vendm93: Reality

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma


The man who had readily given in to my threats thrust his right fist forward and sucked in a large breath of air.

“Release, oh shackles of the Ruler of the Netherworld.”

There was a ring with a design made to resemble the Ruler of the Netherworld on the man’s right hand. The eyes fired of red, blood-like light, and its jaw rattled and shook.
When it did so, the monsters that had been striking my <Barrier> this entire time suddenly froze and stared off into space in a daze. In a complete turn around from their bloodlust up until now, they looked around the area like fools.
The look like people who just woke up.

“W,with this, the monsters have returned to their original state. Th,that’s enough, right?”

“Ma ke the m.”

“Wi thdr aw.”

You can’t say it’s over until all of them have left here.

“I,Impossible. I’m only given the ability to instruct them to attack occasionally. This ring only has the ability to convey the Ruler of the Netherworld’s power, and I’m just a relay point!”

In other words he’s basically an antenna? Well, with a gutless and spineless man like this, there’s no way he’d be granted full authority.
Furthermore, even if he made them retreat, I blocked up the only exit so it was pretty impossible to begin with.

“R,right now I’ve released them, so the monsters have already returned to how they normally are.”

This probably isn’t a lie. The frogman demons who have regained themselves are fleeing all over the place. Alligatorman demons are aggressive so there are still individuals fighting, but they are also attacking frogman demons and eating them.
So this is their normal mode of living. They’ve been manipulated this entire time, so they’re probably starving.
The monsters have begun to fight themselves all over the place and President Bear seems to be confused, so I called him over with my maximum volume.

“O ver here.”

The repairs of the hole haven’t even gotten midway through, but there’s the concrete slabs I’ve left there, so everyone rushed over after judging that there wouldn’t be any problems.

“Hakkon, what are you doing? Just what is that guy supposed to be?”

President Bear, who arrived first, asked while he was regaining his breath. Inside hes a gentleman, but with that appearance, he looks like a bear who’s covered in blood splatters. That intensity caused the legs of the man who was manipulating the monsters to give out.
It would be painful to explain who this man is from scratch without having enough words, but I have the <Security Camera> and <LCD Panel>. I had been recording, so I played back the conversation from just now.
So he wouldn’t disturb everyone who was watching seriously, I waved candy in front of the man so he wouldn’t open his mouth.
When they had watched it to the end, everyone began to act as if they were thinking about -Eh-!?


With a thunderous roar, a fist crashed into the <Barrier>.

[Points have been reduced by 600.]

Wha-, it’s exceed’s Mishael’s attack? Bristling with anger and her eyes full of tears … it was Ramis’ attack.

“Ra is.”

“Remove the barrier, Hakkon! I can’t kill him like this-!”

What the heck? This rage isn’t normal. For Ramis to lose herself this much to anger, I’ve never seen it … except for one time. It can’t be, is it about that?

“Calm down, Ramis. This isn’t like you.”

When she made to hit out again, President Bear grabbed both of her arms from behind. However, it appears that he can’t completely restrain her, and he’s being dragged along.
The Big Eaters Brigade also clung earnestly to Ramis to hold her back, but she’s still able to move; her superhuman strength is terrifying.

“I ain’t ever gonna forget that face-! That’s the enemy that controlled the monsters that attacked my village!”

So it really was like that. I had a vague feeling, but this guy really is the culprit that destroyed Ramis’ village, huh?”
He does fit the bill for manipulating monsters, but for them to meet with this kind of timing.

“I do not know the details, but there are still things I wish to hear from this man. Won’t you resist your anger? I completely understand the hatred you hold, as this man destroyed our community and killed out citizens. However, that is exactly why we must bear with it. All of the people on the other levels are also suffering and are in the middle of this turmoil and are struggling so they can survive, right? We cannot let anyone else endure the same experience. Endure… so that we can save even a few more people.”

“U….n. I, get it. Sorry, President. I’m going to go repair the gate.”

She probably can’t hold her emotions back if she’s here. Hanging her head, she went towards the direction of the giant hole. Grandfather and the three earth magic users also went back with her.

“Now then; I will have you answer all of my questions. Every time you try to do any pointless haggling, deception, or refuse to speak, I’ll break a finger. I won’t kill you … no, we won’t let you die so easily. If you want to die a peaceful death, you’d better obediently confess everything.”

The gentle and kind President Bear is no longer present. Baring his wild ferocity, he’s a savage beast that makes the souls of the people who see him cower away.
In Japan, this villainous behavior against another wouldn’t be allowed, but this is a different world, and the rules and principles are also different.
Also, even if they’re unlawful actions, I don’t have any intentions on stopping President Bear.
He had killed several hundred civilians in cold blood. If anything happens to him, it’s his own fault. There’s no room for sympathy.
Next to him is Grandmother, silently standing there without a word. She’s staring at the man carefully without her gentle smile, completely expressionless.
Her figure makes you feel a different kind of dread from President Bear.

