OVRMMO 35: Dance of the Fairies Second Half, Retribution Latter Part

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/N: This is a continuation from the previous dark story.
I have resigned myself to take criticism, even if the opinions are that you hate it.
But I won’t change the story.

Dance of the Fairies Second Half, Retribution Latter Part

Two days have passed since the previous PvP with the Slave Fairy user.
Since then I haven’t seen any Fairies that were Slave Fairies, at least not in my range of vision.

In the first place, the people who have done enough abuse to be hated to that degree are actually a pretty small group; the majority of players tend to give decent treatment.

This is probably also because enough time has passed that the result from treating Fairy’s with violence has come about and the information has been spread around.
For the most part, the people who treated their Fairies poorly apologized to them; along with improving their treatment, they also accepted the Fairies’ refusals. This extreme change in behavior is to avoid the deterioration of their relationships with their Fairies.
It’s become one of the most looked at topics in the forums.
The forums’ “How to improve your relationship with your Fairy” thread is always flooded with people.

Before throwing away a battle potential that you can only obtain once in an event or not at all, you should take care to put in the little bit of effort needed to improve the relationship; that kind of thinking naturally spread and the number of Slave Fairy users began to decline.

It’s not necessary to spoil them; just not exploiting them, fighting together, taking time off together, sharing food together, and treating them like partners will slowly and surely build up trust.
Even for the players who somehow hated the idea of doting on their Fairies, if it’s treating the Fairies like partners then it’s fine.

But there will always be exceptions in any world.
Like the people who continue to push forward until they can’t turn back anymore.

That type of situation was captured in a video, and was uploaded to a certain video site.
The things that can identify the person, like the name, were off-course blurred out …
That video is the biggest reason for the reduction of Slave Fairy users.
That video is over, but let’s recall that one story about what happens when the relationship with a Fairy becomes the absolute worse it could get.


That video is a recently often uploaded PvP battle scene.
This time’s story revolves around a player accompanied by a large tiger-like Earth Fairy.
That large tiger Earth Fairy is also putting out that black aura.
In other words, it’s a Slave Fairy.

The PvP battle was reaching its climax, neither side being at a great advantage or disadvantage.
Both of their HPs have only about 10% left to go; it’s a tense situation where getting hit with one more Intermediate Level magic Arts would lead to losing.
It’s the last sortie; the tiger Fairy’s player gave orders to his Fairy, and in accordance to those orders the Fairy triggered an Earth wall-like magic.
After that he just needs to lie in wait for his opponent to come running from the left or right, then launch an attack at him.

But the opponent decided to hold back until the wall disappeared.
In just a little bit of time the Earth wall like magic will certainly disappear.
The opponent and his Fairy, using its own discretion, shot out magic together where it disappeared.
Launching the surprise attack when the wall disappears, it’s an opening you can aim for, and the tiger Earth Fairy player tragically took a direct hit and lost the PvP.
If we’re talking about up to here, it’s just one of the PvP’s usual combats ending.
However, in this video the main attraction starts from here…

That tiger-shaped Earth Fairy’s player must have been quite irate.
“Why didn’t you protect me right there! You’re a tool, right!
You’re what the developers sent as main support, right! You’ve got no point to existing aside from protecting your master! Don’t screw with me!”
He screamed something like this.
And in response the tiger-shaped Earth Fairy shook its head grandly 2, 3 times.

You have the freedom to handle your Fairy however you want. In regards to that, no one has any room to speak against it.
However … the Fairy also has the freedom to give whatever response in return, right?
It’s not just the player’s using them, from the Fairy’s side there’s also some expectations; to achieve those expectations it made a contract … to have the will to be used is also their freedom?
The player has the freedom to say the Fairy has no point to existing.
However, if the Fairy that made the contract absolutely can’t accomplish its goal, then …

[Cancelling the contract can be another “freedom” right?]

It was almost like you could hear the words coming from the Fairy.
Certainly a contract is when both parties reach an agreement on exchanged promises…if it was between humans.
And then, if the sin of breaking the contract is committed, a suitable penalty is given.
But the opponent isn’t a human but a Fairy.
Of course even a Fairy dislikes the unreasonable, so the contract will be returned to nothing ne~
that impression aside, I hadn’t heard of a case where a Fairy cancelled the contract due to being worked too hard; that is, until I watched this video.

Just when I thought the black aura emitted from the tiger Earth Fairy had subsided, that aura attacked its master; what happened while I watched was …


Were the words that floated up, but the place is the PvP field-space?
All of a sudden a countdown began … this is quite foreboding.
As for the player he seems to be confused, while the tiger Earth Fairy stares at its master Grimly.
When the countdown reached 0, the tiger Earth Fairy instantly broke into a run.
“You’re attacking me!?” is what the player let out; while panicking he dodged the tiger Earth Fairy’s attack, then moved to counterattack.

