OVRMMO31: Dance of the Fairies Second Half, Looks Like it’s Impossible for Me

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Dance of the Fairies Second Half, Looks Like it’s Impossible for Me

After the maintenance finally cleared up, “One More”’s first big event, [Dance of the Fairies] Second Half begins. Though strictly speaking it’s a Battle Tournament1.

The first thing I did on logging in was check my Titles; I have the Indomitable title so I open my Title screen to set it to active. There,

[Title: Fairy Seducer]

is forcibly equipped … .

Title: Fairy Seducer

This title is given to those who are thoroughly loved by Fairies. This title is unable to be unequipped.

Termination condition …. Participate in the event’s Fairy PvP once.

What. The. Hell.
I didn’t hear about this.
… or like, even though I was seriously waiting for this!
So what? If I take this title, I can’t have a Fairy!?
Why the hell would you do this!?

While I’m drawn into this spiral of panic, groaning “un un”, for some reason weird, sharp glances from the surrounding players are painful.
Was my groaning standing out in a weird way?

“He’s got a rare title…”

“Oo, there’s actually a guy with the Fairy Seducer title over there.”

“Take a screenshot, a screenshot!”

Ge. Don’t tell me this title is the type that other people can see!?
Even though each and every person’s status screen shouldn’t be able to be seen… that’s how it’s supposed to be …
Thinking that I so-ftly move to use the glass of a nearby NPC store as a mirror and check above me …. gyaaaaaaa! The title is displayed above my head!?
What’s with this harassment!? Is that what the management’s going for!?

Naturally you can choose whether or not to display normal titles overhead or not but normally no one displays it; I mean isn’t that expected? In the VR world, having words above your head bobbing as you move is pretty weird, right?
To clarify further, try thinking about how it looks in “real”.
What if you saw, within a congested crowd of people, for some reason there’s someone there with the words “Fairy Seducer” dancing overhead?
It totally stands out right? Even more so because it’s super strange.
That kind of situation is …..

I open the Title Screen in a hurry to fix it, hitting the option repeatedly to change it to hidden.
But the management’s harassment had a continuation.

[This title may not be hidden until the end of the event or you terminate it.]

was the warning message that popped up.
Even this is official??? The title isn’t just written above my head, the final blow is that it’s flashing in 7 colors you know? There’s no way this won’t stand out.
There’s a huge crowd of people, but please don’t blame me for being in the orz pose2.
I never thought the day would come where I would seriously take this pose, not just in chat.

The ones who came to comfort that orz me were the Fairies of other players.
A snake-like Fairy came and nuzzled my hand; a fox-like Fairy came and *pero pero* licked my cheek.And then a rare, large, human-shaped Fairy patted my head as if to say, “good kid, good kid”.
This scene was completely recorded in screen capture videos, and when I found out and saw it, the fact that I agonizingly fainted in embarrassment is another story.

Since the Title: Fairy Seducer attracted too much attention already I explain everything about it to the people surrounding me … shyness-play at this age is too much like hell.
It’s probably not worth trying to declare war on the management with some kind of counterattack.
There has to be some way …. you guys better remember this… tsu.

If that’s the case, “Then, just fight one time to get rid of the title” is where the discussion quite naturally led to.
As expected I most definitely don’t want to walk always pulling this title around.
Hurry up and fight once to get rid of it, right; let’s do this.

“Then sorry, but can I ask for just one Fairy PvP with someone?”

I try and ask, and the female player who owns the fox Fairy that had just been licking my face stepped forward with a “Then I will” as an introduction.
I am beyond happy right now that such active cooperation came … tears will come out ze.

[Elise requests an Event PVP. Will you accept?]
is what the girl floated up towards me; after that I just need to answer “YES” and fight and it’s all good.
So I’m about to press YES when … there’s something hitting my leg.
Wondering what it was I look down … right there is the fox Fairy nudging my shin with it’s nose.

With a “Wait a sec” request to Elise I turn back to the fox Fairy with a hug.
I ask, “I’ll give a listen, are you trying to tell me something?” to see what will happen.
When I asked a question in the previous dungeon, the Fairies used their actions to respond to me.
Since there was something written about the Fairies’ egos coming out in the update, I thought I’d better properly listen to them.

But the fox did nothing but stare at me.
… no, to be precise it’s staring at the [PvP Acceptance Confirmation] window.
Don’t tell me.

