OVRMMO 072: The Signs of the 3rd Big Update

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

The Signs of the 3rd Big Update

Now then, let’s talk about something that’s not really related to ‘One More’ for a bit.

Currently, there are 4 games that use VR; other than the MMO ‘One More’, there’s a fighting game that lets you combine whatever techniques you’d like to fight, an FPS, and then a mecha game that lets you tune up an airframe, board it, and fight others; those 4. These all furiously scramble for users while shaving each others’ userbases down.

However, the helmets that let you participate in VR are all different for each game.
Because of that, even if you want to try out other games, it’s not like you can just download the game data onto you PC, then Ok, start.
It’s simply a problem of the preparations and investment needed. No matter how convenient they make it, the price of VR Goggles isn’t like you can just *poof*, go out and buy a new one.
Of course, there are a lot of hopes for new customers; naturally the focus is on those new customers; it’s become a situation where if someone buys one of them, the other games in the market give up the battle in despair.

This isn’t really a good situation; the (to be blunt) torture of the users’ wallets is unchangingly villainous, is what the company that provides the fighting VR game brought up; in a meeting of the 4 companies, they got together to make some regulations; for the players of those games, it was huge news.
And meeting everyone’s expectations, in regards to the regulations of the companies’ VR helmets, they’re all going to be combined; out of each of the 4 game developers, you will only need 1 helmet to be able to play any of them.

Simply put, the fact that they each have different fields is also a pretty big part in it.
If there were two MMOs or two fighting games, then this probably wouldn’t have happened; one way you can look at it as, since each of the 4 is a different genre, the companies were willing to share information.
Since all 4 companies together have yet to really take off making the VR helmets, in order to get the chance to increase their customers, at the moment, other than the other titles that will go with the VR helmet, all information is being kept under wraps while each company tries to make a situation to increase their customers.

With each company together, they made a combined announcement; they will have a huge campaign that offers a 15 days free coupon. ‘One More’s” Fairy Country patch is also established to be on that campaign’s opening day.
In other words, out of the 4 games, this 3rd big update, so to speak, will have a huge increase in participants connected; each of the game’s guilds is currently in a state where they don’t have any free time, preparing for the recruitment battle.


“So naturally you’ve heard the news? Earth.”

Is what Zwei came over saying.

“Of course; even excluding what’s going on in ‘One More’, there’s such a large fuss that you’ll hear it well; it’s pretty big news, after all.”

As expected, there’s no excuse for not hearing about news that makes this much of a commotion.
I reply while preparing the War Bison steaks that I’ve recently got my hands on.
This isn’t Zwei and the others’ Guild Area, it’s the unpopulated back alley that I usually go to in order to cook.
Immediately after the first one was grilled up, a delicious steam and smell arose, and [Zu-po-n!] I hit the hand that Zwei reached out with the harisen.

“This is something I’m going to sell! If you reach towards it again, Zwei, I’ll hit you!”

Is what I said … that’s right, isn’t this a good opportunity; I take out a harisen that I’ve prepared in advance.

“Nora, could you come over here for a moment?”

Nora said, “Yeah, me?” and tilted her head as she came over, and I handed over the hariesn.

“- – fuu-n, so when Zwei’s being a dumbass, it will be OK if I hit him with this?”

My response is to say nothing and give her a full-hearted thumbs up.
To which Nora gave a beautiful smile and returned the thumbs up.
… Zwei kind of went a little blue in the face, but I won’t worry about it.

“Anyway, the amount of players is going to increase all at once; I’m actually looking forward to it.”

Is what Kagamine said. It’s because there’s a possibility of a roughly 4 times increase, naa.
Each server is probably frantically expanding, I bet. Especially in One More’s case; being an MMO, the server expansion is probably a hassle.

“You think it’s time for our members to increase? It would be fine even if we became moderately middle-sized, right? … Although it’s impossible if we don’t train Eliza well.”

Since she didn’t even listen when Zwei gave her a warning, Nora dragged her into a PvP and gave her a “spanking” while cracking a whip … I don’t really want to hear the details to it.

“And so, Earth, would you-” “Sorry but no.”  “… no good, huh~.”

It’s not like I’m against them, I just don’t want to join a Guild.
I didn’t expressly say it, but I have the Queen to worry about … and on top of that,

Oo, it’s a new menu item, nou; immediately let Us eat it, nou.”

Again, it’s the Queen’s little sister, Dragon-chan.
It was a pain to address her so I called her that once, and “We like it; why don’t We allow only yourself to call Us such,” is what she said, so I call her Dragon-chan.

“That’s a new product, don’t just eat it!”

Him, her, and everyone are such gluttons dammit!
This is what I heard from the female players, but when it comes time to diet by restricting themselves at meals, they come here to pig out.
They can eat themselves to satisfaction, but it has no effect on their bodies in real life, so they can trick themselves here; therefore, in One More, there is basically no player who’s a light eater.

Uu, you’re torturing Us, nou; with such tempting-looking meat in front of Our eyes, you ask Us to endure it while sneering at Us, right …?”

She looks up at me with teary eyes, but that is so not going to work.

