OVRMMO34: Dance of the Fairies Second Half, Retribution Prologue

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/N: It’s a bit of a dark story, please be aware before reading.
<T/n: … I didn’t think it was that dark? At least not to the point of being unreadable if you don’t like dark stories.>

Dance of the Fairies Second Half, Retribution Prologue

It was there, at a certain special PvP arena.
It’s a basic coliseum style place that’s specifically used for PvP now, but it wasn’t through “One More”; someone started PvPing there and more fights followed one after another, turning it into a special arena.
Since fighting with lots of different people is a requirement to evolving Fairies’ statuses, it’s a situation where throwing yourself whole-heartedly into fights is absolutely necessary, nanode.

Now, this is something that happened at that special arena after a number of matches had finished.
Players equipped for more competitive fighting were there.
One side led a wolf-type Fire Fairy and had a one-handed sword, shield, and wore heavy armor; a heavy equipment fighter.
The other side led a falcon-type Wind Fairy and dual-wielded swords; for the sake of mobility it was a light-armor styled swordsman.

When the two players declared their intentions of opening of a PvP session, the countdown to the battle began, but … .
Around the Fire Fairy led by the one-handed sword player a black aura-like thing began to dimly manifest.
A murmur went through the crowd around the sight-seeing me, wondering what was going on.
After all, this was a phenomenon never seen before in all the PvPs up until now.
I’ve seen several Dark Fairies in PvP but none of them had anything like this completely black darkness.
And anyway, since flames are coming from its fore and backlegs, it … should be a Fire Fairy?1

The countdown continued without a problem and the system isn’t registering an error, so what is THAT? The surrounding people make a fuss.
Like that the countdown approached 0; the PvP began.

Acting like the victory goes to the one who makes the first move, the normal Wind Fairy led by the dual-wield player that isn’t putting out the black aura shot out a barrage of weak Wind Fairy wind magic as cover while the dual-wield player charged in without minding it; the effect is that nothing can come through even without using Arts.
It’s a way to close the distance between opponents by making use of predicting how your opponent will react.
On the other side, the player that led the Fire Fairy still releasing that black aura readied his shield and lay in wait as his opponent charged in.
But, why isn’t he giving his Fire Fairy instructions to provide support attacks?
It’s also unknown why he completely left the Fire Fairy to auto-attack.

When the Wind Fairy’s wall of magic dispersed, the dual-wielder’s sudden strike was warded off … he’s good, those movements could never be mastered by someone who only relies on the System.
Getting his attack turned aside, the dual-wielding player’s balance was destroyed; in this situation you should pursue with an attack, using your Fairy to attack as well in a combo.
… even though it should be like that, for some reason that combo didn’t happen.

… The Fire Fairy, in response to the one-handed sword player’s orders to attack, [Ignored] the orders noda.

If it was a fussy order it would be understandable, since there are a lot of things that would trigger a refusal response from a Fairy.
On the other hand, giving it simple instructions, like telling it to attack or defend, would normally have no problems; actually, out of the 100 PvP battles I’ve watched before, this is the first time I’ve seen a Fairy do this and ignore orders.

No, I’ve seen refusal, but this time it’s [Ignored].
The time when an attack can’t be done in the situation, even if the relationship between the Fairy and the player is good, the Fairy will make a posture of refusal.
For example, telling it to shoot out magic when it had just shot out magic.
I can’t do it, sorry; that’s the kind of intent the Fairy refusal is supposed to convey noda.
But to ignore means … something like not even wanting to listen to the player master. If it’s something like that …

“I see, so he’s using a Slave Fairy …”

Someone muttered that, and in response everyone around fell silent at once.

The one-handed sword player who had just lost the best chance to attack due to his Fairy’s Ignore fell into a tight spot.
The dual-wielding player’s Wind Fairy took the initiative to toss out magic in order to save its master.
The magic was a magic from the Wind elements, <Shock>. There’s some damage from the small shocks the wind-type emits, but the greatest advantage is a short stun that lasts several seconds; it’s an addition that can daze the opponent, and the more metal parts on your opponent’s equipment the greater the chance for a daze. It’s a magic attack that makes heavy-armored warriors cry.
And the one who took that attack is a one-handed sword and shield wielding player clad in metal armor from head to toe.
When against Wind magic and a Wind Fairy during PvP, it’s a magic that you should never let hit you no matter what.
It’s something that should have been obvious… but with that perfect attack chance it was blown completely out of his mind.

That blunder is … something he won’t be able to recover from.
Under the influence of the temporary stun, his movements are stopped for several seconds.
Dual-wielded swords have heavy attack power, and this wielder is now able to make his moves freely for several seconds.
The results are clear; that is, the dual-wield player’s victory will be the result.
Without mercy against the one-handed sword player who couldn’t move due to stun, the tips of both swords were thrust into his neck; heavy armor has no meaning when your weak points are targeted.
With the transient shattering effect, what’s left is the decisive victory.

Slave Fairy, while it refers to those Fairies treated like slaves, it also serves as a form insult to those players who work their Fairies hard like slaves without compassion; it has that kind of double meaning.
Just from watching from the sidelines I get how horrible their treatment is.
At any rate, it’s not just working them hard; if a Fairy gives a refusal sign that the player doesn’t like, they’ll hit them or send them flying with a kick.
The players who want to get along with their Fairies can’t stand to see such depraved actions.
Because of this players quarreled with each until it became a full out PvP war.

The result is “that” …
In the end, those Fairies won’t help in PvP (maa, that’s to be expected though), to rub the humiliation of being beat up in your face.
But if you want to evolve your Fairy’s status, there’s no other option than continuing to PvP.
And Fairies’ attack powers are raised under the special rule.
In general, it’s a situation where you can’t win if it won’t fight.
It’s karma, na; after picking on your Fairy, the abuse that you dealt has now been brought back onto you.
But that’s not all there is … that’s right, that’s not all there is, noda.


With a red face and glaring at his own Fire Fairy … does that mean he’ll hit it again?
… but that player restrained his hand and took his leave.
So he controlled himself… if you can do that then can’t you avoid using a Slave Fairy from the beginning …

That’s what I thought when I saw that then.
But, I wonder why the one-handed Slave Fairy user didn’t hit it.
I found out that reason when watching another PvP again…
[Will have their egos released 100%]; this is one meaning of that announcement.

[Hunting Bow]Lv38   [Kicking Assault]Lv5   [Farsight]Lv45
[Wind Magic]Lv43   [Craftsmanship]Lv43
[Cooking]Lv48   [Stealth]Lv32   [Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv13
[Thief]Lv30   [Whip]Lv32

Reserved Skill(s)
[Blacksmithing]Lv25   [Woodworking]Lv24   [Alchemy]Lv35

This was also written in preparation for receiving criticism.
But if I don’t write the tale won’t go on.
Whatever you say, it’s proper for the player side to get the advantage, but this event was written so the dice comes out 1:1.

An event with player disadvantage that only rewards portion of the players used to happen a lot in old games; that’s the kind of feeling I was going for.

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  1. hi no yousei no hazu…da. – It was not originally a question, but I tweaked it to carry the doubt over into the translation. Just letting you know.


  1. Hm, I guess the idea of abusing a slave is pretty dark, but that’s not explicitly shown in the chapter so it doesn’t end up with that kind of feeling. Thanks for translating!


  2. full-heartedly sounds a lot like foolheartedly. I think the term you want is whole-heartedly.

    Thanks for translating.


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