OVRMMO 069: And One Week Passed.

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n: I think I’m only going to write just a little more on Earth’s opinions on how the world is moving.

And One Week Passed.

With over a week passing, the confusion in the hunting grounds gradually lessened.
Humans are creatures that “get used to things”, as well as creatures that “learn”.
The people who specialized as well, they gradually were able to fit their heads around the role they should play in parties and got familiar with it; the necessary role needed from each person was conveyed through the forums as well as the people you sometimes party up with.

With specialization, you can say that it’s become simplified; the result is probably an awareness on what you can do yourself and what you can’t do.
In that case, it also simplifies requests when it comes time to request to participate in a party, making it easy to understand what you can bring to the party.
In exchange, the people who can do half-assedly do this-and-that have become less, and it seems like a lot more people can participate together.

Conversely the hybrids, that is, the people who have several abilities, have become people who play the role that helps things run smoothly in a party.
Basically in a party, if there’s anyone who falters in their actions, those that can will move towards the direction of becoming ‘support’ and cover them.
The hybrid type players excel in this support, that is the capability of versatility, and when the specialized players can’t make it they are able to cover for them, so in no way have they become ostracized from parties.
On the other hand, if they had instead been ostracized, they would have been forced to become solo players like me.

However the amount of things they can do is naturally many, and in regards to Skill use and judgments, undoubtedly hybrids are better.
And therefore the people who stick with that style will naturally polish their player skills … included among them is the person who wields a spear in close-distance combat while dodging monsters’ attacks like they’re dancing, and after taking evasive maneuvers roasting their opponents with a Fire Magic area, the player who carries the second name, “Dancing Spear of Flames”.


— However, the confusion may have calmed on the hunting grounds, but one other place has degenerated into chaos … the crafting side.
It should be obvious that no matter what kind of crafter you are, without materials you can’t make anything, but in regards to storing up materials, with how things are going now, it’s going to be difficult for the specialized crafter players.

Like, even if you go out to furiously mine ores, it’s not like you’ll hit a vein every time, and even if you do it’s not like you’re guaranteed a set amount that you can bring back.
And then it’s become harder to get materials off of the monsters with pelts. No matter how many *ding* level-ups you get, if your fighting abilities are 0, then even fighting the Horned Rabbits in the first meadow is going to be tough.
And another problem is potions, that is making medicines; whatever the case, if you get rid of the Alchemy Skill, you become unable to find medicinal herbs naturally… and for that reason, when you need to go into an area where there are strong monsters, you have to ask other players to be your escort, but … with that, you’ll have to provide suitable compensation for your escort.

And the result of that is, of the items you need to bring with you, all the consumables have greatly increased in price.
This has been a direct hit on the specialized players’ pockets … it’s too high, why did it go up by 50% of the previous price?! that kind of quarrel isn’t something I heard just once or twice.
But it’s not like the crafter players raised the price just because they want to, so they can’t just concede and hand it over; if they did, then this time it would be the crafter who goes red and becomes bankrupt.
Even the crafters like me who didn’t cut away fighting abilities and can gather materials on their own, even if it’s only a bit, of course they have materials, but … if only a portion of the players do business with cheap prices then the entire crafting community will have it hard, so the crafters got together and decided the absolute lowest price in the crafters’ meeting.
It’s something that has the same theory as how gasoline prices aren’t all that different no matter where you go; if they didn’t do that, then the crafters would all go into a pricing competition, and the entire crafting community would be destroyed.

With the price of goods going up, in order to keep your expenditures low you can only try to avoid using them to save them, but there’s no profit that will come out of it except by using them; whichever you end up doing, the circulation of money is a reality that doesn’t change.
It’s become apparent that the monsters that are targeted have also more or less become victims; it’s become a situation where monsters you can get money from are the main targets.

As for myself, who makes the consumables I need myself, use them for myself, and take the spoils of combat and turn them into consumables again; the people with that kind of play style are seriously a small portion; at the time when one enters a party, even if it’s the cheap meat that I decided to give away instead of sell, when I provide food and potions, the other party members thank me profusely.
Thanks to that, whenever I’m in the town limits, the party invites and guild solicitations, aiming for my cooking and potions, are endless; it’s like, whenever I’m cooking, it’s become necessary for me to turn people down through Whisper Chat and Mail.

It seems like this disorder will continue for a while longer; it will be a while until the crafters stock up and the circulation of money calms down.
Just by looking, you can tell the connection between crafters and fighters have strengthened, but … it’s a time where quarrels and fights are repeated occurrences. Just when this chaos finally began to quiet down, a new announcement was made on the official homepage.

— The keyword is Fairy’s Country. Your chance to do it over with another meeting. A new power.

Announcing the implementation of the Fairy Country that the Fairy Queen rules over.

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv12
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv31
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv21
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Alchemy]Lv41 ↑1UP
[Advanced Cooking]Lv6 ↑1UP

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
His second name from other players is “The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”

A/n: Finally the plans for the Fairy Queen’s country have come out.
For those who previously split with their Fairies, here you have a chance to redo it, and you have the chance to acquire new Fairy Magic.

As for how things will turn out from this, please wait just a little more.

