OVRMMO45: Dance of the Fairies, People and Tools

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n: Humans are fragile creatures.
Without claws, without fangs, and without pelts.
We can’t even reach tigers and wolves, even against a dog opponent like a Doberman we wouldn’t be able to win … but even so, right now we are living.

Dance of the Fairies, People and Tools

When we had been summoned by the Fairy Queen, the murmurs in the arena from the Queen’s announcement that she was giving out rewards increased understandably.
Even without saying it, it’s commonly known that for the Fairy Seducer title, if you PvP even once, at that time it will be erased.

In other words, the 3 people here haven’t participated in PvP even once.
You could even say that these players represent the exact opposite of the event.
There’s a reward for being like that? That’s probably what the murmurs are about.

“First of all, you and you ne; for giving up on evolving your Fairies and not fighting, I give you my personal thanks. … Though it is something I truthfully shouldn’t have thought, but even so, I was hoping that at least one child would be able to live without fighting.”

Is what the Queen stated.
Is this the compassion from being Queen? It’s true that it goes against the premise of the Event.

“This is because these children are children who prefer not to fight much. Therefore, for preserving your titles, I give you my gratitude. Your reward is, for these Fairies, I will raise their Status up 2 ranks.”

And then the Queen, urging the two others aside from me with a “If you would like to ask them to retain their appearances, please do so now ne,” she raised the Fairies’ statuses 2 ranks and sent the two aside from me off.

You might think it’s unfair, but 2 ranks and above is about the normal Status increase of Fairies of people who participated in PvP; the forums even have screenshots posted of amazing people who have raised it 4 ranks.
Since you’re already held back in playing when you try to preserve your title, whether it’s suitable or not, at least it’s not a mystery as to why this is the compensation.


Then, after the two who were rewarded with their Fairies’ Statuses being raised were gone, on the stage there’s only myself, the Fairy Queen, and the Game Master left.

“And now, there’s only the matter of your … reward, but …”

The Queen said this with some difficulty.

“… I don’t have any intention to ask for something if it’s impossible? I haven’t really done anything noteworthy enough to receive something for it.”

is what I tried saying.
Even if I don’t get another reward I don’t mind, because I’m thankful for this time’s Event just from getting my fill of all the fluffiness, especially that fox; it was so fluffy.

“ … I’m afraid to say it, but for there to be a person who didn’t even lead a Fairy and was able to keep that title was something I didn’t think was possible. Among the Humans there are an especially large number of people who seek ways to gain power; that’s why they were qualified to help the Fairies accumulate battle experience after all …”

So the only ones who fight amongst themselves are humans? Something kind of painful was just said.
But, though it’s sad, it’s the truth, naa.

“… at any rate, I am terribly sorry, but you will now fight against me just 1 time.”

the Queen suddenly said this.

“… This may be impolite, but what?”

In an instant I object like that; I’m not a person who can endure someone picking a fight with me for no reason.

“For you, I can only reward a portion of my power. For that reason I must fight you directly at least once. To go along with that, I won’t be able to go and accompany you, since you did not fight and make it to the Finals; that will be alright with you, wouldn’t it?”

To that opinion of the Queen I immediately reply, “Of course.”

I mean, if a player who didn’t even make it to the Finals snatches her away then all fairness will be lost and it would be so unforgivable that Grad and Silver and all those players won’t even be able to stand.

“Whether it’s your win or whether it’s your loss, whichever the case you will be given a reward. However, if it’s your victory then naturally the reward’s quality will be higher; is that fine with you?”

To this too I replied, “Understood,” and began to prepare for battle.
The battle’s rules are the same as the one just before, with the field being the one that deals damage normally.
For me there are no Item usage restrictions.
Fight until either side falls; it’s a simple rule.


Now then, what should I do to get the victory … but it’s probably accurate to say that my chances for winning are just about none, and I bet the surrounding people think so as well.
The Queen’s magic power is the magic that beat that top class Tank to a pulp; if I take that <High Explosion> in particular full-on, it would be instant death right then and there.
If you’re comparing my defense power to that Tank’s, mine is so much lower it’s ridiculous.

Conversely, the point I have the advantage in is that I’ve seen the Fairy Queen’s attacks once.
And the information I got from that, the fact is I understand her movements to some degree.
Another thing is, the experience the Fairy Queen has in fighting against someone using Bow as their main is probably close to 0 or none.
Therefore she most likely doesn’t know the behavior and effectiveness of the Arts either.
If the battle drags on, the possibility that she’ll figure out how to deal with me is high; to begin with, if you consider my stamina a battle of attrition is the worst that could happen for me.

… in otherwords, a fair and clean battle can’t even be considered;
I have no other options than to, without mercy, abuse barbaric methods to fight.
Because that’s probably the only way I could win …
Along with that, that Queen is strong so a direct confrontation is impossible.
It’s now time to debut the thing that I made that I never got a chance to debut …

With my preparations finished, I called out “Whenever you’re ready,” to the Queen.
With that we were transferred to the Field and the Countdown began.
I took out my bow, made sure of the whip on my back, and confirmed THAT in my breast pocket.
And then the Event’s final battle began.

