OVRMMO33: Dance of the Fairies Second Half, the State of PvP Combat

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<T/N: From hereon I’m translating “management” as “developers”. Because reasons.>

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Dance of the Fairies Second Half, the State of PvP Combat

After a few days the cooking situation has calmed.
With the cooperation of a large group of cooks, Fairies have been confirmed to happily eat any food with a Quality of 6 or more; to get in on the cheap food in large amounts cooking, each and every cook devised methods to mass produce food.
Like this, even the people who can’t earn as much and have had problems with getting their Fairies’ food has largely been taken care of and the chaos has calmed down.

With that solved, now the people who are serious about PvP are beginning to increase.
The PvP until now has been the standard; try to end it by somehow hitting with a high-powered attack. Aside from that, there are people who are good at handling other Skills to battle; in order to evade there are Guard and Evasion Skills around that you can use, and also attacks that can break through with Feint.

This time the previously announced Negation System has entered the fray.
With this magic can be used to strike back swords, and the reverse where swords can repel magic can happen, so that you can fight in a hero vs hero like manner.
Maa, there’s still only a few players who can handle it.
Since magic comes flying in at high speeds, it’s not possible to completely cut the damage of a powerful Art by hitting it, so some damage will be taken. Arts with a lot of power naturally take a long time to activate and have a long time between recast; the chant to activate magic can take a long time.

How to predict your opponents’ moves, whether to negate, to avoid, or to use weak Arts in order to avoid a direct hit and reduce the damage while enduring it; there’s been an outbreak of this method of reading each other’s cards.
In order to use the entire body and surge forward at high-speeds to deliver a blow, there are also players that use the distance-shortening magic from the [Tackle] line of Arts; it’s a weak magic used to close the distance in an instant. This is in order to lure a counterattack by catching opponents off-guard so that they use beginner level magic, then using Negation to counter with a particularly heavy-handed magic to return the shot; it’s a standard way of using predictions.

Regarding weapons, with Arts there are Counter Strike Arts to take; when aiming for the players who use that Counter, there are players who use small magic attacks that just barely don’t reach, inviting their opponents to swing at them pointlessly and further counter. The amount of spectating players who enjoy the spectacle has increased.

Of course there’s also Fairy support attacks and support buffs mixed in.
There’s a Fairy only unique magic called the [Wall] type that makes a temporary wall with magic and is only usable by the player once in battle.
With that, when a counterattack comes you can turn the tables by making a wall at your own discretion; on the other hand, for those that rely too much on that wall, hitting it with an attack that surpasses the allowable damage and getting a hit in due to their carelessness is another way to take advantage of predictions.

Wall is useful, but since it isn’t very hard if you use it with the wrong timing it will be immediately destroyed. Moreover, you’re at considerable risk during the time it takes to call out a Fairy Wall.
Assessing the situation, there was a screen-capture video taken and officially uploaded, where the degree of friendship needed in order for your request to be properly understood by your Fairy was tested and show-cased in PvP.

Using that as a reference for how to maneuver and devising strategies, you can copy it into your own style of PvP to a certain degree, and of course there are also players who try to move in their own direction.
As always with martial arts, imitation, that is copying, will give birth to new things.
That’s why, if you think something is good and want to do it yourself, there’s nothing to be ashamed of in accumulating actions and tactics that way.
However, just copying will lead to nothing but an imitation after all, noda.
Because the most important this is to put your own flavor into it.

From the developers’ side, they probably really wanted to build up the excitement for PvP.
Even if the players grow exponentially through PvP it’s not really a “final ending” type end content.
It’s natural that this prediction and Arts PvP will need to be fine-tuned, but unless they screw it up there, it will definitely continue for a while still.
Well there have been a lot of games that have screwed up like that and have disappeared.

Right now I have confidence in those modifications … I guess, but it would be a waste not to accept this system that we’ve finally been given; the event this time may have been assembled to naturally understand the likes and dislikes that will come about.
As more and more videos are being uploaded, the posts have definitely increased in the PvP section in the forums.
It’s no longer just “Raised my Fairy’s status;” pure excitement about PvP is also playing its part.

Now then, this may be redundant, but the “sky eye” tactic is of course prohibited, so it’s made so you can’t use Whisper Chat in PvP.
“Sky eye” is a tactic where spectating players give information on the opponent from the outside; because the opponent’s actions are monitored, players get a one-sided advantage since they can get reports on safety areas where the attacks definitely won’t come in order so they can leisurely decide what to do.
In this case all fairness is lost.

Of course external communication system tools1 are also prohibited.
Since you can use those cheat tools in the same way, “One More” developers will immediately suspend your account if you’re caught using external communication systems outside for direct communication.

Now then, of course when the spectators and PvP fighters gather together things will sell well.
Aside from the expected repairs, people will naturally want food and drinks.
Street stalls and food carts in rows also gather around PvP to do business.
It’s become popular to eat bar snacks while watching the exciting, heart-pounding PvP


However … there are players that won’t go with the flow.
Yes … the players who forced the Fairies to fight like slaves from before the update and continue to work them hard.
For those guys …the time has come to repay that grudge …

[Hunting Bow]Lv38   [Kicking Assault]Lv5   [Farsight]Lv45
[Wind Magic]Lv43   [Craftsmanship]Lv43
[Cooking]Lv47   [Stealth]Lv32   [Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv13
[Thief]Lv30   [Whip]Lv32

Reserved Skill(s)
[Blacksmithing]Lv25   [Woodworking]Lv24   [Alchemy]Lv35

ExP 16

Next time is a look at the situation of the players who worked their Fairies too hard
Looks like Earth won’t get an appearance for a little while.
Afterwards he’ll get picked on so for now he gets a break …

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  1. Not 100% sure, but I’m assuming he’s talking about using other software like Raidcall, Skype, or Team Speak (well, prob Japanese equivalents) in order to communicate between party members.


  1. “PvP is player even if there is player growth by now means is there not end point end content.”

    I see you left some fun MT in there for us to break our brains over. Other than that, thanks for the chapter!


    1. hahaha … I forgot to delete my gibberish step. Luckily I didn’t delete the line that interprets the gibberish step. Fun times in translation land.


  2. I agree that the author is talking about Skype etc but…
    …. it’s a VR game. Ur submerged in game reality so u can’t hear anything from RL
    Well thinking about it, they probably have cheat codes 2 slip outside sound/visuals into game reality. Which would b where developers could catch them.

    Thx for the chapter ☺


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