VendM 016: The Work of Rebuilding

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

The Work of Rebuilding

Greetings, I am a vending machine. My residence has changed from being in front of the inn to being in front of the Hunter’s Association.

Munami and Okami-san energetically flew out since early this morning. That’s right, because the inn that was turned into rubble was completely taken down, looks like they can start rebuilding.

It seems like the inn is vital to the community, so the rebuilding cost is coming from the Hunter Association; this time it looks like they’re going to put up an even more extravagant inn; the laugh the two had at that time was a little frightening.
-tte, this atmosphere is really tiring, so stop.
Switching gears, I thought I’d pull my feelings together and join them, but I’m not going to do anything I’m not used to.

Yesterday I splurged too much so from today on I’ll completely take in the profits. Because, since earlier I’ve already sold a ton of goods.

Since the early morning, former drunks who’ve become like the dead appeared shakily in front of me; one by one my products were sold. Yesterday, because most of the guys who bought my products for the first time because they were free came back, it’s a situation where I can’t stop grinning … Just as planned -!

Shortly after Ramis woke up the Bear President called us, and we entered the Association. Today the operation of surveying the perimeters is finished, so they must be happy.

Since this morning cup ramen has been selling like crazy; there are people who have lost their cooking implements who came to buy it, but for the most part it’s people got to caught up in the merry making yesterday and didn’t feel like cooking.

Frankly speaking, since everyone was going to be troubled with money problems, I was going to set the price of the cup ramen at a deficit, but it turns out that everyone had already prepared for the destruction of their houses, and most of the money was deposited within the Hunter Association’s storage.

All the merchants are also expecting large amounts of carpenters and Hunters aiming for defense escort requests to come flooding in from today onwards, so they’re busy preparing for business. They’re overflowing with vitality, these residents are.

“Hakkon! We got a request directly from the President. Isn’t it amazing?”


It’s quite the noteworthy promotion. But, the prediction of the contents is as expected.

“It’s, guess what, a rubble removal quest dayo!”

Riiiight~? Knowing about that super-strength, anyone would think of that kind of request.

With a strength comparable to construction machinery and even heavy machinery, it’s a site where she can full-heartedly demonstrate it. Even if she breaks something due to over-excessive strength there’s no problem; even if she has a limited amount of skill you can rest assured.

“I’d like to first level the spot where the inn was. They say they want to erect the new inn immediately.”

If a lot of people overwhelmingly come flooding in, then the first would have to be the inn. Simple tents have been set up in large quantities in front of the Hunter’s Association, but anyone would think of a proper inn for comfortably resting your body.
-tte, in other words, I want to return to that “home”.

While carrying me Ramis arrived in front of the former-inn; Okami-san and Munami-san have already begun removing the rubble. The two are both in the inn’s uniform, but because of the labor looks like they’re in trousers underneath the skirt. If that’s the case I think it would be fine to just not wear the skirt, but it’s probably these women’s pride.

“Munamiii, Okami-saaaaan. I’ve come to help-!”

“Rami, so you came. With this we got the super-human strength ne. Hakkon’s with you too, morning-.”


I urgently want to be able to say “Good morning” and “Good evening”. Since everyone’s used to it, even though I give my normal greeting they accept it though.

“Eeeto, the rubble is deposited on that tray over there; it looks like it’s fine if you just take it to in front of the gate. ‘Cause there are people there who came to separate it into burnables and non-burnables.”

“A, ok. Then, after it’s all piled up, I’ll carry it. Hakkon will be here, so you can sell everyone drinks and stuff ne.”


Being placed in the usual place, I wonder why I feel so relieved.

O-, one after another people are coming over. From what I see there’s a lot of young people in particular; I recognize the faces of some people as ones we accompanied during the subjugation. I wonder if the young Hunters are going around removing rubble.

“O, here’s the spot. –tte, isn’t the box with a will of its own here too? Alright, lucky.”

“A-, you’re right. We’ll be able to get tasty food whenever we want!”

“The reconstruction work request has a good reward, so we’ll use it well na.”

I will gladly take this bounty. After a while it looks like sports drinks will sell. Before my eyes they’re lining up in large numbers.
Now then, let’s look at everyone who’s working hard.

Only the Hunters with competitive strength are here; there’s a lot of young boys here as helpers working hard too. Okami-san and Munami are also not losing against them in their movements. I totally understand that the inn’s work is labor-intensive.

But, with a flourish that those men can’t hope to compare with, is Ramis. A pillar that would take three of them to lift and carry, with a light heave she’s able to lift and carry it to the tray.

