OVRMMO36: Dance of the Fairies Second Half, Retribution Extra Edition, Once More …

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/N: When talking about retribution, it’s popular to use it in the hate sense, but if it was originally a hateful thing it will end in hate, if it was a good thing it will end in good, there’s that kind of Buddhist saying.

Dance of the Fairies Second Half, Retribution Extra Edition, Once More …

That day I was leisurely hunting, and from hunting I got my hands on some great meat for frying, for making steak, and for stewing; it was a truly a laid-back time spent.

And then when I had finished making food, I’ll put out a stall …and that’s where this story begins.

“’Scuse me, are you free for a sec?”

The voice that flew out is, oya, this person is from the other day’s PvP’s …

“Aa, I don’t mind, is it some kind of consultation?”

The one I’m talking to is that Slave Fairy user from before.
The man who managed to control himself before hitting his Fairy after losing the PvP.
The Fire wolf Fairy is also across from me; for now it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a complete separation.
THAT isn’t really something I want to see na.

“Since you have that title overhead I thought you could help …”

Aa, so in other words it’s like that.

“So you want me to mediate and help you reconcile with your Fairy?”

The response was a single “So you get it huh…”muttered.
Actually I’ve kind of taken several requests for some consultations already.
Anyway, calling “Come over” to the Fire wolf Fairy across from me, and raising my hand to pet its head; I don’t know if it’s because of my title, but it doesn’t refuse me na.
For the time being, in order to listen to his story I don’t have a chance to escape so I’ll have to do this to some extent … aa mou, even if being a seducer of Fairies is supposed to be good I don’t want it; keeping calm is most important, that’s right.
It’s not like I actually mean to seduce it-!

“Just putting this out there, but is this about that video?”

It looks like it will be long so I cut to the point.
Ma, to some degree giving advice is the duty of someone who’s seen many years like me.

“… that’s right, though it’s laughable.”

How it stands, listening to the details, until now there he hadn’t played any games where a pet has returned a dissatisfied and rejection response; in that way, for this game’s Fairies to do those things is pretty good if you think about it.

In particular, there are times when the orders aren’t clearly carried out, and they’ll take meals and even show some cravings; all the information we still don’t understand has increased in one breath.
Even if you look at the Info Sites the information is complicated; even for those of the analyst group that are the best at working out the correct data aren’t able to increase the amount of information.
When he couldn’t find anymore information, apparently he saw a player hitting a Fairy in dissatisfaction to get it to follow orders.

So that’s how it is, it’s best to treat them like you’re training beasts; that’s what he thought at the time.
It worked fine in the First Half; during PvP combat it was just like a servant~ at his side fighting, and it wasn’t particularly hard to handle so wasn’t it fine?

However in the Second Half the egos were 100% released and turned his world upside down.
The times where it won’t listen even if he hit it increased, and in trying to fix it he hit it more.
That was the vicious cycle he fell into …
It’s like when you use unreasonable violence and call it childraising …
You can call him a Slave Fairy user, but actually it was this kind of feeling of not understanding how to treat his Fairy; there’s probably a lot of guys who unknowingly reached this dead-end from their abusive actions.

“Just when I was getting desperate … that video you know? It was a huge shock.”

That Penalty Battle that video turned into, huh?
… I completely agree in that regard.

“Aa, that certainly was … na.”

If you think about it, thanks to that video the analyst group’s info has become more complete.
One of the analyst group even said “I never thought you would actually lose it.”
If only the information was known sooner; to say that is probably unfair.

If the wrong information spreads, more than using Info Sites as a medium, there’s a danger of a large amount of people spreading the wrong information.
Therefore the most accurate information as possible is needed … no matter what a precedent is necessary lots of examples are needed so that information will be truth that cannot be overturned.
And so, in order for that precedent to pass through for information related to Fairies, the confirmation of information is delayed; also the majority of the people who upload to the Info Site are usually proceeding by feeling it out from a position where they don’t know anything.
… It’s like the information originates from people moving while wearing blindfolds.
While that might be a funny thought, there’s bound to be discrepancies with this unreasonable thought.

“Maa, when the second half of the event came, the information about the distance I should have between me and my Fairy has also increased; it’s still possible for me to make up him.”

that’s what the owner of the Fire wolf Fairy said.
This guy realized his own behavior himself, seeming to want to walk in the direction of having a peaceful relationship with his Fairy; he wasn’t told how to do it the first time.
In order to proceed, it will be good if he takes it one step at a time to find his own way.

