OVRMMO 55.5: Extra Edition, Forums

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n:The Challenge from the Dead related forums.
Fundamentally, Earth only looks at the forums.

Extra Edition; Forums

Challenge from the Dead Information Forum No. 4

1: This is a forum to gather information related to the Challenge from the Dead.
Absolutely no trolls. Since 950 people had posted, I made the next thread.


144: Gathering together all the info we have at the moment; having Thief Skill is absolutely necessary, always assume there’s traps, and don’t say Thief Skill is overkill; is that OK?

145: That’s about it, right?
For the monsters, Zombies and Skeletons are weak, but Wights and Soldier Skeletons are about medium.

146: Actually, forget monsters, death by traps is a lot more-ish?

147: Traps are scarier, ne, at least for now. Some nasty guys might come out in the floors we haven’t got to further down, though.

148: No one has the impossible Thief Skill required, naiwa-.

149: Even in my Guild no one’s taken it, so we’re a wee bit in trouble …

150: ‘cause it throws all your plans and stuff full-blast out of order; that 8 ExP needed to take it is heavy as shit.

151: But actually, it’s not if you get down to it; even though I thought it would be fine without, I was a dumbass and suicided a few hours ago.

152: >151 what happened?

153: They’re different from all the other traps up until now; you can’t get any sort of feel for them naa, the challenge’s traps.

154: >152, staggering from a landmine I stepped on, I fell into a pitfall that was there and died from the fall damage …

155: > Are you in some old cartoon skit or something? Lol, the total slapstick victim, na, lolololol

156: >154, dumbass; good combo lolol

157: I’m not 154, but since the number of traps really are a lot, you just continue to step on them one after another, ne.

158: Actually, there’s quite a few instant-death combos … when you step on one, it’s over; ridiculous.

159: But traps and all are things that are supposed to be like that … Eh? There’s a game like that na1

160: 159> don’t say anything more about it.

161: >155&156, I was seriously depressed when I took the hit …? If it was you guys, you’d be depressed too.

162: > MonHouse (monster house) is also properly included, but it’s beyond nasty …

163: >It looks like you can’t exit it, the MonHouse. There’s nothing you can do other than to get completely wiped out.

164: Is it impossible to get people on the otherside of the door to open it so you can leave?

165: >164, I tried it but got stopped by an invisible wall; it’s impossible. The devs here aren’t that soft.

167: A, so it really won’t work.

168: And there are a lot of them; when you go to enter a large room, you better go in prepared, yo.

169: But there’s a good chance of there being treasure chests, na, ~ big rooms.

170: Yeah,yeah! A lot of gold rolling around in your hands – like that, ne

171: And then you die in a MonHou, lol

172: yeah, like that, like that, lolol

173: oldest trick in the book lol

174: But you know, this is from a previous party, but there’s this story about when they were trapped in the MonHou and another party came in to save them.

175: Ho ho, and then?

176: And then the party that came to save them were really strong, and they helped heal them; up until they won, everything was good.

177: E? It’s not over after they won?

178: They have to open the treasure chest after for it to be over, right?

179: You’ll need to split it equally among everyone in the room … A, could it be that they got kicked out and it was stolen?

180: It’s pretty much what you guessed, but when he went to open it, the mob-looking bow user said, “There’s a trap, don’t open it!”

181: E, as if the reward treasure from the MonHou would have a trap…

182: A super easy-to-tell thief – lolololol

183: Anyone who reads this here won’t fall for him lolololol

184: And a bow; an idiot, he has to be an idiot lolololol

185: And, that party also thought that, and said, “Are you trying to monopolize it?”

186: Damn right.

187: Of course, you need to stand up to thieves.

188: Just because you came to save them, you can’t just take all of it.

189: Un, he didn’t do anything wrong.

190: After he said that, it seems the other said, “We’ll be leaving right away, so don’t open that treasure chest until we leave.”

191: Heh?

192: He’s … not a thief?

193: Oi oi, the direction of the story is changing.

194: And then, they really left the room super fast, it seems …

195: Ee-? Why are they abandoning the reward?

196: I’ve heard of the practice where they save you from the MonHou and demand everything, but this is the first time I heard of abandoning it.

197: Are they just nice guys … well, that’s not the feeling I’m getting, naa?

198: Isn’t it simply because it’s their first challenge so they don’t know?

199: A- that could be it.

200: And after they had left the room, he opened the reward treasure chest, and then …

201: Rare drop-?