First I use <Sliding Charge> to move at high-speed behind to take some distance.
There’s no meaning to only fighting at a medium distance away, since being able to attack from a distance outside of the range of magic is the bow and arrow’s special trait. When the <Sliding Charge> ended I immediately about-faced and shot an arrow at about 60% power.
I don’t want her to see the force of an arrow at full power right away.

The Queen was a little startled at the state of affairs, but she quickly negated the arrow with Wind Cutter.
An arrow at around that level extinguished the somewhat strong-looking Cutter.
Even so, the arrow that had been stalled by the negation lost momentum and didn’t reach the Queen.
This is a welcome bit of information; if there’s an arrow that can pierce throw when it can offset the negations, then in a vital moment I can shoot an arrow at full power that can bypass a magic counter.

The battle so far has been about 1 minute of arrows and magic flying at each other.
Since you can attack at long distances with a bow and arrow even without using Arts, not daring to use Arts, I kept it to purely using arrows to attack. Since the power of an arrow has enough strength in it.

On the Queen’s side, she’s sent several purifying <Fire Lance> attacks coming, but as expected, with this distance even I’m capable of evading.
As for the arrows from my side, they have enough momentum to reach the Queen; they hit and scratch off her HP little by little.
But even so I can’t be careless; if about one round of Fire Lance grazes me, just that will blast off 10% of my HP. There’s a good possibility that with just one direct hit the fight would be settled.

The Queen really wasn’t prepared to be able to deal with attacks from arrows.
Because of that she’ll probably … try to narrow the distance; that’s what I’m aiming for.
Until that time comes, I am earnestly persevering by only continuing to shoot arrows.

And then at last, the Queen finally stepped in to put a stop to this long-distance shooting match; invoking <Wind Buster> she rapidly came closer.
Shaving off the distance in an instant, she entered the effective range for magic.
… but you know, Queen, relying on a charge is going to be a blunder; you’re going to be following the same fate as the Grad who lost to you!

Immediately, I also run forward, taking out a dark green potion from my breast pocket.
When the Queen saw that, assuming I was going to drink it, she pointed her hand in my direction.
But, I’ve been shown more than enough that this motion will send a lightning bolt my way.
I somehow manage to avoid it by instantly jumping to the left and threw the potion with dark green liquid in it at the Queen.

The Queen was even able to react to this; she immediately used Earth Needle to negate it.
This too, she didn’t realize, was what I was aiming for.
The contents of the smashed potion splattered and fell in front of the Queen.
And then, as soon as the contents’ chemicals hit the ground they turned into a green fog.
As soon as it turned into fog, in an instant the Queen’s expression warped.

“… This is, poison-!?”

… right on the money, what I threw is this!

Death Potion

With the extract of an extremely dangerous plant, the Suffocation Grass, as a very poisonous ingredient, this increased concentration of liquid is a potion of deadly poison.
If drunk, most existences will undergo instant death, but even if you sprayed it around the toxicity will not drop much; it has that extremely dangerous characteristic.
But since it’s weak to heat and light, the toxicity won’t last long.

Quality 6

The Suffocation Grass is finally useful here!

In the first place, there’s only that small portion that can be considered Hero-like who can fight directly against an opponent who has overwhelming power and win; for those powerless normal people they have to use tools; it’s a wisdom squeezed out from trying to survive; I won’t let you call it unfair!
For the little guys there’s the little guys’ ways of doing things; in other words, this is also one of those.

If she breathes it in she won’t die right away, but she’ll take large amounts of damage; the Queen probably understood that right away, since she began holding her breath.
But … if she’s holding her breath then she also can’t chant magic arias.
Death Potion’s fog-like state lasts about 5 seconds before it disappears.
Then what I can do in those 5 seconds is … throw the Enhanced Oil around with a bang!

With 3 Enhanced Oils in each hand, for a total of 6, I used the <Fly> and <High Jump> combo to massively jump directly over the Fairy Queen who was holding her breath.
While holding my breath to avoid breathing in the Death Potion, with <Fly>’s blessings I’m able to hover overhead for a moment; there I throw all 6 Enhanced Oils in a mostly-hexagonal shape with the Queen in the middle.
Right after, I immediately get out of there.  And in order to see the results of the oil I look over my shoulder.
The 6 Enhanced Oils went triggered each other, making a huge explosion.


A really amazing sound reverberated through the Field; you could tell that shockwaves were coming off it.
It’s the first time I threw 6 of them simultaneously, but it has this much power.
… but even with this you won’t fall, Queen?

“… Not restricting Items seems to have been a mistake, ne …”

The Queen said to me.

“Humans are fragile, and that’s why we think on how we should fight the strong. Tools are one of those ways; that’s just how it is.”