“First, take off that ring. Hakkon, won’t you go with Ramis? Leave this sort of dirty work to us. That’s the duties that elders should undertake.”

I feel like I want to oversee things myself, but right now I want to be at Ramis’ side more. And so I obediently follow this suggestion, installing wheels underneath me and having the Big Eaters Brigade push me.

“Hakkon … sorry.”

“Nu uh.”

She’s quite depressed. She’s continuing to fill in the hole with me on her back, but she doesn’t have her usual vigor.
Even though she met her parents’ enemy, she missed out on the chance to take revenge, so of course she’s down. However … it might be naive of me, but I’m a little relived that it ended without Ramis killing someone.
I wonder what kind of words I should say to her? Even though I can speak a little, no effective words come to mind.
Like this, I’m no different from the vending machine I’ve been up until now.

“You see, me, I’ve always been wanting to get revenge on Pa, Ma, and everyone in the village’s enemy. Because of that, I thought I wanted to get even a little stronger and became a hunter.”

“I se e.”

“That’s why, when I saw him, I wasn’t thinking about anything… I’m no good. Master also said it … I don’t have to forget my anger. But no matter what kind of situation I’m in, I can’t forget my own self. I should swallow my rage and sorrow and turn it into my own strength.”

It’s wrong to want a teenage girl to have complete control over her emotions. Just how many adults have I seen that aren’t able to control their emotions in society?
However, this world isn’t peaceful Japan. Not to mention, if you have the resolve to be a hunter in a dungeon full of danger, losing control of your emotions is an action that can shorten your life.
On top of understanding that, I want to be her ally. I, a vending machine, and Ramis are practically of one mind and body. It will be fine if I supplement her weaknesses.
If her heart is dyed in sorrow, then I should just dye it back with happiness. That is my duty as a her partner.

“Ra is.”


“We will be toge ther”
“Un til the end.”

It’s a clumsy way of speaking, so I’m uneasy about whether she properly understood. I can’t die easily, so until the day you stop being a hunter I’ll always be with you, is the emotion I have.

“Eh-, Hakkon. Is that, can it be … a proposal?”

“A h-”

Ramis’ face went red and she twisted her body around. Eh, hang on a minute there, Ramis-san.

“B,but, I’m a minor, and … Mom was married at 18, so I’d like to get married at the same age, see.”

Um, hello?

“I’m really happy, but I think it’s still a little too early. You know, I still want to get to know you better. Ah, if we do, what should we do about children? It would be nice if Hyurumi could make a little Hakkon.”

Uuuum, I’d like you to listen to me, but.

“I know, as expected, when we reach the end of the dungeon, we’ll have you return to being human! I love the current Hakkon too, but I also want to see Hakkon who’s turned back into a human-. If that happens, we might be able to hold hands and go on a date.”

I’m happy that her depression has been blown away, but her delusions are leaping into strange directions.
I gave her too great of a shock while she’s depressed and it seems like she’s fallen into some confusion. I’m happy to know that she likes me, but is she serious…? She’s probably just in elevated spirits after having sweet words spoken to her while he heart was weakened, and she was unable to understand the correct situation.
Is it possible for a romance to happen between a vending machine and a girl? Ah, no, calm down, me.
Will I now have to bring the daydreaming girl back to reality?

“Ju-st kidding. Hakkon is trying to cheer me up, right? Thanks. Un, thanks to you, I’m really energetic!”

Ku-, so she was just teasing me. That was dangerous, I almost believed her.
Spinning her arm round and round to appeal that she was energetic, her face still has a shadow over it. But false bravado is still better than depression.

a/n: It was all dark and serious plot developments, but the 4th part ends here.
The next story is the 5th part.

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<t/n: I don’t remember if I separated the parts out in the index. An exercise for later.>


  1. Some corrections:
    “The look like people” -> {They looked like people}
    “Inside hes a gentleman” -> {Inside he’s a gentleman}
    “it’s exceed’s Mishael’s” -> {it’s exceeds/exceeded Mishael’s}
    “while she’s depressed” -> {while she was depressed}

    Ah, the drama, not something to expect from a story about a vending machine, but… And now I’m thinking about the equivalent of minotaur, just not half bull, instead half vending machine, and it’s not working, just nope.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

    P.S. I’m feeling an itch seeing that ] near the red ‘index’ button in black 😀 ~ the coding for the “index” and “next chapter” links might have some faults.


  2. I’ve seen a few people elsewhere say that the WN for this is complete. Is that true and we’re just waiting for the translation to catch up, or is this actually as far as the web novel has gotten even in Japanese?


    1. Nevermind, I tracked down the original WN (thanks for the link in the index. Missed that before). So I’ve answered my question. I’ll just wait patiently =)


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