202: Something good come out? I mean, you’re dragging it out like this.

203: *excited*

204: … a ton of Grim Reapers came out of the treasure chest and killed them …

205: Ee-!?!?

206: There’s that kind of trap too!?

207: They couldn’t escape? Those guys.

208: They probably couldn’t fight them?  Just from what I heard. First of all, they couldn’t fight, since it seems like their weapons just went through them.

209: What’s with that, then it really was meant to be a trap?

210: Just slipping through is impossible-

211: And then the door of the room closed again and they couldn’t open it to escape.

212: Uwa … they got done.

213: So you mean they can’t escape until they die.

214: Even though they completely thought there weren’t any traps at all until they opened it … scaaaary!?

215: That trap; it’s a trap we’ve never heard of …

216: Then, the bow user was totally just trying to warn them.

217: He was a good person, then.

218: And just look at you guys before; you were totally treating him like a thief lol

219: How did the bow user see through it …

220: Cause his Thief Skill is high level, not gut instinct?

221: No way it was his gut, with that kind of trap detection ability, he’d never die.

222: So then it’s purely because he has a high-level Thief Skill?

223: Bow and Thief combo so he can do Search & Destroy, that’s not so weird.

224: I get that it’s useful if for fighting long distance, but leveling it up to there?

225: Anyway, there’s that sort of trap too, so everyone out there, be careful.

226: Isn’t this info that should be posted on the Wiki?

227: yeah, I’ll go do that.

228: Thanks for your efforts.

229: Thanks.

230: That was good info; it was a bit long, but I approve.

231: Or like, there are really that many traps? There are a lot of stories about having Thief Skill but still triggering them.

232: And the ones with high levels are probably all snagged up by the Guilds.

233: A stray Thief is pretty rare, na.

234: No, well, right now they’re even more rare?

235: You said it … we’ve got tons of people with combat capabilities, but people with Thief are SERIOUSLY few.

236: Once in a while there are people who say they have Thief so add them, and they’re always picked up right away.

237: but if you want to enter the dungeon, it’s a dilemma

238: Yeah, yeah

239: I totally feel your pain …

240: It really feels like we’re playing THAT1 from a long time ago …

231: I even have GuilMem(guild members) who’ve had their spirits broken, so I understand your feelings …

242: It’s a dungeon that really tries to kill you, na

243: All the guys who half-heartedly play are probably stunned – na.


A/n: Since this is an extra edition, there is no Skill Writeup.

And, it’s the net forums.

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  1. Probably both Wizardry. I’m not sure if there are any others…

<t/N: Thank you RS for your donation!
It’s a good chapter hehehe… The extra editions (esp the BBS ones) are a whole lot more fun to translate.
I wonder when I can get back to translating more often…>



  1. Thanks for the chapter (~_^). I really like those chapters whit the POV of thd forums. I would like to see the reactions if they know than that thief is earth
    ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Lol, that would be so fun ^o^. Now to read WFB, thats your own fanfic right? Im still in ch 21. It’s a good read (σ≧▽≦)σ.


    1. probably not. It’s probably Wizardry the rpg … I’m assuming. But I only played dark souls for 10 minutes; since I have bad eyes, that game was impossible and had me running into shadowy walls the entire time I played

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I come home, turn on my PC and see an update of this story. Yay!

    I also went to see what manga gotten translated today and a certain one gotten updated as well. Huh.

    I feel like today is a good day to buy a lottery ticket.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. the reference should be to Tecmo’s Deception* series of games. it was literally a game where you built traps to keep invaders out, but you could build like a swinging log that knocked you back into a pit with spikes and such. Later versions had special chain combos that lead to instadeath… It was such a fun series!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. As someone else has already stated, I think they were referencing Dark Souls given that the re-release of the original game was named Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition. Also I don’t think Wizardry so much as tries to kill you as much as it severely punishes you for dying, but that could just be because I never really played it a lot.


    1. It’s getting more popular, but I would imagine it’s still “cool” for people to make fun of bow, since the average bow user still isn’t very good, and it all happened kind of recent.
      But well, it’s not like they know they’re not talking about your AVERAGE bow user here…

      Liked by 3 people

  5. I guess when they will find out that Earth has a high lvl thief skill the wave of recruiting attempts will come again 🙂

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ikr. REVERYONE wants to play the rogue on game night … but I have suspended my disbelief on realism once the Fairy Queen came into the picture.


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