vendm 94: The Danger Passes

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

The Danger Passes

he sky was beginning to brighten when the hole was done being repaired.
It was impressive that, despite everyone being completely exhausted, they laughed with delight as they were bathed in the sun’s light. The night they had prepared themselves for death had passed, and the sun that rose is beautiful, so no matter who it was, everyone was so fascinated that they were unable to speak.
In actuality, everyone should probably rest right here, but we’re so concerned about the comrades we left behind we can’t leave it be and stay here, so after a light meal and replenishing our moisture, we began moving immediately.
At this time, I, who can’t feel tired and am being carried on Ramis’ back, will definitely feel like a burden. It’s to the degree that I wish I had legs so I could carry everyone who’s tired.

When we had reached the Hunter’s Association, with everyone forcing their bodies to the limit, there weren’t any living monsters’ figures, but countless corpses tumbled about.
I unconsciously searched to see if there were any hunter comrades among the corpses, and when I was relieved that I didn’t see anyone, President Bear patted his chest in relief next to me. He was surely thinking the same thing.

“We’re back! Is everyone safe!?”

In response to President Bear’s shout, the main door opened, and the hunters we had left in charge of the defenses rushed out.
The gatekeepers are also among them, so everyone’s safe, huh? A single look at their figures shows that it was a hard battle. Their armor is full of holes and tears, and their clothes are discolored by the blood and sweat.
The Association’s walls are also at their limits, huh? The cracks are practically like patterns on the walls, and the outer wall’s fragments are scattered all about the area; it’s obvious that it was a battle to the death.

“President, you were safe! We were able to protect this place somehow!”


The difference between Karios and Gols’ excitement levels is the usual. The hunters they were with had faces full of a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence, that it’s like they were completely different people from a few hours ago.

“Ramis, you ain’t got injuries, right?! Hakkon, you ain’t broke nowhere, right?!”

Hyurumi ran up and felt Ramis and I up all over.
She seems to have been considerably worried, so even though Ramis said, “We’re fine,” with her eyes red, she still flooded us with worry about this and that.
While everyone was celebrating the reunion, the man who was the commander was taken to the Association’s basement prison with his head covered so you can’t see him. The basement prison is equipped with magic, blessings, and obstructive magic circles, so even a powerful hunter would find it impossible to escape, it seems.
Covering his face is a protective measure against Hyurumi. Both she and Ramis had seen the face of the culprit behind the destruction of their village. We don’t need to pour cold water on the celebratory mood; this was President Bear’s kindness at work.
Ramis will talk to her about it afterwards, so we’ll leave it alone for now.

It’s not just the hunters; the surviving civilians also came outside. In this situation, where there’s still remnants of the enemy left, it’s a dangerous action.
They probably came rushing out without anyone realizing that. It’s probably due to wanting to clear their resentment from being constantly shut up inside.
I don’t have the right to stop them.
President Bear is also fully aware of these matters, so exchanging glances with the gatekeepers and hunters, they became vigilant towards our surroundings.
Right now the enemy should be in a state of confusion. They deserve to relish the taste of freedom, even if it’s just a little bit.
Judging that providing alcohol would be too careless, I’ll make the drinks to toast with beverages without alcohol content.


With that, our goals have begun clearing out the enemies within the community, and fully repairing the wall. Separately, Grandfather and Hyurumi are in charge of investigating the transfer circle.

“There’s an abnormality, but with enough time, we’ll make it work somehow.” (gramps)

“Yah. They had bad intentions, but with me and Gramps here, their luck’s run out.”

They said such confident words, so it was left to them. With a brilliant mage and magic-tool engineer joining forces, my expectations are going up and up.
Ramis and I are supposed to be in charge of cleaning up the monsters inside the community, but it seems like she’ll think unnecessary thoughts if she’s not moving her body, so she’s concentrating on fighting as usual.
She shatters a frogman demon’s head with one strike, turns around and breaks a wooden shield with a backfist, and blows away the enemy right in front of her. From there she doesn’t become careless, quickly preparing herself and scanning her surroundings.
You’ve become strong, Ramis. Your attacks certainly have power, but you also have a calmness within battle you didn’t have before. I do think it’s a little lonely that don’t have to protect you with <Barrier> anymore.


In the middle of battle, Ramis calls my name with a tiny voice that seems like it will disappear.


“I wonder what I should do. I’ve always been thinking I want to get revenge for Ma and Pops. Even so, I found the guy, but I weren’t able to do anything … … I went to see the guy in jail, just once.”

Did she go to meet him when I didn’t know?

“U n u n.”

“I was with Hyurumi. When I saw him scared and shivering on the other side of the bars, somehow, I felt like it didn’t matter anymore. Even though he’s supposed to be the guy I thought I hated and wanted to kill so much… … And then, I told President that he should give him the punishment that his crimes deserve. And like that, I don’t have anything to do anymore…”

With distant eyes, she kicked apart and scattered monsters.
She’s been entrusting her body to the battlefield these past sever months, so even with her mind wandering, her body seems to be able to move on its own. I think she’s probably fine against this level of opponents, but I have to pay attention, at least.
“Hakkon, I wonder what I should do. Mah goal’s been lost and gone … I wonder what I should from now on.”

She’s been living a life aiming to get revenge all this time, and even became a hunter in order to get stronger. Losing her life’s goal, she’s become bewildered. Presenting her with a new goal would be ideal, but, a life goal, huh?
I wonder what I should say to encourage Ramis.