For the rubble that’s too big to carry, she’ll pummel it with her fists and kick it down to a convenient size. The Hunters who witnessed it were struck dumb with amazement. No wonder. A petite, sweet-looking girl swinging a by no-means common super-human strength is too much of a gap. It would be stranger not to be surprised.

“We’ve got a lot so I’ll take it away-. Up it goes!”

Originally the trays should be carried by boars with horns – – Unasusu, and horse-like animals, but with that girl’s strength there’s absolutely no problems; like it was obvious she went and carried them by herself.
All the Hunters gazed blankly at her figure going away slowly.

“Amazing, that girl. We can’t be left behind.”

“That has to be the power of a Divine Gift. But anyway, that’s amazing super-strength.”

“When the reconstruction work settles down, I’d want to invite her onto the team, but with a talent like she’s probably already scouted by a famous team.”

I’ve been listening in on the guys’ talking, but Ramis seems to be getting a high evaluation. With just working hard the Hunters can see her excellence. I understand, I totally understand. But the truth is she doesn’t have any Hunter comrades.

Right now she gets along great with the residents of the community, but when it comes to the Hunters, aside from the President and the whatever-they’re-called brigade, I don’t think she can even have a decent conversation.

Previously because that girl’s power was unmanageable to the degree it was pointless, it looks like everyone she grouped with would treat her as a burden. This girl has the monopoly on the so-called simple physical labor. Her Hunter’s requests too, like this her main evaluation will probably change.

“I’m back-!” Ok, time to go full power-.”

From the dust cloud in the distance being rolled up and coming closer, I had thought so, but when she isn’t carrying any weight her legs are really fast na. But, without being burdened with something as heavy as me her body is too light and she can’t move as she expects to; it’s a troublesome constitution.

It was grumbled about before, but without some degree of weight she can only run; it seems like moving is a difficult feeling and she feels like she’s bouncing around. The gauntlets for her arms are already prepared with iron plates; looks like she just needs to adjust the weight.

Since she regularly moves while suppressing her power, she made countless mistakes when her body wouldn’t move like she wanted, and the surroundings treated her like a dunce. That is the reason for the reactions that girl was faced with.

She had also been the student of a Hunter with remarkable ability at one point, but that Hunter left on a journey about two months ago; she was always being burdened with fully-loaded bottles of water, she told me nostalgically.

“O-, they’re at it, they’re at it. Ramis-chan, Hakkon, you guys doing well-?”

At this place where the hard work makes sweat run like streamers, the man who just arrived with half-awake eyes, a big yawn, and stubble; it’s Brigade Leader Keryoil. <T/N: formerly Kerioiru>

I wonder if that ten-gallon hat that looks like it came out of a Western is his favorite; even when he was in the campground he was still wearing it. He’s certainly got skill, but those glances he sends this way from time to time gives a suspicious feel to him; honestly I can’t get wipe the image from my mind that he’s an old man that absolutely can’t be trusted.

“O,oi, that man, isn’t he the leader of the Fools of Whimsy Brigade?”

“The top class, in that hunter team-”

“I wonder if he’ll shake hands with me after this.”

All the young Hunters here working stopped their hands; they’ve become excited.

What the hell. So Leader Keryoil is famous. He’s skilled, his brigade members seem to love him; to think he’s got this popular-guy setting. Even though that Brigade, the Fools of Whimsy Brigade, has that suspicious naming sense, it’s well known in the Hunter community.

“O-, gentlemen, you’re doing your best ne-. For the hard working young ones, this old man will hand over a reward. Come choose what you want from Hakkon, my treat. Naturally, those young girls and everyone over there are welcome too.”

Uwaa, this is my first time seeing someone who purely uses those kind of pompous words. I can’t decide whether he’s serious or acting, but whichever it is, I’m not good with this person.
All the young Hunters make a fuss, but Ramis, Munami, and Okami-san don’t change, na. They’re calmly scheming.

“So you’ll treat. Theen, for myself … this and this.”

“Rami-, in cases like this you should start with the most expensive ones, yo.”

“Well then, for my appetizers, I guess I’ll have about 100 of the one with the stewed items.”

Yo, you merciless two over there. Since they run an inn, I guess they know how to deal with this kind of fellow.

“Th, that’s a bit… if you could make do with up to two per person, ne.”

Peering into the bag with his money in it, Leader Keryoil’s cheeks twitched. That’s good, do it more.

At a glance, he looks like a weak person who can be easily pushed around … with his sleepy looking face that has no tension, but when you see the sharp gleam in his eyes underneath the brim of his hat, that impression is blown away.

“Ramis-chan, do you have any interest in entering my brigade? Of course, along with Hakkon na.”

It’s like he’s using food to bait her; that kind of ridiculous thing came out of his mouth as he clasps Ramis by the shoulder.