The offense and defense switched back an forth, but in this field-space the Fairy PvP special rules apply; it’s clear that attacks from the tiger Earth Fairy’s side are especially heavy.
Keeping the number of attacks roughly the same, then the side with the heavier attack power will obviously have the greater advantage.
In the end the tiger Earth Fairy puts the nail in the coffin and the player collapses.
However, normally as soon as the HP hit 0 the player would shatter, but why is he still collapsed over there?

The tiger shaped Earth Fairy will teach us that reason.
When it bites about the collapsed player’s heart, it retrieves a shining jewel-like thing in its mouth, that is… isn’t that the Fairy Contract Crystal?
Carrying the Crystal in its mouth, the tiger shaped Earth Fairy took its leave… and slowly vanished.

After it vanished, the player that was left there revived.
But immediately after revival he yelled,

“Everything to do with Fairies got reset, damn developers!”

There it is … showing the player raving, the video ended.


I sigh as I look away from the video …
Basically, what you get from this video is that for a Fairy to abandon a player … is reality.
If you’re strong and can win that Penalty Battle then the contract won’t be released; maybe a Fairy uses that to make a decision itself…
In that field a player is largely at a disadvantage, so winning would be extremely difficult.

This is the result of another bad practice of the many pet systems nowadays.
With the recent helpful pet-related things, look, it looks like a random system but there’s a lot of people who will go in on it right? And like that, often money will get involved.
And of course the acquired pet will be strong and capable of being support.
It absolutely can’t refuse a given order, and it won’t be upset no matter how you use it.
As expected of a tool, it’s one useful instrument …it has that kind of feeling.
That’s probably why they can’t get it; the tool-like Fairy refusing an order and in the very end it vanishes.
Since it’s just game data, there won’t be a disadvantage no matter how you treat it.
I bet that’s the kind of delusion they’ve been unconsciously believing.

In another way, “One More” might have made a full revolution back to old-style games.
Old games usually had a proper degree of intention, even if it had pets it was expected that they would sometimes refuse orders; excessively and violently shooting out orders in quick succession and then having the pet suddenly go berserk, release itself, and then come rushing back over was common.
Like that it was necessary to properly feed them, and not violently rapid-firing orders of was standard.
The people now probably don’t understand that type of thing na…

With this complicated mental state, I’ve lost the desire to login to “One More”, and I just went to bed like this.
Retribution … this word has given me heavy feelings today.

[Hunting Bow]Lv38   [Kicking Assault]Lv5   [Farsight]Lv45
[Wind Magic]Lv43   [Craftsmanship]Lv43
[Cooking]Lv48   [Stealth]Lv32   [Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv13
[Thief]Lv30   [Whip]Lv32

Reserved Skill(s)
[Blacksmithing]Lv25   [Woodworking]Lv24   [Alchemy]Lv35

ExP 16

A/n: And so, this is one of the inevitable endings I wrote.
I’ll take criticism, remove this before and after store, and also largely revise it; that’s definitely something I won’t do, just so you know.

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<T/N: bleh… got some stressors on this side … but I’ll properly try to update at least once a weak.>



  1. Sonzai kachi nanka needaro! Fuzakennayo!] < forgot to erase this one? ^^

    Protecting your master! Don’t screw with me!”

    were you tired? ah, take care ^^ thanks for the chapter…


  2. Thank you for the hard work you did Translating!!! i just read this today and out of the 3 different translations yours is the best , (chapters 4-13 were almost unreadable and took all the joy from the story) So thank you Very much for the Amazing job you did!!


    1. hehe, thanks. The other two were machine translations, I think, but they did their best … I’m slowly retrans-ing 2-13, but making putting out new chaps my priority


  3. Bloodbath~

    Seriously, I don’t get what’s dark about it. You should’ve gone for the tiger also eating the head~
    Joking, it’s good that you don’t change what’s originally written. I really hate it when it’s changed from what the original.

    Really love your translation, although slow but the quality is good. I’d rather have that than the other way around~

    Thanks for the chapter~

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I didn’t really found these two chapters particularly dark. It wasn’t gruesome and didn’t even showed that much abuse towards the fairys, mostly it just mentioned that some do it.

    Thanks for the chapters 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So what country is the author from? They at least thought this might be a concern for readers, even though it really wasn’t, to me at least. So I am curious, if this author is from the same cultural background as others I have read, who consider animal abuse type content, and similar content, to be jokes, even.


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