OVRMMO38.5: Extra Edition, Valentine Story

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T/N: Announcement

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/N: Are you not going to write anything for Valentines?
For that request let’s let Earth and the others answer.

Extra Edition, Valentine Story

Valentines, it is the day of the bonds of love.
A day for romance handed down since ancient times that overcomes the hardships to declare love.
… but when it came to Japan it became a day of chocolate wars.
Originally speaking it’s supposed to be a day where men and women face each other to talk of love, but …

“It’s been a while, so let’s tell Valentine stories derouze?”

The one who suddenly brought it up was Zwei.
He’s *garigari* noisily chewing on an Unrequited Love Chocolate that drops from the event monster, [Rap Choco Merry].
By the way, it seems the Mutual Love Chocolate is a very rare drop, and so all the couples in this world are stubbornly running all over in circles trying to get their hands on it.

“But you know, naa, I don’t have any good memories to tell, and anyway I can’t have chocolate.”

Is what Earth replied.
There’s been quite a few times where Earth’s allergy has caused him some troubles.
As a result of misunderstandings, there’ve been cases where he got hated in the past.

“You can’t eat chocolate!? Uu-n, if you’re allergic there’s nothing you can do though …”

That response was Rona. Conversely, chocolate is her absolute favorite.
The reason she doesn’t eat it often is because she’s restraining herself somehow due to “weight”.

“Recently you know, ‘who you gave chocolates to’ talks are usually discussions that appear between women.”

Over here is Reiji. In ‘Real” he’s quite the popular fellow.
However he’s good at taking care of people, so in ‘Real’ the dark jealousy over his looks largely doesn’t exist.

“That’s true nee. For me, this year the men I gifted are my dad, just about desune~”

Said Milly. That girl is part of the easy-going types and is strangely popular among the same gender.
Like how her smiles are without ill intent and heal you.
… When Milly is seriously mad, within that smiling face it seems you can see a dragon.
By the way, Zwei saw it once.  He won’t tell you the reason though.

“Maa, even a competition between who received the most chocolates won’t really happen among us desune.”

Said Kagamine. He’s the type who will get several consistent obligation chocolates.
Because he doesn’t look like the type to refuse, he looks like it’d be easy to hand them over.
And since he doesn’t look like he’d refuse, there’s probably some serious people who got through with a “Let’s do it too~” and mixed in.

“What, you’re all a bunch of wimps? Wouldn’t going for it with some more guts be fine?”

Nora seems to be displeased. For such an energetic girl, the contents of this rather tame discussion has become boring.
For her, she probably targeted the guys because she couldn’t run away.
In all sorts of ways, da.

“Theen Nora, give me some choco, of course serious ones♪”

It goes without a saying that Zwei said that. You could call him a challenger.

“Sure, then let me give you one serious Dagger and Water Magic-flavored present♪”

With that statement, in the Guild Area a PvP began.
There’s nothing else to be said about this ruckus; it’s now an expected part of the scenery.
You might say that if you can fight it means your relationship is good, but at that moment Earth suddenly said,
“If it’s friends it’s fine ne~, but looks like becoming lovers is refused na”
and cut him down in one stroke; how pitiful, Zwei.

With Zwei’s form getting beat up by Nora as an accompaniment, the other members are munching on Earth’s cooking when, suddenly, Milly began to talk.

“Does anyone have a lover? Whether here or in “Real” is fine desukedo~”

In an instant the field became quiet. (With Zwei and Nora in PvP, you can’t hear them.)

“None na, looks like I’m already tired of love.”

The one who fired the first shot was Earth. And the continuation …

“None naa.” “There’s none for me ne.”

Are what Rona and Kagamine followed up with.

“I do … did you want details?”

Reiji absent-mindedly admitted. As Earth and Kagamine watched, Rona and Milly’s eyes changed color. Aa, a woman who won’t devour a love story, there’s probably none.
Against the all too furious pursuit, the normally composed Reiji became quite fidgety and Earth and Kagamine really didn’t want to cut in.

Whatever you say, not only does he have a lover in “Real”, he’s also playing around in “One More”.
No doubt hoping to be excused from any more than this about “Real”, Reiji, who started to sweat, let out a tired voice; aa, this is very tiring.

“Zwei and Nora are … before talking about love, right now they’re basically frenemies ne?”

Earth let his own thoughts spill out.
With the result of the PvP, the heavy-armor with considerable defense wearing Zwei was easily beaten up by the Nora who now floated a smile on her face that she hadn’t had until now.
It was as if to say that she had refreshed herself … as always, Zwei, so pitiful.
Maa, even this is the path Zwei must walk.
The Guild Master is also the guild’s punchline.
Whether it’s dishonorable or not, it’s something that has been set in stone.
The GuildMas’ charisma is something that can easily fall de aru.

“What were we talking about?”

To Nora she heard the response, “Whether or not you have a lover ~ that kind of confessional.”

“You probably already know but for me there’s also no special lover around naa. It’s not like I don’t want one though ne~”

She said with a cat … no, an intimidation like a tiger’s.
As expected of Zwei, even with this intimidation he can still play the fool …

“Then, I’m announcing my candidacy ze! And it’s perfectly Valentines! A perfect day for love confessions, Nora♪”

… well, Zwei is this kind of guy.
The type that has the drive to go for every flag triggered for jokes.
… but even so, even this kind of guy probably wants to get his hands on true love.

Well, that times not [now].

For the second time PvP began under the name of punishment time and the other members completely ignored it.
Having recently acquired Whip, Nora brought it out and one-sidedly beat up Zwei.
As expected they won’t get any further than friends who fight, those two.
Even so this is still fun; for the people watching it’s fun naa.

“Having a carefree talk like this once in a while isn’t too bad.”

Earth said with a sigh; to that murmur …

“Earth, you’re like an old man yo~?”

Is the punchline Rona harshly threw in.
For the Earth who started to play “One More” because he didn’t want his heart to grow old at least, it was a Critical Hit.
The depressed Earth is in the orz pose. And patting him on the head, as if he were a child, was Milly.
Quite the strange sight it’s become.

Since it’s gotten late in the evening it about time to disband; because it had been a while since they’ve met, they took screenshots and then disbanded.

Like this, because it was a casual, ordinary day, it was actually the most important thing to do.
Even though they aren’t aware of it, being able to spend time with comrades makes all of them fortunate people.
Like since they’ve been PvPing themselves to a pulp, da.

A/N: Since it’s an Extra Edition there is no Skill Writeup.
And so this is a story that has no relation to the original
I wonder of this bit of drivel responds to the request?

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<T/N: Well, it turned out to be more entertaining than I thought, and it was mostly dialogue which is easier for me to translate, so I won’t complain about this extra edition.>



  1. Hahaha Nora and Zwei seem like they will get together the way they fight. In my experience when friends fight like that they useally end up together (in real)
    Well depends on there age to if there Teens then definetly xD
    Thanks I had tons of giggles with this Extra 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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