Without any indirectness at all, that direct solicitation came. I wonder how Ramis will reply. Looking at how the surrounding Hunters have jealous faces, just what is this Fools of Whimsy Brigade. Being invited here must be quite the honor.

“Right, no thanks.”

Ramis replied immediately like that, and brushed off the hand on her shoulder. Good job, I’m touched.
He didn’t think he would be refused at all; his eyes and mouth are as wide open as they can get. A, your trademark hat is slipping.

“I, I see. Ma, maa, think it over. If you change your mind just come over. –tto, I’d also like to buy water from Hakkon. The hangover from yesterday is awful …”

“Ira-        shyaimase.”
(wel-        come.)
(ira <- annoyance)

A, his hat is on the verge of slipping off.

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  1. Okami-san – refers to the female proprietress of an inn. I was going to translate it to Ms Proprietress-san, but mah, Okami-san is easier to deal with in the long run.
  2. Kerioiru – switched it to Keryoil because Kerioiru seems harder to say, I tried to make it more fantasy-ish, the –i in ri can sometimes be translated to –y, and -ru on an ending can be translated to –l if you feel like it (though in the end, unless there’s an insert/illustration with the romanji, all these mods are up to the translator’s taste). That being said … sigh. This is why katakana’s a pain.

<T/N: Ah, so hi those of you who are here for the first time, I’m the one who asked if I could step up to take over Vending Machine.
For those of you who aren’t here for the first time, I’ve been considering picking up another slice-of-life series after OVRMMO’s Fairy Arc for a while now, and the timing almost (ALMOST) perfectly coincided for me to pick this up from the previous translator (at Rest assured, this shouldn’t interfere too much with OVRMMO and Wfb updates. However, Vending Machine will be translated at a slower rate. My apologies to those this will impact.
BTW, anyone know if I have to do anything, or will novelupdates just pick up the fact that I’m translating this somehow?

Now then, should I keep it as “Divine Gift” or revert the term back to “Divine Protection” when they’re talking about the special skills?>



    1. 🙂 I was really enjoying it too when NovelJapan was working on it, and I also know the burnt out feeling when you’re doing something you’re not into anymore but at the same time you don’t want to let people down … so I couldn’t help but ask to take it.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I just checked novelupdates and this chapter is already listed there, so that answers that, I suppose. Don’t forget to add it to your About page here too.


  2. I just finished the other chapters. It Took me a while to get started with the story, just could not get my head wrapped around how someone would be a Vending Machine….
    But once i started reading, it was entirely holarious so thank you for picking it up cause i never would have known about it otherwise.


    1. I started reading it because I thought it would be awful (morbid curiosity), and then I realized the author was a genius and kept reading it.


      1. Rofl well thanks a bunch then I had the same thaught it could only be horrible ^^ but the author really truly is a genius and its a ton of fun to read


  3. Hi again k.linH.

    I reached here… i’ll stick with the story when you’ll update.

    and the previous translator announced that human greed will start to take effect… nice.

    I hope he gets his “transformation divine gift” soon… 1000.000 pts.. it’s “only” 100 gold or something (100g = 10.000 S / 1S = 1000Y = 100pt… amaright ?)


    a Fan


    1. Wasn’t the cost of Transformation points?
      Also he gets only 10 points for one silver. I think it was 1 point for coins worth of 100Y and 1000Y is 1 silver.

      10 PT= 1 silver
      1 gold= 100 silver
      1 gold= 1000 PT

      So he needs 1.000.000 gold (1 million gold) to buy Transformation.

      I guess he won’t be able to buy it any time soon from only selling his items :/
      Maybe if he finds some treasures, makes a deal/contract with someone rich or gets help from somewhere.


  4. YAAAAAAY! Someone picked up! It is a miracle. *cries silently in a corner* Ok, now that I am done with that, let us quickly get to the point of this comment. Thank you very much for translating this wonderful novel. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and keep on translating for many times to come. I wish upon you the greatest luck and my sincerest congratulations.


  5. For the love of poseidon, please go back in time to August 9, 1945 and travel to a nice rural town called nagasaki, and leave the whole “-tte, dayo, etto” things there.

    the huge gap between a very good (8/10) english translation which you DO provide for the whole of the text is ruined by those terms which honestly DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE STORY.

    In contrast, usage of -sama, -kun, -chan DOES contribute, since those expand on the relationships between characters.

    If you insist, you could just replace them with the English counterpart; “etto –> umm”, for example

    I’m sorry if I’m coming off as harsh or rude, but I’ve had it with good TLs who choose to leave those useless bits of moonspeak, and drag down their translations.


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