“Ummm, so you … DON’T want to fight?”

I try to ask. At that it vertically nodded its head several times and then began to rub against me.
Reacting to the soft and fluffy fox Fairy’s unexpected actions, its master Elise cried out

“E-even though I never get that kind of skinship3!?”

a bit teary-eyed.
As expected with the Fairy like this, my willingness to press YES has been blown away somewhere.
I press NO and refuse the PvP.
… and after I refuse the fox suddenly became playful, and with Elise crying out “C-come baaaaack~!” in a teary voice it started to turn into chaos,
This situation is turning into kind of a black mark on my history and it’s completely transmitted to the players surrounding us …

“It’s Fairy seduction alright.”

“Aa, there’s no mistake, it’s a natural Fairy Seducer.”

“That title doesn’t lie, huh, can’t deny it.”

“Can’t we attack him in a dark alley? We can’t just let him be …”

So, tragically Fairy Seducer became famous in one swoop and it’s become a mess.
Just what have I done-! When I yell that,

““““““Seduce a Fairy (right?) ””””””

was the comedic response everyone took, and I collapse into my second orz.
When I did the surrounding Fairies once again came to comfort me, and also, as expected, Fairy Seducer’s bad reputation spread out in a vicious cycle.


Just in case, the players around tried to help and issued Fairy PvP challenges to me.
The results are all the same … With sad, abandoned puppydog eyes they’d turn to face me appealing that they don’t want to fight.
With them acting like this, would I be able to hit them? Shoot a bow at them?
You can say I’m incompetent, but I can’t do it!

In less than 30 minutes since I logged in, just like the time with the cook uproar, I’ve become famous; the days of shame with the title have begun.

But of course I don’t seriously hold a grudge against the specifications the management has made …

[Hunting Bow]Lv38   [Kicking Assault]Lv5   [Farsight]Lv45
[Wind Magic]Lv43   [Craftsmanship]Lv39
[Cooking]Lv40   [Stealth]Lv32   [Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv12
[Thief]Lv30   [Whip]Lv32

Reserved Skill(s)
[Blacksmithing]Lv25   [Woodworking]Lv24   [Alchemy]Lv35

ExP 16

Title: Fairy Seducer
Hidden Effect: If you attempt to Fairy PvP, the opponent’s Fairy will try to Appeal with all their might that they don’t want to battle. It’s an Appeal using deep affection to try to interrupt the fight.

You can’t initiate a Fairy PvP yourself.

These effects are not disclosed to the Players.

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  1. butoukai x2 pun, “It’s the butoukai(Dance) of the Fairies, but actually it’s butoukai(fight association)”
  2. orz – with the “o” being the head, the “r” the arms planted on the ground, and the “z” the legs bent at the knee on the ground, it’s an emoticon pose of dropping to the ground on all fours in despair.
  3. skinship – the idea of getting closer with physical contact, but not sexually. (Though, as everything, innuendos are capable of ruining everything.)

<TN:  Waaah, this one took almost no time to translate. Wonder why. Maybe it just felt like it didn’t take any time because I had a lot of fun translating Earth’s reactions.
Now I can explain why I used “Fairy Seducer” instead of “Fairy Whisperer”.
The “tarashi” in the title “Youseitarashi” doesn’t just mean affection or charm; it also has a dirtier side to it that means deception.
“Onnatarashi”, or “Woman seducer” (aka a playboy) has the connotation of a man (or woman) who swindles his way into women’s hearts, aka seduction. It’s a term often used when confronting cheating boyfriends.
“Youseitarashi” doesn’t have quite as bad a vibe as “onnatarashi”, since “onnatarashi” has more social context bg, but you can understand that Earth isn’t only upset that he’s standing out with the title over his head; to some degree the content is also embarrassing. It increases the “don’t call me that!” factor significantly.
Also it felt like it would be a shame to cut the direct foreshadowing from the incident where Earth was playing with Zwei+co’s Fairies.

For the manga translator’s sake “Fairy Whisperer” isn’t technically wrong. I don’t like changing the major terms that the general fanbase is used to unless there are major mistrans, so I spent a long time flipflopping between the two.>




      1. i think the manga is more slapstick comedy, while the novel is funny because it’s just earth freaking out. Well, Earth’s blank face of despair when he found out about the title in the manga was pretty funny too.


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