OVRMMO37: Dance of the Fairies Second Half, Even though it’s the Final Stages of the Event

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A:N: After a lot, we are beginning to move to the climax.

Dance of the Fairies Second Half, Even though it’s the Final Stages of the Event

“Oo, thee over there, thou who bearest the title of Fairy Seducer jya, would thee not waitst a moment?”

In the middle of town I was called to stop with very, very old-fashioned words.

“… uuuum, am I the one who meets your expectations?”

There’s probably no mistake it’s me, but responding like this is for something called form’s sake.

“That’s right, thee there jyayo … for a while, does thee hast some time?”

It’s an old man player … I think?
The character appearance is that of an experienced, silver-haired warrior with silver hair, long beard, and a moustache.
His equipment is … heavy armor and a two-handed axe, huh?

“There’s no need to worry about that. Is it some kind of consultation?”

Recently there’ve been a lot of these incidents; I guess it can’t be helped, since this title glittering overhead stands out.
I have no choice but to bear with it during the event; just be patient a little longer.

“It may be a consultation, as thee callst it. For a while, let’s discuss this with thee in a place of fewer people jyaga.”

Uumu, I guess there’s a reason for it. I’ll try going along with him.

“Then, please lead the way to a place where we can talk.”

It was probably about a 10 minute walk.
He led me to a house that didn’t have many signs of people around.
Taking the pains to go this far … I wonder what he wants to discuss.

He offered me a chair and with a “At thy will, if thee wouldst, please sit,” and so I obediently sat.
He also offered me something to drink, and then taking a breath he began his story.

“To begin with, mine apologies for not being forthwith jyaga, but Grad, would thee hast met with the man calleth thus?”

I don’t have any memories of meeting him, and I don’t know the name, so I reply by shaking my head left and right.

“Is that so … it’s been said that man was getting involved with those who beareth the title Fairy Seducer, so there was the thought that thee wouldst also have been involved jyaga.”

Fuumu, here I pose a question.

“Sorry, but can I ask a question? This Grad, how do you know him?”

At that the old man in front of me nodded his head.

“Oo, this won’t do, to have forgotten to give mine name, this is a great discourtesy.
Mineself is called Silver, just a simple old man jyayo.”

Silver-san huh … there’s absolutely no way he’s just an old man na.
Both his weapon and armor alone are noticeably first-class equipment, and his roleplaying abilities are high with no hesitancy in his persona at all; it’s not just a little bit, he’s a man who is far above myself.
If it wasn’t for this title we would absolutely never have a chance to talk na, there’s no mistake.

“And now to respond to thy question jyagana. That man was one of mine party members jyayo; though his behavior was a bit problematic, it was by no means horrendous; a tank … as thee couldst call it? As that implies, that man was the first in front with the abilities to protect everyone, purely a warrior who, no matter how one saw that man, was a man with more than enough strength jya.”

Fumu, but this is all past tense …

“And then something or other happened that caused him to be separated from the party, huh …”

Right, when I muttered that, Silver’s white eyebrows twitched slightly.

“This discussion is moving along quickly. It’s just as thee hast said, jyayo, that man becameth impudent jya.
‘You all are only able to fight because I’m handling the front,’ were like that man’s favorite words.
Certainly Mineself recognizes that man’s abilities; it’s thanks to that man that the amount of battles we are able to fight are unusually large.
Jyaga, but that man cannot fight alone; that is what that man has yet to realize.”

So saying he sadly let out a sigh, then gulped down his drink.

“Certainly it wasn’t anything like Mineself not supporting that man at all. Often while scolding that man jyaya, ‘It is not like Mineself does not know thy strength, but jyagano, conceit does no good,’ Mineself will say … but jyaga that man only sees it as the preaching of a fussy old man and doesn’t listen deno, and that man will just say, ‘Oi oi, you’re just scolding me, haven’t you had enough?’”

I see, it’s kind of like Silver has taken him in hand and is treating him like a grandchild na.
Right now I totally understand how that situation can come about … though I’m too old to be his grandchild.