“Ha v e fun”

“Eh-, what’s that?”

“Go for war d and”

“Ha v e fun.”

They’re cheap-sounding words that aren’t encouraging at all, but they’re my true thoughts.
It’s Ramis’ life. There are people who fall apart while living after losing their goal. If that’s the case, then isn’t it fine to just have fun? The person who has fun living his own life is a winner.
I may have become a vending machine, but I’m having fun with my own circumstances. It’s not like I don’t have any dissatisfaction. But there’s no way I would have been able to experience spending the days together with Ramis and the others in Japan; every day has been fulfilling.
And that’s why I’m thinking I want to live together with Ramis and the others as much as I can from now on.

“To ge the r.”

“Hakkon … un, that’s right. We’ll be together until the end!”

It’s been a while since I’ve seen her carefree smile. Yup, yup; a smile suits Ramis the best.

“I’ll stop being depressed and troubled for now. There are still going to be a lot of things to do from now on, and I want to go to the Beginning Level; I’m worried about everyone.”

“U n u n.”

Clear Stream Lake Level has reached a respite, but we’re not getting information on how the other levels are doing. President-sensei and the children on the Beginning Level. That’s where the Fools of Whimsy Brigade headed to.
It’s definitely a harsh battle, so I want to help them out somehow.

“First off, we need to defeat all of the enemies in this community and make it safe!”


As a harmful effect of the enemy losing its commander, the remnants are scattered throughout the community. If we don’t clear them out, the civilians won’t be able to pass their days in the community peacefully.

“Alright, I’m going to kick them away-”

Let’s immerse ourselves in clearing out the community for a while. Our first priority is insuring the safety of the Clear Stream Lake Level. We’ve left the transfer circle to those two, so making our move once transferring is possible should be fine.
Alright, for a change of pace, I’ll also participate in the subjugation.


When we had defeated about ten monsters, it began to get dark so we returned to the Hunter’s Association. It also appears to be the time the other hunters are coming back, so we joined up with two groups of hunters before we reached the Association.
The hunters cooperating with the monster subjugation in the community are moving in groups of four to five people, and they must take one of the Big Eaters Brigade along as a member.
Their noses and ears are indispensable for searching for enemies, so it seems they’ve been running around busily every day.

“We worked real hard today too-. Hakkon, when we return, bring out a ton of those fried meat things.”

“Pel’s all about those, ne. I’m requesting it as well.”

Mikene isn’t quite to the degree of Pel, but his greediness won’t lose out to him. Looks like kara’age will sell well today as well.
Each of the groups’ leaders are required to enter the Hunter’s Association to report to President Bear, but the other hunters are standing by outside.
There are a number of tents set up in front of the Hunter’s Association where the hunters are sleeping. It’s natural to have monsters in the surrounding are while on expeditions, so it seems that there’s no problems even if the safety isn’t confirmed.
There’s also a continuous lookout, so it seems they can sleep soundly.
With the hunters moving outside, thanks to that the space for the residents inside has increased, and with dissatisfaction dropping drastically, it’s a win-win result for both sides.

We have my food and beverages on this level so our situation is fine, but that shouldn’t be the same for the other levels. I’m don’t know how much prepared stores they had, but I want to do something soon.
In particular, I’m worried about Principal-sensei who headed to the Beginning Level. I can only leave the transfer circle to Hyurumi and Grandpa. Afterwards, I’ll go check out the situation with refreshments.
Standing in front of the Hunter’s Association like always, it feels like we’ve returned to normal days. However, that’s not true. Large amounts of blood has flowed, and most of the civilians have died.
I had mistakenly believed that life in the community is fun, and I would always be able to have fun and peacefully pass the days.
This is an other world’s dungeon that has monsters wandering around. Unlike Japan’s safe world, death is right by our side. I’m disgusted with myself, who has yet to leave the sentiments of a Japanese person.
To be useful to people as a vending machine, I’ve further acquired methods to attack. I am aware that this is deviating from the concept of a vending machine.
However, to survive this other world … a normal vending machine won’t work. A vending machine that just sells products can’t do anything.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Can’t wait to witness the legend of the combat vending machine lol. Will other vending machines be based on him and be combat oriented since he’s a new type of “magic tool” in this world?

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  3. Some corrections:
    “he sky was” -> {The sky was}
    “but I weren’t able” -> {but I wasn’t able} ~ unless it’s intended
    “surrounding are while” -> {surrounding area while}

    Hakkon should go all amazonian (the modern version that is), with a huge airship mode and tons of little drones for delivery, both normal items and some death for monsters. Or maybe ‘sell’ robots/golems for combat? Though, even like this he’s very useful, but the curse of the MC stands strong. BTW glad to see you back in action.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!


  4. (T)he sky was beginning to brighten when the hole was done being repaired.

    I do think it’s a little lonely that (I) don’t have to protect you with anymore.

    Even so, I found the guy, but I weren’t(wasn’t) able to do anything …

    She’s been entrusting her body to the battlefield these past sever(al) months, so even with her mind wandering, her body seems to be able to move on it’s own.

    It’s natural to have monsters in the surrounding(s) )are( while on expeditions,

    I)’m( don’t know how much prepared stores they had,

    () = add, )( = remove

    Sorry for the different format, it’s more efficient for me this way, at least until I can get my computer fixed

    Good job and thank you


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    This chapter made me realize again they’re in a dungeon. We’ve never hear anything about the outside world right? That’s an interesting world building potential right there.


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