of herself.
      Besides, she went into that fight knowing very well that she would win. And since she observed her “partner” all this time, she could’ve easily come up with another reason why Grad couldn’t get the queen as pvp-pet even if he didn’t behave like an ass. *shrugs*

      Also, I didn’t read ahead but I was told (no clue if this is true) that the Queen isn’t around the MC 24/7 whenever he’s online. Instead, she only comes from time to time, claiming to be “busy”.
      What could occupy the Fairy Queen if she’s an AI? Because of that, I rather believe that she’s a human who logs into the game as the Fairy Queen in order to visit the MC to get some relaxationtime (and food). If you consider that her role could be to take care of all the issues related to fairies… it would fit.
      You have a dedicated GM to take care of things, and he/she would even fit into the world’s lore!

      Win-win for a game-company I would say.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That was really fun. Though I feel sorry for the author getting pestered into doing it, it does make the world just that much richer. Thank you so much for translating!


  3. Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

    “this is a weird side of the internet that has both decent vocabulary and grammar.” What, like a BBS for gamers that are actually all English majors? …I’d join. 😛

    Liked by 2 people

      1. lol, no, they use a lot of slang and stuff. Just… it would have taken 2-3xs longer for me to make it slang-y without losing a more accurate translation, so I left it like this.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. That guy actually has guildmembers? Seeing him in the manga I started to believe he was the only member of his guild, because that would be so sad it would be funny.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. rofl thanks for the translations of this really fun read.
    If your going to pump out material like this when you have insomnia Red Bull is pretty tasty and comes in many diferent flavors…
    Also my favorite coffee 6-shot White Chocolate Mocha with half shots Caramel/Vanilla flavor with whipped cream on top. xD


    1. lol. i had some of it already translated before the insomnia. When I can’t sleep, I mindlessly finish things I started, but I don’t start new chapters. So … I guess now I’ll build up more stuff in case I get insomnia again lol


    1. … if it turns into a mindless harem, my desire for translating it will drop a lot… but no. It is still vrmmo slice of life


    2. tbh iI wouldn’t mind that much if it turned into a harem but I doubt it would turn into one. Even it having serious romance doesn’t seem likely, I think the most we would get would be Earth getting caught up with the Fairy Queens shenanigans.


  5. I’ve been thinking of the relationship between these two sisters when I read the manga. I’m very glad someone is doing the translation for it. Thank you very much.


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