“You say that, but once you start eating, 15 steaks are going to disappear! This big-eater Dragon-chan!”

This back-and-forth comedy routine is becoming the norm every time now, naa … just when I was thinking that, Milly raised a timid voice.

“U, um~, this person is …? She’s wearing clothes I haven’t seen around, and isn’t the appearance like a Fairy-san’s …?”

Naturally it’s not just Milly whose curiosity is raised, Zwei and the others are making faces like they’re demanding an explanation.

“Too bad, but in regards to Ourselves, all explanations are refused, jya! We are a Rare Character whom meeting with gives good luck!”

While saying that so energetically, she reached a hand out to the steaks, so I gu- hold her head down.
The one letting out an “Auu” with her head held down is Dragon-chan.

“It’s because you were going to put your hands on the plated merchandise.”

I say that to try and firmly set up some boundaries; there’s a saying that even among close friends you should have manners. But, as expected, not letting her eat anything is kind of …, so I go about making some Bear skewers.

“- – Earth, don’t tell me you got tired of just having the Queen to fool around with, so you started putting your hands on this girl …”

The normally calm and collected Reiji said something strange, so I throw a frying pan at him.

“Right now, it’s fine to full-heartedly say ‘Blow-up’, right?”

Said Zwei. You’re so annoying; do you know how much money is devoured through her eating!? I’ll trade you if you want!

“But you know, no matter how you look at it, you’re excessively familiar, ne…? For us she might be a Rare Character, but for Earth it feels like an everyday occurrence …?”

Are you some kind of great detective? The person I’m looking at, feeling like I really want make that retort, is Rona.

“If we call you Dragon-chan, I bet you’d get angry, right?”

Is what Rona said to Dragon-chan. Dragon-chan immediately nodded.

Umu, it is only alright for Earth to call Us so. We do not have any intentions to forgive any others who do so.”

Dragon-chan answers with a firm, decided tone.
If it was just from her voice she’d probably be really cool, but with both hands seizing a grilled bear skewer with 5 pieces on it, her appearance as she *chomp* munches on it; no matter how you look at it, she looks like a very immature child.

“I should upload this onto the forums-“ “If you post this, I’m going to ask all the Fairies in this world to do something to you.”

I stab a nail in the coffin of Zwei’s idea.
I don’t know exactly what I’ll ask them to do, but just keeping that possibility open is enough.

“First a Fairy Seducer and now a Dragon’s Keeper? You’re walking a very amusing path, ne.”

Nora absentmindedly muttered; I really want to say, give me a break!
With things like this, exactly what will happen when I go to the Fairy Country? Is what I’m worrying about as the worrisome factors keep increasing everyday. The Fairy Country patch will be patched in shortly.
[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv12
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Craftsmanship]Lv53 ↑UP
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv31
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv21
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv8 ↑1UP

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
His second name from other players is “The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”, Chef of the Battlefield-san

A/n: From this time on I’m writing the Skill writeup in the afterword <t/n: not affecting us, I don’t split things up like that>.
From now on, I’m writing the Queen’s little sister as “Dragon-chan”

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<t/n: I have decided to call the Queen’s little sister as “Dragon-chan” instead of “Ryuu-chan” because he’s not REALLY using it as a proper name; they’re purposefully calling her by the meaning and not the pronunciation.
And because I don’t know who reads what, thanks Skirie and Meousa for the donations! (I don’t think I posted thanks on Ovrmmo/wfb posts)>




      1. yes, but in this instance, he calls her ryu-chan because he thinks she’s dragon like, so I prefer to translate this one as dragon-chan instead, especially since ryu is usually a boy’s name


      2. Oh I’m okay with the translation. Was just saying that it’s possible for people to be named as such. I understand why you picked Dragon-chan and agree with the choice actually.


  1. Next is the fairy land if I remember correctly…
    Small spoiler : content will be very focussed on solo play

    Also, manga pulled the carpet from under your feet again… But you’re slowly being more uptodate than it…


  2. However, the helmets that let you participate in VR are all different for each game.
    Because of that, even if you want to try out other games, it’s not like you “can” just download the game data onto you PC, then Ok, start.

    good job and thank you


    1. Was going to mention this.

      “it’s not like you can’t just download the game data onto you PC, then Ok, start”

      This statement implies that its possible to just download one of the other games and start playing with your current headset, while he just finished saying that you can’t do that. A double negative used like this makes it into a positive.

      “it’s not like you “can” just download the game data onto you PC, then Ok, start”

      It should be corrected to this, or reworded to remove the double negative. If you wanted to remove the double negative you would end up with:

      “Because of that, even if you want to try out other games, you can’t just download the game data onto you PC, then Ok, start.”


      1. double negatives are usually a sign that the translator suddenly thought of a better way to phrase the sentence halfway through, and then dropped the ball when editing :p

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Me too… But if it has a storyline, I’d become a total NEET, just playing the game and tooling around in a nastiest little mecha I could afford…


  3. Earth tsundere is confirmed! Target locked, keep watch out for his tsundere moments.

    Status rises quite slow… well soon enough Earth will be the combat chef again

    Thnx for the chappy~ Nanodesu~


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