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<T/n: Thanks Draugor for your donation!
Oh thank goodness, moving on to next arc. Seriously, I usually don’t mind filler, but the author rambles when doing these kind chapters, so it makes it harder for me to translate.>



  1. hi !!

    thanks for all !

    and from the previews on the manga… I’m not sure of the purpose of the next arc ….
    I’ll be happy to read your translators notes on it when we arrive there.

    typo :
    then this time it would be the crafter who goes read and becomes bankrupt.
    –> goes red ???


  2. Just be looking, you can tell the connection between crafters and fighters have strengthened,
    Just by looking,

    Thanks for the chapter! Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Hmm.. i wondered this a bit.. but what would happen if you max out one specialization, then grabs another specialization?
    Example: maxed the skill of 1h sword(and it’s advancement) then grabing a fire attribute magic?
    Does the skill learned from maxing the sword still remain? Can the skill evolve into a fire sword if the fire magic is high enough?


    1. I’m not sure, but I think it would take a long, long time to max out a skill, and then the new patches probably add new level caps.
      Anyway, I think hybrid is actually the best way to play, since they have a lot of skills made from combining two different types, like wind-bow and stuff, but the devs were jerks and wanted to scare people into playing specialized style

      Liked by 5 people

      1. The Devs were probably seeing comments about how 2 people who seemed to have the same skill level in a skill ended up with different caps and output. To cut down confusion they explained why things were like that. They didn’t change the initial system, just explained it.

        One of the fun things for a lot of people is to analyze and breakdown how a game works without it all being explained to you. Everquest was like that with its crafting where there were sites that just gathered information about what recipies did what and it was big news when a new combination was found. A lot of the more recent crafting in MMOs is nothing more then a gathering quest, you know all of the items you need and the skill level needed for it you just need to collect the bits and hit combine. Nothing is hidden so there is no joy of discovery.


    2. The simple answer is that you might not be able to level up any Magic skills once you’ve Maxed out a Combat skill. An alternate possibility is that an maxed or near maxed specialized skills may start degrading down to the “hybrid cap” as you start leveling up skills in one of the other skill groups.

      Version 1: Advanced Sword Level 10(Specialist Max) -> try to level Fire Magic = Advanced Sword lvl 10 + Fire Magic lvl 0. Try to Level Fire Magic again = Advanced Sword lvl 10 + Fire Magic lvl 0.

      Version 2: Advanced Sword lvl 10(Specialist Max) -> try to level Fire Magic = Advanced Sword lvl 9 + Fire Magic lvl 1. Continue using Fire Magic = Advanced Sword lvl 8 (Hybrid Max) + Fire Magic lvl 2. Continue using Fire Magic = Advanced Sword lvl 8 (Hybrid Max) + Fire Magic lvl 3.

      Version 1 would not be able to develop a Fire Sword while version 2 would be able to.


      1. Version 1 will imply that shen the player chose to specialize at one thing, they will be restricted of their free styled game play. That does not comply with their advertizing. Not to mention that that way will lead to a Dead End of their ExP
        On the other hand, Version 2 … leaves a bad aftertaste for the players..
        imagine all that grinding for the last few exp to reach the strongest skill just to have it disappear if you try to improve any further..

        So i’ll leave a Version 3(aka. Best case scenario) here..
        Version 3: Advanced Sword lvl 10(Specialist Max) -> try to level Fire Magic = Advanced Sword lvl 10(still max) + Fire Magic lvl 1(with reduced skill exp gain). Continue using Fire Magic = Advanced Sword lvl 10 (still Max) + Fire Magic lvl 8(hybrid max).


      2. GonZ555, your version 3 is pretty much an exploit that would force players to specialize first before hybridizing (which goes against the free style game play) as it allows those who max out one skill at a time to be better than those who hybridize from the start.

        The Specialist who hybridized would be Advanced Sword 10 + Fire 8 vs the Hybrid from the start who would be Advanced Sword 8 + Fire 8. This is why the degradation (which could be slower than my example) is needed in order to maintain balance even if it is not liked.

        The basic goal of the designers balance should be something like Advanced Sword 10 or Fire Magic 10 is roughly equal in power to Advanced Sword 8 + Fire Magic 8.


      3. In the case of elemental-weapon skills (like Wind-blown Bow) the person to obtain this skill evolution loses the [Bow] and [Wind Magic] skills, and the ability to re-obtain these skill. It would seem logical to conclude that specialist skills also have a certain tier that lock out other skills from being (re)learned, similar to Version 1. Of course, the reverse would apply equally.


      4. Maybe you can exploit due to wording, maybe if you specialized in one branch, then hybridize, the max level of the new skill would be 6 after taking the 2 point hit from both skills?


    3. Uhm, maybe you can’t lvl up other skills outside your specialization? If you do that then all the grinding you’ve done would go to waste. That’s what i think atleast.

      PS: these devs are jerks. Saying you have your own free life to live, yet giving you a senario where you dont have a choice but to specialize..


      1. Saying you don’t have a choice is an illusion, there is always a choice and its down to your skill and style. If you want a simple game experience and to see big numbers then specialization is the way for you, if you want to have options and have to think about things then Hybrid.


  4. By「Fire Magic area」did you mean “Fire area-magic”? The separating line near that paragraph also dips into ‘However’ in the next paragraph.

    Thanks for the continued translation, Killin’. Your work sates what the manga team doesn’t. ^_^;


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