I just realized I never said where I was going. By the way, I just returned from 10-ish days in Japan!

And when I say ‘just returned’ I mean, like, an hour ago. So, uh… I’m really tired, and will just leave you with some pictures I took.

I’m planning on writing a quick post later about the trip, mostly about what to expect while traveling in Japan/things about Japan for writers/artists who, like me, love to write about Japan in fiction despite not having been there (until now), but not tonight!


      1. I’ll happily partake of any instalments you decide to distribute. As for the jetlag I’d suggest a comfortable chair, a good pair of over the ear headphones (not earbuds), one of the Van Morrison and/or Bonnie Raitt playlists on Youtube, and a bottle of Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea. Stay barefoot and enjoy the heavenly tunes from Van or Bonnie and just vegitate until the smile is permenantly tattooed on your face. Poco, Little RIver Band, Little Feat, or The Band are acceptable alternatives, and will complete the cure.


    1. funnily enough, Hachiko the dog statue is in the heart of Shibuya, right in front of Shibuya Station and that crazy 3,000 people intersection, and the Godzilla statue is right off the Ginza(ish).
      There’s just a ton of greenery in the cities, even in metropolitan Tokyo, and that’s something I really enjoyed about Japan’s cities. It’s nice that they didn’t tear out all of the old, historical buildings and parks to put up high-rises

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      1. Did you eat any of the local specialties? Any chance you’d put them in Fluvia’s upcoming festival…. Is original Fluvia japanese? Her hospital food seemed more western than anything.


  1. Welcome back! Thats cool man I love to go to Japan too some days but don’t have the money… 😅

    Looking forward for the bloggs


  2. welcome back, glad you survived that Godzilla attack, would have been sad if Wfb was ending because of the author being transformed into giant mutant lizard poop

    now back to work! i need my fix *bloodshot eyes*

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