OVRMMO 077.5: Extra Edition; What is Everyone Else Doing? Pt2

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n:One more extra edition.

Extra Edition; What is Everyone Else Doing? Pt2

Zwei and the other Guild Members

“Awright, with this the High Rabbit subjugation is finished!”

Zwei raised his voice as they achieved defeating 30 High Rabbits for the quest.

“Finally done … I never thought there would be a day that I’d hold such a murderous intent towards birds.”

Reiji, with a somewhat tired expression, took a deep breath.

Zwei and the other early guild members have also come to Fairy Country.
The number of new people from the 3rd big update they invited was about 10, but as you would expect, they couldn’t just bring them along to the Fairy Country.

“A-, if we only had Earth-kun here, it would be easier, na –“

Rona grumbled. The reason is the Thief Birds.
Though she’s irritated because about ten-plus High Rabbits were stolen away, by no means is she blaming anyone. That get-away speed, just like the name “Thief” that’s attached to them, is extraordinary.

“There were a few guild members who have their main as Bow who came, so we have no choice but to wait until they raise it, ne.”

Nora responds to Rona’s complaints.
They’ve more or less reached a stopping point for hunting, so they have plans to return once again to Faust to assist in raising their Guild Members.
Saying it another way, the early guild members who were tired of assisting the newbies in Faust went to the Fairy Country for a change of pace.

“Since Earth-san got on a big bird all of a sudden and rode it away, ne~”

When Milly said that, the members who had seen the video all let out a sigh, “A-, that’s right.”
For the people who knew how big the Fairy Country’s territory is, all of them should be thinking, “I want to ride that bird.”
But on top of being difficult to run into one, there have been many reports that even if you did, the result is that they’d threaten you so that you would have no choice but to dejectedly withdraw.

One of the people who had preserved her Fairy Seducer title all throughout the Fairy Event had challenged it, but she reported that although it wouldn’t try to intimidate her, it wouldn’t let her ride it. It really was an existence that won’t let you ride it so easily.

“Both Whispers and Mails won’t get through right now, neMaa, I understand that those are probably all being flooded, so I can’t really blame Earth-san.”

At Kagamine’s words, all members once again nodded their heads in agreement, feeling like, “Aa, it can’t be helped, ne.”
No matter what world, a person who is the first to proceed is also a person who gets entangled in all sorts of annoying things.
And there as well, the walls between real-life and virtual is nowhere to be found; what’s there is simply the matters of “humanity”, so there is nothing different about it.

Ma, for now we’re pulling out, ze. It should be about time we have to go back to training Eliza.”

At these words of Zwei’s, everyone turned towards the city.
As always, if Eliza gets a little off track her oppressive side comes out; after some time when she starts going off track, they have to properly discipline her to get her back on track; it’s like fixing a leaky barrel.1
To throw that kind of member out of the guild has an irresponsible sound to it, so Zwei and the others are whipping her into shape.
The result of that is that the period between when she goes off track is getting longer, but a full-cure is still a long ways away.

“Wonder what Earth’s getting up to?”

Suddenly, Zwei said that.
Even though he uses a weapon that was said to be unfortunate, before you realized it, he was walking quite a bit further ahead of all of them; at that acquaintance, Zwei tilted his head.



Fumu, that Elder Sister; so she perpetrated such a flashy parade.”

There are newspapers in the Dragon Country; that page’s headline was, “An Unprecedented Occurrence!? A Human is the Lead in the Fairy Country’s Parade!”
That parade was a completely unprecedented parade in the Fairy Country.

Hou, that is the human man that you and the Fairy Queen, as well as the Elder of the elves, are all interested in?”

A dragon man with a stern face peeped at the headline from above Dragon-chan’s shoulder.

“Father … It would be fine of you didn’t use that sort of peeping figure to look at the newspaper jyarou… –tte, Father!?”

Dragon-chan raised a startled voice; it was a rare act from the normally quiet girl.

“Aa, somehow the elves’ hidden village has started to move a little … oi, wait, why are you strangling my neck!?”

Even though he hadn’t done anything wrong, Dragon-chan was grabbing her Father by the collare and *girigiri* strangling him. Just to let you know, Dragon-chan’s Father is the Dragon King, this country’s “top”.
His strength is not half-assed at all, and is a person whose specialty is trampling a human army ten thousand strong while humming all by himself.

We have not heard of such a thing…! Did Master(producers) do something again-!?”

Dragon-chan is beginning to become completely confused, but at the tips of her hands …

“W,wait … Give, I give …”

Is what Dragon-chan’s Father said while tapping her right hand while in pain, not acting like the Dragon King “at all”.
Of course she wasn’t strangling him out of ill will, she did it unconsciously.
The supposedly strong Dragon King, at the sudden actions of his daughter, Dragon-chan, his majesty was blown off somewhere, and he couldn’t do anything but continue to tap.

“Dammit, so it’s increased further! Is that why Elder Sister took such actions!? Originally we would not intrude in each others’ territories, but the situation has changed, jya! We are going forth!”

So saying, she threw her Father, who had quickly become unconscious, as if she was throwing trash out, and busily began preparing for a journey.
Dragon-chan’s Father, the Dragon King, completely “fell to the ground,” and collapsed in a corner of the room, foaming at the mouth. He’s convulsing a little, so he should still be alive.
A dragon’s life-force isn’t just for show, so now that he’s been released, he will probably revive.
It’s just, for a man anywhere, this is probably a pitiable show … even if he’s a king, it did nothing for him … dear me.

“Father, We are leaving for a while!”

Those words came very soon; Dragon-chan became her true dragon form and in an instant she took to the skies.
After that, all that was left was a room slightly in disarray, and the collapsed Dragon King-sama frothing at the mouth.
And a little after that, the fact that one of the Dragon King’s subordinates who came to call the Dragon King found him collapsed and frothing at the mouth, and as a result of him calling for help, the Dragon’s Royal Palace was turned upside down in a huge fuss might be something completely superfluous, but let’s mention it anyway.

A/n: Zwei and the others’ guild name is “Blue Collar”.
The Dragon Country is a country that will come out in a future update, but it is a country, similar to the Fairy Country being ruled by the Fairy Queen, it is ruled by the Dragon King.
The elves’ hidden village is … a secret for now♪
The Dragon Country, just so you know, isn’t the western dragon, but the oriental, long-bodied dragon.

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  1. Actually, the entire sentence uses an analogy about making wooden barrels, where Eliza is a hoop that keeps getting out of shape, so the barrel keeps getting loose and they having to beat the hoop back into shape. I … did my best, but lots of liberties were taken.

<T/n: Thanks Egg and RS for your donations!>



  1. “Awright, with this the High Rabbit subjugation is finished!”
    “Alright”, with this the High Rabbit subjugation is finished!”

    The number of new people from the 3rd big update they invited was about 10, but as you would expect, they could just bring them along to the Fairy Country.
    The number of new people from the 3rd big update they invited was about 10, but as you would expect, they “couldn’t” just bring them along to the Fairy Country.

    good job and thank you


  2. Thanks for the chapter!!!
    It’s great how Zwei realize that eventhough Earth is very enviable, but it also came with a lot of inconvenience too ^^


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