Is what I returned, readying my bow; the target is … her heart.
I’m not sure where a Fairy’s core would be, but since it’s basically taking human form, I’m expecting it to have mostly mimicked that part as well.

Immediately the Queen deployed Earth Wall.
After having learned the terror of the arrows’ power, her judgment is quick.
But you know, I think I’ll take advantage of that too; even the things enemies use can be used.

Immediately I drew closer to the Earth Wall created by the Queen while invoking <Stealth>.
I further erased the things that could give me away by using <Thief Step> to mask my footsteps.
I can’t use <Stealth> if she’s looking at me, but with the Earth Wall coming in as a blind I can activate it.

Like that I carefully circle around behind the Fairy Queen.

As you could expect, the Queen became suspicious when an arrow didn’t come flying even after some time, and after she receded the Earth Wall she was startled, looking left and right, since the figure of the opponent she was supposed to be fighting, that is, me, was no where to be seen. Yo, you’re full of openings Queen.

Since I’ve already circled around to her back, I activate the Whip Arts, <Restrain> at her back; because it was behind her, both of the Queen’s arms, along with her torso, are wrapped in Restrain.
Against the 3 triangle blades, the restrained Queen was stabbed and her HP was shaved off.
I largely ignored the Queen’s “E-!?” that she let out in shock.
From here on I’ll use all the Bow Arts I’ve been patiently and patiently refrained from using and drive it all in her in one go; if this doesn’t decide it then I’ve got no chance on winning.
It’s all over if I don’t finish it before she [figures me out].

With a <Sliding Charge> at her feet, I break her posture and rob her of her ability to evade.
I rapid-fired at least 7 arrows with <Gattling Arrow> at point-blank range to her face.
I aimed <Mirror Arrow> at around her heart.
<Twin Fang Arrow> was aimed once again at the face.
Lastly I used the <Fly> and <High Jump> combo one more time, towards the Queen still falling down through the air, I used a Twist Arrow and invoked <Arrow Twister>, blasting it into her heart.
Before she stopped, I dove down and put everything I had into a flying kick towards the arrow still there, stabbed into the Weak Point. It was completely pierced through.

With this over the top cruelty of consecutive attacks, soon … the Queen shattered, leaving only a single word, “Impossible …” The words [You WIN!] floated in front of me.
But I don’t feel accomplished; it’s finally over … that’s the feeling I’m left with, and I collapse into a seated position.

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv1
[Kicking Assault]Lv12
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv16

Reserved Skills

ExP 14

Title Possessed: Fairy Seducer → ???

A/n: And so he used a pretty cruel method to win.
Are you only going to have women to this extent? There’s probably that kind of opinion out there, but even after this battle scenario has ended there won’t be any discrimination.

The Fairy Event is finally over; it was so long.

I added a portion of the Queen’s words.
The added part had been missing.

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<T/n: Are? Didn’t the GM walk offstage last chapter with Grad and Silver? *checks notes* No, I’m not mistaken, he definitely left. … hm.
Anyway, you guys best be grateful, I stayed up all night to translate this! No, just kidding. I couldn’t sleep lol. And now that it’s morning, I’m tired… isn’t that always how it works? … *snore*
I was dying translating the conversation between Earth and the Queen. Even though he breaks the system, all he wants is the fluffy! .>



  1. Since you’re already held back in playing when you try to preserve your title, whether or it’s suitable or not, at least it’s not a mystery as to why this is the compensation.

    should be either:
    whether it’s suitable or not
    whether or not it’s suitable


  2. haha thank you for the chapter it was way faster than expected considering its really long.
    But the fluffy, the fluffy fox felt soooo good.. I chuckled so hard (am at work or id be rolling on the floor)

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    1. use the way back machine to get to the older chapters … and good dang luck finding it on the list, since they’re not numbered D:. (this current chapter is the last one of the ones that all start out with the same 8 words)

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  3. Eh, woman being ‘the weak gender’ is silly normally, but in a world where that ‘weak woman’ might be able to throw pillars of fire at you or summon an ancient dragon it just becomes silly.

    Equality of the sexes! Bigger arms mean nothing here.


  4. Poor queen got poisoned, blown up, tied up with a spiky whip, made into a pincushion and finally impaled through her hearth…
    Thoug its not like her magic attack would have been any less unpleasant if hey would have hit Earth XD

    I think few people will want to duel with him in the future XD
    He could also make poisoned arrows too.

    Thanks for the chapters!

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  5. Earth being a prime example of weak but skilled right there! The manga may have left some stuff out, but I’m glad it more or less faithfully followed Earth and Queen’s fight. Keep up the great work! 😀


  6. “From here on I’ll use all the Bow Arts I’ve been patiently and patiently refrained from using and drive it all in her in one go”

    Well that took an erotic turn.
    I never expected Earth to start practising his karma sutra positions on the queen in front of a huge audience.


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