“For your advice, I’m not sure what you’ll take, but I have gold to some degree…”

To those words, “You’ll need your gold, so please put it back,” was my immediate reply.
Picking up gold for a consultation like this is against my principles.
Not to mention, having expectations that it will all work out because you took out some gold is a dangerous mindset to have; reality isn’t gold after all.

“I’ll give my advice; whether or not you want to follow it is your freedom.”

With that preface in advance I began giving my advice.
For now, fight together, and when it’s time to take a break, rest with each other.
When it’s time for a meal, then take it together; for a while you should assume fairly good meals.
Aside from that, it may be difficult but, like when you’re dealing with a player you joined a party with, when the battle’s over and you’re heading back to town try saying “Good job” to it.
Like that, try presenting several of those types of behavior.

“Recently the Fairy-related information has been steadily accumulating. If you interact with it according to that information, don’t you think you’ll get a little closer to reconciliation?”

Concluding like that, I passed him some of the kara’age1 I just finished frying.
The Fire wolf Fairy user was bewildered and said, “Eeeh, this is for…?”

“This is a special service. Try eating it together with your Fairy.”

Like that, the example of a meal has been handed over.
Because the so-called first step is crucial.
The Fire wolf Fairy user timidly presented the kara’age in front of his Fairy, between the two of them.
The Fire wolf Fairy sniffed at the scent several times, then took the kara’age in its mouth.
The Fire wolf Fairy’s user also stuffed his cheeks together with it.

“Like that, that’s good. The way you’re eating food together is important.”

Having safely given it a meal, it was a success and the relief caused them both to loosen up a little and, slowly crouching down, from the Fire wolf Fairy user’s back you could hear his voice.

If the first step is successful, it will become something people will get used to.
After that, if he doesn’t imitate the behavior of beating it in a temper, their relationship should gradually improve … there’s nothing else that will do except to do this again and again patiently.

“Thank ya … I didn’t know what to do …”

Is the thanks that came from the Fire wolf Fairy user. After this it’s all up to him.
He’s taken the first step, so now he has to proceed along himself.
In the relationship with his Fairy, and also in his future actions.

“Don’t worry about it, I just did it ‘cause I felt like it.”

I guess it’s the place of a human born earlier to be nosy.
Ma, it’s not like I’m a splendid teacher if I can even be called that, naa.
And then, together with the fire wolf spirit, he took his leave.

After that, on the event’s last day, I happened to get the chance to see the fire wolf spirit user there, spectating the PvP … at that time the fire wolf spirit’s black aura was no longer there.


Since the skills didn’t grow in this extra, there is no Skill Writeup.

The conditions for acquiring “Fairy Seducer”

In the First Half …
Having the experience of playing with Fairies to a certain degree.
Excluding players’ Fairies, having the experience of playing with Fairies of at least 3 different elements to a certain degree.
Excluding players’ Fairies, having collaborated with Fairies.
If you more than fulfill this, all Fairies will have a favorable impression of you.
Because the frequency for it to trigger is high, Fairies will largely move in favorability.

There are 10 with the title. 7 are players with Fairies, 3 are players without Fairies.

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  1. kara’age – I give up. I can’t put “fried rabbit nuggets” without cringing inside, so kara’age will remain untranslated now. Because kara’age is its own type of food, and the closest thing we have is chicken nuggets, but it’s not chicken … gah.

<T/N: Oh thank goodness, no more mopey weird A/N. Those were kind of a buzzkill to translate. Anyway, I will be exiled visiting a place without internet next weekend, so that along with the maelstrom that is currently my life will make it difficult to upload the next chap in a timely fashion. Also, the chapter is a bit longer.
That being said, we should be getting back to crafting in a few more chapters.>



    1. I get the impression it isn’t possible. Trying to do so would certianly trigger a Revenge Duel on the spot, likely buffed to all hell.

      And those who are mistreating their pets seem to be doing so due to a misunderstanding, considering the fae to be just random tools instead of true AI with Ego. There are few truly malicious people.


  1. I want him to get a pet already. I am curious what he will get?

    I am thinking a Legendary Quality humanoid of some kind? Perhaps a Gnome like in The Gamer?

    Someone who can travel with him and actually talk and chat, ending his solo gaming loneliness at least a little.


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