“But despite the way things were, the party continued to stay together right? His behavior aside.”

I try to ask; I have yet to understand why I was called out for a discussion.

“That’s right jya, and the main part starts from here jyaga. This time’s event is involved with those cute children, the Fairies, isn’t it jyarou? Of course Mineself as well immediately went to contract with one jyagano … but you know, Grad was the only one who failed jyayo, to make a contract.”

Mu, just like me huh … even if the stats say that there were 219 people who failed, this is the first time I’d directly heard of a(nother) failure dana. I probably just don’t have good human relations.

“Grad was furious; ‘Why did I fail, when everyone else succeeded!’ he would roar loudly  … Naturally ourselves tried to encourage him while trying not to spoil the atmosphere jyaga, but it was counterproductive deno, and made Grad even angrier …
‘You guys can only say it because you succeeded!’ and the like …
And it was a mess …”

I haven’t met this man called Grad in person so I can’t really make a judgment on his character, but with everyone around him succeeding, and he’s the only one who can’t use what they can, I guess I can see why he’d get upset … his behavior aside I can at least understand the reason.
I understand the reason, but I probably wouldn’t lash out at everyone around me.

Now that I think about it…

“Silver-san, what about your spirit? I somehow get that you have one, but I can’t see its form.”

When I said that, Silver said, “Oo, Mineself had it hide its form jyattano; it’s fine to come out.” … while his voice was still resounding, the Fairy softly revealed it’s form.
… a Light … Valkyrie!? This is the first time I’ve seen such a clearly human-shaped Fairy!?

“As thee canst see, this child is Mineself’s partner, Mineself’s Fairy jyawai. To avoid standing out too much, normally she’s hidden jyayo. It’s a kind of thing that bends light like an optical camouflage.”

Looking like that, they’ll certainly stand out if she isn’t hidden; it’s obvious with that form.
I wonder if this isn’t the Fairy with the highest ranking status.
… no way.

“This may be extremely impolite, but could it be that this girl, from the start …?”

Because I sensed a connection I ask just to see.
“Yes, Mineself was able to contract with such an amazing child right away jyayo. For Mineself to use words of comfort, he probably could only hear sarcasm …
For Mineself especially … it was truly a dire blunder jyatta.”

… With one breath Silver downed his drink.

“Grad became aggressive against Mineself. It became impossible to talk with him jyagano.
While it was just towards Mineself it would still have been fine, before he caused the other party members trouble it was still over-lookable. After all he’d been a member for such a long time jyakarano, if it were possible to end things peacefully, the relations could still be repaired jyaganou …”

“Now it’s not possible.” He murmured this sadly.
Silence settles in. Seeing her master worried, the Light Valkyrie softly touched Silver’s shoulder.
Silver only replied, “My apologies …” and then placed his hand on top of the hand the Light Valkyrie left on his shoulder.

“As one might expect, this matter became too large jya … and that man became too high-handed.
No matter how long thee have known each other, good manners are still necessary jya. After losing thy manners it is simply throwing a tantrum … that man felt only he had been left behind, that it was only himself who was isolated without any blessings, and in the end he began to verbally abuse those who tried to call out to him. For this Grad who up til now had been able to remain in the party … though Mineself did not wish for such an ending jyattaga, as the role of party leader was left to Mineself the responsibility was mine … and so Mineself forcefully expelled Grad from the party …”

Right there he let out a huge sigh.

“Grad left these final words, ‘You’d better remember this! I’ll make you regret it!’
Ourselves were unable to do anything else. If Mineself had tried a little more, just a little more …
If Mineself had handled it more skillfully it wouldn’t have come to this.
After that, in the Second Half Grad … he repeatedly PvPed like he had gone mad jya, and Mineself has heard the story that he is accompanied by a Dark Fairy clad in black flames like a fox spirit.”

Uu-mu … My uneasy feelings when I previously worried about what would happen if someone in party failed to contract a Fairy seems to have been realized.
I’m not sure how much of Silver’s story is factual, but it seems this Grad character has some faults too.
If Silver’s story is correct, that is.

“I understand your story, but as it is, the reason you’ve established this Grad guy’s character is?”

Silver bowed his head in agreement.

“Mineself still has responsibilities. Mineself has also been repeatedly participating in PvPs.
Mineself is trying to enter the last 16 people. Thee might understand if Mineself tried to avoid the connection Grad and Mineself have … jyakarano, but you know, meeting like this to exchange blows and scold him is something Mineself cannot ignore. This is the role of an old man jyate.
And there’s something else; that man, Grad has been unreasonable forcing PvPs on those who bear the title of Fairy Seducer … he has decided to see them as his targets for revenge, perhaps.
Jyakara that’s why Mineself has done all Mineself can do and gone about giving warnings jya … of course if thee wants to fight what comes out of my mouth has no meaning, but if thee wishes to preserve the title that thou has had until now … then thee wouldn’t want to fight right jyarou?

“That’s all,” and Silver stood, to take his leave.

“Jyakara, like Mineself has said, though Mineself doesn’t know what that man would say, thee should not get too involved with him.
… especially since thee is popular with Fairies. In order to get his revenge he will associate thee with them and try to call out to thee… the revenge has no meaning what so ever, it’s simply pointless jyawai.”

I see … for now I’ll take that advice and prepare myself.
Specifically coming to tell me in person instead of sending a mail means that it’s a warning that he wanted me to hear as soon as possible.
It’s not good to just swallow the story as is, but I don’t sense anything that tells me he’s trying to trick me.

“I’m grateful for your warning, thank you for taking your time.”

Is the reply I returned; for now I can’t say anything other than this.

“Then Mineself shall take mine leave. To thy good health.”

With those parting words, Silver left together with his Light Valkyrie.
Oh boy, I’d like it if nothing happened, naa.
Maa, I should be thankful that I even got a warning beforehand.
Anyway it looks like I won’t be able to put it out of mind until the end of the event.

[Hunting Bow]Lv38   [Kicking Assault]Lv5   [Farsight]Lv45
[Wind Magic]Lv43   [Craftsmanship]Lv43
[Cooking]Lv48   [Stealth]Lv32   [Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv13
[Thief]Lv30   [Whip]Lv32

Reserved Skill(s)
[Blacksmithing]Lv25   [Woodworking]Lv24   [Alchemy]Lv35

ExP 16

A/N: A lot of talk … and no combat.
It’s a plain story this time.

This time, being clad in dark flames -> slave is not true;
It’s just because it’s a Dark Fairy that its fire is blackish (sweatdrop).
On top of that it’s a “youko” fox spirit so it’s clad in fox fire, but because of it’s element it’s all black.
It’s misleading isn’t it, I’m terribly sorry.
The descriptions aren’t sufficient.

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  1. onushi – meaning “you”, used by old samurai.

<T/N: … this author’s notes, I swear. I’d consider just not translating them, but sometimes they’re interesting, and if I’m going to translate some of them, I should translate all of them …>



  1. thanks k.linH !!!!

    well rendered chapter.
    much more dramatic than the manga version …

    but.. no action, no crafting … I’ll be happy when that fairy arc will finish.


    1. or at least for the part of the fairy arc where earth basically does nothing.
      I guess the author’s just world-building, but…. x.x

      Luckily the next few chapters will pick up. I think. I only gave them a quick glance so far.


    1. the chapter wasn’t too difficult but it was long and wordy … and I got a bit tipsy and kind of had to redo all the translations i did one day.


  2. Wow just wow, that old man Silver… other than putting a lot of time and effort he’s also a senior pro hardcore role playing gamer…
    No wonder that he’s one of top of the line player…. 😵


  3. Did anyone else find that dudes style of talking annoying AF!? That made my eyes bleed. I seriously hope he never comes back, but knowing these kinds of stories Earth is gonna party with him… Fuuuuuuuuu-


    1. lol, I doubt he’ll be back much, but I have gotten enough complaints about the “jyaga”s that if he ever does, I … will do my best to get that kind of talking style across without the Japanese insertions.
      It’s just a little (lot) more work for the translator…


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